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Magic Moments > 2009 > The Ramsays' Arrival: Part Two Episode 5691

Written by Stuart Gaunt, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 18/05/09, Five: 20/07/09

Donna and Bridget finally let a flustered Sunny and Zeke out of the cupboard. Susan and Karl wonder if something's going on between Sunny and Zeke. Zeke tells Bridget that Sunny's avoiding him. Zeke tells Sunny that they can take things slow. Elle worries about how Paul will react to having an illegitimate sister. Elle and Lucas see Paul leaving the Ramsay property. Paul gets back to the office and notices blood on his shirt cuff. Jill's daughter Katie tells Elle and Lucas that Jill was run over and left for dead.

Paul and Rebecca arrive back in Ramsay Street after their romantic break. Rebecca is in a very good mood and, as she goes to take her suitcase into the house, Elle wanders over. Paul tells her that she looks terrible and she makes small talk about the trip to the Yarra Valley, whilst walking around his car, checking for any damage. She asks why he wasn't answering his phone and why he left so suddenly, before checking where he was the morning before he left. He says that he was with the accountant and tells her to mind her own business.


At number 28, Zeke is staring at Sunny as she eats breakfast and absentmindedly plays with her hair. Karl notices the tension in the room and sends shirtless Zeke to put some clothes on. He walks off, grinning at Sunny as he goes. Karl then tries to make small talk about Vegemite with Sunny, before Zeke emerges from his room wearing a jacket and balaclava.

At the school, Donna hands some more script amendments to Sunny and Bridget. Sunny quietly asks if there's any more kissing in it, and Donna realises that she and Zeke still haven't kissed, comparing it to Twilight, except Zeke's not a vampire. Donna feels bad as she realises how upset Sunny is about the whole situation.


At Harold's, Donna and Declan confront Zeke about the lack of action with Sunny. He explains that Karl's been on their case so they need to keep it 'on the down low' but Donna points out that nothing is happening at all. Declan tries to give him advice, but is offended when Zeke says that he's hardly going to listen to 'Mr Practically Married with Kids'. As Declan walks out, Donna tells Zeke to make sure he keeps things interesting and exciting.

At the hospital, Elle and Lucas arrive, discussing Paul's strange behaviour. They ask Nurse Jodie about Jill Ramsay. Jodie is reluctant to talk, but Elle explains that Jill is her aunt, so Jodie explains that Jill is in critical condition. She points out Jill's three children, Harry, Sophie and Katie, who are all looking at their mum through the window. Elle tries to talk to them and asks about their dad, but Harry tells her to back off. Lucas suggests that he and Elle leave, but she decides to call her dad's accountant and check out his alibi for the other day.


At number 28, Karl walks in and hears Zeke and Sunny arguing, loudly, about how they drive each other crazy. He bursts in, asking what's going on, and they explain that they're just rehearsing for the school play. Karl's pleased to hear this, though slightly worried that they're home alone during their free periods. Zeke then hands Sunny a rota for the bathroom that he's drawn up, hoping to avoid further problems, and Karl takes a look, impressed by the initiative, but failing to notice a note on the back saying "Let's turn this nothing into something? A date? Pick you up at five?"

At Charlie's, Elle has bought some flowers and a card for Jill, but is struggling to find the words. Rebecca comes over and asks Elle if she and Lucas would like to join them all for dinner at the Parker house that night. As Rebecca goes to do some work, Paul comes in and Elle tells him that Jill is in hospital in critical condition. She says that she saw him at the house and that she checked his alibi with the accountant, so she knows he's been lying, and so he admits that he went there to see her, they argued and she ran out onto the road into the path of a car. He admits that he called the ambulance, but Elle still isn't convinced. He tells her that she either believes him or she doesn't, but he's told her everything.


At number 22, Elle has told Lucas everything, and she admits that she doesn't know whether to believe him. Lucas asks if she really believes that Paul has changed, and Elle says that she was wrong about other things, but Lucas points out that Paul had his whole livelihood at stake if Jill wanted to claim her inheritance - and there are the three kids to think about. Elle doesn't know what to think.

Back at Charlie's, Elle has arrived to have a word with Rebecca. She's struggling to know how to break the news to her, when they're interrupted by a delivery man with flowers for Rebecca. They're from Paul, with a note reading "Thank you for the light you bring into my life". Realising how happy Rebecca is, Elle can't bring herself to tell her the truth and says that they can talk another time, leaving Rebecca confused.


At Harold’s Store, Donna is trying to get through to Elle on the phone, asking if she wants to hang out if she's not too busy. As she sits down with a drink, Sunny and Bridget come in, talking about Sunny's date with Zeke, and Donna is delighted, admitting that she had a word with him and made him focus. Donna says that they're so cute together. Declan then walks in with flowers and chocolates for Bridget, worrying that he thinks she's boring. He drags her off for a date, while Donna unhappily states that romance must be in the air.

Declan and Bridget are lying on a picnic blanket in the park and she says that they haven't lost the romance; this is perfect. She realises that her mum and dad would have been like that once, but she says that their relationship problems won't change her and Declan. They talk about the baby, and admit that they can't wait to meet him or her.


Lucas arrives at the newspaper office, hands some photos of the West Waratah car boot sale to one of the writers and goes over to Paul's office. Paul's on the phone and doesn't look too pleased to be interrupted, but hangs up and calls after Lucas, who's about to leave. Lucas enters the office and closes the door - he asks Paul when he's going to stop lying to Elle. Paul insists that he told the truth, but Lucas says that Elle might be too loyal to go to the cops, but he isn't. Paul wonders how Lucas will look to Elle when he turns her beloved dad in to the cops.

At number 28, Sunny is sitting at the dining table, checking her make-up, while Zeke watches TV. She's confused as he gets up and goes to his room, and snaps at Dahl who's making a noise. Just then, there's a knock at the door and Sunny is surprised to find Zeke there with a bunch of flowers. She tells him he's late and he apologises and hands her the flowers. She then wonders, since they can't go out, what they're going to do?


In the kitchen, Zeke prepares a bowl of tater tots, as Sunny watches, smiling. He then serves them up like a waiter and they sit down together and start playing video games.


At the hospital, Elle is sitting with her bunch of flowers, thinking back over her earlier conversations with Paul and Lucas. She then rejects an incoming call from Donna.


Donna comes into the kitchen at the store and starts rambling about how she's been trying to get hold of Elle all day. She asks if Elle would like to hang out the following day, as she's seen a skirt in the window of St Vinnie's that she'd like to buy, but Elle isn't listening and eventually snaps at Donna that she's busy. Donna walks off, dejected, while Elle calls Paul and says that she needs to talk to him.


At the hospital, Elle has returned with her flowers and is surprised as the crash team are rushing into Jill's room. Katie won't tell Elle what's going on, while Sophie and Harry come back looking for more money for the canteen. Katie quickly sends them off again, and Sophie tells Harry that she thinks Elle is a witch. Karl then emerges from the room and tells Katie that he's very sorry...

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Katie Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Sunny Lee, Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Declan Napier, Donna Freedman, Lucas Fitzgerald, Bridget 'Didge' Parker

Guest Cast: Perri Cummings as Jill Ramsay, Mary Annegeline as Jodie Smith, Peter Jackson as Delivery Driver, Eric Cody as Server

Trivia Notes
• First appearance of Will Moore and Kaiya Jones as Harry and Sophie Ramsay; although both had been added to the regular cast credits in episode 5686
• Reference is made to the 2008 bushfires and Kirsten Gannon's injuries
• The song played over the Sunny/Zeke date montage was Beg Your Pardon by Josh Pyke

Summary by Steve