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Magic Moments > 2010 > Michael's Arrival Episode 5917

Written by Peter Dick, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 04/05/10, Five: 22/06/10

Libby tries to help Kate with her student teaching... Naomi steals the fuse at the men's shed to stop Ringo spending time with the guys... Naomi lies to Ringo that Donna was nasty to her... Ringo tells Donna to stay away from him and Naomi...

Ringo walks into number 28, with Donna close behind. He's refusing to listen to anything she has to say - Naomi, who was waiting for him, says that she'll go to Ringo's room to give them some space to talk. Donna then tells Ringo that he's got it wrong, and that she's been nothing but nice to Naomi, so it must have been a misunderstanding. She says that she could never be nasty to someone, and Ringo knows that - he's clearly starting to have his doubts about the story too. Donna then says that she just wants them to be friends, and Ringo bluntly says that he'll see her around, and walks away.


At number 24, Donna tells Kate that she doesn't really think that there was a misunderstanding - Naomi is just trying to cause trouble.

Back at number 28, Naomi insists that she isn't trying to cause trouble, and that it could have been a misunderstanding, but she doesn't really know Donna well enough yet.


As Kate tries to prepare for her classes the next day, Donna continues to go on about how Naomi is making things up. Kate wonders if maybe Naomi just exaggerated a little bit, and then Ringo exaggerated a little bit more, and it all got blown out of proportion. Kate thinks that Naomi is nice, and wonders why she would do something like this - Donna suspects it's because Naomi sees her as a threat.

Ringo hopes that Naomi and Donna might be able to be friends if they got to know each other - but Naomi doesn't think that Donna will let her. Ringo says that Donna can sometimes say some weird things, but she's really a good person.


Donna declares that, if Naomi hurts Ringo, she'll poke her eyes out with a stick. Kate tells her to calm down and stop making out that Naomi is some kind of psycho stalker. Donna doesn't think that Naomi is a stalker, as she's already got Ringo, which is what she wants. Kate then begins to wonder if maybe Donna is just jealous.

Naomi thinks that Donna is jealous, and she doesn't blame her for that, but Ringo doesn't agree. Naomi then suggests that they should slow things down, to give Ringo time to sort things out with Donna and move on. Ringo, however, tells her that things are sorted with Donna - she's his past and Naomi is his future.


Donna continues to insist that she isn't jealous. Kate thinks that she'd feel this way about any girl that Ringo dates, but Donna says that this is just about Naomi, because she's evil and she's going to prove it. Kate doesn't look convinced.

The next morning, Kate and Donna are walking by the lake, and Donna is talking about her plan to lull Naomi into a false sense of security, then expose her. Kate isn't all that interested, and Donna realises that she has her teaching assessment today. Donna wishes her luck as she leaves, then she spots Ringo and Naomi sitting on a bench and goes over to them. Naomi and Donna are fake-nice to each other, with Donna apologising and insisting that she's always letting her mouth get her into trouble, and Naomi accepting her apology. They both agree that they should make a fresh start, and Donna suggests that they all walk to uni together.


At Harold's, Lou puts down a glass of carrot juice in front of Kate, who points out that she actually ordered a coffee. He tells her that she's jumpy enough already. Kate thinks that the day is going to be a disaster, but Libby says that everyone gets shaky during their first class, but you just have to keep reminding yourself that you're the boss. Toadie then comes in, and starts talking about the new school principal, and that he's known for flying into rages. He explains that he was asked to represent him in a case against the education board, but the case was unwinnable. Kate is looking worried, until she and Libby realise that Toadie is joking. He calls across to Callum to grab him a drink. At the fridges, Sophie is telling Callum that he'd better be nice to Kate today.

At the school, Kate is attempting to begin her class on Goodnight Mr Tom, but Callum and Dean are more interested in what type of planes they used during the Blitz. Callum starts messing around with a paper plane, and Kate is trying to get him to sit down, when Michael Williams, the new principal, walks through the door. He takes the paper plane from Callum, and Kate explains that she's a student teacher. Michael wants to know where the supervisor is, and Libby then walks up behind him. She says that she's the supervisor, and he tells her that he's her new boss.


At the uni, Donna is quizzing Naomi on her psychology course and trying to find out more about it, but Naomi says that it's mostly confidential. Donna then wants to walk Naomi to her class, but she says that she has to go to the library and make a few phone calls. She explains that she's got some family problems, then kisses Ringo and leaves. Ringo then thanks Donna for being so nice to Naomi, and for being a friend to him. Donna spots some posters across the courtyard.

Kate arrives, as Donna is looking at the posters. Kate declares that she's giving up teaching to become a prison guard, but Donna is engrossed in one of the posters and isn't listening. When she realises, she apologises and Kate says that she's had a terrible morning, but she isn't going to quit. Kate notices that Donna is holding the lists of psychology students, and she says that she's checked all of them, and Naomi isn't listed anywhere.


