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Magic Moments > 2010 > Brennan's Arrival Episode 6001

Written by Stuart Page, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 30/08/10, Five: 18/10/10

Libby and Lucas have sex, and agree to a no-strings relationship... Paul is pushed from the mezzanine at Lassiter's... Karl tends to Paul, as a shocked Rebecca sees him lying on the ground...

The next morning, a crowd has gathered to watch as the police start their investigations at the crime scene. Toadie and Lucas wonder how someone could fall through a glass railing like that - Toadie reports that Paul is still in theatre, and he's about to go and see the Ramsay girls to offer them a lift to the hospital. Lyn joins them, and as Lucas wonders if Paul was drunk, she suggests that he was pushed - it's what everyone's thinking. The police find a bag a piece of evidence - an earring. Diana then appears - Toadie goes over to her and tells her what happened - she asks if Paul survived. Toadie tells her that he's in surgery, and she then says that she's in a hurry, as she's leaving town today. Toadie goes back to join Lyn and Lucas, joking about how Diana was overcome with grief - though Lyn doesn't really blame her for not being upset.



At the hospital, Paul is out of surgery, and being checked over in a room, by Karl and various other doctors and nurses. Rebecca watches through the blinds, and Declan assures her that Paul will be OK. Rebecca agrees, saying that he's survived worse than this. Karl then appears, and reports to Rebecca, Declan and Andrew that they've stopped the internal bleeding, and Paul has a broken arm and broken ribs, but he's still in a very serious condition. Rebecca tells Declan and Andrew that they'll get through this, whatever happens - Andrew leaves to get a coffee. Toadie and Kate then arrive, with some clothes and food for them all, and a shocked Kate looks at her uncle in his hospital bed. Rebecca stands with her, and says that Paul is going to be fine.

At number 28, Susan is on the phone, reporting back the news on Paul to Libby, who admits that, no matter what she thought of him, she wouldn't wish this on anyone. Libby goes to make some coffee, and they discuss whether to tell Donna, but decide against it, believing that she should be allowed to enjoy her honeymoon. As they chat about the wedding, Susan finds Lucas's socks behind a cushion, recognising the Reyada logo and trying to figure out who the belong to. Libby says that they belong to Lucas, and Susan asks how on earth they ended up on their couch.


At Charlie's, Libby returns the socks to Lucas, and explains that she told her mum that she'd done some washing for her. Lucas is surprised that Susan believed that, but Libby explains that she didn't hang around long enough to find out. They start flirting again, but realise that it's inappropriate in the circumstances. They then start to laugh about the situation, but agree that it can't happy again. Libby decides to leave, but tells Lucas that she'll see him later.

At the hospital, Kate is by a comatose Paul's bed, telling him that Sophie will come and see him later. She asks him to get better, as she couldn't stand to lose anyone else. Rebecca comforts Kate, and they return to the waiting area, also agreeing that they shouldn't tell Ringo and Donna the news yet. Rebecca asks Kate to look out for Declan, but Kate admits that things are a bit strained between them, and Rebecca apologises for asking. She says that she's worried about him bottling up his feelings. They're then joined by Toadie and Declan, and Kate quickly leaves. Nearby, Andrew is on the phone to Summer, when the police arrive to speak to Karl. They ask to see Paul, and also ask which of them is Rebecca Robinson. Mark Brennan then approaches Rebecca and asks her for a word - Toadie pipes up and says that he's a lawyer, but Brennan insists that it's just an informal chat. Karl then comes over, wanting to know what's going on, and Brennan explains to everyone that they have reason to believe that Paul was pushed - Rebecca, Declan and Andrew all look worried, as an 'Under Constant Police Supervision' notice goes up on the door of Paul's room.



In one of the side rooms, Brennan asks Rebecca when she last saw Paul - she has a flashback to telling Paul that she's close to leaving him for good - then she tells Brennan that it was last night at 10pm. He mentions that Paul has a colourful past, and asks if there are any recent activities that the police should be aware of - Rebecca has a flashback to Paul mentioning that Declan and Diana have teamed up to destroy him - but then tells Brennan that she can't think of anything. Outside the room, Declan is pacing, wondering why they needed to talk to his mum - Toadie tells him that they always talk to the family first. Toadie goes outside to take a call, and Kate approaches Declan, telling him that Rebecca's worried about him - she asks if he needs someone to lean on. Declan insists that he's fine, and Kate gives up trying to talk to him. Meanwhile, Brennan asks Rebecca why Paul was on the mezzanine. She says that they had been at the wedding, and Brennan asks why they didn't go home together, and whether there are any problems in the marriage - Rebecca has a flashback to Diana confessing to sleeping with Paul - but she just shakes her head and starts to cry.

