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Magic Moments > 2009 > Mickey's Departure Episode 5732

Written by Rene Zandveld, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 14/07/09, Five: 15/09/09

Donna discovers that Paul is ruining Elle's story. The teens discover what Dec and Didge think of them. The teens moan about what Dec and Didge think of them. Johnno demands money from Lucas. Lucas phones Dan for help.

Lucas is waiting with Johnno and his minder when Dan suddenly appears. Dan hands over $1,000, Johnno complains that Lucas is still due interest. Lucas says that is all he owes Johnno and when Johnno refuses to go, Dan tells them if they don't go then he'll call the cops. Once they've left Dan has a go at Lucas for playing Poker.


Outside number 22, Lucas is about to leave on his bike when Dan approaches him asking him if he's told Elle about last night. Lucas tells him that there is no point in telling her as last night was a one-off and then drives off on his bike. Just as he leaves, Dan spies Harry taking some photos and approaches him. Dan tells Harry if he's looking for tips to ask Lucas.

In the Parker nursery, India is constantly crying and Dec and Didge do not know what is wrong. Didge is worried that their friends heard what they said about them. Dec tells her not to worry, but Didge can't help panicking that she's badly offended everyone.


At the Kennedy house, Donna has come up with the idea of holding Dec and Didge a Bollywood party, with the logic that the baby's name is India, to try and cheer them up. Sunny and Zeke think that a party is "OTT" and Ringo is dead against the idea. Eventually though they all agree to help, even though it is very reluctantly.

At the Parker house, Didge is trying to comfort India but she is not settling. Miranda takes India from her to see if "Grandma has the magic touch". Everyone walks through to the kitchen leaving Miranda and India in the living room. Lou thinks that the two of them look terrible. Mickey wanders through complaining that Jake cannot sleep. Dec thinks that Didge ate dairy which is what is causing India to constantly cry. Didge denies this until Lou reminds her about the ice cream that she had in Harold's Store yesterday! Didge accuses Lou of irresponsible selling. Mickey meanwhile is telling Jake that they will both have an excellent time in New York as Jake will meet lots of dogs. Miranda and Steve decide that this is the best time to point out to Mickey that Jake will not be going with him to New York because of quarantine rules and will instead be meeting up with him in Perth. Mickey is upset that they didn't tell him this before and hugs Jake.


At the store, Lucas is reading the paper when Harry approaches him looking for some tips. Meanwhile Lou serves Mickey a last day treat on the house whilst he is sitting with Ben and Sophie. Mickey isn't hungry though and doesn't want his pancakes so they are handed over to Sophie and Ben. Mickey has admitted that he will miss Jake. Harry is discussing photography "themes" with Lucas before Harry eventually leaves. Lucas returns to his newspaper and it looks like he has returned to gambling as he's looking at the betting pages and appears to be marking them off.


In the Kennedy kitchen, Donna is busy making Indian footbaths for the party and is busy firing out orders to Ringo. He tells her that Dec and Didge were really mean so everyone is entitled to be angry. Donna tells him that if she doesn't have her friends, she has nothing. She tells him that her friends aren't just her friends, they're also her family.

Dec is helping Didge pack for Oakey. There is a knock at the door, Didge opens it to find Donna and Ringo who have come over to invite them to the Bollywood party. Ringo and Dec do nothing but stare at one another though this seems to go unnoticed by Didge and Donna. As soon as they've gone, Dec tells Didge that he thinks that their friends know what was said as Ringo was acting really strangely. Dec admits that he doesn't want a party, Didge also admits that she wanted an early night but both of them feel that they can't really cancel. Didge assures Dec that their friends did not hear what was said.



Back at the store, Miranda and Steve walk in just as Lucas is leaving. Lucas tells them that their car will be ready by the time they're going to leave for Oakey. Kate is looking at Harry's photos and says that they are better than she thought. Lou looks at them and instantly has an idea for cheering Mickey up.

Dan arrives at the garage and approaches Lucas to apologise for having a go at him. Lucas tries to make him promise not to tell Libby, Dan tells him though that the money came out of their joint account so when she wants to know where the money went to, he will tell her. Dan points out to Lucas that he has a lot going for him, he has Elle, his business and friends and point out that he risks that with every bet he makes. Dan leaves and Lucas reaches into his drawer for his phone. He phones Steve and tells him that Steph has finished on his car. He tells Steve he will take the car for a test drive and then the car will be ready for pick up. Once he has finished the phone call he goes back to reading the betting pages in the paper but throws the paper in the bin.


Lucas is in the Store purchasing food and seems to have perked up. This is noticed by Miranda who comments that it's good to see him "back on track". Sunny, Donna, Zeke and Ringo are at a table busy planning the Bollywood party, Donna tells them that she has arranged for some Henna bodyart to be carried out. Miranda overhears their discussions for the party, she points out that an OTT party is probably not what they need, however as long as everyone makes sure that it's not a late one, it should be ok. Kate meanwhile is washing some tables when Lou asks her where Harry is. She points out that Harry is on his way which Lou replies with "so is Christmas!" Harry appears with Sophie and Ben and follows Lou through to the kitchen.

Mickey is saying his goodbyes to Jake and promises that he will meet him in Perth "really soon". Mickey wanders through to the living room and admits to Steve that he is sad that Jake did not want to say goodbye. Didge tells him that they will personally make sure that Jake gets to Perth ok. At that point Lou, Ben, Sophie and Kate arrive with a present for Mickey - it's a montage of all his friends! A horn sounds outside so Mickey and Lou say their goodbyes. Kate hands Lou a bar of chocolate and tells him that he'd better be back soon. At the last minute Jake appears in the living room doorway, Mickey is overjoyed that Jake does want to say goodbye after all and runs over to hug him goodbye, a hug that is captured in a photo by Harry.



The Bollywood party is almost in full swing when Didge and Dec arrive. Everyone is dressed up in Indian clothes apart from Didge and Dec. They eat so much, Didge thinks that she is pregnant again! Didge is commenting on how good the meal is when Donna lets slip that yoghurt was in the meal. Dec is not pleased as yoghurt is dairy which means that Didge will have another sleepless night. Donna thinks that she's ruined the whole night, at that point Ringo tells them that they did overhear the conversation about what was said about them. Dec and Didge try to explain that they are trying to choose India's godparents which is a really important decision so they have to test people out. Ringo, Zeke and Donna don't understand this though as they have been there every step through her pregnancy and Donna tells them to leave.


Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Donna Freedman, Katie Ramsay, Harry Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Sunny Lee, Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown, Ben Kirk, Daniel Fitzgerald, Lucas Fitzgerald, Mickey Gannon, Miranda Parker, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker, Declan Napier, India Napier, Lou Carpenter

Guest Cast: Damien Aylward as Johnno Brewer and Akanji Olalekan as Kotto

Trivia Notes
Final appearance of Fletcher O'Leary as Mickey Gannon, as well as Jake the dog. Tom Oliver also departs on one of his regular breaks

Summary by Louise

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