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Magic Moments > 2013 > Terese's Arrival Episode 6642

Written by Ben Michael, Directed by Laurence Wilson, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 14/05/13, Five: 11/06/13

Chris and Amber kiss... Sheila tells Amber that Chris has got a date... Amber has started to develop a crush on Chris... Vanessa sees Steph and Lucas getting close in the garage and later tells Lucas that sheís going to spend some time at her mumís... Lucy asks Lauren if she ever thinks about Brad Willis, Lauren tells her she hasnít thought about him for a long time... Lucy shows Paul a profile of the potential new Lassiters hotel manager... Paul arranges for Terese Willis to come across from Perth for an interview...

A taxi pulls up outside of the Lassiters complex and Terese Willis gets out, looking at her surroundings. Paul spots her, he welcomes her to Erinsborough and tells Terese heís very grateful sheís come at such short notice. Terese tells him to excuse the red eyes as she was on an early flight, and Paul asks Terese how Brad is. Terese says heís good and he says hello. Paul asks her about the idea of the whole family moving over here, if everything goes smoothly at the interview, and Terese explains to Paul that they have a great life in Perth, but according to Brad itís not a patch on Erinsbrough. Paul tells Terese that today is about showing her around, seeing what she can offer the hotel. They start walking towards the hotel, and Terese tells Paul that her boss is on board with the transfer. He asks Terese if she has any questions or first impressions - Terese sees a bellboy struggle to get a case out of the boot of a car, and she watches as all of the clothes fall out. Terese tells Paul that she was going to ask why the hotel had lost its five star rating, but now she's beginning to understand.



Steph and Lucas are talking at Harold's about a certain type of beer that only subscribers can get, Steph mentions she will try and get him some to try. At this point, Sonya walks in. Steph tells Lucas she has to go as she has to see an electrician about the store renovations - she mentions to Lucas that she has enjoyed catching up and has missed hanging out. Sonya watches all this and then goes over Ė she doesnít look happy, and she tells Lucas that Vanessa called last night and was pretty upset. Lucas informs Sonya that Vanessa isnít the only one. Sonya tells Lucas that he should drive down to Rosebud and patch things up, but Lucas tells Sonya that it is not going to happen. Sonya points out to Lucas that it's only since Steph came back that he Vanessa have had problems. Lucas denies this and tells Sonya that Steph is just being a mate. Sonya asks Lucas if he thinks Steph sees it that way. Lucas explains to Sonya that Steph is not a problem; Lucas then proceeds to get up and leave.

Back on Ramsay Street, Chris is preparing for a run; Amber sees him and goes across. She says that she hasnít seen him around much lately. Chris tells Amber that heís been really busy with TAFE, and she asks if Chris has seen much of the Ďold guy he went on a date with? Shane or whatever his name is?í Chris tells Amber his name is Seamus and heís not old. He tells her that they're meeting for lunch, hence the run. Amber asks Chris if itís such a good idea, as he told her he was taking a break from guys. Chris explains to Amber that heís off work today, heís hot and itís just lunch at Charlieís, heís not planning on marrying the guy. Chris heads off for his run, whilst Amber looks unconvinced.


At number 30, Sonya tells Toadie that she canít shake the feeling that Steph is manipulating Lucas. He points out that it's not Stephís fault that Vanessa lied about her past, but Sonya tells Toadie that he needs to get over this loyalty he feels towards Steph. Toadie explains to Sonya he thinks he knows why Steph is latching onto Lucas, and he proceeds to hand her a document Ė it's documents from Max and Steph's custody hearing; Max applied for custody to take Charlie to Fiji before Steph got parole. Sonya asks Toadie whether, now Stephís out, she's got a good chance of getting access. Toadie tells her yes, however he thinks Steph is scared to even hope for that.

