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Magic Moments > 2010 > Ringo's Death Episode 6026

Written by Pete McTighe, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 18/10/10, Five: 22/11/10

Donna plays Ringo's surprise DVD... Ringo is run down by Steph on her motorbike... Kate calls an ambulance and says that two people have been hurt, and one of them isn't breathing...

A stretcher is wheeled into the hospital, and Dr Harris is given the details by a nurse.


At number 28, Donna is checking herself in the mirror, as she prepares for Ringo's return.

Lyn, Susan and Karl walk into number 26, and Lyn is still unable to get through to Steph on the phone.


At the hospital, another stretcher is brought in, and nurse Josie tells Dr Harris that this patient is critical and that theatre is on standby. Libby, Kate and Declan also arrive, waiting for news.

Donna puts on some earrings.


Libby goes to make some calls, and Declan sits and waits with a stunned Kate, who's having flashbacks to the accident. Jodie comes over and tells Kate that there's a doctor ready to examine her now.

Susan answers her mobile phone, and Karl and Lyn are both relieved when they realise that it's Libby.


Dr Harris is performing surgery on one of the patients.

Having found out what's happened, Lyn, Susan and Karl all rush off to the hospital.


Donna lights a candle and turns down the lights.

The operation continues, and things aren't looking good.


Susan and Karl burst into the house, to find Donna in her dress, with the table all ready for dinner.

Dr Harris and a nurse continue to try to resuscitate the patient. Meanwhile, Lyn rushes into the waiting area and finds Libby, telling her that Karl and Susan are collecting Donna and will be here soon. Lyn is happy to see that Kate is OK, but frantically tries asking Jodie, and then Libby, for information about Steph. Toadie also arrives, wanting to know how Steph is doing.

Donna is rushing around, trying to pack a bag for Ringo, but Susan and Karl are trying to make her see how serious the situation is, and encouraging her to come with them. She says that it will all be fine, and they just need to be more positive.



Zeke arrives at the hospital, but nobody has any news yet. Libby reports that Susan and Karl are on their way, with Donna. Lyn starts pestering Jodie to get more information, but then Dr Harris appears, with a grim look on his face.

Jodie shows Lyn and Toadie into Steph's hospital room, giving them some time alone with her. Steph opens her eyes, and Toadie tells her that she's going to be fine. She asks what happened.


Karl, Susan and Donna arrive at the hospital, and Donna wants to know where Ringo is, and when she can see him. Dr Harris then comes over and tells her that Ringo didn't make it. Everyone goes into shock, and Donna just stares and then asks what he means.

Steph is still trying to find out what happened, but Lyn and Toadie try to avoid the subject. Steph then starts remembering her argument with Libby, and riding off on her bike. She then suddenly remembers that she hit someone.


Susan sits with a stunned Donna, as Dr Harris offers his condolences to Karl. He then goes over to Donna to discuss organ donation, but all she can talk about is her one-month anniversary and the treasure hunt. Karl tells Doug that he'll handle this, and he takes the forms and goes to sit next to Donna.

Steph eventually gets Toadie to tell her that it was Ringo that she hit, and she wants to know how he is. Neither Lyn nor Toadie knows anything, so he goes outside to try and find out, but he sees everyone gathered around Donna, who is struggling to cope with what's happened. Steph and Lyn then appear in the doorway with Toadie, and they watch as Donna, barely able to breathe, talks about how Ringo promised her that he'd be back to spend their anniversary together. A stunned Steph realises that she's killed Ringo.



Donna arrives back at number 28, with Karl, Susan, Zeke and Libby. Karl goes to make some tea, and Libby sympathises as Donna says that it feels like this is all happening to someone else. Donna wonders what she should do now, but Susan tells her that they'll just take it hour by hour. Zeke is tidying up but accidentally plays the DVD and Ringo's voice appears. He quickly turns it off, but Donna asks him to play it, and she goes and sits in front of the TV.

