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Magic Moments > 2013 > Rani's Return Episode 6741

Written by Sarah Smith, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 30/09/13, Five: 28/10/13

Ajay telling Rani to pack her bags as they are off to India... Rani promising Bailey she will be back before he knows it... Bailey and Rani declaring their love for each other... Josh and Amber being grounded until after the holidays... Susan telling the Willises that Josh needs tutoring to avoid failing the year... Josh and Amber illicitly meeting at the Kapoor house... Rani and Susan catching Josh and Amber red-handed...

Josh and Amber are shocked to see Rani and Susan; they immediately ask Rani how she is and mention that the photos she put on Facebook of India are amazing. Susan asks them both what they're doing - Josh and Amber admit to using the place to get some alone time with each other. They apologise profusely, and Rani seems to see the funny side of things. Amber asks Rani if her dad is back, Rani tells Amber but he's still in India. Susan notices the Kapoor keys on the coffee table, Josh hands back the keys whilst apologising. Susan asks if they broke in Josh proceeds to tell Susan that they used the keys to let themselves in, which she points out is still theft and trespassing. Susan reminds then both that they are supposed to be grounded, and mentions that Josh was meant to be with her, studying. Amber and Josh both plead with Susan to keep it quiet from their parents as they would freak out.


At number 32, Brad and Lauren aren't pleased with their kids! Amber tells them that they wanted to spend some time together. Brad reminds Josh and Amber that they are supposed to be banned from seeing each other - Josh points out that this is really unfair as they are practically adults. Amber pleads that their punishment isn't the right way to teach them a lesson and Josh adds in that they will just find ways to be with each other, regardless of what they say. Lauren decides that she and Brad need to discuss this further, so they head outside to discuss an alternative punishment for their kids.

Outside, Brad and Lauren end up reminiscing about how they got past their parents at that age. Lauren asks if they should call Matt and Terese, Brad tells Lauren that Terese is in a meeting; Lauren mentions that Matt has gone fishing with Mason. Brad tells Lauren that they should decide now. Lauren agrees and asks what they should do.


At number 30, Toadie is discussing his options with Sonya after the news that Ajay isn't returning to Australia. Toadie mentions that he might have to go back full-time and either Sonya might have to give up the nursery or put Nell into full-time childcare. Sonya hopes that it won't come to that. Callum overhears them talking and is filled in on the news – Ajay was doing some work for a firm in India that has offices in London and has been offered a job there, and Rani is back to pack up their stuff and to say a proper goodbye. Callum then wonders if Bailey knows that she isn't staying, as hasn't said anything to him but Toadie replies that it’s unlikely as Ajay has only just told him the news. Callum tells them that Bailey has been waiting for Rani to come back, and when he finds out she’s leaving again he’ll be gutted.

At number 24, Bailey is overjoyed to see Rani back; he says that he would have met her from the airport. Rani tells Bailey that she wanted to surprise him. Bailey starts to bombard Rani with questions and starts to make plans for them but Rani seems to be avoiding answering, claiming she is a bit jetlagged, and instead hands out some pressies that she brought back. He apologises for missing her 16th and as he goes to give her a belated birthday kiss, she pulls away saying that she needs to clean her teeth. She then suggests they go for a burger and to see Priya’s tree.


Brad and Lauren returns from outside and announce to Amber and Josh that they have came to a decision. Lauren says that it’s clear that banning the two of them from seeing each other has not worked, so they are lifting it. Amber and Josh look hopeful, but Lauren proceeds to tell Amber that she is to work unpaid in Harold's for a month and Josh has a month of gardening duties as well as being phoneless during his study sessions. Josh doesn't seem too keen on his punishment as it’s eating into even more of his precious time but Amber tries to make him accept it. Amber and Josh head off and Lauren admits she is not looking forward to telling Matt about the new punishment although Brad thinks that Terese will be fine with it.

At Harold’s, as predicted, Matt isn't too happy at the change in punishments, he mentions to Lauren that she should have called him. Lauren tells Matt that she tried to but he must have been out of range. Lauren says that she and Brad did the best they could and Matt doesn't see any point in discussing it, as the decision's been made.


At Lassiter's, despite Brad thinking Terese would be fine with it, she most certainly isn't! Terese tells Brad that it will cut into Josh's workload and he will have even less time to study, but Brad points out that Josh will now have a limited amount of time to spend with Amber. Terese points out that Brad made this decision without her; Brad mentions to Terese that he couldn’t get a hold of her. An angry Terese tells Brad that a couple of hours wouldn’t have made a difference.

