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Magic Moments > 2010 > The 2010 Season Premiere Episode 5836

Written by Chris Corbett, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 11/01/10, Five: 01/03/10

Kate and Declan kiss during schoolies... Harry is in trouble at his new foster home... The Ramsay siblings are reunited for Christmas... Paul and Rebecca get married... Lyn admits to Susan that she still loves Paul... Karl tells Dan to leave... Libby and Lucas kiss... Steph and Dan have a one night stand... Dan leaves Ramsay Street... Lucas crashes his bike... Donna has a one night stand with a guy at schoolies - who then turns up in Erinsborough and says that he's Andrew, Paul's son...

Outside number 22, Donna is kissing Ringo, not wanting him to leave. He tells her that he promised to mow the lawns at home. She manages to convince him to stay, but as they're going inside, Andrew walks out to get the newspaper, and an awkward Donna starts having flashbacks to their meeting at schoolies. Andrew goes back inside, leaving a tense atmosphere behind.


Inside, Paul is trying to get Christina to talk to him, but she just hangs up. Donna and Andrew come in, with Andrew insisting that he'll only be staying a week. Paul says that he's happy to have him there, but Christina isn't exactly being receptive. Rebecca then comes in, telling Andrew that he can stay for as long as he'd like to, giving him a dressing gown so that he isn't walking around in his underwear. Andrew asks where he can get a good coffee, and Rebecca suggests that Donna give him a tour of Erinsborough.

At number 26, Libby suggests to Lyn and Steph that she and Ben move in with them. She explains that she needs to move on from number 30, but Steph isn't keen on the idea, mentioning that it didn't work out when they lived together last time. Libby just brushes that aside, and Lyn also thinks it's a good idea. As Steph quietly tries to put Lyn off the idea, Libby takes a call and then tells them that Lucas has been in an accident.


Libby, Toadie and Steph arrive at the hospital. Karl and Dr Newton are by Lucas's bed, and Karl comes out to explain to them that Lucas was speeding and came off his bike - he's been in ICU for 12 hours and there's a possibility of swelling to the brain and damage to the spine, but they'll know more when he wakes up. A horrified Steph just stares at Lucas.

Later, Toadie has spoken to the police, who were chasing Lucas before the crash, and says that he'll be representing Lucas. Libby asks a distracted Steph if she knows why Lucas was behaving like that, but she doesn't, and she quickly runs out of the hospital.


Libby is leaving a message for Dan to tell him about the accident. Toadie is frustrated that Dan doesn't seem to want to be contacted, and the Fitzgerald parents are overseas, so Libby realises that, as his sister-in-law, she may have to act as his next of kin for the moment. Toadie decides to try calling Steph again.

Donna has finished showing Andrew around the local hang-outs, and says that she's going to go and get a cupcake now. Andrew tells her that it doesn't have to be awkward between them - he only came to see his dad and he had no idea that she'd be there. She doesn't want him to stick around, but he insists that he isn't expecting a repeat performance of their night at schoolies, and even shows her his old school ID badge to prove he is who he says he is. Donna notices that he was born in 1993, making him 16, and tells him that she's 18.


At number 26, Lyn finds Steph, who's ignoring Toadie's calls, and wants to know how Lucas is, and why Steph isn't with him. Steph explains that he's in a mess, and Lyn encourages her daughter to go and support him. She points out that, if the situation were reversed, she would want Lucas to be there with her. Steph admits to her mum that she's really scared.

Libby is by Lucas's bedside, asking him what he was doing, as it all makes no sense to her. She says that he has every right to be angry, but he has lots of people who care about him - her, Ben, Steph - and he needs to wake up for them. Lucas then starts to come round and says Steph's name, as Libby calls out for help. A panicky Lucas continues to say Steph's name.


Dr Newton is checking Lucas and whether the swelling on his spine has had any effect - she tells him that he may be suffering from Spinal Chord Syndrome, it's possible that he may be permanently paralysed, but will need a course of intensive physiotherapy. Lucas doesn't want Dan to be contacted about any of this, and Karl takes Dr Newton outside for a chat, as Libby and Toadie try to find out what caused the crash. They remind him that the cops were chasing him, but he tells them that he just wants to be alone.

At number 26, Libby tells Steph and Lyn about Lucas's injuries. Libby explains that he's just shut down completely and is refusing to see anyone, but tells Steph that he needs her right now. An angry Steph walks out, saying that she'll see Lucas when she's ready.