Back at the hospital, Dr Harris tells Steph that she's fine, just some superficial bruising, but it was lucky she was wearing the jacket and helmet. He says that he wants to keep her in for monitoring, just as a precaution, but she can go home in the morning. He leaves, and Steph wants to talk about the accident, and whether there were any witnesses, but Toadie and Lyn don't think it's the time to be talking about that. Steph then sees Kate outside the window, and realises that she was at the accident, as she remembers her voice. Nurse Jodie then pops in to tell Lyn and Toadie that visiting hours are almost over, but Steph tells her that she can't be on her own tonight, so Jodie agrees to sort something out so Lyn can stay.


At number 28, Donna is on the phone to her dad, robotically telling him that she's fine. She passes the phone over to Karl, who gives Nick the details of the accident, and Karl then tells Donna that Nick's going to catch the next available flight and should be there in a couple of days. The phone then rings again, and it's Prue, so Susan says that she'll go outside to talk to her. Donna picks up a box, containing the things that Ringo left for her in the treasure hunt, and goes to her room.

Donna stands in her bedroom, looking around at the photos of her and Ringo. From inside the box, Ringo's mobile phone starts ringing, and Donna answers - it's Christian, one of the paramedics, who wants to tell Ringo about his shifts. Donna doesn't tell him what's happened, and just takes a message. With tears streaming down her face, Donna takes Ringo's sweater and lies down on the bed, putting a photo of their wedding day on his pillow.


The next morning, as Donna sleeps, Steph lies awake, thinking about things. She picks up her phone and tries to call Donna, but it just goes to message bank. She then notices all the missed calls from Lyn, and listens to one of them, with Lyn begging her to come home.

Donna wakes up, but as she moves her arm, it hits the photo frame on the pillow next to her. She looks at it, then turns over and tries to go back to sleep.


Steph starts to break down in tears, as the reality of the situation finally hits her. This wakes up Lyn, who's been asleep in the chair next to her, and she quickly comforts her daughter.

Donna sits up and spots Ringo's phone on the dresser. She then picks up her own phone and calls his number, over and over, listening to his voice.


Karl is on the phone to Prue, as Libby asks Susan how Donna is coping this morning. Susan explains that she hasn't come out of her room yet, but she kept looking in on her throughout the night and she didn't get any sleep until very late. Zeke admits that he didn't sleep much either, and Susan gives him a hug. Karl gets off the phone and says that he's offered to help with the funeral arrangements, and that he's going down to the hospital now to sort out the paperwork. Libby and Susan try to get him to stay at home for the moment, but he refuses, so Zeke offers to go with him. Susan and Libby sit down to eat, and realise that Ringo was sitting there with them just 24 hours ago. Libby decides to call Steph, feeling that she should have stopped her and could have prevented all of this. They both wonder how Steph is going to cope with this.

At the hospital, Steph is preparing to leave, but she's feeling terrible and asks Dr Harris if she should really be going home. He explains that she's going to feel tired for a while, but her test results are good and there's no reason for her to stay. Lyn tells Steph that it's not going to do her any good, hiding out at the hospital. Toadie then arrives to collect Steph, and Jodie comes in and asks for a word with Dr Harris. As Lyn, Steph and Toadie are preparing to leave, Dr Harris returns and explains that the police need to have a word with her...


Later, Karl tells Zeke that he's going to have to wait a bit longer, as there's a lot of paperwork. Zeke says that he's happy to wait, and to have company at the moment, and they share a hug, saying that they love each other. Steph then appears, with Lyn and Toadie, and the police, apologising to Karl for everything. He insists that it's not her fault - it was just an accident - but then Toadie explains to Karl that the was alcohol found in Steph's blood, and she was over the limit at the time of the accident.

Featured Regular Characters: Lyn Scully, Stephanie Scully, Toadfish Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Donna Brown, Zeke Kinski, Declan Napier, Kate Ramsay

Guest Cast: Mahesh Jadu as Dr Doug Harris, Mary Annegeline as Nurse Jodie Smith, Michelle Rogers as Nurse

Trivia Notes
Sam Clark (Ringo Brown) has been removed from the closing credits, but he would remain in the opening titles for another week
Past characters Prue Brown, Frazer Yeats and Rosetta Cammeniti are mentioned

Summary by Steve