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Magic Moments > 2010 > The 6000th Episode Episode 6000

Written by Pete McTighe, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 27/08/10, Five: 15/10/10

Paul feuding with Declan... Paul cheating on Rebecca with Diana... Paul cutting Andrew out of his will... Lyn saying that Paul's the most evil man she's ever met... Andrew saying that he wishes Paul was dead... Diana on the phone, arranging to have someone 'taken care of'...

The countdown reaches one - Paul stands on the mezzanine at Lassiter's. Someone gets in the lift, then walks out and Paul greets them...


1 hour before Paul is pushed... At number 22, Paul finds that the house has been trashed. He and Rebecca ask Andrew if he's responsible, but Andrew just starts ranting about how Paul used him to trick Declan and Diana. Andrew leaves, and Rebecca wants to know exactly what Andrew meant by that, and what Paul has been doing to Declan. As Andrew leaves the house, he bumps into Declan, telling him that he should cut his losses and leave. Declan then hears Paul and Rebecca arguing inside - Paul is claiming that Declan tried to destroy him and take away the hotel, and the family's future. Rebecca looks at Declan, standing in the doorway. He says nothing, then runs off upstairs, and Rebecca follows.


Declan walks into his room, followed by Rebecca, looking for answers. Declan says that he did it for her - because she wanted Paul away from Lassiter's, and he would just have gone back there in six months if the hotel was still his. Rebecca thinks this behaviour is very out of character for Declan, and asks him if he had anything to do with the break-in. He denies any involvement, and Rebecca thinks that he's destroyed their family - Declan tells her that the family was already a car crash, and that everything the Robinsons touch turns bad. He says that they need to start packing, and get as far away from Paul Robinson as possible.

At Harold's, Lou is working, and overhears Toadie on the phone, trying to get Sonya to go to see a movie, but she's busy. Lou goes over and admits that he'd love to be free to see a movie tonight, as he fears that he won't get much sleep at home, with all the kids having a sleepover. Susan and Karl then come in, in high spirits after the wedding, but the mood changes when they see Toadie. Karl and Toadie make small talk about the wedding, and then the Kennedys leave, and Toadie looks sad.


At number 28, Libby is teasing Susan about her dancing, when the phone rings. It's Lou, calling from the store, who tells her about Toadie sitting there all alone. Susan thinks it's far too soon for them to think about forgiving him, as Libby is only just starting to get over it. Lou reminds Susan that Toadie has been part of the Kennedy family for almost 15 years, and surely that must count for something, but Susan says that he should have thought about that before he lied. She hangs up the phone, and Libby asks her if it was the dance police calling.

At Harold's, Diana is putting a SIM card into a phone, and orders a long black double shot from Lou. Andrew then comes in, accusing Diana of burgling number 22. She denies any knowledge of it, but Andrew says that she and Paul will both get what's coming to them. Diana tells Andrew to go back to the playground, and he leaves, as Lou brings Diana her coffee. She tells him that she's waiting for someone, and smiles.


At number 22, Paul has finished cleaning up and continues to potter about, checking things, until Rebecca says that she's this close to packing her things and leaving him. She explains that Declan told her about Paul's threats - Paul says that Declan almost destroyed all of them, but Rebecca thinks her son is twice the man that Paul will ever be. At that, Paul goes and gets the security footage DVD from his briefcase. He hands it over to Rebecca and tells her what's on it.

Declan comes downstairs, just as Rebecca has finished watching the DVD. He asks her whether she's going to leave with him, and she just stares blankly. She then asks him if he sabotaged the building site, but Declan says that it was Paul, and he doctored the footage to make it look like it was Declan's fault. Rebecca no longer knows who to believe, and she sends Declan off to get India, so that she can have time to think. Declan leaves, but begs her not to fall for Paul's lies again.


Back at the wedding reception, almost everyone has gone home. Andrew goes over to his dad and suggests that it was Diana who broke in. Paul asks if this is Andrew's way of apologising, but Andrew doesn't think that he has anything to apologise for. He thinks that his dad should be putting him ahead of people like Rebecca, as they're blood related, but Paul says that Andrew only thinks of it like that when he's after something - namely trying to get back into the will. Paul tells his son that he's going to keep his appointment with Tim Collins tomorrow and will change the will. Andrew says that he's beginning to realise that he sided with the wrong person in all of this, and he goes over and starts angrily throwing darts at the board, as a glimmer of guilt spreads across Paul's face.