At number 22, Libby has told Paul, Rebecca and Donna. Donna is determined to call Elle and break the news, but Paul explains that Elle sent Lucas a video message at Christmas and has ended the relationship. Donna is shocked to hear this, and decides that she'll go and see Lucas, but Libby explains that Lucas isn't seeing anyone right now, and that he just needs some time.

At Charlie's, Andrew takes a call from someone asking for money, and tells them that they've got the wrong number.


At number 22, Paul is unsuccessfully trying to speak to Christina again. Rebecca jokes about his failing Robinson charm, but he says that it's difficult to charm his ex-wife down the phone line.

Back at Charlie's, Ringo watches Andrew ignoring his calls and asks him why he's wearing sunglasses indoors. Andrew makes a joke about it, and confuses Ringo as he continues to ignore his phone.


At number 22, Paul is feeling guilty that another ghost from his past has shown up to spoil his happiness with Rebecca. Rebecca is understanding, and says that the new Paul has proven to be very good at cleaning up the old Paul's messes.

Back at Charlie's, Andrew jokes about Ringo being stood up by Donna. Ringo goes to leave, and Andrew apologises, saying that they got off on the wrong foot and offering to buy him a coffee.


At number 22, Paul is starting to wonder if Andrew's being completely honest with them, and decides that he needs to speak to Christina to get the full story. Donna, meanwhile, suddenly jumps up from the couch, remembering her date with Ringo.

Back at Charlie's, Andrew and Ringo are getting on better, as Donna arrives, alarmed to see them together and wondering what they're talking about.


Later, Andrew is ordering drinks as Donna asks Ringo what he think he's doing - Ringo says that Andrew's not that bad really. Andrew returns, with ideas for where to go with the rest of the tour of Erinsborough. They're interrupted by Paul and Rebecca, with Paul asking where Andrew disappeared to after his exams. He says that he went to schoolies - Ringo is surprised to then learn that Andrew is only in year 10. Andrew explains to his dad that he had to organise a dance party, and it was just too good an opportunity to refuse. Paul is suddenly impressed with his son's business sense, leaving Donna annoyed that Andrew appears to have gotten away with it.

Lyn and Steph are leaving some donations at the church, still talking about Lucas. Lyn suddenly announces that Steph should try talking to Father Corrigan - Steph sees the whole thing as a set-up and goes to leave, but Lyn tells her to stay for a few minutes, as the door's locked and she can't manage the boxes on her own.

A few minutes later, Steph is trying to move the boxes by carrying one and kicking the other, when she sees a man. She tells him to say 'Nice try' if he bumps into Lyn, and then starts ranting about her mother trying to get her to talk to a priest about her problems. The guy goes along with it, saying that a priest won't tell her anything she doesn't already know. Steph realises that he's the new priest, but as Lyn comes running along, Steph tells him that she's realised what she needs to do. She tells Lyn as much as she joins them.


Steph arrives at the hospital, just as Lucas starts having convulsions. Nurse Jodie and Dr Newton both rush in and close the blinds, as Steph looks concerned.


As Dr Newton comes out of Lucas's room, Steph asks after him. Dr Newton explains that he's had a seizure, but he's stable and undergoing tests now. She lets Steph go in and sits with him, but as Steph walks into his room, she's overcome with emotion as she sees the state he's in.

Featured Regular Characters: Lucas Fitzgerald, Libby Kennedy, Stephanie Scully, Donna Freedman, Ringo Brown, Andrew Robinson, Paul Robinson, Rebecca Robinson

Guest Cast: Janet Andrewartha as Lyn Scully, Carolyn Bock as Dr Peggy Newton, Mary Annegeline as Nurse Jodie Smith, Geordie Taylor as Father Sean Corrigan

Trivia Notes
Past characters Christina Alessi Robinson, Dan Fitzgerald, Elle Robinson and Oscar Scully are mentioned. Dan's voice is also heard when Libby calls his voicemail
Andrew's ID badge shows that he attended North Sydney Grammar, and that his date of birth is 20/08/1993, which has been changed from 13/11/1991, the date Andrew's birth was shown on screen
In the closing credits, Libby's surname has been changed from Kennedy-Fitzgerald back to Kennedy

Summary by Steve