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Magic Moments > 2011 > Zeke's Departure Episode 6115

Written by Emma J Steele, Directed by Jonathon Dutton, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Eleven: 11/03/11, Five: 08/04/11

Lucas is annoyed as he realises Brennan is watching him... Declan tells Paul that Rebecca needs to be away from him... Michael being suspended as principal because of Paul... Rebecca telling Paul that she's beginning divorce proceedings...

At Charlie's, Declan approaches Toadie and Sonya, depressed after having no luck finding a new job or somewhere to live. Toadie says that he'll help in any way he can, but he doesn't think there are grounds to sue Paul for harassment. Meanwhile, Rebecca is on the phone to Lyn, thanking her for something, and she then approaches Declan and takes baby India from him. Declan wonders why his mum is suddenly in such a good mood with everything that's going on, and she says that she'd decided that she's going to do something about Paul, before he makes them all any more miserable. She shares a knowing glance with Toadie.


At Harold's, Susan and Zeke are at a table, and she's on the phone to Karl, making sure he'll be at the airport in London to greet Zeke when he arrives. After she hangs up, she says that Karl is still concerned about how the calendars are selling, even from the other side of the world, and even wanted her to get Zeke to take a box of them to London for him to sell. She tells Zeke that he will need to make some room in his luggage for something else, however. Meanwhile, Paul walks in, wanting to pay the coffee account for the newspaper. He also orders himself a coffee, and Lyn demands payment upfront, explaining that it's her store and she won't give him credit - and happily telling him that he could always go to Charlie's, though the coffee there might be bitter too. Paul gives her his credit card to pay, and she takes great pleasure in telling him that it's been declined and cutting it up in front of him.

Paul then goes into Charlie's and orders a coffee, with Rebecca telling him that she'll only accept cash. He says that, even when they were married, he had assets and other things that she knew nothing about, so she tells him that she's sure that Toadie will find them. Paul realises that she's serious about the divorce and walks off, calling Tim Collins as he goes. Andrew then walks in, also on the phone, to Tash, apologising for having to defend his family over the situation with Rebecca and Michael. He goes over to Paul and asks if he could have his old job at Lassiter's again, but Paul tells him he's on the phone and them ignores him. Rebecca watches the whole exchange with interest.


By the lake, Sophie and Kate are throwing a frisbee, as Declan and Brennan watch. They're joined by Zeke, who mentions that he'll need to start packing soon - Declan then gives him a list of things he'd like from London. Brennan surprises Zeke by asking for a Tardis, and Lucas jogs by, giving Brennan a frosty reception and telling Zeke that he doesn't need anything from anyone. Kate and Sophie are surprised by how weird Lucas was being, but Brennan brushes it off.

Later, Kate and Sophie are laughing about Brennan being a secret Doctor Who fan, and he sends them into the store to get coffees. He spots Sonya and asks if he can have a word - he mentions his problems with Lucas and that he was trying to keep an eye on him to stop him from getting in any trouble. Sonya advises that Lucas needs to deal with things himself, just support him and don't try to fix him.


At Charlie's, Andrew goes over to his dad and asks why he's sitting there, so close to Rebecca. He asks again about the job, and Paul says that he'll look into it. He asks Andrew to keep an eye on Michael and report back on anything suspicious. Paul says that Tash being pregnant would reflect badly on the school principal, but Andrew isn't impressed and refuses to be a part of it. Rebecca watches him leave.

Outside, Rebecca catches Andrew and says that she hates that he's caught up in all of this. She knows what happened at school and wishes that she could do something to help, but Andrew tells her that she gave up the right to do anything when she walked out on Paul. Rebecca calls Declan and asks him to come down to the bar.


At Harold's, Zeke is asked by Lyn to get her some boiled sweets, and then by Kate to get her some miniatures of London landmarks, and he's clearly getting sick of everyone asking him for stuff. Brennan suggests to Kate and Sophie that Lucas should move back in, but Kate won't even discuss the idea.

