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Magic Moments > 2011 > Carmella and Oliver's Return Episode 6116

Written by Rene Zandveld, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Eleven: 14/03/11, Five: 11/04/11

Callum wants to send a photo to his Aunt Robyn... Sonya throws the letter in the bin... Declan calls Oliver, telling him that they need his help...

At Charlie's, Rebecca is surprised when Declan walks in without India, pointing out that they can't really afford to be putting her in daycare at the moment. Declan insists that it's not a problem, and then Oliver comes in, carrying Chloe, closely followed by Carmella, who is carrying India. Rebecca is overwhelmed to see them all, and Oliver explains that Declan called and they've come to help her with Paul. Rebecca then introduces her family to Michael.




At number 32, Michael shows everyone in, insisting that they can all stay, but Carmella says that they'll get a hotel room. Oliver quietly thanks Michael for everything he's done for Rebecca recently. Oliver jokes about Declan being a dad and swapping his footy jumpers for suits, but Declan admits that he hasn't being wearing either of them much lately, and he can't wait to see Paul's face when he finds out that Oliver's back in town. Michael isn't sure that things will be that easy, but Oliver says he's not scared of Paul, and Declan agrees that if there's one person who can sort out Paul, it's Oliver.

Over at number 22, Paul is on the phone to a private detective, trying to get information on Declan. Oliver comes in and overhears the conversation, saying that some things never change. Paul hangs up, and says that Rebecca must be desperate to send in her second favourite son. Oliver thinks she's being smart, and also thinks that Paul doesn't understand how a real family works. He tells Paul that the harassment stops now - he's got the money and he's not going to give up until Paul backs down and leaves Rebecca alone. Paul acts like he's not worried, but after Oliver leaves, he's clearly been rattled.


Outside, Toadie and Michael are both putting out their bins, and Toadie asks if Michael has visitors, as he saw the taxi earlier. Oliver then sneaks up and gives Toadie a man hug, and Oliver comments on Toadie's weight loss. They invite Toadie out for lunch at Charlie's later, then Toadie goes over to join Callum, who's sitting and waiting for Robyn's reply in the post. Sonya and Jade get back from a run, and listen as Toadie comforts Callum, and offers to call Robyn for him. Callum says that he just wants to wait until she writes back.

Inside number 30, Declan calls by looking for Rebecca's divorce papers. Meanwhile, Sonya tries to take Callum's mind off the letter, suggesting a video game, but then Jade has an idea and wants to give them all a boot camp. Callum likes the idea and runs off to get changed.


At the men's shed, Jade is shouting at Toadie and Callum, which Sonya thinks is hilarious, so Jade drags her into line too and makes them all do 100 star jumps.

At Charlie's, Declan is winning at pool, with Oliver and Carmella joking that he could never beat any of them before, and Chloe and India are getting on well. The happy family set-up is interrupted by Paul arriving, but a few choice words from Carmella soon send him scuttling away. Rebecca thanks her, and says that it's good having everyone back.


Later, the pool game concludes with Michael winning. He goes to get more drinks, and Carmella says that he seems lovely. Rebecca admits that she doesn't know what she'd have done without him - Oliver says that she should have called them sooner, but Rebecca thinks that maybe she deserves all of this, after all, she did push him off the hotel and almost kill him. Oliver doesn't think it justifies the way Paul is behaving now, and says that they didn't come back here to fight Paul; they came to get Rebecca. He tells her that she can't live her life like this - she has to leave Erinsborough for good. Rebecca is shocked and looks over at Michael.

Outside Charlie's, Oliver continues to try and convince Rebecca to leave, and Declan also thinks it's the right idea, and has already agreed to go with them. Rebecca admits that she's beginning to feel like she's being railroaded into this, and says that she's spent her life running away, and if she goes now, it'll feel like Paul has won. She asks what she would do about Michael, and Oliver says that he can come too, and Tash - he'll buy tickets for both of them. Rebecca still isn't convinced, and suggests that they go back inside.


