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Magic Moments > 2011 > Mal's Return Episode 6206

Written by Anthony Morris, Directed by Chris Langman, Produced by Neal Kingston

Channel Eleven: 18/07/11, Five: 15/08/11

Michael tells Tash she can deal with her problems by herself... Susan tells Jim that his cancer is terminal...

At PirateNet, Summer is preparing to get her own back on Paul, but Chris is worried about the plan. Meanwhile, at Lassiter's, Paul agrees to give Andrew a driving lesson.

Chris tells Summer that what she's doing makes her no better than Paul, but she doesn't agree, and says that Andrew is on board with the idea too. Across town, Andrew gets in the car and turns on the radio - Paul turns it off. Andrew keeps turning it back on, until it stays on and Summer's show begins. She talks about the media and the people who control it, but doesn't mention Paul's name. She then says that she'll be opening the phonelines for opinions. Paul doesn't think she did a very good job, if that was her idea of upsetting him, but Andrew disagrees.


At the hospital, Jim is struggling to take in the news, and realises that whether he has the treatment or refuses it, the outcome will still be much the same. Susan wishes that there was something she could do to help him. Jim thanks her, and tells her to pass on his thanks to Karl too, insisting that Karl did the right thing in all of this.


At number 28, Karl is on the phone to a tour company, about a trip to Peru. After he hangs up, he notices a missed call from Susan, then takes a call from Mal, who tells him to open the front door. Karl is delighted to find Mal standing outside. Mal asks where Susan is...

Back at the hospital, Susan returns to Jim's room to find him arguing with Rhys. It seems that Jim has decided to stop the chemotherapy and wants to go home as soon as he's well enough. Rhys doesn't understand this sudden change of heart, and tells Jim that he should never give up hope - Susan suggests that there's a difference between hope and being realistic. Jim says that he's exhausted, and Susan tells Rhys that the decision seems to be made, but Rhys then tells her to stay out of it. Rhys wants to know the name of Susan's husband, as his opinion suddenly seems to matter to Jim a lot, and when Susan gives her surname, all becomes clear to Rhys, who tells Jim he's making a mistake and then leaves the room.


At number 28, Karl is telling Mal that he should have phoned in advance and he would have collected him from the airport. He asks about Cath, and Mal then checks up on Susan. Karl quickly changes the subject, talking about the trip to Peru, and Mal jokes about him wanting to go during the cheap season. Karl takes a call from Rhys, and then apologises to Mal and says that he has to go into the hospital, but he won't be long.

At the hospital, Karl meets with Rhys, who tells him that Jim Dolan has terminated his chemotherapy. Karl explains that Jim asked him to look at his chart, though, when Rhys questions this, Karl admits that it was Susan who asked him, but it was under Jim's instruction. Karl says that Jim is perfectly entitled to stop the chemotherapy, but Rhys believes that there are new treatments coming out all the time and that Jim could still have a chance. Karl says that Jim shouldn't become a lab rat and starts to walk away, but Rhys says to him that Susan said something very similar. Karl returns and tells Rhys that what's happened will have no effect on Jim's future because he simply doesn't have one, and Rhys will realise that once he's got a bit of experience working with real people. Rhys walks away.


Jim and Susan are sitting under the rotunda by the lake, and he's happy to be getting some fresh air. He notices her checking her phone, and he asks if she's still worried that she did the wrong thing. She doesn't reply, so Jim tells her that she simply gave him both sides of the story, and allowed him to make up his own mind about the future. He says that it's taken a huge weight off his shoulders knowing that he won't need to have chemotherapy again, and he isn't even worried that he doesn't know how much longer he has left to live.

At number 32, Tash is looking at the comments on her Facebook page. She closes the laptop, as Michael comes in with some paperwork for school. Tash offers to make him a snack or a coffee, but he turns her down. She says that she'll go to PirateNet to see Summer, and Michael doesn't seem bothered, but after she leaves, he looks upset.


At PirateNet, Summer is disappointed as there've been no calls. She realises that she's going to have to debate with herself, but then Tash arrives and Summer has an idea. She tells Chris to give his headphones to Tash - Summer explains to her that she's doing a story on how the media is controlled and how people have free speech on the internet, and Tash is a perfect example of how that can go wrong. Tash says that she really doesn't want the attention right now, but Summer manages to talk her into it, and she starts the show.

At number 28, Susan is looking at the map of Peru when Karl walks in. She tells him that Mal's been hit by jetlag and has gone to bed, and then she apologises to Karl and explains that she tried to warn him about what she'd done. Karl doesn't think that it was her place to tell Jim - and he specifically asked her not to say anything. Susan says that Jim had the right to know he was dying - Karl suddenly snaps at her that Jim is not Alex. Susan remains unapologetic. Karl wonders if this is why Mal is here, because the kids are worried about them. They then notice Mal standing in the doorway. Karl decides to go to the gym.


Later, Susan tells Mal that he didn't fly halfway around the world to listen to her petty quibbles with Karl. She wants to hear Mal's news instead, but he persists - Susan says that she did a favour for a friend and Karl didn't agree with it. Mal says that he's spoken to Billy and Libby, but Susan insists that everything is fine.

At the gym, Karl is very focused on his workout on the running machine.


Mal points out that Susan was away with Billy and Anne for weeks, and then he arrives to find his parents arguing. He asks why Karl walked out like that, and Susan says that he went to the gym; he's in training for the trip to Peru. Susan then wonders why Mal has just suddenly turned up like this, and he says that he just wanted to visit, as it's been so long.

At the gym, Karl continues his workout.


At PirtateNet, Summer is interviewing Tash about the recent graffiti on her driveway, and how it was a result of unnecessary attention on the internet. Tash is quite reluctant to talk about it.

Michael is outside number 32, working on a surfboard, and starts trying to find something to listen to on the car radio. He flicks through a few stations, then stops as he hears Summer talking about the graffiti. Michael is unimpressed as Tash talks about the incident and how she doesn't know who was responsible. He has a flashback to when he realised that Tash had sprayed the graffiti herself.

Summer talks to Tash about how she posted photos of the graffiti on Facebook, and used social media to take back control of the situation. Tash thanks everyone for the comments and support.

Michael is unimpressed as he hears all of this. He turns off the radio and slams the car door.


Paul and Andrew walk into Harold's, where Summer, Tash and Chris are sitting at a table. Paul tells Summer that he heard her show, and he thinks that, if she could learn to reign in her righteous indignation, she might make a good journalist one day. He admits that the interview was well-balanced, but the article wasn't, and Summer still can't have her internship back. They continue to argue about it, as Tash decides that it's time to leave.


Outside Harold's, Tash bumps into her dad, who's on his way to meet Lucas for a drink. He tells her that he heard the show earlier, and she says that she didn't want to do it, and she didn't know what else to say. Michael starts to walk away from her, and she calls him back to apologise. He then gives her the bill from Kyle for the driveway clean-up - $203 and it needs to be paid within 7 days.

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Chris Pappas, Summer Hoyland, Rhys Lawson, Michael Williams, Natasha Williams

Guest Cast: Benjie McNair as Malcolm Kennedy, Scott Parmeter as Jim Dolan

Trivia Notes
Benjie McNair returns as Mal Kennedy, six years after last appearing in the 20th anniversary video
Past characters Libby Kennedy, Billy Kennedy, Anne Wilkinson, Alex Kinski and Catherine O'Brien are mentioned. Catherine is now working for the World Wildlife Fund
The people posting on Tash's Facebook page include Rachel Cunningham, Mark Tyler, Shena Moore and Paige Travers

Summary by Steve

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