At number 24, Kate, Sophie and Brennan get back, and Kate wonders what they should have for dinner. When she suggests chicken, Sophie says that Lucas likes chicken, and that they should at least discuss the idea of Lucas moving back in, as he can't live at the mens' shed forever. Kate opens the present from Lucas, wondering if she's really being that unreasonable, and she finds that it's a jigsaw puzzle, with a picture of her, Sophie, Lou and Lucas.


Toadie arrives at Charlie's, with some paperwork for Rebecca to look over. They look over at Paul, sitting and working on his laptop, and Sonya suggests that she could throw him out. Andrew arrives, having been summoned to Charlie's by Declan, and Declan tells Andrew that he needs to calm down and start focussing on Tash and the baby, and let Paul and Rebecca sort out their own mess.

Later, Paul is watching Andrew and Declan's conversation with some suspicion, and as Andrew gets up from the table, Paul calls him over. He tells his son that he's found him some work at Lassiter's, but Andrew tells him to shove his job. He goes back over to the bar, and thanks Rebecca for arranging the chat with Declan. She says that she's always there if Andrew needs any help with anything. Andrew takes a call from Tash, while Paul goes over to Rebecca and she says that Andrew just needs some support. Paul warns her that she's picked the wrong person to mess with.


At Harold's, Lyn takes some cake over to Toadie and Sonya, and she offers her condolences for the death of Callum's gran. Sonya's face immediately drops, and when Lyn has gone, Toadie says that Sonya is clearly wondering when they're going to hear back from Robyn. Sonya quickly gets up and goes to talk to Lucas at another table, and she says that she knows what happened with Brennan, and that Lucas shouldn't run away from the good life he's got at number 24. Kate comes in, and Sonya gives them some space.

Outside the store, Kate thanks Lucas for the jigsaw puzzle, she says it was perfect. She then asks him to move back in, and he wonders if she's sure about this. She says that neither she nor Brennan will apologise, and there will be a few conditions - no more gambling. She says that, if he ever finds himself in that sort of trouble again, then he needs to talk to one of them, as that's what family is for. She also mentions that he'll need to cook dinner, as she and Brennan are taking Zeke to the airport.



At number 24, Zeke assumes that Susan wanted him to leave space in his bags so that he could bring something back for her, but she actually gives him a big box of all his favourite Aussie foods, plus a few things for Rachel and Karl. He says that he can always rely on her, and then it comes his time to leave, just as Lucas comes in with his own bags, ready to move back in. Zeke gives Susan a hug and says his goodbyes to everyone, then leaves with Kate and Brennan. Susan decides to go home and call Libby, but Lucas and Sophie ask her to stay for tea.



Later that evening, Rebecca and Susan are laying the table for dinner, and Rebecca takes a call from Michael, who can't make it to dinner as he's trying to talk the school board into letting him keep his job. Declan then takes a call from a job he applied to, but is told that he didn't get it because of his references. He realises that Paul has managed to get to the HR manager of Lassiter's, and he's also stopped them from getting housing applications.

Later, Declan gets off the phone with Helen, the HR manager, who was threatened by Paul with the sack. A man then arrives at the door looking for Rebecca, and serves her with papers - she's being sued by Paul for divorce, citing mental hardship. Rebecca decides to go back to number 32 with India and gets an early - she tells Declan that they'll figure something out, and they won't let Paul win. Once Rebecca has gone, Declan gets on the phone to Oliver and tells him that they need his help, they're in big trouble.

Featured Regular Characters: Zeke Kinski, Susan Kennedy, Lyn Scully, Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Rebecca Robinson, Declan Napier, India Napier, Sophie Ramsay, Lucas Fitzgerald, Sonya Mitchell, Toadfish Rebecchi, Kate Ramsay

Guest Cast: Scott McGregor as Detective Mark Brennan, Leon Wijeyesinghe as Philip Bradke

Trivia Notes
Final appearance of Matt Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, after 1324 episodes
Zeke's final words are "See you guys."
Past character Rachel Kinski is mentioned. Oliver Barnes is also mentioned, ready for his return in the next episode

Summary by Steve

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