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Magic Moments > 2012 > Audrey's Death Episode 6329

Written by Mal Tolhurst, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Richard Jasek

Channel Eleven: 02/02/12, Five: 01/03/12

Emilia seems more interested in helping Michael than dating Lucas... Michael and Priya clash at work... Susan notices that Audrey seems to be under the weather...

At number 28, Karl is cleaning up and he accidentally knocks Audrey's water bowl. Susan then arrives, wanting to know if there's been any news from the vet, but Karl tells her that there hasn't. She puts some treats in the kitchen, for when Audrey gets home and says that she'll get out of the way, but Karl sees how worried she is and assures her that Audrey will be fine. He promises that he'll let her know as soon as he hears anything.


At Charlie's, Chris and Lucas are playing darts, whilst at the table, Emilia and Michael both get text messages from Tash, asking to be picked up at the train station. Michael suggests that she can get the bus, and Emilia makes a jibe about the Sandman, so Michael tells her that she can go. As she leaves, she kisses Lucas, and Michael's smile fades. Priya then comes in to have a word with Lucas - she tells him that she'll have to cancel the leave her requested, as they're already short-staffed for the beginning of the school year. Lucas explains that he's already booked accommodation, but Priya manages to convince him that he's needed and that he can go away later in the school year. Michael returns with the drinks, and Lucas admits that he preferred things when he was the principal.

Outside Harold's, Kate is clearing tables when Priya approaches her too. She asks Kate if she's consider returning to the school as a student teacher, to finish her placement. Kate is surprised, and wonders if Paul has put her up to this, but Priya explains that they're short-staffed, and someone who knows the school would be ideal. Kate doesn't think that it would be a good idea for her to return to Erinsborough High, and ignores Priya's further attempts to convince her, and goes inside. Paul, who has been listening to the whole exchange, then comes over and smugly asks her about her staff shortages - she tells him that if that was her biggest worry, then the job would be a breeze.


Karl arrives back from the vet, and takes Audrey, in a pet carrier, from the back of the car. He looks over a number 30, wondering how to break the bad news to Susan.

At number 30, Toadie answers the door to Karl, who explains that he needs a word with Susan. Toadie then listens in, as Karl explains that it's not good news, Audrey has deteriorated a lot and there's not much that can be done.



Karl and Susan walk into number 28, as he explains that it's a condition called liver shunt, and it can go for a while without showing any symptoms, but she's not in any pain. Susan sits and fusses over Audrey, and wonders if they should call Libby to come and say goodbye. Karl then explains that the vet has suggested that she come round later that day, after work, as she feels it would be for the best. A teary Susan agrees, and says that she'll stay there, as Audrey should be at home, where it's familiar.

Later that night, Susan is sitting with Audrey, looking around at the things that have changed - Karl has bought a new television. He says that he'd been meaning to upgrade, but he hasn't thrown out any of Susan's things. Susan goes to get some water and see if Audrey will drink anything, and sadly watches from the kitchen as Karl comforts the dog.


At Harold's, Tash and Chris are leaving for the cinema, whilst Emilia sits down with Michael and asks him about his first day back at school. Michael explains that the kids were fine, but Priya is determined to run things he way - which doesn't allow for anyone else's input. He explains about the lesson plans, but then admits that he threw them in the bin. Emilia suggests that he should trying towing the line for a while, then show his true colours when he starts to get results. He likes the idea of 'smashing the system from the inside' but says that it's too late - he already binned the plans. Emilia thinks that they could retrieve them now, before the cleaners come in, but Michael isn't so sure, until Emilia turns it into a challenge.

Michael and Emilia let themselves into the classroom, and, as he sorts through the papers, Emilia asks him what's the worst thing he ever did at school - she says that she locked all of the boys, and the PE teacher, in the locker room. He just wants to go, but she wants to know what he's been teaching the kids, and then starts to pretend to be a rude kid in his class, and tells him that poetry is boring.


Back at number 28, Karl and Susan are trying to work out how old Audrey is, and they think back to when they had to get the pet therapist, as Audrey seemed to hate Karl. Susan says that Libby will be sorry that she didn't get to say goodbye. They reminisce about Libby's guinea pig burial when she was six, and how Audrey's always managed to make her way back to them.

Back at the school, Michael has finished his lesson, pointing out that songs are just poetry set to music. Emilia is impressed, and they're getting ready to leave, when they hear Priya on her phone, approaching them. They quickly hide under the desk, and Priya comes in to turn out the lights, then locks the door.


Later, Emilia and Michael are still hiding under the desk, as Priya continues to talk on the phone. Emilia wonders if she's ever going to stop.

At Charlie's, Toadie comes in and sees Lucas, asking him why he isn't at home, packing. Lucas explains that the new boss has cancelled his leave. He admits that he was looking forward to seeing baby Adam and spending time on the beach, and then explains that he's waiting for Emilia, but she hasn't turned up yet.


Michael and Emilia are still hiding under the table, she's joking about it all but he's starting to get uncomfortable. She says that she's going to bring back 'fun Michael' and starts tickling him and laughing.

At Charlie's, Lucas says that it's not such a bad thing that his trip was cancelled, as Emilia had already changed her mind about going with him. He then admits that Emilia might be the one, and now he's found her, he's just going to go for it.


Emilia is joking about how ticklish Michael is, and he says that he likes the person he becomes when he's around her. He wonders what would have happened if things hadn't gone the way they did...

Lucas says that he's been around for long enough to know when something's special. Toadie's food arrives, and he tells Lucas about the situation with Audrey, then he leaves, telling Lucas not to waste any time if he thinks Emilia is definitely the one.


Michael and Emilia make their way out from under the table, both looking awkward, and decide to get out before Priya sets the alarm.

At number 28, Susan wonders if Audrey is in any pain. Karl doesn't believe that she is, but thinks she might be hungry, and goes to get her some soft treats. Then there's a knock at the door. Susan wonders if it's the vet and goes to answer, but it's Toadie with some food. Susan admits to him that things have been wonderful with Karl, and Toadie also gives her some pikelets that Callum made for Audrey.

Later, the vet has been and Karl is seeing her out. Susan is sitting, in tears, with Audrey under a blanket, and Karl takes her hand. He says that it was good that they could both be there for her.



Later, at Charlie's, Emilia arrives to meet Lucas, apologising for being late. She explains that she had to help Michael with some school stuff. Lucas then tells her that he has some good news - he's not going to Sydney, his leave was cancelled. Emilia suggests that he should contact the union. He explains that that's not the point - he'll still be going later in the year and he'd like her to go too, and to meet Dan and Adam. He then blurts out that he loves her - she just smiles, but doesn't say anything back.

Featured Regular Characters: Toadfish Rebecchi, Kate Ramsay, Michael Williams, Lucas Fitzgerald, Natasha Williams, Chris Pappas, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Paul Robinson

Guest Cast: Menik Gooneratne as Priya Kapoor, Freya Stafford as Emilia Jovanovic, Tania Lentini as Vet

Trivia Notes
Final appearance of Audrey the dog
Past characters Daniel Fitzgerald, baby Adam, Mal Kennedy, Libby Kennedy and Drew Kirk are mentioned, and reference is made to Dr Dorothy Little, the dog therapist

Susan: "Funny how Audrey's always made her way back to Ramsay Street."
Karl: "Hard place to leave."

Emilia: (about Priya): "Does she ever knock off?"
Michael: "Who'd run the world if she did?"

Summary by Steve