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Magic Moments > 2011 > Libby's Return Episode 6133

Written by Anthony Morris, Directed by Aarne Neeme, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Eleven: 06/04/11, Five: 04/05/11

Susan prepares for Libby's return... Callum has an accident at the warehouse... Callum pulls through after surgery... Callum realises that Sonya's his mum, and Toadie is shocked as Sonya confirms that it's true...

As Karl tends to Callum, Toadie and Sonya stand outside the room. Toadie has his back to Sonya as she says that she didn't want him to find out like this. He turns to her and says that this is her fault. She apologises, but then Karl comes out and says that Callum is fine, but he's too weak for all of this stress, so they need to handle him delicately. Toadie goes into the room, and Sonya tries to follow, but Toadie stops her. She says that she needs to explain things to Callum, but Toadie says that this isn't about her, it's about Callum, and he walks into the room and closes the door behind him.


Sonya walks out of the hospital in a state of shock. Jade catches up with her, and comforts her as they sit down on a bench.


Back inside, Callum starts to wake up and he asks for Sonya. Toadie says that everything's fine and tells him to go back to sleep.

At number 28, Susan walks in, on the phone to Andrew, who's asking after Callum. Susan thinks that Callum would appreciate a visit. As the phone call ends, Lyn suddenly pops up from behind the kitchen counter, giving Susan a fright, and asks where she keeps the muffin tin. Susan shows her, and Lyn explains that she was going to make some muffins to cheer up the Rebecchis - Susan says that she had the same idea, and is going to do a casserole. However, the kitchen clearly isn't big enough for both women, as they bump into each other and struggle to find their own space, then Lyn knocks Susan's celery on the floor. The air is filled with tension as Libby walks through the door. Susan rushes over to her and compliments her on the new hairstyle, and they're joined by Lyn - Susan explains that the Scullys are staying with them until the building work at number 26 is complete. Libby accepts this news with a smile, and goes to take her bags through to her room.


Back at the hospital, Toadie is sitting by the hospital bed, clearly struggling with everything that's happened. Callum wakes up, in pain, and Toadie makes him more comfortable. Callum asks where Sonya is, and wonders what she wants, but Toadie tells him to just concentrate on getting better, and insists that he's never going to let anyone hurt him.

As Toadie talks to Callum, Sonya sits outside the hospital, with a determined look on her face.


Sonya walks back into the hospital, and is about to check in on Callum when Sonya and Lyn walk up behind her. They ask how Callum is, and Sonya explains that he's going to be fine. Lyn says that they'll just pop in and see him for a few minutes, but then Toadie comes out of the room. He thanks Lyn and Susan for the food, and Sonya tries to talk to him but he refuses to listen to her explanations. Susan thinks that Toadie is blaming Sonya for the accident and tries to stop their argument, but Toadie blurts out the truth - that Callum's been desperate to find his mum, and she's been there with them the whole time. Susan looks stunned, and rushes off after Toadie. Lyn tries to comfort Sonya, but she won't allow it.

Susan follows Toadie into the waiting room - he insists that he's fine, but she doesn't believe him. He says that Callum is so confused, and he wants to be able to fix things for him, but Susan reminds him that he's been through a lot too, and Sonya has deceived him too. He says that they're all going to get through it, and then leaves to check on Callum.


Toadie is watching Callum through the window, when Karl comes over, with some video games that Paul and Andrew left for Callum. Toadie asks whether the stress might hinder Callum's recovery, and Karl confirms that it could, but also says that kids can be very resilient - a lot more than adults sometimes. Karl wants to know how Toadie is coping, but Toadie again talks about Callum - Karl says that he knows what it's like to find out that someone close to you isn't who you thought they were, and that Toadie needs to deal with this now. Toadie tells Karl that Callum has to come first.

At number 30, Jade is on the phone, gathering up a photograph and Callum's Nintendo DS to take to the hospital. Susan, Libby and Lyn walk in with some groceries for Toadie - Libby introduces herself, but Jade quickly decides to leave, noticing the tension in the room. Susan is annoyed that Jade was even in Toadie's house after all that's happened, though Libby and Lyn try to defend her. Lyn says that situations aren't always that black and white, and Susan, remembering the situation with Steph and Toadie, says that Lyn would say something like that. They continue to bicker, until Libby snaps and says she's had enough.


At number 28, Libby makes Susan and Lyn sit down, telling them that they cannot dwell on the past - what's happened has happened and it doesn't help anyone to keep dragging it up. She says that it's really difficult to move on sometimes, but it's worth it. Both Susan and Lyn back down from their argument, and Libby is delighted, running off to the kitchen to get some food. Susan follows her, and suggests that she should go to the hospital and give Toadie some support. Libby doesn't want to go, making the excuse that she doesn't want to crowd Toadie, but Susan thinks that it's about time for new-age Libby to practice what she preaches.

Libby walks into an empty number 30, and looks at some photos of Sonya, Callum and Toadie, and then at one of her with Toadie. Jade then walks in to collect some more things, and sees Libby, annoyed that she's just let herself in. Libby explains that she has a key, and that she needs to sort some of her own issues out. Libby asks if Jade knew, and Jade says that she did, and she wants Sonya to tell Toadie and Callum, but when she saw Sonya's new family, she realised that it wasn't worth the risk of losing it. Jade thinks that Sonya did the right thing, and Libby tries to comfort her, but Jade quickly backs off and walks out, telling Libby to lock up when she leaves.


At the hospital, Sonya quietly walks into Callum's room. She starts to cry as she looks at him, then takes a photo of her, Toadie and Callum from her bag and puts it by the bed. She sits on the bed, as Toadie returns. He looks through the window, unhappy at first, but then he decides to walk away and give Sonya some time with her son.

At Harold's, Toadie is looking for food, when Andrew and Paul come in, joking about hospital food. They see Toadie, and Andrew asks if Callum will be up for visitors soon - Toadie is very distracted, but thinks that a visit will probably be OK. Paul and Andrew leave him alone, and Libby comes in - she hugs Toadie. She's prepared to move on from everything that's happened and to go back to being his best friend, and he asks for another hug. They then sit down, and Toadie explains that Callum just seems so confused - and he wants him to have nothing to do with Sonya, as all she's done is lie to them. Libby says that Toadie should understand why some people feel forced to lie, and that it might help Toadie to talk to Sonya and find out the truth.


Later, Toadie is sitting at a table in Harold's when Sonya walks in. They look at each other.

Sonya sits with Toadie and explains that when she saw Callum's name on the guide dog registry, she couldn't believe and had to see if it was him. And then she met Toadie, who was so lovely and made it even more difficult to stay away. She explains that she kept on telling herself that they could be a family and she could make up for everything she did to Callum in the past. Toadie isn't sure that lying was the right way to make it up to Callum, but Sonya doesn't believe that it would have made Callum happy to know the truth either. She wants to know if there's anything she can do to fix this, but Toadie says that he's going to stay at the hospital tonight and he wants Sonya to be packed and gone by tomorrow - he never wants to see her again.

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Lyn Scully, Sonya Mitchell, Jade Mitchell, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson

Guest Cast: None

Trivia Notes
Kym Valentine returns to the cast as Libby, after a four-month break for health reasons
Past characters Stephanie Scully and Ben Fitzgerald are mentioned

Summary by Steve