At Harold's, Carmella walks in and says that it still smells the same. She tells Chloe that she used to run the store, and Chloe wants a cupcake, so Michael offers to get one each for Chloe and India. Declan and Carmella take the girls to sit down, and he admits that he's exhausted with this whole thing and wonders how much it's affecting India. Carmella is sure that he's doing the right thing now. Michael walks over, hearing the tail end of the conversation as Declan says that he just needs to convince his mum. Carmella tries to cover for him, and quickly suggests that they take the cupcakes and go to the park, but Michael is now sure that something's going on behind his back.

Back at the men's shed, Jade is making Callum, Toadie and Sonya do 20 crunches, as they make plans to escape. As Jade is demonstrating, with her back turned, they all run off.


Toadie, Callum and Sonya run back to Ramsay Street and collapse on number 30's front lawn. They joke about how Jade would have reacted, and she then arrives, pointing out that they skipped out on doing exercise, then they ran all the way home. Toadie tells her that it's the last time he does any exercise - and possibly the last time he ever walks. Callum then spoils Sonya's good mood by finding a letter from Robyn in the mail box. He takes it inside to read it, as Sonya looks concerned.

Inside, Callum is just looking at the letter, unable to open it. Sonya wants to look at it, but Callum decides to go and read it in his room. Toadie goes with him, and Sonya is becoming more and more worried, but Jade admits that she wrote the letter, as they couldn't let Callum sit and wait forever. Sonya is worried that it's just piling more lies on top of the original lies, but then Toadie comes back with a disappointed Callum, who says that Robyn doesn't know where his mum is. Toadie suggests they keep trying, but Sonya thinks that if Robyn knew anything, she would have said so. When she sees Callum's disappointment, she quickly tells him that he has to do whatever he thinks is best.


Rebecca finds Michael sitting outside Charlie's, and she's about to talk to him about everything when Paul comes over. He suggests that Rebecca should be doing some work, as she has two unemployed men to support now. Paul's mood changes and he backs off as he sees them holding hands. They both wonder what their lives would be like if Paul weren't around, and Rebecca says that Oliver's offered to buy them a couple of plane tickets. He says that he's still got his suspension to deal with, plus a pregnant Tash, and it's probably not the best time - but maybe after the baby is born.

Inside, later, the whole family is gathered around for dinner, and Michael asks how long Oliver and Carmella are planning to stay. Oliver then mentions that Michael must get a lot of time off, being a teacher, and Michael says that time off is all he's got right now. He notices all the glances going on and asks if someone's going to fill him in - Rebecca insists that it's nothing, but Michael isn't about to give up, so she takes him off home to break the news.


At number 32, Rebecca has told Michael about the plan and he asks if she really wants him to leave Erinsborough. She admits that she isn't sure how much more she can take - Paul's coming after all of them, and it's going to impact on Tash eventually. She says that Declan's going too. She doesn't think that their time together should be for nothing, but Michael doesn't think that he can leave. Rebecca doesn't know where they can go from here.

Later, Michael and Rebecca emerge from the bedroom, and she says that she should go and see Declan. He admits that he loves how much she loves her sons. They sit down and Rebecca says that she doesn't think that she can stay - leaving is the only way that they can be free. Michael tells her that he loves her, and can't let her go, so he gets down on one knee and proposes to her.


Later, at Charlie's, Michael pours some champagne, making a toast to family, strength and love, and to his future wife. Oliver and Declan don't look too impressed, and Oliver says that they're all still leaving, later that day. Rebecca tells them that she's going to stay - she's put Michael through enough already and she's made her decision.

Featured Regular Characters: Rebecca Robinson, Declan Napier, India Napier, Michael Williams, Paul Robinson, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Sonya Mitchell

Guest Cast: Gemma Pranita as Jade Mitchell, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Daisy Zandveld as Chloe Cammeniti, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes

Trivia Notes
First appearances of Oliver, Carmella and Chloe since 2008
Daisy Zandveld, the daughter of writer Rene Zandveld, takes over the role of Chloe from Sarah May

Paul: "You look well, Carmella. Settling for second best obviously suits you."
Carmella: "Are you still upset about me knocking you back, Paul?"
Paul: "Not the way I remember it."
Carmella: "Well then you've lost your mind as well as your leg. Now hop along."

Summary by Steve