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Magic Moments > 2008 > Lucas' Arrival Episode 5502

Written by Scott Taylor, Directed by Lewis Fitzgerald, Produced by Peter Dodds and Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 22/07/08, Five: 13/10/08

Bridget and Donna admit to Rachel that they hid the letter from Angus. Nicola tells Toadie not to be so sure about the kind of guys that "hot babes" like her like and kisses him on the cheek. Libby hugs a frightened Steph, telling her that she's strong, smart and nobody's doormat. Rachel opens Angus' letter.

Rachel begins to read the letter from Angus in prison:

"I'm sorry I returned your letters. The truth is I just wasn't ready to answer them. Now I am, but I want to do it face-to-face. That's why I have to see you. I'm know I'm asking a lot, but there are things I need to say to you. Please Rachel, you have no idea how hard it is for me in here. Please come."


At Charlie's, Rebecca, Libby and Elle are filling in for Steph. There is a man at the bar who explains that the loud customers are friends of his and apologises on their behalf. Elle says that at least on of them is a gentleman, but Libby is unconvinced. She tells her that she has seen this routine before - his mates do the groundwork, he comes over to apologises and ends up looking good. Then he'll ask her out. Lucas is amused, but tells Libby that he wasn't going to ask Elle out. Libby explains that she is a bit of a cynic and Lucas says that she can make it up to him but agreeing to have a drink with him. Libby laughs it off, telling him to go back to his 'tribe' and behave. He leaves and Libby goes straight over to Steph, who thinks he's hot.


At number 26, Susan and Zeke are making dinner. Zeke is very quiet and explains that he is just thinking and Susan asks if it is anything that she can help him with. He tells her that it'll sort itself out, just as Rachel emerges from the bedroom and reveals the letter from Angus. Susan is appalled that he contacted her and is furious that he suggest Rachel visit him. Rachel tells her that she doesn't want to fight, saying that she knows how badly she let Susan down before and that is why she had to tell Susan as she refuses to go behind her back again. Susan asks why she is even considering visiting him after what he out her through, but Rachel insists that she still has feelings for him. Susan thinks that anything he says to her will only hurt her by stirring up her feelings again, but Rachel is aware of that and that's why she wants Susan to come with her.

Back at Charlie's, Elle struggles to make a cocktail, but Lucas appears again and helps her with the ingredients. Still struggling, he comes to the bar to help her. Toadie and Nicola arrive and she pressures him to tell Steph how he feels. Toadie doesn't believe that she loves him the way that he wants her to, but that means that he's free to move on. He makes it clear that he is interested in Nicola as more than a friend, but she rejects him and says that although she likes him, she's in love with someone else. Lucas continues to flirt with Libby, asking her if she'd like to try his cocktail, whilst Rebecca and Elle discuss him.


At number 28, Susan, Rachel and Zeke are talking about Angus. Zeke is angry and Rachel insists to Susan that she needs to know why he had to see her. Susan is worried that he'll tell her that he;s still in love with her and that it will make everything harder. She also thinks that allowing to Rachel to go and see Angus is a huge decision and that she'll need more time to think. Rachel continues to pressure her and rashly, Susan tells her no. Rachel threatens that though she doesn't want to go without Susan's support, she will.


On the street, Donna and Didge find Rachel outside and she tells them that she told Susan about Angus' letter, but that she refused to let her go and see him. Didge understands Susan's point of view, but Rachel says that she can't stop her from going.

Susan arrives at Rebecchi Cammeniti, asking Toadie to find a legal reason from stopping Angus from contacting Rachel.

Donna suggests that she tell Susan about what a tough time Angus has been having, but Rachel is shocked and asks her how she knows about that. Didge confesses that they read the letter, but they only id it out of worry for Rachel. Relenting, Rachel forgives them and they assure her of their support. They hug.

Back at Rebecchi Cammeniti, Toadie admits that he won't be able to help Susan, but despite Angus' conviction, there is nothing they can do to stop Rachel visiting Angus.


At Charlie's, Lucas talks to Rebecca, Elle, Steph and Libby, telling them about his job as a mechanic on the racing circuit. Steph describes his company as "Bike royalty." She jokes that dropping that into the conversation would have been a better line than "Have you tried my cocktail?" but he tells her that he wants to find someone who wouldn't be impressed with that, preferring someone with a bit more character. He asks Libby if she knows anyone like that and asks her to dinner. She turns him down, claiming that she promised to get Steph home safely.


The girls arrive at number 32, having picked up Ben and Charlie. Rebecca and Libby talk about Elle helping at the bar describing her as having a touch shell and soft centre. Rebecca notes that she similar to Libby in that way, asking Libby why she turned Lucas down and pointing out that he's only going to be at Charlie's for another hour and she may never see him again.


