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Magic Moments > 2009 > The Ramsays' Arrival: Part One Episode 5690

Written by Scott Taylor, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 15/05/09, Five: 17/07/09

Lucas suggests to Elle that Jill probably doesn’t know she could inherit from Helen Daniels’ will; Paul then appears from the house and Lucas and Elle hide. Paul is on his mobile and is saying he wants Jill found. Elle asks Paul if he knew about Jill and he says he didn’t. She asks why he took the will and the birth certificate; he says he wanted proof. Steve tells Didge that he and her mother are going to be together. Toadie asks Steph if she’d like to workshop the script with him. Miranda and Dean Naughton kiss. Miranda apologises to Steve about seeing her; he storms out saying it’s pretty clear where she stands.

At the Dingoes Gym, Steve has an aggressive workout. He’s clearly annoyed.


Miranda opens the door of no.26 to Steve and he instantly asks who she’s been seeing. She’s reluctant to tell him but explains it’s someone she used to know who she happened to bump into. Steve continues to ask who and Miranda relents that it’s Dean Naughton. Steve is unhappy and hopes he’s the same smarmy snake he was at uni, because she’ll get what she deserves. Steve leaves Miranda looking glum.


At Charlie’s, Susan gets two coffees and takes them over to where Miranda is sitting. Susan explains that Miranda’s saved her from being used as Karl’s personal slave. Miranda thinks this is too much information but Susan explains it’s because Karl has sustained a gym injury and is milking it for all it’s worth. They move on to talking about Dean and Miranda tells Susan that she spent the night with him, which prompts Susan to tease that she’s a devil, but Susan can see Miranda’s not happy. Miranda says she’s been an idiot and explains how Steve found out about Dean and that Bridget’s not talking to her. Susan comforts her friend and suggests that Dean may be the right choice for her, but Miranda reminds Susan how her and Karl got back together and never looked back. At that moment Elle comes in, sees Susan and walks out. Miranda asks if everything’s alright. Susan says yes, and then asks if Miranda’s seen Rebecca lately. She thinks she’s gone away with Paul for a few days.

In Harold’s Store, Elle is looking at her mobile which has Jill Ramsay’s name on the screen. Susan comes in and says hello; Elle puts her phone away. Susan makes awkward small talk about Rebecca going away with Paul and how things are going with Lucas; Elle sees through it and asks her what she wants. Susan says she sees how good things are between Elle and Lucas and thinks it’d be a shame to go back to the way things were because of her dad. Elle tells Susan to mind her own business and heads off to the kitchen.


Elle phones Jill Ramsay’s house but the phone is picked up by a teenage girl. Elle asks to speak to Jill but the girl asks back who’s calling. Elle lies that she’s an old friend checking up on her. The girl says she doesn’t know where Jill is and says she can’t get hold of her. Elle looks upset and says she may call back later, but checks what the girls name is first. The girl says she’s Katie; Jill’s daughter. Katie asks if she knows Elle, but Elle says she doesn’t think so and quickly says goodbye. Lucas enters the kitchen having heard the end of the phone call and guesses that Elle had been trying top speak to Jill Ramsay. Elle changes the subject by suggesting she cook something nice for dinner. Lucas still thinks she’s hiding something, but Elle says she’s just been hiding her inner Nigella. She jaunts out the kitchen and catches up to Susan by the front door; she quietly asks her for a recipe.

At no 22, Susan comes in to see how Elle is going with the cooking. Elle’s chopping lots of veg in the kitchen and Susan suggests it’d be enough to feed twenty. Elle says she asked for a recipe not a commentary. Susan gives Elle some pine nuts for the recipe and says that cooking isn’t really Elle’s thing, but Elle responds that she’s full of surprises. Lucas comes in looking surprised that Elle really was serious about cooking, at which point Elle realises she’s left one of her pumpkins in the car so leaves to get it. This gives Susan and Lucas the chance to talk about how Elle is. Susan says that she had a fight with Paul yesterday and Lucas says “didn’t we all” but he refrains from giving further details.



Back at Harold’s Store, Toadie is sat at his laptop when a copy of his script is thrown down next to him by Steph and Charlie. Toadie asks if it’s another new ending, but Steph says no but she has made a few changes. She then asks what Toadie’s wearing and he explains that it’s loud shirt day. Charlie asks if he can wear a loud shirt and Steph checks if he wants to look like Toadie, to which he replies “no”. Steph has to leave to take Charlie to a party. Toadie begins reading Steph’s tweaked script and exclaims that she’s turned her character into a supermodel. He goes over to show Steve and reads out loud: “Stella enters fresh off her Harley; tight black leather, legs that go on forever, hot, sexy and barely out of her twenties”. Steve thinks it sounds like Steph, but Toadie thinks it would if it was minus ten years and cut off at the knees. Steve recommends he should talk to her about it as a bit of honesty goes a long way – Miranda enters the store mid sentence and he adds “most of the time”. Steve gets up to leave but sidles over to Miranda to make a jibe about her being there to check up on the guests and adds that Dean will let her down again.

Dean opens his hotel room door to Miranda. She tells him that Steve knows about them and he says it’ll take time for Steve to adjust, but Miranda shouldn’t feel guilty as it wasn’t planned. Dean adds that Miranda first chose Steve over him as the safer choice, but now she should start taking some risks. They kiss. Miranda’s mobile rings, which Dean wants her to ignore, but it’s reception with a text saying the computer’s crashed so she has to go. Dean suggests she brings a bottle of bubbly when she comes back. Dean gets some glasses and hears a knock at the door. He assumes it Miranda back again for her handbag but is surprised to see Steve.