At number 28, Libby is cooking, and goes over to answer the door - it's Lucas, who explains that he just wanted to see her. She invites him in, and he notices a strange smell in the air - Libby tells him that she tried to make a casserole, but it didn't quite work. He says that things seemed a bit weird earlier, but he wanted to tell her that he thought yesterday was fun, but Libby cuts in, saying that it should probably just be a one off, as it's too soon for her to be thinking about anyone else after Doug. They gradually get closer, as Libby says that she doesn't want to be tied down to anyone. Lucas gets the message, and asks where they go from here.


Libby is checking her diary, and she and Lucas are struggling to find a time to meet up. He suggests that he just text her when he's free, but she says that it can't be any later than 10.30, as she's not as young as she used to be. Lucas wonders how they're ever going to figure this out, then Libby suggests that she could move some things around on Saturday. Susan walks in on them, and is pleased that they seem to have sorted out their differences, and makes a jibe about having to go out and buy more washing powder. Lucas quickly leaves, and Susan fires a knowing glance in Libby's direction.

At Harold's, Toadie is confirming to Lyn that somebody pushed Paul. Lyn says that everyone could be a suspect, then Brennan arrives and asks if he can have a word with her.


A panicky Lyn tells Brennan that she was married to Paul, but only for a day. He asks if she was working yesterday and she confirms that she was, but Lou Carpenter took over from her and was here until late. Brennan says that he'll speak to Lou, then he shows Lyn a photograph of an earring, found near where Paul was pushed, and asks if she recognises it. She says that it belongs to Diana Marshall, and goes on to say that Paul fired her, and published a scathing article about her in the newspaper.

At the airport, Diana gets her bags from a taxi and is heading inside, when Brennan appears, introduces himself and asks if he can have a word.


Later, at Harold's, Kate can't believe that Diana would do that to Paul, and Lyn asks if she needs some off. Kate insists that she's fine, and takes some coffees over to Susan and Libby, who offer their sympathy too. Once Kate has gone, Susan asks if Lucas got his washing sorted out - Libby tries to continue lying, but realises that Susan knows what's going on. She wonders if Libby is doing this to get back at Steph, but Libby insists that she isn't, and that it was a one-off. Susan says that she doesn't disapprove of Libby having some fun, but isn't sure that Lucas is the right person to have it with.

Diana paces around, as she waits in a police interview room.

An exhausted Rebecca sits down in the hospital waiting room, and breaks down in tears.

Declan stares blankly at a vending machine in the hospital corridor.


Brennan walks into the interview room, with Diana claiming that this is all very uncivilised, and demanding a lawyer. Brennan says that he'd prefer to keep things informal for the moment, and shows her the photograph of the earring.

Rebecca checks her reflection in a compact mirror.


Declan walks away from the vending machine, and bumps into Andrew. He says that he's sorry, and Andrew says that he's sure Declan is sorry - for everything. They start to argue, and Karl breaks them up, as Rebecca runs out of the waiting room, wanting to know what they think they're doing. Rebecca reminds Declan that Andrew is Paul's son, and she goes over to hug Andrew.

Brennan tells Diana that they'll need to keep her passport, and she'll have to be available for further questioning, but if her story checks out, she should be able to leave the country within 24 hours. Diana insists that her story will check out - and then says that they've got the wrong person, and that they should be talking to Rebecca Robinson.


At the hospital, Rebecca tells Andrew and Declan that they've all been through hell, but none of that matters now - all that matters is Paul, and being there for him as his family. She talks about them sticking together, and believing that Paul will get better, but then Brennan arrives, asking to speak to Rebecca again. She says that she already answered all of his questions, but Brennan says that she needs to answer them again - and this time he wants the truth. Rebecca is led away, and Declan calls Toadie, saying that they need his help.

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Rebecca Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Declan Napier, Toadfish Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Kate Ramsay, Lyn Scully, Lucas Fitzgerald

Guest Cast: Jane Badler as Diana Marshall, Scott McGregor as Detective Mark Brennan

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Scott McGregor as Detective Mark Brennan, the beginning of a one-month guest stint, though the character would later return as part of the regular cast between November 2010 and June 2011
Brennan's first words are "Detective Mark Brennan. We're looking for Paul Robinson."
Brennan has been seconded from CID
Past character Harry Ramsay is mentioned

Summary by Steve