At number 28, Toadie gives Steph the documents from her custody battle - she tells him he had no right digging into her personal information. Toadie mentions that itís on public record, but Steph tells him that Charlie is happy with Max and she doesnít want to put them all through another ugly court battle. Toadie reminds Steph that Max will remember what a great mum she was. Steph tells Toadie to just leave it, itís not that simple. Steph, starting to get a bit angry again, asks Toadie to leave and not to talk about Charlie again.


Chris and Seamus enter Charlieís, Chris is discussing his shopping trip and how it's hard to find any nice shirts these days. Chris looks at Seamus's shirt and apologies; he tells Seamus that heís really nervous. Seamus tells Chris to relax and mentions he is nervous too. They sit down and are chatting about Seamus's recent trip down the Great Ocean Road, when Amber walks into Charlieís, sees Chris and goes over to him. Chris, obviously shocked, asks why she isnít not at school. Amber tells Chris that she has a free and she couldnít stop thinking of wedges and sour cream. Chris looks baffled.

Paul enters Haroldís with Terese, where Lauren is encouraging people to buy the eclipse glasses. Paul introduces the two women, and Lauren wishes Terese good luck with the job interview. Terese goes outside to get a table, and to phone home, and as she's walking out, she bumps into Steph. Paul orders their drinks, whilst making their drinks Lauren tells Paul that Lucy had texted her from the airport and had mentioned that he needed to catch up with her about something. Paul informs Lauren that Lucy had asked him to say goodbye to her, as she had to rush off suddenly. Lauren explains to Paul that she was looking forward to reminiscing about old times - Paul tells her that she might yet get another chance.


Back at number 28, Toadie and Karl are talking about Steph. Toadie tells Karl that itís unlike Steph to give up on someone she cares about. Karl informs Toadie that there is clearly something stopping her. Toadie mentions to Karl he thinks it's something to do with Adam and that Steph still feels guilty about giving him up and thinks she doesnít deserve either of them. Toadie thinks that someone needs to get to the bottom of this. Karl reminds Toadie that Steph doesn't want anyoneís help, but Toadie isn't convinced that Steph knows what she wants at the moment, and decides to call Max and try to get more information.

At the garage, Steph turns up, asking if Lucas has heard from Vanessa - he suggests that she try calling her. Steph explains that she has, but she never answers, and she needs to see if she can cover some shifts, as she's planning to go away camping for a few days. Lucas is impressed as Steph talks about her plans to attend the vintage bike festival and see the eclipse. Steph asks Lucas to join her - he can take his bike and she can hire one. She thinks it would be good for him to get away, and he agrees to think about it.



Back on Ramsay Street, Paul shows Terese number 22, Paul mentions itís in with the job package; itís fully furnished and rent free. He also points over to number 28, telling her it's where Brad used to live, and he asks if Brad's told her much about his time on Ramsay Street. Terese, straight to the point, asks Paul if that is his polite way of finding out her feelings on Beth - she insists that they're on good terms. Lauren is collecting the post, and she comes over and starts talking to Terese about their children, and the hazards of being parents to teenagers. Lauren then goes home, and Paul tells Terese that Lauren's married to the local cop. They head inside number 22, and across the street, Steph gets off the bike and Toadie comes across. Steph tells him she is in far too good a mood for him to wreck it. Toadie explains to Steph that he spoke to Max and he knows what happened. Steph, very angry, says to Toadie that he had no right to do that. He insists that he just wants to help her, and they go inside the house.

At Haroldís, Amber and Chris walk in, and Amber mentions to Chris that Seamus didnít even finish his meal. Chris tells Amber that he had to get back to work, Chris also mentions that he wasnít best pleased that Amber crashed their date and didn't get the million and one hints to leave them alone. Amber explains to Chris she was only checking him out because she was worried about him - she thinks she can find him a much better guy. Amber suggests to come around tonight, they will watch a movie, talk about the type of guy Chris wants and she will give him advice. Just then Chrisís phone rings, he tells Amber it's Seamus. She tells him not to answer as it'll look desperate, but Chris answers. He tells Amber that Seamus wants to take him out to dinner and to a club. Amber tries to persuade Chris not to go on the date with Seamus, she tells Chris she doesnít want him to be used and she cares too much about him. Chris tells Amber he loves her for saying that, she is an awesome friend, but decides Seamus is worth the risk and will go on a date with him.


