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Magic Moments > 2010 > Steph and Ringo's Accident Episode 6025

Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 01/10/10, Five: 19/11/10

Donna arrives home from her gran's... Steph goes missing, and Lyn asks if Libby can help... Libby reads the letter from Steph... Steph is surprised when Libby arrives at her motel room...

Karl and Susan arrive at Harold's, with the news that Libby thinks she knows where Steph has gone. Lyn, Lucas and Summer are all very relieved, but Lyn notices the looks on Karl and Susan's faces, and Karl admits that Libby was extremely angry. Lyn just wants her daughter to get the help she needs, and she tries to remain positive about it.


At the motel, Steph isn't keen on talking, and Libby wonders if they're just going to sit in silence. Libby asks if Steph meant what she said in the letter - Steph is shocked and says that she wrote that letter ages ago, but Libby explains that she only just read it. Steph angrily says that of course she meant it, but Libby wants to hear her say it all to her, claiming that she owes her that much. Steph doesn't believe that she owes anything to Libby anymore, she says that Libby ignored her for eight weeks and they're done now. She continually asks Libby to leave, but Libby sits back down, and says that if Steph wants her to go, she'll have to throw her out.

At number 28, Karl and Susan arrive back, still worried about Libby, but then Donna comes in, very excited, and hides a gift behind a cushion. She tells them that it's her one-month wedding anniversary today, and Karl is happy to get some good news for a change. Donna asks about Steph, and wonders if she should postpone her one-month anniversary celebrations, but Karl insists that she should go ahead with it. Ringo then appears, wondering how Donna managed to go shopping and come home empty-handed, but then she sits down with him and gives him his gift. He's delighted, but then tells her that he didn't realise that they would be celebrating one month since the wedding, and he hasn't bought anything for her. He suggests that they do something together later, and Donna tries to act like she doesn't mind, but is clearly very disappointed.


At number 24, Donna bursts in, telling Kate that the honeymoon is officially over. She explains what's happened - with a confused Sophie wondering when one month suddenly became an anniversary - and Kate politely tells Donna that she's just being silly. Sophie agrees, but is glad to see Kate finally smiling again. Donna admits that she's just worried that the glow will fade and they'll start taking each other for granted - before going to the kitchen to find some chocolate.

At Harold's, Ringo tracks down Kate and Sophie, to find out if they saw Donna earlier. He's very pleased to hear what Donna said, and Kate realises that Ringo hasn't forgotten at all, and has something planned. She offers to help in any way she can, and then Ringo goes over to the counter. He asks Lyn for the chocolate cupcakes he ordered a few days ago, but she apologises and says that she hasn't had time to bake, with everything else going on lately. She gives Ringo the business card for a very good bakery across town, and Ringo goes back over to Kate to see if she's still willing to help him...


Back at the motel, Libby and Steph are both silent, but then Libby starts to laugh and says that she'd forgotten how stubborn Steph can be - Steph points out that Libby's the one who's refusing to leave. Libby tells her that she just wants an explanation - Steph then starts ranting about how she's always been there for Libby and has held her hand through all of her problems in her love life, the death of Drew and the babies she lost, and all she did was make one mistake - admittedly the biggest mistake of her life - and now all of those years of friendship seem to have been forgotten. She tells Libby that she tried to save their friendship, and she lied, made her friends and family lie, and even gave her baby away, and now she's got nothing left to give. Libby listens to all of this, and then walks over and hugs her friend - Steph doesn't hug her back, but simply looks surprised and exhausted.

At number 22, Ringo walks in and turns off Zeke's video game, just as he's about to get a high score. Ringo explains that he needs help, but both Declan and Zeke aren't amused when they hear that it's for his and Donna's one-month anniversary. Ringo pleads with them, and Zeke agrees to keep Donna occupied for the afternoon, while he, Kate and Declan go to the bakery across town.


Back at the motel, Steph and Libby have both been crying, and Libby admits that, after losing the babies and then Dan, she did feel a little bit of hatred towards Steph when she found out about her pregnancy. She explains that, when she found out that Dan was the father, she felt like she'd been betrayed by the one person she could rely on, and that everyone had been laughing at her behind her back. A tearful Libby takes a tissue, and apologises to Steph, but says that she did ask to hear how she really feels.

