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Magic Moments > 2011 > Sonya's Confession Episode 6132

Written by Pete McTighe, Directed by Aarne Neeme, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Eleven: 05/04/11, Five: 03/05/11

Chris gets tired of Tash and Summer competing to be a better friend to him... Callum goes to find his real mum... Sonya realises where Callum has gone... Callum falls from a ladder... Sophie calls Sonya, who says that she'll be there soon...

Callum is lying unconscious on the ground, and Sophie is panicking. Sonya then arrives, and Sophie rushes over to her. Sonya kneels by Callum, saying that she should have told him, and then sirens can be heard, so Sonya sends Sophie outside to show the paramedics where they are. Sonya tells Callum how much she loves him, as Sophie runs back with the paramedics. One of them, Jose, starts checking him over and asks if Sonya is his mother. Sonya is about to say yes, but Sophie says that they're just his friends, and she'll go and try to call Toadie. He puts an oxygen mask over Callum's mouth.


Toadie is still out looking for Callum and Sophie, when she calls him. She explains that Callum's been hurt and the paramedics are about to take him to hospital. A shocked Toadie says that he'll meet them at the hospital.


Callum is wheeled into emergency on a stretcher, and Karl tells Sonya that she'll need to wait outside while he's examined. Sophie wonders if Callum will even wake up, and Sonya snaps at her, saying that she should have stopped Callum from going in the warehouse and none of this would have happened. Jade then arrives, and quickly stops the argument and takes Sonya away.

In a waiting room, Sonya explains to Jade that Callum had been trying to jog his memory again, after dreaming about the toy, and he had an accident. Sonya says that none of this is Sophie's fault, and if she'd just been honest with Callum from the start, then none of this would have happened. She hopes that he'll wake up, so she can tell him how much she loves him.


At the gym, Tash is quizzing Chris about what he looks for in a guy, reminding him that he needs to get out there and find someone now, while he's young, as once he reaches 30 he'll start looking like a desperado if he goes out and tries to pick up. Chris isn't really that interested in talking about it, but Tash asks him to stay and do zumba with her, as there are loads of cute guys in her class. Chris agrees, but only if it stops Tash from trying to find him a boyfriend.

Chris is struggling to keep up in the zumba class, and is beginning to wonder why he bothered. The instructor, Will, comes over and shows Chris how to do the steps, telling him that it'll take a couple of classes before he gets the hang of it. He returns to the front of the class, and Tash teases Chris about Will paying him extra attention. The class comes to an end, and Chris doesn't think Will is interested in him, but Tash tells him to make an effort or he'll be single forever. Tash calls Will over, telling him that Chris has some questions. She leaves the two guys alone to chat, just as Summer comes in - Tash smugly tells her that she's set Chris up with a guy, which is something that good friends do for each other.


Kate arrives at the hospital, and Sophie rushes over to hug her sister. She's blaming herself for everything that's happened, and Sonya hears this and goes over. She says that none of this is Sophie's fault, and she didn't mean to blame her earlier. Kate asks if Sonya's OK, but Sonya just says that she's going to go and check if there's any news.

Sonya is waiting when Jade comes in and says that Toadie's almost there. Karl then comes in and asks when Toadie will be arriving, as they need to take Callum in for surgery - he's fractured some ribs and has internal bleeding. He says that there's just a small delay as they're waiting for blood to be delivered - they're short on Callum's blood type. Karl walks away, and Jade tries to stop her but Sonya goes after him - she says that she's an exact match for Callum, so they can take blood from her. Karl explains that it doesn't quite work like that, but she insists.


Later, Sonya returns from giving the blood, and Karl says that there will still be a delay, as it will need to go through the screening process. Sonya apologises for her outburst earlier - she says that she's just worried for Callum - and also says that he did a school project on blood types, so that's how she knows they're a match. Karl leaves to take the blood to the lab, and Jade has a worried look on her face.

Later, Sonya and Jade are still waiting for news, and Sonya is worried that Karl is going to work everything out. Jade tells her to calm down - there's nothing she can do about it now. Karl appears and tells Sonya that there are some forms Toadie will need to sign when he arrives. Karl then rushes off again, just as Toadie turns up, wanting to know what's going on and not understanding why Callum was at that warehouse. Sonya starts apologising to him, and says that she doesn't know what she'll do if Callum doesn't pull through, but Toadie hugs her and insists that they'll all get through this together.