Libby arrives outside Charlie's just in time to see Lucas' mates tie him to a pole, stripped to his underwear. He asks her not to leave him like this, but she thinks that he must have been left like that for a reason. He reluctantly tells her that he lost a bet over Libby as she wouldn't let him buy her a drink. She refuses to untie him and is amused by the idea of Lucas having to beg her. A short while later, a group of women, including Elle have gathered taking photos and videos of him. Libby says that she'll happily set him free, but it must be a group decision - they unanimously decide no. They starting chanting for him to beg for his freedom, but tells him that he won't because he he did was try and get noticed by a pretty girl. He apologises to Libby if he embarrassed her, but thinks that they're now even. He asks the group of Libby should go out with him and they say yes.


On Ramsay Street, Nicola tells Toadie that if she was looking for a boyfriend, she would be looking at him. He tells her that he isn't upset but is sick of the 'just friends' line. He asks her if he knows the man she loves. She argues that it's complicated, but will tell him if he promises not to say anything, admitting that it's Steve. He's obviously shocked by her revelation but is glad that she told him and gives her a hug. Meanwhile, Didge, who is taking Jake out for a walk, sees them together.

Lucas leads Libby to his house, asking her to come upstairs with him. He shows her the balcony, covered in fairy lights, but says that it's his friend's house, not his. Libby questions if she puts a clothes hanger on the door handle when he brings a woman back. He laughs and asks why she had such a low opinion of him. Libby lists the reasons, including his staged pick-up line, made a bet with his friends about her and then brings her to a borrowed rooftop. Lucas explains that his team-mate owns the place and that he comes to the rooftop when he needs some space - seeing how big the city it, makes the personal stuff seem less important. He tells her that she doesn't have to stay if she doesn't want to, but she tells him that she may as well enjoy the view for a little bit longer.



Later, they are sitting down and Libby talks to him about how she always seems to attract guys with problems, but she doesn't know why. He tells her that she can probably sense it. She enquires if he is speaking from experience, but he says that he's just speaking. She notices the time and decides to let people know that she's okay. He makes fun of her for being a 'good girl' and they laugh. He wants to know if he managed to change her opinion of him and she replies that she has - she no longer thinks that he's complete loser.

The following morning, a bunch of guys are playing cricket on the street. Susan is walking Audrey and Rachel runs toward her, but she is quickly informed that she hasn't made up her mind about Angus yet. Rebecca, Dan and Elle notice Libby driving home. Elle notes that it must have been a late night, but Dan desperately wants to think it was just an early morning. She points out that she's wearing the same clothes as the night before. Rebecca goes over to number 32 to see if she can be helpful.


Libby enters the house and apologises for worrying Steph. Rebecca wants to know what happened. Libby informs them both that they sat up all night drinking coffee and watched the sun come up. Rebecca thinks that t sounds like the perfect first date. Libby says that it was really a date. Steph tells her that she stayed out all night and wants to know what else she could have done to make it count as a date. Libby asks her why she's upset. Rebecca decides to leave them to it. When she leaves, Steph want to know what she was supposed to tell Ben. Libby apologises again, but reminds Steph that she was the one who told her to go for it. Go for a drink, not a slumber party, Steph argues. Libby thought she would be happy for her since she's finally moving on from Dan, but Steph thinks it would be nice f she knew more about Lucas before staying out all night with him. Libby calms down, asking Steph if she's been a tad hysterical, but Steph disagrees and asks her what would have happened if Lucas had turned out to be a psycho like Jay.


Dan and Oliver are out for a run at Lassiter's, but Dan stops when he sees a motorbike, recognising it and saying that it brings back a lot of memories. Not far way, Lucas phones Libby and wants to know if she'll agree to go out with him again. Oliver asks Dan why he stopped riding. Dan remarks that he grew up, but there isn't a story behind it. Libby tells Lucas that she can't stay out so late next time, so he thinks they should start earlier. She tells him to work out the details and let her know. Steph is happy for her friend. As Dan and Oliver run off, Lucas recognises him and stares.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, Ryan Moloney as Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi, Steve Bastoni as Steve Parker, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Kym Valentine as Libby Kennedy, Blake O'Leary as Ben Kirk, Carla Bonner as Stephanie Scully, Aaron Aulsebrook-Walker as Charlie Hoyland, Brett Tucker as Daniel 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald

Guest Cast: Imogen Bailey as Nicola West, Scott Major as Lucas Fitzgerald, Margot Robbie as Donna Freedman, Erin McNaught as Sienna Cammeniti, Jonathon Wood as Angus Henderson, Jenye-Harley Alcock as Female Enthusiast #1, Anna Burgess as Female Enthusiast #2

Trivia Notes
First appearance as Scott Major as Lucas Fitzgerald. Scott previously played the original Darren Stark in 1993
Lucas is a mechanic working in Europe with British motorbike company, Reyada

Summary by Conor

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