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Magic Moments > 2013 > Toadie and Sonya's Wedding: Part One Episode 6601

Written by Sandy Webster, Directed by Laurence Wilson, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 18/03/13, Five: 15/04/13

Sonya throws Angie out, after she accuses Sonya of taking drugs again... Mason tries to get Robbo to leave town... Mason spots Amber and Robbo kissing...

At number 32, Mason and Bailey are discussing the Amber situation, realising that Amber and Robbo must have been together for months. Bailey realises that, if they're going to be completely honest with Amber, then she'll need to know about his involvement in the robbery. They hear the door, and assume it's Amber, but it's Lauren, and they quickly cover by claiming that Amber accidentally took Mason's phone to school with her. Amber then arrives home too, and Mason offers to put the shopping away so that Lauren will leave. Mason quickly confronts Amber, saying that he saw her kissing Robbo, and asks when she was going to tell them. She thinks Mason is upset because Robbo hasn't been in touch with him, but he says that Robbo's been in town for days, and it looks like he's just playing Amber. Mason tries to tell Amber that there's a lot more to this than she realises, but they all quickly clam up when Lauren comes back in.


At number 30, Toadie arrives back from the station with his mum. He goes to take her bags to her room, leaving an awkward silence between Sonya and Angie. Angie apologises for going through Sonya's bag, and for accusing her of taking drugs, saying that she knows what it's like to have a new baby in the house. She explains that she was just trying to be supportive, knowing that Sonya didn't have her own mum around, and Sonya admits that the whole incident brought up some things that she was trying to ignore too. They agree to put it all behind them, and Angie wants to know about the dress, but isn't impressed when she hears that it's vintage, or that Toadie has already seen it.

Back at number 32, Amber walks into the kitchen, silently looking at Bailey and Mason. Lauren walks in and sees the tension in the air, telling them to try not to kill each other while she's at work. Once Lauren has gone, Bailey and Mason decide to tell Amber about the break-in.

Through flashback, Robbo is seen entering the warehouse, with Mason explaining that he had a mate who worked there, who was going to turn off the silent alarm for them. Whilst Mason is keeping watch, Bailey suddenly drives up in Lauren's car, trying to get Mason out of there. Then the police arrive, as the alarm was still on, and Robbo quickly appears and does a runner, dumping the money in Lauren's car as he goes. As the police arrive, Mason and Bailey are left to take the blame.

Mason explains that Matt was on patrol, and he let Bailey go, but arrested Mason, and they agreed not to mention Bailey's involvement to Amber or Lauren. They claim that Robbo didn't care about anyone but himself, but Amber can't believe it. She says that she gave Robbo their address, which proves to Bailey that Robbo was behind the break-in at the house, as he was trying to get his money. Amber walks out, disgusted and saying that Robbo loves her and he wouldn't do any of this.



At Harold's, Sonya arrives, checking with Lauren that she's ok to babysit Nell during the wedding ceremony. She then goes over to Susan's table, apologising for not returning her call, and explaining that she and Angie have patched things up, but Angie seems to have an opinion on everything, including Sonya's decision to walk herself down the aisle. She then says that Angie mentioned something else that was quite telling - that Sonya doesn't have a mother - she suspects that Angie is trying to fill that role in her life, though she isn't sure she wants her to. Sonya has to leave to take a call, and Amber comes in. She asks her mum whether she thinks a person can change. Lauren assumes it's about Mason, and says that he seems to be working really hard to make a fresh start, and anyone can change - all it takes is a bit of faith and love.

At number 30, Lucas offers to walk Sonya down the aisle, but she turns him down. Angie butts in, thinking that someone should always walk a woman down the aisle on her wedding day. The conversation is interrupted by Lauren, arriving to find out if there are any last-minute tips for her babysitting. Angie advises her to put a little bit of honey on the dummy, but Lauren and Sonya point out that there's a risk of botulism if you give honey to babies. Angie claims that it never harmed her boys, and it was lucky that Toadie survived. Lauren and Lucas quickly make themselves scarce as it looks like another argument is brewing, but Sonya then apologises to Angie, saying that she's lucky to have her around, and that Toadie turned out to be a great person, so Angie's parenting must have been pretty good.


