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Magic Moments > 2009 > Sunny's Arrival: Part Two Episode 5664

Written by Fiona Wood, Directed by Hannah Hilliard, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 09/04/09, Five: 11/06/09

Zeke, as Lost Boy, tells Ringo he's been hanging out with the wrong crowd. Zeke and Melissa find a warning to Lost Boy sprayed at the entrance to PirateNet. Lucas tells Elle that he needs his own space. Elle shows Lucas the small space she's cleared for him in her room. Ringo tells Susan he's sorry for everything. Declan suggests that Donna should take her mind off things by organising a welcome party for the new exchange student. Sunny Lee arrives, trips on the kerb and falls on her face, in front of everyone.

At number 28, Donna is hovering about worried why Sunny is taking so long in the bathroom, and suspects she’s fallen unconscious. Desperate to help, she suggests to Susan that Sunny may be unfamiliar with the workings of a bathroom, and what to do in one! Susan however, assures Donna that such rooms are pretty self-explanatory, no matter where you come from! Sunny appears from the bathroom, overhearing the conversation, and tells Donna that ensuites are commonplace in her life; her father has taken her across the globe as part of his work commitments. Sunny then questions Susan why the bathroom is so small. Susan tells Sunny that size doesn’t always matter, to which Sunny informs her that she was prepared to come across all manner of living arrangements. On the sofa, Ringo is sitting with the teens, holding ‘Warny’ the kangaroo, which Sunny spots from a mile off, and wonders whether it’s been made in China, leaving Susan a bit surprised at Sunny’s high expectations! Zeke has spotted Sunny’s high-maintenance issues, and says she should have gone to Africa, and Sunny says that was her original plan, but with no places left, Ramsay Street was the next best thing.


On the drive of number 22, Elle is unloading some shopping from her car, when Donna comes down, looking dissatisfied with it all, what with her mother’s recent shenanigans, and tells Elle of Sunny’s unfriendly and spoilt nature. Elle says that those who don’t make the effort of being a friend aren’t worth fretting about. Donna asks about Elle’s food shopping, and Elle says she’s going to cook for Lucas later. Impressed at Elle’s “cute” romantic gesture, Donna knows that at least something is going right, and goes off back to the Kennedy house to try again with Sunny. Lucas comes up behind and shuts Elle’s boot, but when Elle says that the evening’s dinner is taken care of, Lucas has to remind her that he is planning an all-boys poker match in the living room. Feeling a bit stuck, Elle agrees to reschedule the dinner date and let Lucas play with some chips of a different kind, and says she’ll have her own all-girls night.


Later on upstairs, Elle is on the phone to Rebecca, who is convinced there is something bothering Elle for the girls to get together. Yet Rebecca tells Elle she has plans and will have a knees-up on another night, and Elle is left disappointed. Struggling to think of any others to call, Elle stares into her phone in a daze.

Back at number 28, Susan is serving up some mighty pavlova, which gets Donna excited, and tells Sunny it’s an Australian national treasure. However, surprised at the Russian sound of it, Sunny is curious as to why the dessert has a mixed nationality, and looks very white. Donna resorts to small talk, and asks if Sunny has any siblings, and learns she has a younger sister. Revealing some insecurity, Sunny hints that her younger sister is the more favoured family member, and Ringo asks if she’s a “spunk”! Horrified Susan tells a baffled Sunny that Ringo wants to know if she’s attractive. An annoyed Donna questions Ringo’s manners, and Bridget blames it on boys being rather dim-witted. Donna gets a call from a kookaburra; she changed her ringtone to impress Sunny, however, Sunny is ready to fall asleep into her pavlova, exhausted from the jet lag. On the phone to Donna is Elle, who is anxiously seeking a girly partner for the evening. Elle is left disappointed again, as Donna and the others will be taking Sunny out for the evening. Susan wakes Sunny before she is wearing her pavlova, and Sunny agrees to go to Charlie’s.


Later that evening at Charlie’s, Sunny is sitting looking very jaded. Donna is becoming increasingly impatient with Sunny’s hostile personality, and, fixated on Bridget’s stomach, Bridget tells Sunny she’s pregnant with Declan’s child. The conversation turns to ‘Lost Boy’ which Sunny finds amusing, not grasping the meaning of the name. Donna flips and warns Sunny that her behaviour isn’t going to impress anyone, and Sunny, shocked by this, uses her jet lag as an excuse to go home and sleep, leaving Donna ashamed of her accidental outburst.

