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Magic Moments > 2013 > Jack Lassiter's Return Episode 6717

Written by Sandy Webster, Directed by Laurence Wilson, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 27/08/13, Five: 24/09/13

Lou’s date calls him a pervert and throws her drink at him... Lou accuses Sheila of sabotaging the date because she wants him for herself... Callum asks Toadie if he ran over Robbo, but Toadie doesn’t know if he did or not... Lucas asks Karl if Robbo is going to make it... Lucas suggests to Vanessa that they sell up and move to the country... Kyle spots Lucas outside the radio station and asks him about it, because he knows Robbo was running card games there.

Lucas and Kyle walk into Charlie’s, and Lucas thanks Kyle for not telling Vanessa. Kyle tells Lucas that Vanessa wouldn’t be happy that he was sitting in on illegal card games. Lucas informs Kyle the reason he was searching the radio station was for anything the police could identify him with, and Kyle tells him that he should be worried, as the police are looking for anyone with a motive for hurting Robbo, such as owing money. Lucas tells Kyle that he didn’t run Robbo down - Kyle replies that he didn’t say that but it doesn’t look good. Lucas informs Kyle that he’s trying to tie up loose ends, he doesn’t want any trouble and he can’t tell the police about the games, and adds that if Vanessa found out he gambled again it would break her heart; she had enough difficulty recently with the pregnancy. Kyle tells Lucas he should have thought of that before he started gambling again - but he agrees not to say anything. Kyle mentions to Lucas that Toadie is the main suspect at the moment, so if he knew anything that can clear Toadie’s name, then he should tell the police. Lucas tells Kyle that he doesn’t know anything about the accident, and quickly leaves the bar.


At Harold’s, Toadie is on the phone to a client, when Sonya arrives with Nell. Toadie says that he’s thinking of referring his client to a different lawyer, one who’s not the subject of an investigation. Sonya encourages Toadie to fight, but he tells Sonya it’s not that easy - she realises this, but tells him that he has to exhaust every avenue before he gives up. Toadie, humbled by what Sonya has said, tells her that he didn’t think she paid attention when he was talking about work - she says that she doesn’t, she watches legal dramas. Sonya reassures Toadie telling him that Robbo will wake up and identify who hit him and then this will all be over. He thinks it's going to be difficult to fight when he’s got such a patchy memory from that night, Toadie tells Sonya that he loves her for telling him to fight, he just feels that he’s doing it with one hand tied behind his back. Sonya decides to fix this and asks Toadie to come with her.

Sonya takes Toadie to the place where he woke up in Imogen’s car, Fairfax Road. Sonya suggests he has a look around to see if it triggers his memory. Toadie has a brief flashback to being behind the wheel of the car, but everything is blurry. Toadie says to Sonya that he didn’t appreciate what she went through when she suffered memory loss - she reassures him that his memory will come back; he needs to focus and relax. Toadie tells Sonya he remembers leaving the house, and a vague memory of finding Robbo, but doesn’t remember where that was or what happened after. Sonya tells him to try again, another flashback and Toadie remembers Robbo talking to him – telling Toadie he must have drunk something which didn’t agree with him. Toadie says if Robbo spiked his drink then his memories may never return. He says it must be a good thing that he doesn’t remember - if he did try to hurt Robbo, what does it say about him?


At number 30, Kyle and Georgia are talking; Kyle asks how long it’ll be before Robbo wakes up and the police talk to him. Georgia tells Kyle, Robbo is being taken off life support today. He wouldn’t be able to talk right away, but there’s no permanent brain damage so he should be able to identify the driver or at least give a description. Kyle and Georgia don’t believe Toadie could have done it, and Georgia says that Robbo had heaps of enemies and it could be any one of them. Kyle mentions to Georgia that he ran into Lucas and he told him that Vanessa is having a tough time. Georgia then starts talking about Vanessa, and how she’s in a vulnerable state right now so she shouldn’t be getting any stress, it’s really important for her health and the health of the unborn baby - any stress could be a problem. Georgia says that Lucas has had a lot of stress also, the main concern being if they don’t find a buyer for their house. Kyle tells Georgia he didn’t know things were that bad for Lucas and Vanessa - Georgia tells him that Lucas will go to great lengths to look after his family.

