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Magic Moments > 2012 > Connor's Return Episode 6522

Written by Peter Dick, Directed by Jean Pierre Mignon, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 30/10/12, Five: 27/11/12

Georgia suggests throwing a baby shower... Sonya and Vanessa argue over giving the name Nell to their babies... Jade leaves Ramsay Street...

At number 26, Harley wakes up Kyle, telling him that two blokes have come to take away the hot tub. Kyle says that it was costing too much. Then Ajay calls, Harley tells Kyle it's probably about his shed, but Kyle says that he has too much other work on, and sends his cousin out of the room.


At number 30, Sonya is on the phone to Toadie, as Georgia decorates the room around her. Sonya is disappointed that Toadie's flight has been diverted and he won't be back until later, and she thanks Georgia for organising the party. Georgia explains that she's going to have to wait until Vanessa isn't working, to pick up the cake from Harold's, as she didn't reply to her invitation and is probably being weird about the baby name/fake wedding thing. Sonya is surprised to only just be hearing about this, and decides to go to the store and sort the whole thing out.

At Harold's, Sonya arrives and tells Vanessa that she's come to pick up the cake - and ask why she isn't coming to the baby shower! Vanessa says that she didn't think Sonya would want another pregnant woman there, but Sonya insists that she does, and she knows that things have been a bit weird lately, but she'd like to move on from that. Vanessa explains that she'd planned to do some wedding stuff with her mum that afternoon, but Sonya insists that she bring Francesca along too. Vanessa eventually agrees.


On Ramsay Street, Callum spots Rani leaving for school and joins her, but she wants to wait for Harley, excitedly telling Callum that he called her his girlfriend. Harley then joins them, and gets slightly irritated as they talk about the baby shower and Sonya's due date, and joke about Callum being a big brother. As Callum walks on ahead, Harley wants to know what Rani and Callum were talking about before he arrived, then he suddenly realises that he's left something behind and tells Rani that he'll catch up with her later.

At number 26, Kyle finally gets up and starts going through Jade's clothes and cosmetics, throwing them onto the bed. He also finds her necklace and puts it down on the bed. Harley comes in, wanting an advance on his wages from the yard, but Kyle reminds him he's working in exchange for board, and leaves the room. Harley then spots the necklace and puts it in his pocket.


Vanessa and Francesca arrive at the baby shower, and Georgia announces that the first game of the day is for everyone to take some ribbon and cut it to the length they think will fit around Sonya's belly. Sonya isn't sure about this game, but Vanessa tells her she has no choice.

Later, Francesca wins the competition, while Georgia goes to get the cake, and Sonya hugs Vanessa, thanking her for coming. Georgia cuts the cake, telling everyone that it has no calories as it's party cake. They're all making a toast to Sonya, when suddenly Connor O'Neill bursts in with his trousers around his ankles, looking alarmed as he's met by a group of equally-alarmed women. He asks where Toadie is.



Later, Connor is finishing introducing himself to everyone, reserving a special hello for Vanessa, until he realises that she's pregnant. Sonya starts chatting to him, trying to get him to leave, but he doesn't take the hint, and goes on about how well Toadie has always done with the ladies. Sonya explains that this is her baby shower, and it's meant to be women only, so Connor says that he'll go and sleep on a bench in the park, until Toadie gets home later. Sonya suddenly feels guilty and tells him that he doesn't have to go, but he should remain in the kitchen. Georgia then comes in with a piece of cake for Connor.

At the high school, Callum is annoyed as Harley gives Jade's necklace to Rani, and she's delighted as he puts it on her. The bell rings, and Kate sends everyone inside, but she spots Rani's jewellery and says she'll have to take it from her until the end of the day. Harley isn't impressed. Kate then looks at the necklace and realises who is belongs to - she calls Kyle to tell him.


Later, a furious Kyle arrives at the school and finds Kate, then Harley comes outside and Kyle angrily pushes him against the lockers, telling him that he's stupid and he always will be. Kyle then storms off, leaving a shocked Kate behind.

Later at number 26, Kyle is still sorting through things when Kate arrives. She says that, whatever Harley has done, he won't get through to him by tearing into him like that. Kate suggests trying to get to the bottom of his problems by talking to him, not talking at him. Kyle says that he's not in the head space for any of this, but Kate points out that he's meant to be helping Harley, and he needs to do that before it's too late.


At number 26, Harley arrives home, and Kyle tells him to sit down. He says that he's been banging his head against a brick wall for weeks, and they need to start sorting this out. He says that his anger wasn't about Harley, but Harley tells him that it was true anyway - he's a worthless piece of crap and everyone hates him. Kyle insists that's not true, but stealing won't win him any friends either. He sends his cousin off to get changed.

Kyle and Harley arrive at the yard, and says that they're going to collect some stuff to finish the Kapoors' shed. Kyle points out that, when Harley's working, he isn't coming up with new ways to get into trouble. He says that Harley isn't a bad kid, but he needs to show it more. Lucas spots them and Kyle says that he's trying tough love, but he doesn't know if it'll work.


At number 30, Connor is showing Georgia a photo of his daughter, Maddy. Connor then suggests a party game, but Sonya isn't impressed and takes him back to the kitchen, reminding him that he promised to stay in there. Connor apologises for spoiling her day and agrees to stay in the kitchen, but then starts asking about baby names. Sonya whispers that they've agreed on Nell, and tries to back away, but Connor says that Nell is a lovely name, and Francesca hears, furious that the Villante family name has been stolen. Everything descends into chaos, and Sonya tells Connor to go, just as Toadie arrives home, astonished to see his old friend in the house. He is silent for a few moments, then drops his trousers, much to Sonya's horror.


Later, Toadie and Connor are having a beer, and Connor is amazed that everyone thought he was dead, though he thinks it might be funny to try and haunt Paul Robinson. Sonya asks Toadie to join her in the kitchen, where she tells him that Connor can't stay, as the timing is terrible - she needs peace and quiet at the moment...

Featured Regular Characters: Kyle Canning, Sonya Rebecchi, Lucas Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks, Vanessa Villante, Rani Kapoor, Callum Rebecchi, Kate Ramsay

Guest Cast: Patrick Harvey as Connor O'Neill, Justin Holborow as Harley Canning, Carmelina Di Guglielmo as Francesca Villante

Trivia Notes
Patrick Harvey returns to the cast after more than 6 years away
Georgia mentions her friend Megan Smith, who had a baby shower in year 10
Past characters Robert Robinson and Madeleine Lee are mentioned

Summary by Steve