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Magic Moments > 2012 > The 2012 Season Finale Episode 6550

Written by Emma Gordon, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 07/12/12, Five: 01/02/13

Sonya goes into labour, but still insists that she isn't going to hospital. Francesca rejects Vanessa. Vanessa rejects Rhys. Lucas goes to see Francesca. Vanessa goes into labour, and Rhys takes her to the hospital.

Rhys wheels Vanessa into the maternity ward, and her midwife Caroline comes and takes her into the birthing room. Vanessa insists that she can't do this on her own, and Rhys tells her that he'll be there for her.


Francesca tells Lucas that Vanessa was warned what would happen if she didn't marry Lucas, and she made her choice. Lucas tells her how frightened Vanessa is of giving birth without her mum there, but Francesca tells him that, when he becomes a father, he might understand how much a child can hurts its parents. Lucas tells her that he'll always be there for his kid.

At number 26, Georgia arrives and introduces herself to Sheila, who's busy finishing off the tree and the decorations. Kyle appears, and Sheila tells him to get changed, as she spent 3 hours ironing his clothes. She then spots the crackers that Georgia has brought, and explains that they won't go with the table setting. Kyle is annoyed to find the table all laid out for Christmas dinner and tells his nan that he asked her not to go to any trouble. Sheila sends him off for a shower and goes to start on the veg. Once alone with Georgia, Kyle tells her that he was hoping for a Christmas party with just his housemates, as his nan is always bossing people around in Frankston. Sheila then calls out for Georgia to come and help with the sprouts.


At number 30, Callum arrives home, confused as to why the labour is taking so long, and why his mum is in the bath now. Alex explains that it's perfectly normal, but Toadie is becoming increasingly stressed. When Sonya appears, he tries to get her to go to the birthing centre, as he's been reading research that indicates that she should have been having contractions again by now. Sonya is becoming more stressed due to Toadie pestering her, so Alex says that they don't need to worry until Sonya's waters break, and suggests that he call the midwife at the hospital for a second opinion.

Back at number 26, Georgia is telling Sheila that she has to work at the hospital over Christmas, so she won't be going home. They talk about Harley, and how much Kyle is missing Jade, and Georgia explains that this dinner was really important to him, as his mates were going to help him to think about something else. Sheila realises that she should probably make herself scarce, and says that she had an offer from Brian to go to the RSL. She leaves, as Kyle comes in, pleased to hear that his big day is back on track.


At the hospital, Vanessa is alarmed to hear that she's too far gone to have an epidural. She's in a lot of pain, and the midwife and Rhys both try to help her, before he goes to try and contact Lucas again.

At the Villante house in Rosebud, Lucas continues to try and talk Francesca round. She admits that she doesn't want to miss out on seeing her first grandchild, but she's scared that she'll turn up and Vanessa will reject her. Lucas tells her that it's her choice, and he goes to leave, turning his phone on and seeing six voicemail messages. He realises that the baby is coming and runs off.


At number 26, they have finished the meal, and Kyle makes a toast to Georgia for saving the sharehouse Christmas, and to Sheila for preparing the food. They all go to open presents, and Georgia has bought some silly string for Aidan. They all start to spray each other with it, and Kyle is on top of Georgia when her boyfriend Scotty makes a surprise appearance, looking slightly annoyed. He's happy as she gives him a big hug and introduces him to everyone, though Kyle looks slightly awkward.

Outside number 30, Toadie finds Alex and apologises for making him feel like he had to leave. Alex explains that he was just giving Toadie and Sonya some space, and asks what the midwife's advice was. Toadie says that they thought that the labour did sound prolonged, and that they could head into the hospital for monitoring if they wanted to. Alex isn't sure that it's necessary, and says that he's seen nothing to suggest that there's anything wrong with Sonya. It quickly descends into an argument, until Alex realises just how worried Toadie is, and agrees to support him, as long as Sonya is happy to go to the hospital.


Inside, Sonya is still insistent that she won't go to the hospital, and is annoyed when Alex seems to have taken Toadie's side too. They tell her that they can just go and check the baby's heartbeat, and make it clear that they don't want any other intervention, then come home. A furious Sonya blurts out that Alex isn't really gay, which was the only reason Toadie allowed him to be the doula in the first place, then she walks out, to have another bath.

At number 26, everyone is still opening presents. Georgia lets Scotty open one of hers, but it's a pink fluffy tiara and he makes it very clear that he's not going to put it on. Chris and Aidan go to get the present for the house, and come back with a football table. Aidan leaves for work, and Chris goes with him - Scotty is surprised when Georgia tells him that they're a couple.


Vanessa is still in labour, wondering where Lucas is.

Lucas races on his bike to get to the hospital in time.


Vanessa is annoyed that she's having to do this without drugs. Rhys tells her that it's nearly over.

Lucas continues on his bike to the hospital.


The midwife tells Vanessa to push, and Rhys continues to hold her hand through the whole thing.

Back at number 26, Scotty accuses Kyle of cheating when he wins the football, just as Sheila comes in and demands to know what's going on. She's alarmed to see the mess everywhere, but is pleased when she hears how well her food went down. She insists that Scotty and Georgia head off, as she and Kyle can clean up. Kyle is disappointed when Georgia leaves.


Lucas is still making his way to the hospital, and has to stop at a red light.

Vanessa is still in a lot of pain, and the midwife tells her to slow her breathing.


Lucas starts off again.

The midwife tells Vanessa that it'll just take one more big push.


Lucas arrives at the hospital.

Vanessa finally gives birth and is overwhelmed as the midwife gives her baby to her.


Lucas runs inside the hospital.

Vanessa starts to cry as she realises she's become a mum. Rhys suddenly tells her that he loves her and asks her to marry him. He explains that he's already got a ring, and he was going to propose in Japan, and he's sorry for stuffing everything up. She agrees to marry him, just as Lucas runs in and sees her with the baby, then she and Rhys kiss and Lucas is shocked.



At number 30, Callum is worried as Sonya has been in the bath for so long. She then appears and says that her waters broke, but the fluid was green. Alex says that they need help, telling Toadie to call for an ambulance. Alex talks to the paramedics, as Sonya becomes increasingly hysterical that she's about to lose her baby, saying that she should have gone to the hospital in the first place.


Outside, Sonya is on a stretcher and is wheeled into the ambulance. Toadie tells Callum that he should go with Alex, and asks Alex how serious this is, and whether they're just all panicking for no reason. Alex tells him to just go and be with Sonya. Toadie gets into the ambulance and it rushes out of Ramsay Street.

Featured Regular Characters: Vanessa Villante, Lucas Fitzgerald, Rhys Lawson, Kyle Canning, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks, Sheila Canning, Chris Pappas

Guest Cast: Carmelina Di Guglielmo as Francesca Villante, Bob Morley as Aidan Foster, Lachlan Woods as Alex Delpy, Rhys Uhlich as Scotty Boland, Amanda Logan as Caroline Rosen, Lucas MacFarlane as Baby Villante, Brett Anderson as Stunt Rider

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Lucas MacFarlane, who is credited as Baby Villante

Summary by Steve

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