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Magic Moments > 2009 > The Parkers' Car Crash Episode 5733

Written by Elizabeth Packett, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 15/07/09, Five: 16/09/09

Dan and Libby discuss IVF. The Kennedys discover that there was only one good egg and havE the procedure explained to them. Didge worries that their friends have fallen out with her and Dec. Ringo, Zeke and Donna fall out with Dec and Didge. Steve asks Lucas to service his car. Dec tells Didge he wishes that he was going with her to Oakey

The Parkers are driving along the open road and Steve is singing Ten Green Bottles when a horse suddenly runs in front of the Parkers' car. Miranda screams at Steve to stop.



Earlier that day...

At the Parker house, Didge has finally got India off to sleep, and is still worrying about what the others think about them. Didge is blaming Dec for everything that has happened. She says if he hadn't wanted godparents this would never have happened.

At Lassiter's, Toadie has bumped into Susan whilst taking Rocky out for a walk and is commenting that Rocky is missing Callum who is currently visiting relatives in Ballarat. Toadie tells Susan that Callum has put in his order with Lou for chocolate! Dan approaches Susan as Libby was worried that her mother is stressed. Dan is offering to drive Susan around to try and ease the pressure but she politely declines his offer.


Susan and Toadie are in the gym, Susan is worried that she has offended Dan. She says that she is being the hormonal mother-in-law from hell. Dan walks into the gym and is very quiet.

At the Parker house, Didge walks into the kitchen worrying to Dec that she has not heard from their friends yet. Miranda and Steve haul some luggage into the living room with Miranda holding India, Miranda is telling Steve of stuff that India will need for the trip. They walk through to the kitchen and Didge jokingly says that India is a monster. Dec leaves for the gym, something that annoys Didge. Didge tells Miranda that everything is a disaster thanks to Dec.


Toadie has just finished his workout when Dan approaches him. Toadie tries to get Dan to talk but Dan won't open up to him. Steve jumps on an exercise machine beside Dec.

Didge is telling Miranda that she and Dec were discussing godparents for India and their friends heard them saying stuff that they shouldn't have said, stuff that wasn't complimentary. Meanwhile at the gym Steve decides that he and Dec should "crank up" their machines. Back at number 26 Miranda doesn't see how this is Dec's fault, Didge tries to explain it's because he wants godparents for India. Didge doesn't think that they need godparents.


Dec and Steve work out on their machines, as back at the Parker house, while Miranda tells Didge that this isn't all Dec's fault.

Didge thinks that she's a horrible person. Miranda tries to explain to her that all this is happening because she is a new mum and her emotions are all over the place.

Meanwhile, at the gym, Steve and Dec calm down their workout. Didge is upset, telling her mum she doesn't think she knows her friends any more, not even Dec.

Dec finishes his workout, exhausted, while Bridget admits to her mum that she should never have called India a monster.

Dec thanks Steve for the workout. Steve tells him he's doing a good job and to keep it up.

In the nursery, Miranda is helping Didge pack her stuff when Dec enters the room with stuff needed for India to travel to Oakey. Didge apologises to Dec for what's happened once Miranda's left the room. Dec says that he and Didge will make up with their friends properly once she's returned from Oakey. Dec brings up the decision of godparents again though and he and Didge start fighting again, Dec thinks that Didge is going moody because she's not getting her own way. Didge tries to point out to him that they don't need godparents and in the process of trying to find one, have alienated most of their friends. Dec accuses Didge of not caring what he thinks.


From the kitchen, Miranda and Steve heard Dec and Didge's argument and don't want to go to Oakey with everything the way it is. They wander through to the living room where Dec is lying asleep on the sofa. Didge walks through holding India and asks her parents if they're ready to go. Miranda says that they're not going anywhere until Didge has had a good sleep. Didge tells her she'll sleep in the car but Miranda is insistent that she has a good sleep in a proper bed. Dec gets up off the sofa telling Didge she can sleep there and he'll sleep in the nursery.


At the store, Miranda and Steve are choosing a few snacks for their journey. Miranda is laying the rules for their trip, no detours and no singing, especially not Ten Green Bottles!

Didge and Dec are tossing and turning trying to sleep. Didge gives up and walks through to the nursery to sleep with Dec. They kiss and make up. They promise never to fight again.



Susan is sweeping away leaves outside the house when approached by Dan. Dan admits that he doesn't know what his role is in all of this test tube business and that's what making him feel awkward. He says if Libby was pregnant then he'd know what to do, foot massages etc etc. Susan tells him that he can nag her as long as it's not about chocolate and help her work out an exercise program.

The Parkers are busy packing the car for Oakey. Dec and Didge say their goodbyes, Didge is sad that their friends haven't come to see her off. She orders Dec to put up the shelves in the nursery whilst she's gone. Before she gets in the car, Didge tells Dec that she loves him. With that she gets in the car and they drive off.



Dec walks back in and plops himself back down on the settee sitting on a dog's toy as he does so.

The car pulls in to the side of the road, Steve and Miranda are trying to work out where they are. Didge is sitting in the back of the car when her phone rings. It's Dec wondering where they are. Didge says that they're in the middle of nowhere and tells him that India has been sleeping most of the way. Didge wonders if he's spoken to their friends, Dec hasn't but says he will speak to them. Steve heads back to the car saying the rest stop is over so Didge finishes her conversation and hangs up.



The car heads along the open road and Miranda admits that it is lovely along there. Steve starts to sing Ten Green Bottles, Didge is begging him to stop it! Steve suggests playing "I Spy" and starts with something beginning with "B". Didge suggests Bridget, something which Steve denies but Didge doesn't believe him! Miranda suggests listening to some music, Steve tries to pick up a radio station but as they're in the middle of nowhere this is impossible. Suddenly a horse runs out from nowhere into the middle of the road. Steve swerves to avoid the horse, misses it, but the car ends up heading off the road.



Dec is trying to put together the shelves in India's nursery. To prove that he is doing this he takes a picture and sends a picture message to Didge.

The car has overturned and debris is lying strewn everywhere. India can be heard crying though there are no other signs of life from the car. Didge's phone has been thrown from the car and beeps with Dec's message.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Daniel Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, India Napier

Guest Cast: None

Trivia Notes
This episode opened with the car accident, before flashing back to events of earlier that day
It is mentioned that Callum is away visiting relatives in Ballarat, which is why he missed Mickey's going away party

Summary by Louise