Over at number 22, the lads arrive for their poker match, and Steph arrives to join in, which makes Elle feel even more left out. She tells Lucas a movie and manicure is on the list, and goes upstairs to enjoy her girls-night alone.


Back at number 28, Sunny comes out from the bedroom wandering around, having a peek at the possessions, and has a listen to PirateNet, cuddling up on the sofa, feeling a bit isolated.

At number 22, the lads are in the spirit of the game, and Ty is teaching Callum ukulele, and the others pester Ty about taking up a new career as a music teacher, but he is adamant that his short temper will hold him back from persevering with any slow-learning children.


Upstairs, Elle is flicking through Lucas’s motorbike magazines, looking incredibly uninterested, and when she hears Lucas come upstairs to hand her some food, she panics, trying to find something to do so Lucas sees she is having fun. Elle rushes to find her nail file, just in time. Lucas passes her the food, and, content she is happy, Lucas leaves her be and returns to the game. When he goes, Elle throws the file across the room, and gets up to find Lucas’ helmet on the side. Inquisitive as to how she can pull off the biker-chic look, she stands by the mirror admiring her new look!

At number 26, Declan tells Ringo that Bridget is busy emptying the fridge, because of her pregnancy cravings.


Back at number 22, Sunny is still sitting feeling lonely, and, when she hears ‘Lost Boy' come on the air, she calls in and shouts down the phone to the listeners that she hates being in “this stupid town, in this stupid house, with stupid people”, angered that she is the other side of the world from her family. She complains that she has never stayed in one place long enough for people to notice her presence, and take her seriously. ‘Lost Boy’ asks why it’s a problem, and Sunny explains that she feels as if everyone expects her to be something she isn’t. ‘Lost Boy’ recommends Sunny perseveres and sticks with her original decision to live in Erinsborough. Sunny says she is just too “horrible” to make an effort at being friendly, and hangs up, staring into space, feeling cut off from the world. Declan and Ringo, who have been listening to the station, are stunned at how forthright she has been.



Meanwhile at number 22, Elle is in front of her bedroom mirror, pretending to drive a motorbike, getting into the spirit of things. When she's decided enough is enough, she goes to take off the helmet, but her earring gets caught up, and the helmet is wedged onto her head! She struggles to remove the helmet, and goes to call someone for help.

Downstairs, Callum is snoozing on the sofa, Steph and the lads are immersed in the game, and, just as Steve thinks he is in luck, Lucas takes the loot and wins. As the lads mock Steve, Elle rings Lucas’ phone, but he doesn’t hear the call, meaning Elle has no choice but to go down and see him. Swallowing her pride, she creeps down the stairs, hoping no-one will notice. At the bottom of the stairs, she peers over the balustrade hoping Lucas or someone else notices. When Steph asks Lucas how his and Elle’s relationship is faring, Elle thinks Steph has seen her, and crouches, out of sight. Lucas tells the others that he is ready to settle down with Elle after so much playing around, and they all cheer.



Back at number 22, Ringo comes in making a lot of noise, which wakes Sunny, and Ringo apologises. Ringo goes over to prepare some food, and Sunny gets talking about ‘Lost Boy’ and how he ruined Ringo’s AFL stardom. Sunny tells Ringo that ‘Lost Boy’ needs to be tracked down and, after learning Ringo tried the day before, she insists they go right away.

Sunny arrives at PirateNet, and one of the station’s staff asks how she got in, and Sunny says a guy let her in. The woman orders her to leave, but seeking a distraction as a way to get in, Sunny shows the woman some vinyl collections, which she stole from number 28. Zeke comes out of the studio, and when he spots Sunny, he rushes off, slamming the door behind him. Sunny hears, and runs into the studio, believing ‘Lost Boy’ is in there, but with no luck. Sunny storms off, but underneath the desk is ‘Lost Boy’, hiding.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Elle Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald, Stephanie Scully, Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Susan Kennedy, Ringo Brown, Declan Napier, Zeke Kinski, Donna Freedman, Daniel Fitzgerald, Ty Harper, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker

Guest Cast: Hany Lee as Sunny Lee, Lisa Emanuel as Virginia Kay

Summary by Matt