An unexpected blast from the past enters Charlie’s - the founder of the Lassiter's chain, Jack Lassiter; Sheila asks if she can help him. Jack looks around and tells Sheila that he’s just taking a moment - it’s been a long time since he’d seen the old girl. Sheila replies ‘I hope you’re not talking about me?’ They both laugh; Jack proceeds to tell Sheila that it’s been at least 25 years since he was last here. Sheila informs Jack that it’s had a few makeovers in its time. Jack tells Sheila she must be doing something right, as business seems good - she tells Jacks to tell that to the owner, Jack enquires if the owner is a tough boss, and Sheila mentions that he has his moments. Jack notices on the menu that the name of the place has changed, it used to be called The Waterhole, and Sheila can see why they changed it. Jack starts to tell Sheila a little bit of the history of the first owner. Sheila offers Jack a drink on the house which he accepts.



At number 32, Lou is on the phone to Elsie. He tells her that Sheila must have gotten the wrong end of the stick, Lou asks Elsie for another date but she hangs up on him. Bailey tells Lou that Elsie’s probably just playing hard to get and he should call her back. Lauren says Bailey shouldn’t give dating advice - at least until he’s started dating. Lauren tells Lou that he can’t blame Elsie for being upset; Lou says that he blames Sheila for all of this, though Lauren tries to tell him that it could have been a misunderstanding. Lou believes that Sheila loves sticking the knife in, and wants to know why Sheila’s behaving like a jealous woman; he has a reputation to uphold. As Lou leaves, Lauren asks Bailey why he didn’t set Lou straight about Sheila. Bailey tells Lauren he tried to, but he seemed so happy. Lauren doesn't think it was a good idea to give Lou an imaginary girlfriend who lives across the street, as they see her all the time. They then hear the door close, and realise that Lou has gone to see Sheila and have another go at her - so Bailey rushes off to stop him.


At number 30, Sonya and Lucas sit down with a cuppa; Sonya tells Lucas that she wants some answers. Lucas asks if it's true that Toadie woke up in Imogen’s car. Sonya informs Lucas he did and she spoke to Imogen and she mentioned that her keys were stolen from the exhibition. Sonya tells Lucas that Toadie’s not a pickpocket and nothing about this seems to add up. Lucas asks Sonya if there is any evidence to connect Mason and Imogen’s car to Robbo's accident. Sonya tells Lucas that she doesn’t know as the car's still missing - Toadie told Imogen where her car was, but when she got there the car was gone. They wonder if someone is trying to hide it. Lucas asks Sonya if Toadie remembers driving the car - she says that he doesn't, but he has memories of meeting with him and some kind of confrontation later that night. Sonya informs Lucas she’s worried because Callum’s struggling with what’s going on, and if enough mud sticks then Toadie could lose his license to practice. Sonya admits she’s scared about how this will end up. Lucas reassures Sonya to hang in there and the person responsible will be found. Sonya tells Lucas that she hopes so.

Bailey rushes in to Charlie’s almost knocking Sheila over in the process. Bailey warns Sheila that Lou will walk in through the door any minute - he says that he needs her to cover for him, as Lou still thinks that Sheila's into him. Bailey pleads with Sheila and explains that Lou isn’t as confident with woman as he makes out, this will help keep him on the dating horse. Sheila asks Bailey why should she encourage Lou Carpenter to have his way with all the unsuspecting female population of Erinsborough - no one deserves that. Bailey tells Sheila that Lou’s upset and begs Sheila to stick to the story; Bailey tells Sheila that he’ll do anything she wants. Lou marches in asking for a word with Sheila - and is surprised to find that Bailey is there. Bailey claims that he needs to speak to Mason, and rushes off, hiding behind the bar. Lou asks for an apology from Sheila - and for her to stop spreading lies about him - and she looks over at Bailey, and then backs down, admitting that she's in the wrong and she was just jealous. Sheila continues to talk about how hard it is to see Lou with other women, then glares over to Bailey. Sheila hopes that Lou can forgive her and that there are no hard feelings. Lou thanks Sheila and is glad she cleared that up. Lou then leaves, and Bailey goes over to Sheila, who reminds him that he said he'd do anything she wanted. Bailey looks nervous.



Jack walks into the Lassiter's reception with his bag, he admires the Lassiter's sign and walks over to the desk. He meets Terese and asks for a room, Terese asks if he has any requests - he asks if he could stay in room 331B. She sees that the room is occupied, but Jack asks her if there's anything she can do to make it available, as he spent some time with someone special in that room. Terese tells him that she can't make any promises, but to take a seat and she'll see what she can do.

