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Magic Moments > 2010 > Natasha's Arrival Episode 5918

Written by Meaghan Rodriguez, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 05/05/10, Five: 23/06/10

Paul tries to buy off Declan... Naomi apologises to Ringo for the trouble she's causing and implies it's all down to Donna's jealousy... Naomi sets up Donna with a fake brother... Donna believes that Naomi is dangerous...

At number 28, Naomi can barely contain her smirks as Ringo says that Donna has gone crazy. Naomi then says that it's just a girl thing and nothing to worry about, claiming that Ringo is completely worth getting jealous over. She kisses him and leads him into the bedroom.


At number 24, Donna is getting herself a drink and ranting about Naomi, describing her as one of those monsters who eat your face off whilst stealing your soul. Declan and Kate aren't really listening to her colourful description, however, as they're busy feeding strawberries to each other. Declan then interrupts Donna's rant, pointing out that Ringo has good reason to ignore Donna's claims about Naomi, after that guy who turned out to be her brother. Donna then says that Naomi is pretending to be enrolled at the uni, as there's no trace of her anywhere in the records. When Donna asks about Sophie and Harry, she suddenly realises that Kate's siblings have gone out to give Kate and Declan some space, and that she's just crashed their date night. She quickly makes herself scarce.

At number 22, Paul is on the phone, talking about how his businesses will start picking up soon. Andrew overhears and asks if everything's ok, and also mentions his problems with Rebecca. Paul insists that everything is fine, and that what Rebecca doesn't know - about the businesses - won't hurt her. Declan comes in and hears this, giving Paul a dirty look as he goes to get a drink from the kitchen. Paul and Andrew then head off to the bar, where Paul has a meeting with his head of programming.


At Charlie's, Karl is buying beer for the men's shed, just as Steph and Toadie come in. Karl tries to claim that he's stocking up early for Christmas, but Toadie knows what it's for and tells Karl that he doesn't need to lie. Across the bar, Andrew, Harry and Summer are playing darts, and she's telling them about Libby's run in with the new principal. Chris then comes in, with a new haircut and without the glasses, claiming that his cousin decided to give him a makeover. Andrew isn't listening to any of this, and goes over to the bar where Paul and Zeke are discussing the radio station. Zeke doesn't want Andrew's interference, but Andrew says to Paul that the station's main problem is combining commercial with artistic, and he has some ideas. Paul agrees to listen to them.


The next morning at the PirateNet studios, Andrew has shown a sketch of a girl, advertising the station dressed as a pirate, to Paul and Zeke. Paul is impressed but Zeke thinks it's ridiculous and that the audience will complain. He also thinks that Paul should run it by Rebecca. Paul tells him that Rebecca is behind him one hundred percent, and tells Andrew to start ringing some modelling agencies. Andrew says that he already has. When Paul goes, Zeke tries to make Andrew see that this is a bad idea, but Andrew just gets on the phone to get some models sent over.

At Harold's, Andrew is convincing Lucas to do the photography, telling him that Paul is paying commercial rates. Lucas agrees. Andrew then goes over to Donna, who is sitting alone trying to hack into Naomi's uni account. Andrew wants her to do the make up for the shoot, but she tells him that she's busy, and is sad when she sees Ringo walk in, then walk out as he spots her. Summer and Harry then turn up and see Andrew's sketch. Harry is impressed and wants to go to the shoot, but Summer thinks it's sexist. Harry asks her to come along anyway.


At the PirateNet studios, the shoots have begun. Summer is talking to one of the girls, asking if she just woke up one day and decided to make a career out of taking off her clothes. The girl simply says 'if you've got it, flaunt it' and Summer thinks that it's like talking to a child. Andrew is very taken with the girl, Natasha, as she hands over her release form and begins her shoot. Andrew and Harry are both impressed, but Summer not so much. Andrew believes that she's the perfect girl for the campaign.



At Harold's, Paul hands over a cheque to Natasha. Meanwhile, Summer accuses Harry and Andrew of selling out. They're all surprised when Michael, the new school principal, comes in and kisses Natasha on the cheek, believing that they're a couple. Andrew is horrified as Kate explains that Natasha is actually Michael's daughter.