At Harold's, Karl meets with Susan, who suggests that they should find a way to show Sonya that they think of her as family. Karl wonders if he should incorporate it into his song, but Susan has another idea...

At number 30, Susan gives Sonya a necklace that she wore at her first wedding to Karl. Karl then suggests that he could walk Sonya down the aisle, but she admits that she'd rather do it herself. She says that, in an ideal world, he parents and her gran would be there with her at the wedding, but she is just so grateful for what she's got with Toadie and Callum and Nell, and she wants to celebrate that.


Mason finds Robbo by his van, and grabs hold of him, warning him to stay away from the Turners. He says that he knows that Robbo set him up and has been using Amber. Robbo just wants his share of the money, and threatens to tell the cops about Bailey's involvement in the robbery. Mason agrees that he'll try and find a way to get the money, but Robbo has to stay away from Amber. Robbo says that he'll try, but he can't help it if Amber wants him.

At number 32, Mason tells Bailey about his conversation with Robbo, and Bailey agrees to help to try and raise the money to get rid of Robbo. Mason says that he's tried to contact Amber, and that he suspects that she's with Robbo now, getting his side of the story.


Amber is talking to Robbo, who admits his part in the robbery but says that he wanted the money for their future. He only put the money in the car as he panicked and thought they'd get away. Amber points out that Mason went to juvie and it almost destroyed the family. Robbo says that he was desperate, and wanted to prove to Matt that he was worth something so that he and Amber could be happy. She then wants to know why Robbo didn't just turn himself in, and he says that he was scared, as he'd have ended up doing real prison time. Amber asks about the burglary at number 32, but Robbo insists he had nothing to do with it, and that he wouldn't have been in town all that time and not got in touch with her. She remembers what her mum said about people being able to change, and Robbo hugs her as he says that he just needs her to believe in him.

At Harold's, Callum and Sonya are having dinner together, and Callum smiles when Sonya mentions Angie, and that weddings have a way of bringing people together. Sonya asks him if he's hoping to get together with Rani at the wedding. Callum is embarrassed, but admits that it oftens works well if people are friends before they get together. He then offers to walk his mum down the aisle, and she becomes quite emotional, saying how lucky she is to have a son like him. She says that she can think of nothing she'd love more, and she goes over and starts hugging and kissing him.


Robbo finds Mason at Charlie's, and Mason tells him that he'll do anything to get the money. Robbo suggests that they do a robbery at Lassiter's, while Mason is working at the wedding reception the next day. Mason is reluctant, but agrees to go through with it when Robbo agrees to leave town afterwards.


At number 30, Sonya arrives home to the news that Connor has measles and won't be able to be Toadie's best man. He thinks that Callum will have to step in, but Sonya explains that Callum is going to give her away. Toadie loves that idea, and Sonya suggests asking Lucas instead. Sonya also tells Toadie not to start worrying about the curse, and he says that he won't, but then Sonya gets a call from Jade, who's stuck in Seattle and won't be able to make it in time. Toadie is horrified...

Featured Regular Characters: Sonya Rebecchi, Toadfish Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Lauren Turner, Mason Turner, Amber Turner, Bailey Turner, Lucas Fitzgerald

Guest Cast: Lesley Baker as Angie Rebecchi, Aaron Jakubenko as Robbo Slade

Trivia Notes
Past characters Connor O'Neill and Jade Mitchell mentioned
Scarlett Anderson appears as baby Nell, but is not credited
In both Australia and the UK, this episode featured the first of five vocalists singing their versions of a new arrangement of the Neighbours theme tune. The ultimate winners of the competition, entitled Neighbours Remixed, were Daniel Boys and Stephanie Angelini, whose final version of the theme debuted on air in Australia and the UK on Monday 15th April 2013 (episode 6621)

Summary by Steve

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