Later, at Harold's, Donna and Kate are having lunch, and Donna shows her the lists that she got from the guy in the enrolments office - who she gave her number to, in exchange for the information. As Lou brings the food over, he asks Kate how her assessment went, and she tells him that it was a disaster. Once Lou has gone, Kate says that Donna's going to have to tell Ringo about this, but Donna isn't sure that he'll react too well, and Naomi will just deny everything. As Ringo and Naomi then walk in, a panicked Donna drops the pieces of paper, and Naomi picks them up and hands them back to her. Donna claims that she was thinking about taking some extra classes, and Ringo and Naomi walk off. Donna then begins to panic that Naomi saw what was on the pieces of paper. Kate's phone rings, and it's Michael Williams, who wants to meet with her.

Kate arrives at the school, where Libby and Michael are waiting for her. Michael still has the paper plane, and is very impressed with it - he also thinks that it was a good idea to leave Kate unsupervised for a while, as she needed to be thrown in the deep end. When Michael suggests that Kate should have allowed Callum to talk about the planes and bombs, Libby isn't convinced that allowing the kids to run the class is a good idea - she thinks that discipline is a better way to go. Michael tells Kate to go and prepare for her next class, insisting that she'll be fine, but Libby clearly isn't impressed with the new principal.


Toadie and Callum are walking by the lake, talking about their days so far, when Kate comes up to them. She sits down with Callum, but Toadie then says that he has to get back to work. He leaves them, and Kate tells Callum that she needs his help with something.

Back at the school, Libby is telling Michael that treating the kids as equals is never a good idea - they need boundaries and discipline. She believes that Michael gave some bad advice to Kate, but Michael believes that Kate is going to be fine.


Callum is confused, wondering if Kate is trying to use reverse psychology on him. She says that she isn't, and asks him what was wrong with her class earlier - he says that it was about books, and there's only one book that he actually likes. Kate then tells him that she'd like him to teach the class about that book this afternoon.

Libby tells Michael that she's not worried about Kate being fine, she's more concerned about the kids - and particularly that Kate already knows two of them, and that Sophie is her younger sister. Michael didn't realise this, and Libby thinks that he should get to know the school before making changes. Michael then turns this on her, and says that he knows that she and her ex-husband were both acting principals, and her mum before that. Libby insists that has nothing to do with it, and Michael agrees, saying that it's all about trust.


Kate's next class begins, and Libby comes in to observe and offer some moral support. She's a little surprised when Kate says that they're going to do things a little differently this afternoon, and that Callum is going to teach everyone about something.

The class is underway, with Callum teaching everyone the rules of The Art Of War. Kate thanks him for his presentation, and says that it's time for a break.

Donna is walking across the uni courtyard, on the phone to Kate and hearing all about her successful class, when she spots Naomi hugging a guy. She tries to take a photo, but her battery dies, and then Naomi walks off.


At Harold's, Kate comes in, with Sophie and Callum, to buy them milkshakes. They're joined by Toadie and Libby, and Kate tells Toadie that Callum gave a great class today, and even gave her some new ideas for classroom strategies. Once alone, Libby admits to Toadie that she's struggling with the new principal, as well as their personality clash, he just seems to have some really weird ideas. At that moment, Michael walks, in looking for Kate - Libby introduces him to Toadie. She also tells Michael that his idea for Kate's class worked really well, and he's happy about that, and hopes that he and Libby won't argue over everything.

At Charlie's, Donna finds Ringo studying, and she decides to tell him that she was Naomi with another guy, and that Naomi isn't enrolled in any of the psychology classes. Naomi then walks in, and Ringo tells her what Donna just said. Naomi is shocked, and the guy she was hugging then walks in, and Naomi explains that he's her brother, Bradley. She also explains that she only recently transferred unis, which is why her name isn't on any of this year's lists yet. Donna looks mortified.


Later, Ringo asks Donna if it was all just a big act, when she pretended to be Naomi's friend. Donna tells him that she's sorry.

At Harold's, Naomi is almost caught by Kate, as she gives Bradley some money and tells him she'll call if she ever needs a brother again.


Ringo wonders if all of this stress with Nick is messing with Donna's mind. She tells him that she just think that there's something really wrong about Naomi. Ringo tells her to grow up, and walks out of the bar.

Featured Regular Characters: Ringo Brown, Donna Freedman, Kate Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Libby Kennedy, Lou Carpenter, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Jones

Guest Cast: Kate Bell as Naomi Lord, Sandy Winton as Michael Williams, Cameron Heine as Dean Harman, Liam McIntyre as Bradley Hewson

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Sandy Winton as Michael Williams
Michael's first words are "Oi! Can I have a look?"
Reference is made to Donna being arrested on suspicion of starting the 2008 bushfire
The books The Art Of War by Sun Tzu and Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian are both mentioned

Summary by Steve

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