At number 28, Karl, Susan and Libby are looking at some photos from the wedding reception, on the laptop. Libby decides to go to bed, and Susan sits down to look at some more pictures. When a photo of Callum appears, Susan tells Karl about Lou's call earlier - he suggested that they should start speaking to Toadie again, and Susan wonders how Karl feels about that. Karl points out what a difficult position Toadie was in, but Susan says that he still chose to lie to them, and to deceive Libby. He wonders what Susan would have done, if she'd learnt about Steph's secret, and Steph had been unwilling to tell anyone else. Susan says that she would have betrayed Steph's confidence and told other people, but Karl isn't sure that's true. He wonders if Susan is just forcing herself to still be angry with Toadie, for Libby's sake. Susan kisses Karl, and goes to bed.


At Harold's, Toadie orders another coffee, and Lou points out that he can't stay there all night. Karl then comes in, with his laptop, and asks if Toadie would like to see some wedding photos. He suggests that Toadie could choose some for the Ramsay Street History book, and says that the book is full of feuds and forgiveness - he tells Toadie that, although Libby is going to take a while to forgive, nothing is ever going to change until someone takes the first step. Across the room, Diana is talking to her 'friend', and says that she'll be leaving town tomorrow morning, so he won't be able to contact her - but just to make sure that the job is done to her satisfaction. She hands over an envelope and leaves, and the man starts counting the money.

At number 22, Rebecca answers the door to Diana, who claims that she heard about the break-in and wanted to make sure she was OK. Rebecca insists that she's fine, and that nothing was taken. Diana then walks in, without invitation, and asks if Paul is home - Rebecca explains that he's at the hotel, at which Diana laughs and calls it his 'first love'. Rebecca says that she knows what Diana did, recruiting Declan to help take over the business - Diana asks if Rebecca knows about the embezzlement, and how he almost destroyed everything. Diana explains that she did it all to try and help Rebecca, to get Paul away from the hotel, and make him the man she married. Rebecca can't understand why Diana would do that - Diana then says that it was out of guilt, and she tells Rebecca that she slept with Paul six weeks ago. Rebecca is stunned. Diana leaves, just as Declan walks in with India - Diana tells him that Rebecca's going to need some comfort.


A tearful Rebecca is telling Declan about Paul sleeping with Diana. She says that she would often worry that something like this might happen, then she'd tell herself that she was just being stupid, and that Paul would never do that to her again. Deep down, though, she knew he'd cheat again. Declan says that Paul isn't worth crying over, and they should just pack their bags and leave now. Rebecca, however, needs to see Paul, and get some kind of explanation. Declan tells her that Paul can't hurt her like this and get away with it, but Rebecca just rushes out of the door.


At Lassiter's, Paul gets into the lift, and then walks out onto the mezzanine. He stands and surveys the complex, as Diana hides down the side of Harold's Store, and watches him.


Rebecca paces around outside number 22, in tears.

Inside the house, Declan angrily smashes his hand against the wall.

At Charlie's, Andrew continues to aggressively throw darts at the board.

Diana calls her hitman and tells him that Paul's out on the mezzanine.



Declan smashes Paul's I Like Me mug, and then calls someone, asking them to look after India.

Rebecca gets into the car, and reverses out of the driveway.

Andrew stops throwing darts, and walks out of the bar.

Declan walks out of the house.

Andrew leaves the bar, and spots his father standing on the mezzanine.


Rebecca parks outside the hotel, and gets out of the car.

Diana checks her watch, then Paul disappears from her view, and she starts to walk towards the hotel.

Declan parks by the hotel, gets out and walks into reception.

Paul stands and thinks back over his recent conversations with Declan, Diana, Rebecca and Andrew. Meanwhile, an unseen figure gets into the lift, and walks out onto the mezzanine. Paul turns around and greets them.

Karl and Toadie leave Harold's, when suddenly Paul crashes onto the ground in front of them. Karl rushes over to him, and tells Toadie to call for an ambulance.



Sirens can be heard in the distance, as Karl says that Paul has a weak pulse. Declan then runs out of reception, closely followed by Rebecca, who becomes hysterical when she sees Paul lying on the ground. She tells Karl that he has to do something, then the sirens start to get closer...

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Rebecca Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Declan Napier, India Napier, Toadfish Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Lou Carpenter

Guest Cast: Jane Badler as Diana Marshall, Peter Lowrey as Jack Ward

Trivia Notes
Susan mentions that My Sharona is one of her favourite songs

Summary by Steve