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Magic Moments > 2013 > The 2013 Season Premiere Episode 6551

Written by Rene Zandveld, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 07/01/13, Five: 04/02/13

Karl and Carmel are growing closer and she follows him into the bedroom with a bottle of wine... Rhys proposes and Vanessa accepts just as Lucas arrives to see the baby... Sonya is taken to hospital, believing that there's something wrong with the baby

Sonya is wheeled into the hospital on a stretcher, with Toadie close by her. Karl sees them and sends Toadie in, as Callum runs in, asking what's going on. Karl assures him that everything's going to be OK - Sonya and the baby will both be fine.


Lucas goes into Vanessa's hospital room to meet his new son for the first time. He apologises for being late and grudgingly says that it was lucky Rhys was there for her. Vanessa tells him to go and say hello to the baby and he is overwhelmed, but a little upset when Rhys kisses Vanessa as he leaves the room.

At the newspaper offices, Carmel is telling Susan about the difficulties of living with Tash, when Karl phones Susan. Carmel looks worried that her secret is about to come out, but is surprised when she hears that Sonya has been rushed to hospital. Susan asks Carmel to go with her, as she really doesn't want to go to the hospital alone, and the two women leave.


Susan and Carmel arrive to find Callum sitting outside the hospital, waiting for news. They're all heading inside when Toadie appears. He explains that baby Nell has been born and she wasn't breathing at first, but she's OK now, although she'll still need tests, and Sonya is in recovery. Toadie and Callum go inside to see her, while Susan and Carmel go to get them some coffee.

Susan and Carmel are queuing up for the coffee, when Karl appears. He tries to make a quick getaway, but the women spot him, and Susan asks him about Sonya and the baby. Karl explains that Sonya was operated on by Jessica Girdwood and is going to be fine, but they need to find out if the baby swallowed any of the amniotic fluid, as it could lead to pneumonia. Carmel quickly returns to queue for the coffee, as Karl gives her a few awkward looks. He asks after Priya and wonders if the Kapoors are going to get back together, and Susan asks if he's finding it difficult living with Carmel, as they barely acknowledged each other just now. Karl explains that it's just a stressful time, and Carmel comes back over, complaining about the coffee. Susan looks a bit confused about the whole situation, and they all go inside.


Toadie is pacing up and down the hospital corridors, waiting for news, when Karl comes to find him and Callum. He explains that there was nothing anyone could have done to prevent this, but the baby has had tests and been given antibiotics, and she's breathing on her own, which is an excellent sign. Toadie finally smiles, and is taken to meet his daughter.

Karl wheels baby Nell in to Sonya's room to meet her new family. Toadie picks her up and hands her to Sonya and they all gather round to see the newest member of the Rebecchi family.


Later, Toadie, Sonya and Callum are still with baby Nell when Susan comes in, with lots of gifts for the new arrival. She hugs Toadie and congratulates the new parents, then takes the baby from Sonya, who says that she's just feeling a little bit tired and needs a sleep.

Susan and Carmel arrive back at Susan's apartment, talking about baby Nell and how light she was. Carmel suddenly blurts out that she's going to leave, as it seems like the right time to go, what with Priya staying. Susan points out that Carmel has a room at Karl's, but Carmel says that she doesn't feel comfortable there, and Karl is preoccupied with the girls, what with Summer about to leave for Paris. Susan looks disappointed.


Susan bumps into Summer outside Harold's, as they're both buying takeaway for dinner. They talk briefly about the two new arrivals, and Susan then asks Summer how she's going with planning her overseas trip. Summer admits that she's got everything organised, and Susan is confused, as Karl had given her the impression that it was chaos at number 28, which was why he didn't want Carmel to stay. Summer tries to backtrack, but then admits that things seemed quite awkward between Karl and Carmel last night, and perhaps she should ask Carmel what's going on.

Lucas is still looking at his new son, and Vanessa says that he's going to have to pick him up sooner or later, but Lucas admits that he just doesn't want to wake him. He lies that he was at a breakdown on the other side of town and turned his phone off - Vanessa says that she hopes he got the problem fixed, and he tells her that he didn't and it's going to need some more work. She then tries to tell him what happened between her and Rhys - Lucas says that it's OK, he was there and saw them kiss, but she explains that he also proposed and she accepted.


Vanessa leaves her hospital room and is stunned to find her mum asking after her at the reception desk.

Lucas talks to his son, introduces himself and picks him up when he starts to cry. Rhys then comes in and gives Lucas a few tips on holding the baby. He congratulates Lucas on becoming a dad, and Lucas congratulates him on the engagement. There's a brief, awkward silence, before Rhys leaves.


Vanessa asks her mum how she knew about the baby, as it all happened so suddenly. Francesca explains that Lucas told her - he went to see her and tried to talk some sense into her. Vanessa is shocked that he would do that for her, and even more moved as she sees him holding the baby, and realises that it cost him the chance to be at the birth of his own son.

At Susan's apartment, she is surprised to find that Carmel has gone to a lot of trouble for dinner, and wonders what's really going on. Carmel tries to claim that she just wanted something special before she leaves town, but Susan asks her about the tension between her and Karl. Carmel tries to brush it off, before lying that Karl made a move on her...



Sonya and Nell are asleep, and Callum and Toadie are watching TV, with Callum insisting that the midwife told him that babies like constant background noise to comfort them. Toadie tells him that things are going to be different now at home, and he'll need to pick up the slack with changing the baby. Callum wonders if he should just move out. Nell wakes up, and Toadie thinks she might want feeding, so he tries to wake up Sonya, but she doesn't respond. He calls out for help, and Karl and a nurse come in. Karl says that she's breathing but is unresponsive, she's been bleeding and will need to be taken in to theatre.

Moments later, Sonya is being wheeled out of the room and taken to theatre. Karl tells Toadie he'll find him as soon as there's any news.



Toadie paces up and down, remembering his first meeting with Sonya, them both dressed as Santa with her telling him that she loves him, and when they found out she was pregnant, as her surgery begins. Callum comes and joins his father, and puts his arm around him as he starts to cry.

Featured Regular Characters: Vanessa Villante, Lucas Fitzgerald, Rhys Lawson, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Summer Hoyland

Guest Cast: Kirsty Child as Carmel Tyler, Carmelina Di Guglielmo as Francesca Villante, Scarlett Anderson as Baby Rebecchi, Lucas MacFarlane as Baby Villante, Edwina Royce as Jamie Marr

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Scarlett Anderson. Although she is already named Nell in the episode, she is credited as Baby Rebecchi
Although this episode screens on 7th January 2013, Nell's date of birth is given as 7th December 2012, as this is still the same day as the previous episode, the 2012 season finale
Past character Darcy Tyler is mentioned
The character of Jamie Marr, played by Edwina Royce, is credited but does not appear. Jamie is a little girl who appeared twice in 2011, and it is unclear whether the credit was a mistake, or she was edited out of the final cut of the episode

Summary by Steve