At number 28, Susan is on the phone to Lyn, telling her that there's still no news from Libby, but she's sure that they'll work things out. Ringo, Zeke and Declan then walk in, and Donna is delighted to see her husband, ready for him to take her out for the afternoon, but he breaks the news that they need to postpone, as he has to help Declan with something. Zeke offers to keep Donna company for a while, and she's annoyed but accepts. Once Donna and Zeke have gone, Karl and Susan realise that Ringo is up to something, and that he hasn't really forgotten what day it is.


Donna and Zeke walk into Harold's, and Sophie spots them and puts an envelope on one of the tables. Donna sees it and opens it, and it's a clue telling her to go to the footbridge at the lake. She suddenly realises that she's been had, and that Ringo didn't really forget. She, Zeke and Sophie rush off out the door, just as Summer comes in. She asks Lyn if there's any news, and then decides to try calling Libby.

At the motel, Libby's phone is on silent, and she doesn't notice Summer's call. Libby asks Steph if she really gave the baby away to make it up to her, and Steph says that she didn't - she did it because Dan really deserved to be a father. During this conversation, Libby has been absentmindedly folding up a blanket - Steph notices and tells her to put it down. Libby wonders if Steph's having second thoughts about her decision to give away her child, and Steph becomes increasingly agitated as Libby tells her that she can't ignore this, as she'll end up regretting it for the rest of her life. Steph then blurts out that she doesn't deserve the baby, and grabs her jacket and helmet and runs out of the door.


Libby follows Steph outside, as Steph gets on her bike and puts on her helmet. Libby tries to get Steph to come back inside, telling her that she can't ride her bike in this state, but Steph ignores her and rides off, almost hitting a car as she goes.

Libby leaves the motel, on the phone to Susan, explaining what's happened.


At Harold's, Susan finishes up the call to Libby, as Lyn and Summer rush over, wanting to know what's happened. Lucas also comes over, and Lyn asks him to take Summer home. Lyn then asks Susan exactly what happened - and exactly what Libby said to Steph.

At number 28, Donna returns from her treasure hunt, amazed at how long it must have taken Ringo to put it all together. Zeke and Sophie then explain that they need to leave now, as Ringo has one more surprise, and even they don't know what it is. Donna starts calling Ringo's name and searching for him. Her phone rings, and it's Ringo, he's walking along a path with Kate and Declan. He asks if Donna's still angry with him and then tells her that there's still one more clue for her to find.


Meanwhile, Steph is on her bike, riding along with a dazed look on her face.

At Harold's, Susan is talking to Libby on the phone, with Libby explaining what they talked about at the motel. Lyn wants to know if Libby has found Steph yet, but Libby says that she just rode off, like a bat out of hell, and she's very worried.


At number 28, Donna finally finds the last clue, stuck to a bar of chocolate in the bread bin. It tells her to take a bath and then watch the DVD.

Donna has found the DVD, but it has a note on it telling her to take a bath first, with another saying 'I mean it!" so Donna walks off to the bathroom.

Steph is still on her bike, and can hear the sound of a crying baby.

Lyn is trying to call her daughter, but is having no luck.


Declan, Kate and Ringo have got the cupcakes and are walking back towards Declan's car, as Steph's bike comes speeding up the road. As they stand by the road chatting, Ringo notices the bike speeding towards Kate and pushes her out of the way, but then gets hit himself. A dazed Kate gets up and she and Declan crouch over Ringo's lifeless body, then look over at the bike with Steph lying on the road next to it.





As Donna starts playing the DVD, Ringo appears on the screen, asking her if she's forgiven him yet. With the camera, he walks over to the fridge and shows her some champagne inside, telling her that it'll go great with the chocolate. He tells her to pour him a glass and that he'll be home soon, then he says that he loves her. Donna says that she loves him too.

At the accident site, Declan and Kate rush between Ringo and Steph, checking them both, before Kate calls for an ambulance...

Featured Regular Characters: Donna Brown, Ringo Brown, Stephanie Scully, Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully, Lucas Fitzgerald, Summer Hoyland, Declan Napier, Kate Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Zeke Kinski

Guest Cast: None

Trivia Notes
Final appearance of Sam Clark as Ringo Brown
Ringo's final words are "I love you, babe."
In Australia, this episode was followed by a two-week break in broadcasts, due to the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi
Past characters Drew Kirk, Darren Stark, Daniel Fitzgerald and baby Adam are mentioned, and reference is made to the babies that Libby lost, with both her and Susan's miscarriages
The final scene of the episode is in slow motion, with haunting music, the sound of a baby crying and Kate's call to the emergency services heard over the top

Summary by Steve

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