Chris and Will are having a coffee outside Harold's, as Tash calls her dad and insists she'll be home soon, but at the moment she's doing Chris a huge favour. Will then gets up to leave, and Chris says that he might be at the next zumba class. Tash goes over to see how it went, wondering if Chris even made an effort, but Chris says that they had nothing in common, and Will doesn't even own a TV. Tash agrees that that's a bit odd, and apologises, realising that the date was a bad idea. Chris is happy that he at least tried, and agrees to Tash's suggestion that they Google some pics of Jake Gyllenhaal. Just then, Summer appears with Darren, an electrician who helped rewire number 26, and is a huge basketball fan. Summer tells him to sit down and chat to Chris, whilst Tash drags her away. Tash isn't impressed, but Summer says that she was just introducing Chris to a guy who he'll have a lot in common with. Tash isn't convinced, and Chris doesn't look too happy about his second awkward conversation of the day.


Back at the hospital, Toadie tells Sonya that Callum was always causing trouble when he first took him on, but he knew it was all going to work out. He says that he knows things will work out now too. He talks about how amazing it was that the three of them ended up together, as a family - Sonya asks if he believes in fate, and he says that he does, as there's no other way of explaining it. He points out that if even one small thing in his life had been different, he might never have met Callum or Sonya. She asks how he'd feel if it wasn't fate, but something else that brought them together. She then breaks down and says she's so tired of all of this - Toadie tells her that there'll be some news soon, but she tells him that's not what she meant. He wants to know what she's trying to say to him - but Jade walks in with some coffees and interrupts them, and Sonya walks out, saying that she needs to get some air.

Tash wants to go over and interrupt Chris and Darren's conversation, but Summer stops her. Tash thinks Summer is being pathetic, turning this into a competition, but Summer thinks she's a hypocrite. Summer says that she was just trying to find a guy for Chris, and if it annoys Tash, then that's just a bonus. Tash can't see why Chris would be interested in an electrician, but Summer points out that he's doing a VET course, like Chris, and is probably a better match than an aerobics instructor. Chris then comes over and tells them both to shut up. He says that Darren left - he didn't enjoy listening to their screaming and he didn't appreciate being set up. Tash is smug, but Chris says he's had enough of both of them and their point scoring - he says that if they keep this up, he doesn't want to be friends with either of them.


At the hospital, in the corner of the waiting room, Sonya is quietly chatting to Jade. She says that she's realised that the only way to keep Callum safe is by telling him the truth. Jade wonders if she's ready for the fallout, but Sonya insists that, when Callum wakes up, she's going to tell him she's his mother. Karl then comes in with the news that Callum's going to be OK - Toadie hugs him. Toadie admits that he just felt completely useless, not being able to do anything, and Sonya hugs him. She then asks Jade if she can have a private word with Toadie. Toadie looks confused, but Jade agrees to go and tell Sophie and Kate the news.

At the gym, Chris is on the exercise bike, clearly still in a bad mood, and Summer and Tash watch him, wondering how long this is going to last. They start to blame each other, but Summer realises that they're going to have to start getting along if they want to keep Chris as a friend. Tash reminds Summer that she stole her boyfriend, and Summer reminds Tash that she pretended to be pregnant. They both offer some not-very-sincere apologies and decide that this is the start of them trying to get along.



Back at the hospital, Sonya is pacing around, and Toadie wants to know what's wrong with her. He realises that it's been a stressful day, but assures her that everything will be OK now. She doesn't believe that it will, and starts to apologise for being so selfish and for barging into his and Callum's lives. She starts to tell Toadie that, when they first met, things weren't quite as they seemed, but Karl then comes in and says that they can see Callum now. Toadie takes her with him, and says that they can talk later.

Toadie and Sonya go into Callum's hospital room. Toadie walks over to him, but Sonya holds back. Callum is starting to come round, and he's still having flashbacks to the toy, but this time, he sees Sonya's face. When he opens his eyes, Sonya is standing over him and he calls her 'mum'. Toadie thinks he's confused, but Callum insists that Sonya is his mum. Toadie looks to Sonya for some back-up, but she apologises to Callum and then confirms to Toadie that she's Callum's mum.

Featured Regular Characters: Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Sonya Mitchell, Karl Kennedy, Jade Mitchell, Sophie Ramsay, Kate Ramsay, Summer Hoyland, Natasha Williams

Guest Cast: James Mason as Chris Pappas, Francisco Lopez as Jose Salvatore, Anthony Pepe as Will Jackson, Dylan Russell as Darren Lowe

Trivia Notes
Past characters Dee Bliss and Stephanie Scully are mentioned

Summary by Steve

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