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Magic Moments > 2010 > The 2010 Season Finale Episode 6070

Written by Elizabeth Packett, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 17/12/10, Five: 04/02/11

Lou, Karl and Susan all trying to get people to vote for them in the Citizen of the Year contest... Lyn concerned that she won't be able to raise the money for Steph's appeal... Lyn removes the faulty Christmas lights after changing her mind about a deliberate insurance job... Andrew assures Tash that he wants to be with her, Lyn tells him to stay away from Summer, Andrew then argues with Summer...

At number 26, Summer is on her laptop, looking at pictures of Andrew. When Lyn comes in to say goodnight, she spots the pictures of the house party and reminds Summer how Andrew abused her trust. Summer realises she's right, but is still conflicted about her feelings.


The next morning, on Ramsay Street, Karl is annoyed to learn from Lucas that Susan has already started putting her fliers in everyone's postboxes. Karl realises that she must have snuck out of the house when he was in the shower, and he goes off to look for her. Jade then approaches Lucas, inviting him for a run with her. Lucas suggests that she should ask Sonya instead, but Jade isn't keen on the idea, explaining that Sonya has become more like a prison warden than a sister, always checking up on her whereabouts.


At number 30, Lucas walks in to find Sonya trying to clean up Jade's mess, complaining that it's like living with a teenager. Lucas tries to mediate, and Sonya admits that Jade arriving in Erinsborough has stirred up some things that she'd rather have left in the past. She admits that she's finally happy and settled in her life, and Jade's presence is threatening to ruin that. Lucas explains that Jade isn't going to leave until she feels that she's sorted things out with her sister. He suggests talking things through and then sending her packing on Boxing Day.

At Harold's, Lyn is delighted with the lucky dip Donna has organised. Donna tells Lyn of her plans for Christmas Day - the morning with her dad, lunch with the Kennedys and then dinner with Paul, as he'll be alone. She explains that Andrew is spending the day with Tash, and Lyn starts talking about how glad she is that she managed to keep Andrew away from Summer. Summer hears this and demands to know what she means, and Lyn has to tell her that she warned Andrew off, just before Steph went to prison, as Summer needed a break after her tough year. Lyn believes she was doing what was best, but Summer isn't convinced. Summer walks out, as Lyn says that Andrew backed off because he knew it was the right thing to do.


Outside, Paul is ordering a hamper for Rebecca, as Karl chases him around trying to find out if he's voted yet. Paul tells Karl that he voted for Susan, then walks away. Susan then appears and smacks Karl on the bum, joking that he should just concede defeat. Lou then turns up, dressed as Santa, and announces that Sophie nominated him, so he's in the running for Citizen of the Year, and he hopes that the outfit will drum up a few votes. Susan wonders how Lou is getting any votes at this late stage, but he won't reveal his secrets. As he walks away, Susan and Karl start to wonder if he's going to be a serious threat to them.

Summer arrives back at number 26 in a terrible mood. She goes to call Andrew, but stops herself.


Andrew, Tash and Michael arrive at Harold's, where Tash tells Andrew exactly which gift to take from the lucky dip. Michael thinks it defeats the purpose, Andrew, meanwhile, gets a text from Summer, asking him to come over.

Back at number 26, Summer spots the lights under the couch and, not realising they're faulty, puts them on the tree. She ignores a call from Lyn, who leaves a voicemail trying to apologise for everything.


Later, Summer is listening to music in her room when Andrew knocks on the window. She unlocks it and lets him in, before locking it and throwing the keys, which fall down behind the dresser. She rants at Andrew about how he backed off when Lyn told him to, and he admits that he just didn't want to cause her any trouble. Summer declares that she's sick of dancing around, trying not to hurt anyone, as being nice is getting her nowhere. She announces that she wants to be with Andrew, he smiles and they kiss.

