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Magic Moments > 2011 > Rhys's Arrival Episode 6203

Written by Sarah Dollard, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Eleven: 13/07/11, Five: 10/08/11

Susan supports Jim through his terminal cancer diagnosis, but Karl is supportive... Lucas inherits money from his father... Paul makes changes to Summer's article about the community gardens, and she and Sonya vow to save the gardens...

At the newspaper office, Susan is congratulating Summer on her byline and her article, and admits that she doesn't really agree with the point-of-view Summer has taken. Summer says that most of the article was changed before it went to print, and that she doesn't agree with the point-of-view either.


At number 30, Sonya is complaining to a distracted Lucas about how Paul changed the article and is very manipulative.

Susan assures Summer that she won't be able to stop Paul, others have tried and failed, and he doesn't print retractions, unless there's a court order. Summer decides to try anyway and goes to Paul with a story idea - printing her original story as the second part of a debate over the future of the community garden. Paul shuts his office door on her. She knocks and enters and asks that he re-print the article without her byline. Paul refuses, saying that re-printing articles makes it look like they have something to hide. He then sends her away.


Sonya continues to rant about Paul, wishing that she could buy up all of the newspapers. She asks Lucas how things are with him, and he says that there's nothing new.

At Harold's, Paul finds Susan buying a coffee and they argue about him rewriting Summer's article. He says that he pays a fortune in taxes and he doesn't want them wasted on that little patch of land, but Susan thinks that it provides an important community service. Susan believes that Summer has the makings of an excellent journalist and Paul might just have put her off - Paul replies that, if he has, then she was never cut out to be a journalist in the first place. Paul then reminds Susan about the patient advocacy article she promised him, and she says that she's interviewing her subject again today.


At Susan is interviewing Jim, asking how he feels the hospital has dealt with his treatment. He admits that they gave him some leaflets but he couldn't really focus on them. He thinks that he'll probably just end up feeling sick and losing his hair, and with all the advances in science, they could find a better way. Susan is amused to realise that Jim is scared of needles, and then offers to accompany him to his chemotherapy session. He doesn't want to impose, but she says that she'll view it as extra research.

At the community gardens, Summer catches up with Sonya, and they realise that Paul hasn't actually done anything legally wrong so there's no chance of getting a retraction. They spot some people from the council, and Sonya is pleased that they have a chance to put their side forward. Sonya has a chat with Councillor Kapoor's assistant, Les, about the gardens and how she's been using them to teach the locals kids. Sonya tells Summer that she thinks that this seems like a good sign, but Summer clearly isn't convinced.


At number 28, Summer is telling Andrew about the council visit, and how she thinks that it all happened very quickly. She realises that the public are going to believe what was printed in the newspaper, and Paul isn't prepared to print the other side of the argument. Andrew tells her that she has to play Paul at his own game, but Summer doesn't want to stoop to his level, though she doesn't want the gardens to be shut down either. She asks Andrew what he suggests.

Andrew and Summer walk into the newspaper offices, confidently walking into Paul's office and closing the door and blinds. Andrew then gets them logged into Paul's laptop, and she begins to lose her nerve but decides to press ahead with the plan. They suddenly hear Paul coming. Summer quickly hides under the desk, and Paul is surprised to find his son in the office.


As Summer hides under the desk, Andrew lies that he was looking for a template for a business assignment. Paul says that he'll bring one home later, and reminds Andrew that he shouldn't be alone in the office. Andrew says that the assignment is already due and manages to get Paul to leave the office with him, as Summer appears and puts a memory stick in the laptop.

At the hospital, Susan has been researching chemotherapy treatment on her laptop and shows Jim the information, telling him that being prepared will take a lot of the fear out of it. As she's talking him through it, Dr Rhys Lawson walks over and introduces himself. He tells Jim that it's all very straightforward and there's nothing to worry about, and asks Susan if she's coming in too. Jim would like her to, so she agrees and says that now he'll have to behave himself as there'll be a lady present.


At the gym, Lucas is taking his worries out on a punching bag when Karl interrupts, showing him a picture of Macchu Picchu and explaining that he's using it as his motivation to get fit. Lucas is getting irritated by Karl, who says that, if you can keep a conversation going whilst you're walking then that's the fitness level you should be at. Lucas goes and stands with Karl at the treadmill and chats to him about it, but Karl then sends him away, explaining that he needs to focus.

Back at the hospital, nurse Jodie is trying to insert the canular, but is having trouble and Jim is getting upset about it. She calls over Rhys, who says that Jim seems to be a bit dehydrated and he'll need to make sure his fluids are up before his next appointment. As Rhys gets to work, Susan distracts Jim, talking to him about films and suggesting that she bring in a portable DVD player for his next appointment. Jim is joking about Susan's crush on Cary Grant when he realises that Rhys has finished and that Susan had just been trying to keep his mind off it.



At Harold's, Summer finds Sonya and shows her an online article about the community gardens. Sonya is delighted, until she hears that Summer didn't have permission to do it, and it'll probably get taken down. Summer reminds her that it's out there now, so people will know about it, even if it does get taken down. Paul then calls Summer and summons her to his office.

At Charlie's, Karl finds Lucas and shows him a Spanish dictionary that he found at the used book shop. He loudly orders a beer in Spanish, and is surprised when the barman brings one over, as Lucas advises Karl on the correct Spanish grammar.


At the hospital, Rhys is telling Jim to make an appointment for a check-up the following week, mistaking Susan for Jim's wife as he does so.

Karl is advising Lucas on taking a trip overseas, lamenting the high cost of flights to South America. He says that he and Susan will be going in 4 weeks.


Susan tells Jim that she'll come with him to his next appointments. He's touched, telling her that it's not necessary, but she insists and he explains that it'll be every week for the next six weeks.

Lucas is sick of hearing about Karl's travel plans and quickly leaves the bar.


At number 28, Susan returns home to find Karl listening to panpipe music and looking at a map. He shows her the leaflet about the trip he's planned and she's very happy to hear about it, until he mentions that it leaves in four weeks. She wonders if they could go in September instead, but lies that it's because of work. Karl explains that the dates can't be changed, so they'll have to find a different trip. He's clearly disappointed and Susan feels bad about lying to him.

At the newspaper office, Paul tells Summer that her contract is terminated. She reminds him that the public needed to know both sides of the story, but Paul accuses her of being a martyr, and says that her response was immature and illegal - he could have had her charged. She says that she'll find another internship with a company that has integrity - Paul says that she's thrown away an amazing opportunity.


At Harold's, Summer can't believe how stupid she's been, and now she won't get another job as Paul won't give her a good reference. Andrew shows her the online polls and says that she's made a difference already. Sonya then comes in and says she's been speaking to Toadie, who has sources at the council and apparently they're planning to sell off the gardens...

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Summer Hoyland, Paul Robinson, Lucas Fitzgerald, Sonya Mitchell, Andrew Robinson

Guest Cast: Ben Barber as Rhys Lawson, Scott Parmeter as Jim Dolan, Sachin Joab as Ajay Kapoor, Mary Annegeline as Jodie Smith, Unknown as Les Manson

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Ben Barber as Dr. Rhys Lawson
Rhys' first words are "That's all part of the IV actually. Jim Dolan? I'm Rhys Lawson, your doctor."
This episode also sees the first appearance of Sachin Joab as Ajay Kapoor, who would become a regular character in 2012. However, as he has no dialogue here, and only appears from a distance, we are treating episode 6207 as Ajay's arrival
The actor playing Ajay Kapoor's assistant Les Manson is uncredited, though he receives several lines of dialogue
The password to Paul's laptop is 'Benito'

Summary by Steve

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