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Magic Moments > 2012 > Rani's Arrival Episode 6328

Written by Justin Walsh, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Richard Jasek

Channel Eleven: 01/02/12, Five: 29/02/12

Priya becomes the new principal of Erinsborough High... Summer isn't impressed with Andrew using Sophie... Sophie feels guilty about pretending to like Corey...

Sophie arrives to meet Corey at Harold's - he's happy to see her and pulls her chair out, but she's not so keen. He doesn't go back to school until the next day, and they struggle to find things to talk about. He takes a picture of them for his Facebook profile, then goes to get them some drinks. Summer comes in, saying that Corey doesn't look too unhappy about the break-up, but she explains that she's decided not to dump him yet. Summer tries to help, asking what Andrew said to her last night, but Sophie insists that she knows what she's doing.


Michael is at Charlie's, ordering a coffee, when Lucas and Emilia come in for breakfast. Emilia asks Michael to join them, as he has some time now that he's no longer principal of the high school, but he thinks he should make a good impression on Priya and support her on her first day. Emilia tells him not to let Priya lean on him too much, and says that he's doing to rediscover why he became a teacher in the first place, now that there's less pressure.

At number 30, Callum isn't happy about starting a new school year, but Toadie insists that school is a lot easier than work. Callum says that Priya already hates him, and she's bringing Rani, who's Sophie's friend from soccer. Toadie points out that Rani is going to be miserable as it's her first day at a new school, and Callum brightens up.


Outside the school, Priya is performing uniform checks, telling people to tuck in their shirts and remove jewellery, much to Callum's irritation. Callum is told to tuck his shirt in, but Rani gets straight through and he calls her the principal's pet. Michael then feels awkward as he has to walk past Priya too.

Inside the school, Priya is checking that Michael is feeling OK on his first day back. He offers to help her with any advice, and she says that she does need some assistance with making sure the uniform policy is implemented by all of the teaching staff. Just then, Sophie walks by with her nose piercing, and Priya points it out, but Michael says that he allowed Sophie to wear it last year, but he'll talk to her about it later. This isn't good enough for Priya, who follows Sophie into the classroom and asks her to remove it. Michael, meanwhile, smiles as he gets a text message from Emilia asking how his day is going.



Later, Michael is starting his year 9 class, and tells everyone to welcome Rani. He asks how their summer was, but everyone is silent, and Sophie and Callum then tell him that the new uniform policy is too strict and over-the-top. Michael says that it's a new year and they all need to get used to some new rules. Priya then comes in and is greeted with silence. She asks for a quick word with Michael, outside, and tells him that she would rather he call her 'Mrs Kapoor' in front of students, to show clear boundaries. He thinks it's a bit much, but agrees to it. He goes back in and tells the kids that they'll have to call him Mr Williams from now on.

Later, the class has started, but Michael is finding it a bit boring to be reading from textbooks, so he tells everyone to dump their books on the floor, and he'll show them what English is really about.


Later, Michael says that English is all around them - there's wordplay in all sorts of places. The bell rings, and Michael says that after lunch, he wants everyone to come back with their favourite song lyrics.

At Harold's Corey comes in to meet Sophie, and she pulls away as he tries to kiss her. He says that he uploaded the photo on his Facebook page and his friends think she looks really cool, he then asks her to come to his school formal later in the year. Sophie then blurts out that, although she thinks Corey is really nice, she thinks that they should break up. He says it's OK, and offers to pay for her lunch as she gets ready to leave. He then asks her why she's doing this, and she explains that he isn't really into music and he prefers geeky computer games, and is nothing like his brother. He asks if she was just using him to get closer to Red Cotton, and she admits that she was doing it for Andrew, as he wants to manage the band. She apologises to him and quickly leaves.


Sophie arrives home to find Andrew on the phone to Griffin, who's annoyed and doesn't want Andrew to manage them. Andrew blames Sophie for not keeping up her end of the deal. Just then, Summer comes downstairs and tells Summer to head back to school. She then asks Andrew to tell her about the deal.

Later, after hearing about Andrew's deal with Sophie, Summer is annoyed that he used his cousin like that, but Andrew doesn't understand why she's making such a big deal about it. Summer says that Sophie looks up to Andrew, but he says that all he wanted to do was to get enough money to clear his debts with his dad, so he can stop working at Lassiter's and spend more time with Summer. She doesn't believe that any of that justifies what he did, but he disagrees.


At the school, one of the students has finished playing their song, and Michael and Sophie disagree about the message behind the lyrics, but Michael explains that there isn't a right or wrong, and two people can see the same thing in two different ways. Priya then comes in to do some observations, and Rani looks awkward as her mum sits down. Michael tries to get both Sophie and Callum to share their song lyrics, but neither of them is keen, but then Rani suddenly pipes up and says that she has a song from her favourite Bollywood film. Priya looks annoyed as her daughter talks about Bollywood films and Michael compares them to Shakespeare, then she gets a call and has to leave. Rani gets up to play her song, and Callum is impressed with her.

Later, outside at the lockers, Callum finds Rani and Sophie, and tells Rani that he thought it was great that she pretended to be into Bollywood to get rid of her mum. Rani says that she is into Bollywood, and throws Callum's apology back in his face. Sophie insists that Callum can be an idiot sometimes, and Callum asks them to get milkshakes with him, but Rani turns him down and leaves.


At Harold's, Callum is telling Toadie about his day, when Rani comes in. Callum is annoyed to see her there, because she hates him, and now he's finally starting to like her after thinking she was the stuck-up principal's daughter. He complains about her stupid name and her hair being so clean, and Toadie realises that Callum has a crush on her.

Priya catches Michael as he leaves the school, and asks for a debrief about his classes. She asks why he didn't stick to the syllabus, but he says that the kids are more open to it. Priya isn't at all convinced, and says that she won't have classes without structure, so hands him some lesson plans to fill in for her. He wants to leave, but she makes him stay and do some work on them.



Later, Michael is in the classroom working on some lesson plans when Priya comes by to have a look at them. She says that, if you show the kids that you respect them and treat them like human beings, then they'll behave well. She tells him that she respects his experience, but thinks that this will work out well. She leaves, just as Emilia comes by with an apple for the teacher. She asks if he'd like to join her and Lucas at Charlie's, and he suddenly decides to go, throwing the lesson plans in the bin as he leaves.

Featured Regular Characters: Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Jones, Sophie Ramsay, Michael Williams, Lucas Fitzgerald, Andrew Robinson, Summer Hoyland

Guest Cast: Coco-Jacinta Cherian as Rani Kapoor, Menik Gooneratne as Priya Kapoor, Freya Stafford as Emilia Jovanovic, Toby Wallace as Corey O'Donahue, Pia Cattapan as Sasha Bowen

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Coco-Jacinta Cherian as Rani Kapoor
Rani's first words are "I could do mine!"

Summary by Steve

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