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Magic Moments > 2011 > The 2011 Season Finale Episode 6310

Written by Emma J Steele, Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon, Produced by Richard Jasek

Channel Eleven: 09/12/11, Five: 03/02/12

Chris is attacked - Rhys warns him that he may have internal injuries... Lucas vows to find Chris' attacker... Susan and Karl kiss... Susan tells Karl that she's going to move out...

Karl is still trying to get them out of the storage shed, but is having no luck. He starts angrily banging on the door and shouting for help, as Susan tells him to calm down or he'll hurt himself. He tells her that he'll be fine - once he gets out.


At Charlie's, Toadie tells Rhys and Sonya that he's never wearing a Santa suit again. Sonya whispers in Toadie's ear what she's going to do to thank him, and he says that he has to get back to the car first. Summer, Andrew and Chris walk in, with Summer panicking that she hasn't had her VCE results through yet, and is amazed that Chris doesn't even have his phone with him. Andrew confiscates Summer's phone, as she's obsessing. Chris orders food, and Rhys asks him why he isn't taking it easy, as he doesn't look well and should be taking this more seriously. Chris asks him to drop it, as he just wants to forget about it.


Back at the storage shed, Karl is screaming now, and Susan tells him to stop it. Just then, Toadie comes by and hears them, and moves his car to let them out. He apologises, saying that he didn't know anyone was in there. Karl thanks him and walks away.

At Charlie's, Tash has arrived and Summer freaks out about her spilling her drink on the phone. Summer phone beeps and she's amazed to see that she got 99. Everyone's impressed, and tell her how much she deserves this - Summer then sees that Michael has come in and told everyone about her cheating - the last few minutes have all been in her imagination. In reality, Summer is surprised when Michael walks in, but he clearly knows nothing about the cheating. Tash asks Chris if he's OK, and he lies that he just pulled a muscle. Once Chris and Tash have gone, Andrew tells Summer that, whatever mark she gets, it's what she deserves, as she didn't cheat in an exam that counted.


At number 24, Lucas is looking at the DVD footage of the Grease Monkeys security camera, when Emilia arrives. He says that she can help him with something - he explains about the security camera footage and they start to look through it. They spot a guy on the garage forecourt, Lucas doesn't recognise him as a customer, and they wonder if he's a disgruntled development employee. Lucas isn't sure what to think any more.

Lucas arrive at Simmons & Colbert to speak to Peter Noonan. The receptionist calls through, but Noonan can't see them, so Lucas says that he'll wait, even if it takes all day.


At Harold's, Toadie apologises to Susan for locking them in. She thinks that it might have been a blessing in disguise, as it got everyone out in the open between her and Karl. Meanwhile, Karl arrives home, angry and upset. Susan tells Toadie that she can't go home now, and she thought Karl understood that. At number 28, Karl takes off his wedding ring. At Harold's, Toadie goes to see some more coffee, and Susan also takes off her ring.


Summer, Tash, Andrew and Chris arrive at number 28, as an emotional Karl tells them that he's going to get ready for work. They put their phones on the table and wait for their results, and a phone beeps. Summer grabs it and sees that she got an 85, and it horrified - it's a terrible score and she won't get into journalism now. Andrew then points out that she's holding his phone, and the terrible score is his, but he isn't worried as it's good enough for him to study business. Summer apologises to Andrew and says that she's happy for him. They kiss, whilst Tash notices how odd Chris is behaving and asks him what's wrong with him today.

Back at Simmons & Colbert, Lucas is getting annoyed with having to wait, as Noonan has been chasing him around Erinsborough for months, and now suddenly he can't see him. Receptionist Anna points out that he's very busy and she can't help. Lucas decides to leave with Emilia, but as they're going, they bump into a guy and Lucas recognises him as they guy from the security footage.


At number 30, Sonya is showing Callum some decorating ideas, and he shows her his plan to turn the spare room into a games room, and also to use it as a study, as apparently it's not healthy for kids to study in the same room that they sleep in. Sonya isn't entirely convinced by his argument, and points out that there'll be nowhere for the baby to sleep. Just then, Toadie arrives home with Susan. He explains that Susan is going to move in with them for a while. Sonya isn't entirely convinced by that idea either.

At number 28, Karl is leaving for work, and tells Summer to text him and Susan when her results arrive. Summer's phone beeps, and she announces that she got 94, and it's enough for her to study journalism. Andrew wants to go and celebrate, but Summer points out that Chris and Tash don't have their results yet. She insists that Chris go to the garage and get his phone so she can find out his results and they can all relax.


At number 30, Sonya has made up the spare room for Susan, who says that she'll pop home for a few things, as she's noticed that Karl's car has gone. She leaves, and Sonya tells Toadie that he could have warned her about this. She wonders where it leaves the baby plans, but Toadie explains that it's not forever - Susan just needs some support right now. He says that everything's great with work and with Callum and soon they'll have a baby to complete it all.


At Simmons & Colbert, Lucas and Emilia arrive with the police in tow, who ask to speak to Peter Noonan. Anna calls through to him and he appears from his office. They tell him that they need to speak to him in private - Anna shows the police through to the boardroom. Noonan asks Lucas what's going on - he says that the guy who was here before is the guy who bashed Chris. He's worked out that he works for Noonan, not for the developers, and tells Noonan that he's going down for this.

At the hospital, Rhys is handing over to Karl, and Aidan chases Rhys, saying that nobody's checked Chris' x-rays.



As Chris lets himself into the garage, looking for his phone, Rhys looks at the x-rays and is impressed that Aidan spotted the cracked rib, which could puncture Chris' lung at any time. Rhys rushes off to find Chris. Chris, meanwhile, is in a great deal of pain and suddenly collapses and passes out on the garage floor.

Featured Regular Characters: Lucas Fitzgerald, Rhys Lawson, Summer Hoyland, Andrew Robinson, Sonya Mitchell, Toadfish Rebecchi, Natasha Williams, Michael Williams, Callum Jones, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Chris Pappas

Guest Cast: Bob Morley as Aidan Foster, Freya Stafford as Emilia Jovanovic, James Saunders as Peter Noonan, Andy McPhee as Lewis Walton, Isabel Macmaster as Anna Hauser, Steve Carroll as Constable Mckay

Summary by Steve

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