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Magic Moments > 2011 > Ajay's Arrival Episode 6207

Written by Emma J Steele, Directed by Chris Langman, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Eleven: 19/07/11, Five: 16/08/11

Summer is annoyed about her article being changed... Summer tells Sonya that the council are considering abolishing the gardens scheme... Michael realises that Tash was responsible for the graffiti and tells her that he doesn't care what she does from now on... Michael hears Tash talking about her ordeal on the radio... Michael gives Tash the bill for cleaning off the paint...

Michael arrives at the beach and walks down with his surfboard, whilst at home, Tash is busy trying to win back his favour by ironing all of his shirts. She then prepares breakfast for him, before realising that he's already gone out without telling her.


At number 30, Sonya is on the phone, discussing the delivery of some mulch to the community gardens, and she asks Toadie to give Callum a lift to school. Toadie wonders if it's a good idea for Sonya to be doing all of this work at the gardens, but she says that they haven't been sold yet, and there's still work to do. She also thinks that the new owners might want to keep them as community gardens, and Toadie says that he doesn't want her to get her hopes up.


Paul walks into Harold's, where Michael is ordering breakfast, and starts goading Michael about being late for work, and turning up in his t-shirt and shorts. He thinks that he should mention it at the next school board meeting, as it's clearly setting a poor example for the students - he then mentions that the community have votes on the gardens, but he doesn't know the decision yet. He explains that Tash was there, with a freshly ironed shirt and breakfast ready, which gives Michael something to think about.

At the gardens, Sonya is painting up some signs, as the kids work on the vegetable patches, and she smiles to herself as she accidentally gets some green paint on her hand, and ends up with a green thumb.

At Charlie's, Paul is with councillor Ajay Kapoor, discussing plans for the newspaper to run a story on the council's decision for the gardens. Toadie comes in and spots them - he goes over and asks Ajay if the decision has been made, and Ajay explains to him that the gardens are going to be sold.


Sonya is wandering around the gardens, checking on the work that the kids are doing, and is very pleased with it all.

Back at Charlie's, Toadie asks if there isn't some other asset that the council could sell, but Ajay tells him that the gardens are the only thing they've got which is expendable. Summer, who is with Andrew and listening from another table, comments that kids' education isn't really expendable. Ajay apologises to Toadie, knowing how much work Sonya has put into the gardens, before he leaves. Toadie makes a dig at Paul, who says that the decision had nothing to do with him, but Toadie is sure that Paul had a bit of influence. Once Paul has gone, Summer goes over to Toadie and asks how he thinks Sonya is going to take the news - Toadie says that he'll need to find the heart to tell her first.


Back at the gardens, Sonya happily watches everyone working.

At the school, Tash is on her way to her next class, when she spots Michael outside. She runs over to him, and he tells her that he went for an early surf - she tells him that she did some washing and ironed some shirts for him, but Michael tells her that she didn't need to. She suggests that they watch TV together later, but Michael tells her that he'll be busy with work. Tash then tells him that she's going to struggle to pay off Kyle's bill, and she wondered if they could come up with a payment plan, but Michael says that it's her problem and she needs to fix it.


Tash is sitting in Harold's, looking at phones on an auction site. Paul comes in and she asks if he'd like to buy her phone, and he wants to know why she isn't at school, and whether Michael knows she's here. Tash then bursts into tears, and Paul grabs a box of tissues from the shelf and awkwardly pats her on the back.

Later, Michael walks into the store, and almost leaves when he sees Paul sitting at a table. Paul spots him, and asks him why he's making Tash foot the bill for the graffiti - Michael looks confused, and Paul says that she was there earlier, crying her eyes out to him, which means that Michael must have hit an all-time low as a parent. Paul thinks that making Tash pay is some kind of hippy parenting style, but Michael finally snaps and tells Paul that Tash sprayed the graffiti herself, as she didn't think she was getting enough sympathy - he says that's what Tash is capable of, and Paul should try parenting a kid like that before he judges anyone else. Michael then walks out, and Paul shakes his head in disbelief.


At Charlie's, Sonya arrives to meet Toadie, and she shows him the green thumb, which she's hoping is a good omen. She then notices Toadie's face drop, and he confirms that the council are going to sell the gardens. Sonya is very upset, realising that there's nothing they can do to change the decision, and that the kids are all going to be missing out. She insists that she's fine though, and that she's not going to cry over a few veggies, and Toadie goes to get her a big slice of cake.

At PirateNet, Summer is hosting her radio show, and she cuts to a song just as Andrew walks in. She tells him that she feels responsible for the council's decision, as she wrote that article in the first place, and drew the council's attention to the gardens. Andrew asks if she's going to launch another campaign, but she admits that she doesn't want to, as she's having second thoughts about being a journalist after everything that's happened.


Summer is walking back to school, and Andrew catches up with her and gives her an envelope - he tells her that it contains a season pass to the writers' festival, and he thinks that she's a great writer and needs to be around other journalists. She thanks him and they share a kiss, then quickly head inside as it starts to rain. They pass Tash, who's on her way somewhere, and she tells Summer that she missed English earlier because she had a headache. As Summer and Andrew go in, Tash runs over to a guy who's waiting for her, and he offers her $100 for her phone. She's disappointed, as she thought he'd give her $150, but she takes it. Michael watches the exchange, then goes inside, but Tash catches up with him and gives him the money, saying that she'll give him the rest when she has it. As she goes inside, Michael stops her, clearly wanting to say something important, but then he changes his mind and just asks her to put some rubbish in the bin.

Michael stands by the beach, watching the ocean and thinking about things.


A dejected Sonya starts packing things up at the community gardens.

Sonya walks by Harold's, and sees Callum and Sophie sitting outside. They want to know what they'll be planting next at the gardens, having heard unpleasant rumours about broad beans, and Sonya tells them that they won't be planting anything, as there won't be any gardens. She tells them that the council is selling the land, and they're disappointed, but Callum suggests that they could start a veggie patch at home instead. Sonya smiles, but admits that it won't quite be the same, as it was meant to be a community effort, to bring people together.


Sonya walks into Harold's, and she hears the end of a conversation that Paul is having about the community gardens story for the newspaper. She tells him about how the local people are going to be missing out, but Paul says that it was never more than 'a two-bit project run by hippy volunteers'. He says that people would have grown tired of volunteering their time for nothing, and the only thing that would have kept it going is a serious injection of money, and someone with enough business sense to keep it going and make a profit. This suddenly gets Sonya thinking.


Toadie arrives home for lunch, surprised by the huge spread that Sonya has put on. She explains that she'd like to talk about something - she wants to buy the community garden. She starts talking about how she could keep the kitchen garden programme going, but also turn the majority of it into a nursery, so she could still make some money. She's very excited about the idea, but when she finally stop talking, Toadie says that he doesn't think it's a good idea.

Featured Regular Characters: Summer Hoyland, Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Sonya Mitchell, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Michael Williams, Natasha Williams, Sophie Ramsay

Guest Cast: Ben Barber as Rhys Lawson, Sachin Joab as Ajay Kapoor, Grant Buse as Jackson Bryce

Trivia Notes
After appearing briefly in episode 6203, this is the first episode in which Ajay Kapoor is properly introduced and has dialogue
Ajay's first words are "It'll be good promotion, yeah."
Ajay would later be joined by wife Priya and daughter Rani, and the Kapoors would become residents of Ramsay Street for a year from 2012 to 2013

Summary by Steve