At number 28, Steph explains to Toadie that after Max got custody of Charlie, he brought him into the jail to say goodbye, then after they left, she went back into her room and lost it. She turned the place upside down and then the next thing she remembers was waking up in hospital, restrained. She'd had a total breakdown, a psychotic episode and thatís why her parole was knocked back the first time. Toadie tells Steph that heís sorry and mentions that Max had told him she was on medication. Steph informs Toadie that she didnít want anyone to know and this episode is the reason she didnít want to see Charlie. She tells Toadie that she wants to see Charlie again, but itís too far in the future and sheís too scared to hope for it.

Later on, Steph is talking to Karl, and she shows him the medication she is taking. Karl wishes that she'd spoken to him sooner, as he would have understood. She tells him that she felt embarrassed - Karl explains to Steph that itís an illness like any other and she tells him that she's been going to counselling and talking through her problems too. Karl tells Steph to keep doing what sheís doing, and reminds her that he and Susan will always be there for her. Steph thanks Karl - he leaves to go and put the washing on and Steph looks at her medication, then walks over and puts them in the bin.


Back at the Lassisters complex, Paul and Terese are sitting outside, where he's telling her that the three things he looks for in a manager are loyalty, dedication and excellence. He asks her if she is that person. Terese tells Paul that in a yearís time he wonít know what he did without her. Paul tells her that the job is hers, but she awkwardly tells him that Lucy already gave her the job - it was part of the deal with the Eclipse Apartments. Paul is furious and believes heís just wasted hours of his time, but Terese tells him he hasnít - it gave her a chance to get to know him, see if they would get along. She tells him to relax, she was really impressed and thinks there going to make a great team. Paul smiles.

Steph arrives at Lucas's apartment, and mentions she has the beers they were talking about earlier, and chilli burgers. Lucasís mobile phone rings and Steph tells him to leave it but he answers. It proves to be a short call as they argue and she hangs up on him. Lucas apologies to Steph, and she asks if he wants to be left alone, though he insists heís fine. Steph suggests to Lucas that maybe he should go down and see Vanessa if thatís what Vanessa wants. Lucas decides to focus on what he wants, and he takes some food and puts on some music.


Seamus is sitting in Charlieís waiting for Chris, when Amber walks in and approaches him - he says that it was nice to meet her earlier, but he'd rather she didn't join them on this date too. Amber sits down and tells Seamus that Chris had a messy break up not so long ago, it was pretty serious and she doesnít want to see Chris getting hurt again. Seamus tells Amber that it's cute that she's concerned but he doesnít do serious, heís just after a bit of fun. Seamus gets up to leave the table; he tells Amber he expects her to be gone when he gets back. When Amber spots that he's left his phone, she picks it up, sends a message to Chris, and then leaves the bar.


Outside Charlie's, Amber sees Chris checking his phone and she goes up to him. Chris tells Amber that Seamus has just cancelled their date. Chris decides to go and speak to Seamus to find out why, but Amber talks him out of it, saying that he's not worth it. Amber quickly pulls Chris into a hug when she spots Seamus outside the bar, looking for Chris. She tells Chris that he's still got her, and they walk away.

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy, Lucas Fitzgerald, Lauren Turner, Amber Turner, Chris Pappas, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Rebekah Elmaloglou as Terese Willis, Carla Bonner as Stephanie Scully, Scott Smart as Seamus Illich

Trivia Notes
ē Rebekah Elmaloglou makes her first appearance as Terese Willis
ē Terese's first words are "Great to meet you. Excuse the red eyes, it was a very early flight."
ē Steph's medication is Olanzapine 10mg
ē Past characters Brad Willis, Beth Brennan, Max Hoyland, Charlie Hoyland, baby Adam, and Lucy Robinson are mentioned

Summary by Kyle

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