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Magic Moments > 2011 > Rebecca and Declan's Departure Episode 6117

Written by Sam Meikle, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Eleven: 15/03/11, Five: 12/04/11

Kate wonders if Brennan has any flaws... Paul signs the statement of no complaint... Oliver and Carmella return with plans for Rebecca to return with them to Portugal... Michael proposes and Rebecca announces that she's staying...

At number 32, Michael is certain that he and Rebecca have made the right decision, but Oliver isn't at all convinced. He says that it's clear that Michael loves Rebecca very much, but his priority has to be what's best for Rebecca - and he think there's a big difference between what she wants and what's best for her. Declan then comes in and interrupts, asking if everything's OK, and Michael thinks about what Oliver's just said to him.


At Harold's, Jade is complaining about a barman she hooked up with, who now thinks they're in a relationship. Kate sits with her and says that relationships really aren't all that bad; there's company and a connection, but Jade points out that there's also the clinginess and bad habits, not to mention 'the number'. Kate is confused and Jade says that it's the number of girls he's dated before her. Kate doesn't want to know Brennan's number, and isn't even sure that he would know, but it's obviously got her thinking.

At number 32, Declan sits with his mum, saying that Carmella is packing and he should probably do the same. He tries to convince Rebecca to go with them, saying that Paul isn't going to stop, but Rebecca doesn't want to discuss it - she thinks it's an amazing opportunity for Declan and she won't ask him to give it up.


Later, at Harold's, Declan and Oliver are talking about the situation, but quieten down when they see Paul at the counter. Declan has a dig at Paul about sorting out his finances, and Paul says that he's got it under control now, and that Declan and his family won't ever be seeing a cent of it. Kate then comes over, and Declan introduces her to Oliver. Declan clearly wants to tell her that he's leaving, but Oliver stops him, and suggests that they should all have lunch together the next day. Declan helps her to find her sunglasses and he again goes to say something to her, but stops himself, looking sad as she walks out.

Kate catches up with Brennan outside Charlie's, sneaking up and stealing one of his chips. She then runs off with the whole plate, and Brennan then bumps into an attractive woman, who flirts with her, leaving Kate looking awkward. She asks him if that happens to him a lot, and asks him how many girls he's dated. He asks her if they really need to have that conversation, and goes inside to get some drinks.


Inside Charlie's, Brennan wanders over to Lucas, who's playing darts, and says that Kate has asked him about his past girlfriends. Lucas suggests that he just tell her, but Brennan says that he can't, and Lucas assumes it's because it's a high number.

Jade spots Kate sitting alone outside Charlie's, and Kate explains that she asked Brennan for his number, and he didn't tell her. Jade thinks that it probably means nothing, but wonders how many would be too many for Kate.


Lucas advises Brennan that nine should be the number he tells Kate, as it's not too high and not too low. Brennan doesn't think he can lie to Kate, but Lucas says to trust him.

Jade tells Kate that, if Brennan says nine, he's lying. Kate is certain that Brennan wouldn't lie to her, so Jade thinks that she's got nothing to worry about.


Later, outside Harold's, Rebecca is having coffee with Michael and Declan, when Paul comes by. He spots her engagement ring and offers his congratulations, pointing out that she can't actually get married again until her divorce is final. She tells him that doesn't want his money and won't be contesting it, but Paul says that it's still going to be a messy, drawn-out affair, and he's coming after her and everyone around her.

Back at number 32, Michael is calling Toadie to arrange an APR, but Rebecca and Declan don't think it'll make any difference. The others are all packed and ready to go, and Oliver suggests that Rebecca could go to Portugal for a holiday. Michael thinks that they should all just back off, as Rebecca has made her decision.


At Charlie's, Jade and Lucas are watching from across the bar, as Kate and Brennan have the 'number' conversation. He tells her that it's nine, but she doesn't believe him and says that she knows all about the magic number theory. So he admits that it's actually 4, including her, and she must think he's really pathetic. She tells him that it's perfect and it shows that he has high standards.

Outside number 32, Carmella finds Rebecca, who is sitting and thinking about things, as it was all getting a bit tense inside. She wonders if things are going to be OK with her and Michael, and admits that part of her wants to leave. Carmella tells her to remember that she's always got her family.


Inside, Rebecca tells Michael that things will settle down, but he says that she has to go - it's the only way out of the situation for her. He's realised that Paul is never going to stop. Rebecca is upset at the thought of losing him, but he says that she needs to live the life that she deserves. Rebecca says that staying is what she wants, but Michael points out that it's not what she needs.

Later, Rebecca is in the bedroom, as Michael says that he owes Oliver and Declan an apology. Rebecca then appears with her bags packed, and she says that, before they go, she has something else she needs to do.


At number 28, Rebecca arrives to see Susan, who is stunned to hear that her friend is leaving. Rebecca says that she needs to talk about something, and she sits Susan down and explains that she pushed Paul, by accident, and he has been blackmailing her to stay with him ever since. Susan realises that Rebecca was the one who was sending her the emails about Diana. Rebecca then gives Susan a statement of no complaint, signed by Paul, and she needs it to be filed, but she hasn't got time to do it herself. She explains that she isn't doing this for herself, but for Kate who gave her a false alibi, and if Paul makes trouble now, she'll be the one who suffers. She says that Susan needs to convince Kate to confess, so that there's no room for error. Both women are a little teary as they share a hug and Rebecca says that she has to go.

At number 24, Lucas is on his way out, when Jade forces him to confess that he was the one who made Brennan give nine as his number. They're all amused that Brennan took relationship advice from Lucas, who then leaves, tired of them all mocking him. Kate explains that all women want is the truth, so Brennan agrees to be honest from now on and tells Kate that, if she has any secrets, now is the time to confess.



Outside, everyone is getting into a taxi to go. Rebecca tells Michael that, if she says anything to him now, she'll cry. They share a kiss, just as Paul comes outside to see what's going on. Rebecca walks over to Paul and tells him that she's leaving for good, and he can't hurt her or her family now. She walks over and gets into the taxi, with Michael stopped an upset Paul from getting to her. The taxi drives out of the street, with Paul and Michael watching. Kate and Susan have also come out onto the street, and Susan asks Kate if she can have a chat with her.



Inside number 28, Kate is shocked to hear that Rebecca and Declan have gone. Susan tells her that she knows everything about the night Paul was pushed, and she knows that the story Kate told to the police was a lie...

Featured Regular Characters: Rebecca Robinson, Declan Napier, India Napier, Michael Williams, Paul Robinson, Kate Ramsay, Susan Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald

Guest Cast: Scott McGregor as Detective Mark Brennan, Gemma Pranita as Jade Mitchell, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Daisy Zandveld as Chloe Cammeniti, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes

Trivia Notes
Final appearances of six characters; Jane Hall (Rebecca), Erin Mullally (Declan) and Alia/Gab De Vercelli (India) all leave the regular cast, whilst David Hoflin, Natalie Blair and Daisy Zandveld end their two-episode stint as Oliver, Carmella and Chloe
Rebecca's final words are "I'm leaving, I'm not coming back. You can't hurt me or my family ever again."
Declan's final words are "We have to get going."
The woman Brennan bumps into outside Charlie's is not credited, despite having a line of dialogue

Summary by Steve