Andrew follows Natasha and Michael out of the store, calling after her, as Harry and Chris watch Andrew's latest crisis unfold. Michael heads off, leaving Andrew to tell Natasha that he has to cancel the deal, as he had no idea that she was the daughter of his school's new principal, and he just doesn't need the trouble. She tells him that she's 19 and her dad supports her modelling, so it's not a problem. She then tells him that he's cute when he's worried, before walking off.

At number 22, Karl is showing Lucas his ideas for renovating the shed, but Lucas feels that it's all a bit much. Lucas is especially unnerved to hear about the performance space Karl is planning, and shows him out the door. Kate and Declan then come in, and they find Donna sitting at the dining table, looking at Naomi's Facebook page and wondering why her brother isn't one of her friends. Kate thinks that this is all getting out of control, and that Ringo can look after himself. Donna wishes that Ringo could see through Naomi, but Kate points out that, the way things are going, Donna is risking losing Ringo from her life completely.


At Harold's, Steph notices how unhappy Toadie is, and tells him that he really needs something else to focus on, away from their fake relationship. She suggests that Toadie talk to Lucas about joining the blokes' club, but Toadie's pride won't let him. Zeke approaches Paul and asks about the new advertising - Paul tells him that if it doesn't work, then the next plan is to completely overhaul the programming. As Zeke leaves, her runs into Donna, who's come to apologise to Naomi. As Naomi and Ringo are getting up to leave, Donna goes over and says hi, but doesn't apologise. Once they've gone, Donna notices that Naomi has left her purse. She picks it up and opens it, seeing an ID card from the uni.

Donna and Kate are sitting outside number 24, and Donna has shown her the ID card. She realises that she was wrong about Naomi, despite everyone's best efforts to point it out. Donna declares that she's going to be old and lonely with lots of cats, but Kate says that she'll stick with her and will live next-door. Donna then realises that she has to go over and speak to Ringo.


At number 28, Zeke is telling Karl about the situation at the radio station. Donna then walks in, and Ringo tries to quickly leave, but Karl and Zeke give them some space. Donna hands over Naomi's wallet and tells him that she's been an idiot about everything, and she was wrong. Ringo tells her how much this has upset Naomi, and Donna knows this and says that she obviously isn't as chilled out about things as she thought. She asks Ringo if they can still be friends, if she tries really, really hard and he agrees. They hug, as Naomi watches them through a crack in the door, clearly annoyed that she hasn't managed to get rid of Donna.

Outside, an angry Naomi leaves number 28, and Declan watches her kick over some cricket stumps. He asks if she's ok, and she claims that she is. Meanwhile, Andrew is on the phone chasing up the new photos. Declan approaches him and says that the photos are tacky and Rebecca would never approve them. Andrew thinks that they're going to make PirateNet very popular, and insists that he knows what he's doing.


Later, at number 22, Paul, Andrew and Lucas are looking at a big poster of Natasha advertising the radio station. Andrew and Lucas are pleased with it, but Paul is very quiet. After Lucas leaves, Paul tells Andrew that he's done a very good job and heads off to bed.

The next morning, Paul is still admiring the poster and tells Andrew that it's going to be all over the university later that day. Andrew heads off to school, as Declan wonders if a poster like that is really going to save the radio station. He also questions Andrew's abilities to make good business decisions, as he has a personal agenda. Paul isn't impressed, but Declan says that he's just protecting his mum, as she's the one who'll suffer if the radio station fails.


At the high school, Andrew tells Summer, Harry and Chris that the posters will be going up at the university - Summer doesn't believe that Natasha's dad is going to approve. They're all surprised when Kate arrives and tells them that Natasha is the newest member of the class. Andrew realises that this means she's only 16, and confronts her. She simply tells him that she lied, and he runs out of the room. Kate then demands to know what's going on.

Featured Regular Characters: Declan Napier, Paul Robinson, Rebecca Robinson, Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman, Kate Ramsay, Andrew Robinson, Harry Ramsay, Lucas Fitzgerald, Natasha Williams, Michael Williams, Summer Hoyland

Guest Cast: Kate Bell as Naomi Lord, James Mason as Chris Pappas

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Valentina Novakovic as Natasha Williams
Natasha's first words are "Well you know what they say. If you've got it, flaunt it."
As one of the first episodes to feature Erin Mullally as Declan, there was a voiceover from Jane Hall at the beginning: 'Tonight the role of Declan Napier will be played by Erin Mullally'

Summary by Steve