At Erinsborough Hospital, Toadie looks on at Robbo while he sleeps. Georgia enters the room and asks what he’s doing here - he tells her that he’s only been here a second, he was hoping that seeing Robbo would jog his memory. Georgia tells Toadie that he shouldn’t be here at all. She asks if it worked, and he says that it was a waste of time, and he starts to leave. Robbo then starts waking up, and tries to pull the tube out of his mouth. Georgia stops him. Robbo looks over towards Toadie and looks shocked. Toadie has another flashback, to see the bruise on Robbo’s face, and Robbo telling him that 'a wannabe swimming tried to fight back'. Toadie remembers arguing with Robbo, telling him he can’t keep hurting Sonya, he can’t keep hurting people. After the flashback, Toadie leaves.


At Fitzgerald Motors, Lucas is on the phone, asking his mate Harry if he’s found out anything about the guy that wanted in on Robbo’s game. He stresses that it’s really important. When he ends the call, Kyle walks in. He tells Lucas that he’s just had a chat with Vanessa; he did not mention his gambling but makes Lucas aware that Vanessa is worried about him. Kyle mentions to Lucas that it’s not a good thing lying to Vanessa - but Lucas is sure that Kyle has kept things from Georgia in the past too. Lucas sternly tells Kyle he is not going to tell Vanessa and to stop interfering. Kyle then says that Lucas needs to come forward if he knows anything, before things get any worse for Toadie - Lucas insists that he's trying to get to the bottom of this, he's sure that it was someone from the card games who went after Robbo, but he'll come forward if Toadie ends up being charged for this.

At Lassiter's, Terese tells a colleague that she’s given the guests in 331B an upgrade to make up for the room change. She goes over to Jack and tells him it’s done. He thanks her, and hopes the manager knows what he’s got - Terese then explains to Jack that she is the manager, and one of the perks is being able to pull a few strings. Terese and Jack start chatting; Jack is staying for around three weeks, and he's travelling light, with just one bag, something his second wife Andrea used to find annoying. Jack offers to pay for the room up front - he gives Terese his card, and she realises who he is. Jack tells Terese that this place is special to him. As Jack leaves, Terese turns to her colleague, telling her that Jack was the man who kick-started this empire. She wonders what he’s doing back here.


Bailey is with Sheila in her back garden. She hands Bailey a trowel and tells him he can start with the flower bed. Bailey is surprised as she reminds him that he agreed to help with the household chores for a month - he says that she didn't really give him much of a choice. Sheila tells Bailey he might have had the best intentions but he overstepped the mark and he’ll think twice next time about impersonating someone online. Sheila asks Bailey to put the spa on for her. As he starts to fill the spa, Sheila takes off her robe, showing off her bathing suit and pleased that he’ll be doing the weeds while she’s having a long, warm soak. Bailey looks up at her, shocked!

Sonya is on the laptop as Toadie walks in. She tells him that she's been calling him and asks why he didn’t pick up. Toadie proceeds to tell Sonya that he went for a walk and ended up at the hospital. He thought seeing Robbo might help him remember something. Sonya asks if it worked, and Toadie explains that Robbo is awake; he’s not able to say anything yet as he had a tube stuck down his throat, but he saw the look that he gave him, the contempt in his eyes. Toadie says he remembers fighting with Robbo, and they have to face it - he thinks he ran Robbo down and drove off.


At Erinsborough Hospital, Georgia tells Robbo that he’s doing very well, and they’ve rung his mum to let her know of his improvement. Robbo tries to talk... saying ‘Mason, Mason did...’ Robbo’s heart stops, he flatlines. Georgia calls for help, and start to perform CPR.

Featured Regular Characters: Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks, Lucas Fitzgerald, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Terese Willis, Sheila Canning, Lou Carpenter, Lauren Turner, Bailey Turner

Guest Cast: Alan Hopgood as Jack Lassiter, Aaron Jakubenko as Robbo Slade, Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi

Trivia Notes
• Alan Hopgood returns to the role of Jack Lassiter for a one-month guest appearance, more than 27 years after the character last appeared
• Past character Andrea Townsend, Jack's second wife, is mentioned
• Jack requests room 331B, mentioning that he spent time with someone special in that room

Summary by Kyle

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