Steve and Dean sit opposite each other and discuss the situation. Steve asks how long he’s going to string Miranda along and says he loves Miranda and doesn’t want her to be hurt. Miranda bursts in holding a bottle of champagne. Steve leaves and is followed into the corridor by Miranda who asks what he’s doing. Steve says they’re still married and he’s just looking out for her.

At the Store, Toadie is looking at the script when Steph walks up and asks what he thinks of her changes. He says they were fine and inspired him to make some of his own alterations. Steph reads them and is surprised to find that Gerard is now a bodybuilder. She finds the idea of his rock hard abs laughable and Toadie grumbles that if she can make Stella a 20-something year old Amazonian, then he should be able to change his character. Steph asks if he disliked her changes. Toadie lies to spare Steph’s feelings and she can tell. She says this was a bad idea as it’s Toadie’s play anyway. Toadie says it can still work if they’re honest with each other. Steph isn’t sure as he hates disagreeing with her and goes all quiet. Toadie enthusiastically interrupts to say they could use “that” in the gym scene. Steph adds that Stella could be kick boxing, but Toadie’s response of silence makes her think again.



Dean is on the phone doing some work and Miranda sits on the sofa looking bored. She suggests she gets back to work and comes back later. Dean pauses his call to apologise to Miranda and says the work is important. She starts to leave but asks what Dean was saying to Steve. Dean brushes it off as nothing.

Lucas is reading a magazine in no 22’s lounge while Elle struggles with a smoking oven in the kitchen. Lucas rushes over when Elle burns her fingers. Frustrated, she says she doesn’t know why anybody bothers cooking when there are perfectly good take out restaurants. Lucas asks why she has been trying to cook, and Elle says it’s because she wanted the night to be special but Lucas guesses that it’s because she’s worried about the stuff with her dad and she’s distracting herself. Elle gets upset as she tries to carry on cooking and Lucas tells her her Dad can look after himself. Elle counters that Lucas doesn’t know what Paul is capable of, so Lucas asks, but Elle’s reluctant to get him involved. Lucas says he is involved, so Elle tells him that Paul used to be a different person and if he goes back to that she’s afraid of losing Lucas. Lucas says she won’t lose him. They hug.


Lucas goes into Erinsborough News reception and gives the excuse of picking up some paperwork for Elle. He then sneaks into Paul’s office and starts up the computer. He pulls the window blind and shuts the door to discover Susan hiding behind it. They both start making excuses for each other’s presence and both realise they’re snooping.

Having moved to Charlie’s, Susan and Lucas are talking about what they were up to. Susan says she’s worried about Paul and Lucas says he was more worried about Elle. Lucas asks if Paul has ever done anything drastic, and Susan says that if Paul’s done anything to hurt Rebecca she needs to know about it, but Lucas assures her it’s nothing like that. Susan asks what it is then. Lucas tells her that Elle found out that Paul’s mother had an affair and he’s got a half sister he didn’t know about who can now claim a right to the Robinson money. He says Elle’s acting crazy and he’s worried that Paul will hurt her. Susan says Paul would never hurt Elle, but Lucas thinks there’s more than one way to hurt her. Lucas continues to press; asking if Paul is dangerous. Reluctantly, Susan tells him that four and a half years ago there was a fire at Lassiter’s...


Dean is making arrangements to leave and packing his suitcase. Miranda comes in and is disappointed to see he isn’t staying another week as he said he would. He says he can’t let them down but she says he can let her down. She goes on to describe him as the same smarmy snake he was at university. Dean tells her she’s confused. Miranda tells him not to patronise her and says nothing’s changed; she just couldn’t see it back then. She tells him he’s despicable and that she’s taking him to the airport.

Miranda struts out the hotel and is followed by a begging Dean. Steve sees the scene. Steph and Toadie walk passed Dean and Miranda while discussing the play. They’re talking about Gerard being the strong silent type who hides his fear of upsetting Stella by spending all his time in the gym, which is why he has a rippling six pack. They bump into Steve and realise he’s a bit upset about Miranda but he doesn’t want to talk about it.


At no.22, Lucas is going through the Erinsborough News archives on his laptop. He’s looking into the Lassiter’s fire story. Elle interrupts him and asks what he’s doing. Lucas says Paul’s got a track record of going too far. Elle says he’s changed. Lucas doesn’t think she believes that and that’s why she’s acting strangely. Elle says she’s fine so Lucas asks her to prove it by showing him her phone – he wants to know who she was ringing that morning. He asks if she rang Jill Ramsay. Elle admits she spoke to her daughter. Lucas asks if Jill was alright, but Elle says she hadn’t come home. Lucas gets up to go and see the Ramsays. Elle asks what good that’ll do and he says it’ll put their minds at rest. Elle looks worried.


Lucas and Elle pull up outside Jill’s house and he reassures her that she’s not on her own. They ring the doorbell and are met by Katie Ramsay. Elle asks if they have the right house and Katie asks if they are social workers. Elle says no and asks where Jill is. Katie tells them she’s in hospital; she was run over and left for dead.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Susan Kennedy, Elle Robinson, Katie Ramsay, Lucas Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Stephanie Scully, Charlie Hoyland

Guest Cast: Peter Bensley as Professor Dean Naughton, Shireen Morris as Martha Jones, Bianca Trevillian as Diana

Trivia Notes
• First appearance of Ashleigh Brewer as Katie Ramsay; although she had been added to the regular cast credits in episode 5686
• Ramsay surname returns to Neighbours. The last regular character to use the name was Gemma Ramsay who left on episode 1484 (25/07/1991)
• Shireen Morris previously appeared in 2008 as Carli Chan
• Bianca Trevillian is credited as Diana, but does not appear

Summary by David