Later, the lights on the Christmas tree have started to flicker

In Summer's room, she and Andrew are getting passionate on the bed. She takes his watch off as it hurts her, and starts to take his shirt off. He asks if she's sure about this, and she tells him that she wants to be happy, and he makes her happy. He tells her that she makes him feel like a better person.

Outside, the Christmas tree lights continue to flicker on and off.


At Lassiter's, Zeke and Donna find Karl and Susan looking at one of Lou's business cards. In the background, the man himself goes up to Sonya and Jade, giving them a card and telling them that it'll get them 5% off a used car. As he goes, Karl and Susan run over and, after being introduced to Jade, they hear about Lou's dirty tricks. Jade suggests that Karl and Susan should offer something too, and they run off to find Lou and stop him.

At Harold's, Donna tries to convince Lyn to lift Karl's ban, and is delighted when Lyn says that he can come in for the Citizen of the Year announcement. Tash, meanwhile, is wondering where Andrew has got to. She sees her dad's wallet and he lies that it was a Christmas present to himself. Tash hopes that her dad might find someone soon, so he won't have to buy himself presents next year.



At number 26, the Christmas tree catches fire, and the smoke alarm doesn't sound.

In Summer's room, he gives her a zombie badge as a Christmas present and then he gets a text from Tash, asking where he is. He promises Summer that he'll tell Tash, and Summer suggests waiting until the next day, as a lot of people will be unhappy with them, and she'd just like one night without any of the hassle. Andrew agrees and they kiss.

In the lounge, the tree continues to burn.


At Harold's, Tash is annoyed that Andrew isn't coming back from his business meeting, so decides to take his gift from the lucky dip and go home. Sonya, meanwhile, gets beef jerky in her gift. She goes to try and swap it, and Lucas asks Jade how things are going - she admits that things are better, but she'd really like to meet Toadie and his son now, as Sonya hardly talks about them. Jade goes off for a date with a hot barman, as Paul comes in, looking for Donna. He finds her in the kitchen and gives her a letter from New York - a successful application to a fashion school. Donna is confused, as she didn't apply, but Zeke remembers that it was Ringo, as he wanted her to have something lined up when they got to America. Lyn calls them out for the Citizen of the Year award, where Lou is declared the winner. Karl thinks that the whole thing is outrageous.


Summer and Andrew sleep, as smoke starts to fill the room.

Tash gets no answer at number 22, leaving Andrew's gift outside. She then spots the smoke at number 26 and calls emergency services.


At Harold's, Lou finishes his acceptance speech and Lyn invites everyone to stay for the food and drink - including Karl. He thanks her for her generosity. Michael then gets a call from Tash, asking if Summer is there and telling him that number 26 is on fire and she's worried that Summer is inside. Michael tells her not to go in, and runs out, telling Lyn that her house is on fire. Lyn quickly follows him, with Karl offering to drive.

Tash waits for the fire brigade, but as there's no sign of anyone arriving, she decides to go in herself. The smoke stops her for a moment, but she goes inside, calling out to Summer.





Michael and Lucas drive into the street, closely followed by Lyn and Karl. Michael is frantic as he can't see Tash anywhere, and Lyn is stunned to see her home is on fire. Michael realises that Tash has gone in, and Lucas tries to stop him but he rushes off around the back of the house. As Karl and Lucas try to calm Lyn, there's a sudden, loud crash at the back of the house and Lyn starts screaming out for Summer.

Featured Regular Characters: Donna Brown, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Lou Carpenter, Lucas Fitzgerald, Lyn Scully, Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson, Paul Robinson, Natasha Williams, Michael Williams, Sonya Mitchell, Zeke Kinski

Guest Cast: Gemma Pranita as Jade Mitchell

Trivia Notes
Final episode to be broadcast in Australia on Channel Ten; from 2011, the show moved to Eleven
Past characters Steph Scully and Ringo Brown are mentioned. Reference is made to Paul and Rebecca's first wedding anniversary
Summer's text to Andrew reads: 'I need to see you. Come over.'

Summary by Steve

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