Back at Harold's Store, Lauren reminds Matt of the last time they came down hard on Amber and how they didn't work out too well. Matt still unsure if this is the right way to go about it. Lauren tells Matt that Amber is nearly an adult and she;s beyond the whole 'lock her in her room and throw away the key' solution, she has to learn how to be responsible. Matt eventually agrees with Lauren that they will try it her way.


However, at Lassiter's, Terese hasn’t been won over; she tells Brad that Josh needs to focus on school, instead of hanging out with a girlfriend – he’s worked too hard to throw it away on a relationship. Terese demands that Brad tells Lauren that the original punishment still stands.

At number 22, Amber is unhelpfully helping Josh with the gardening duties and they get caught mid-pash by a furious Terese who orders her to leave. Josh tells his mum that the ban is over and they are allowed to see each other again, but Terese proceeds to tell her son that she does not agree and the ban is back on. Josh tells Terese that she can’t do that - but she says she can and she shouldn’t have been left out of the decision in the first place. Josh tells Terese that he’s going to go and talk to Brad about it, but Terese tells him that he will not. Amber quickly leaves, and Josh is mightily peeved off given he had a new deal with his dad and that Lauren had agreed aswell. Terese, not backing down, tells Josh that Lauren should have discussed it with her too. Terese proceeds to storm off into the house.


At Harold's, Amber is filling her mum in on what Terese has done. Amber points out that it’s a 3-1 majority for the new punishment, and that Terese vetoing it means she’s undermined all of them. Amber pleads with Lauren to speak to Terese. Lauren agrees, without making any promises! Amber proceeds to tell Lauren that she’s been really cool about this. Amber mentions that this relationship with Josh is totally different to the one with Robbo and that she wants to do things differently.

At number 28, Susan is making herbal tea, while Bailey is making lots of plans for him and Rani, from going out for supper to making a playlist for the school dance. When Callum arrives he and Rani warmly embrace each other and when Bailey goes home to get his iPod, Callum asks Rani why she hasn’t told Bailey the truth. Rani tells Callum that she really wants to do it the right way this time. Rani mentions that Bailey was really excited to see her and she’s enjoyed seeing him, and she doesn’t want to wreck things. However, Callum warns Rani that she really needs to tell Bailey before somebody else does.


At number 32, Matt makes himself scarce after showing Rani into the kitchen to allow her to chat to Bailey. She finally comes clean when she tells him that she isn't staying and fills him in on the move to London, and she explains about her dad's new job. Bailey enquires how long they will be in London - a few months, a year? Rani tells Bailey that they are not coming back any time soon. Bailey, still hopeful, tells Rani that they can still be together using modern technology to communicate and he can visit. However, Rani says that they have to split given they will be living on different sides of the world. She tells Bailey that the best thing is to break up – and she lets go of Bailey’s hand.

Bailey is at Harold's, looking very upset over his break-up from Rani. Amber tries to cheer her brother up by giving him an ice-cream, then she gives him a hug. Meanwhile, on the other side of the store, Paul is showing Susan his plans for the scholarship. Susan agrees that it’s a good idea; however, the school would have to be involved in the selection process. Paul agrees that the principal would have a say and mentions that Kate is already on board. Susan asks Paul what they will call it - Paul jokingly says 'The Paul Robinson Educational Scholarship’. Susan laughs and carries on by saying ‘maybe a plaque to go with it’. They both laugh, Bailey, who overheard them talking, comes over to ask if it will apply to going overseas too and Paul confirms that it will.


Callum is helping Rani pack up the house at number 24 and she apologises for not being there for him during all the recent troubles, he says that it’s going to be sad not having her around. Bailey bursts in to tell them about Paul’s scholarship plans and that he is going to apply, indeed he thinks he’s a shoe-in for it, so it would mean that they don't need to split up as he can attend whatever school Rani is going to be enrolled in! An unenthusiastic Rani acts like she's pleased by this new, before Bailey rushes out to tell his parents about his plans.

At number 28, Josh admits to Susan that he’s struggling to work out how to fit everything into his life - swimming, school, Amber. Susan advises that he concentrates on one thing that he can control, like studying, and to get his mind in focus, suggests that he treats it like a race – what to prioritise and what to make as the long-term goal. This seems to do the trick and his demeanour is much more positive.


At number 32, Lauren and Matt aren't exactly jumping for joy at the thought of Bailey heading to London. Matt points out that it's the other side of the world, and Lauren says that he'll be away from his friends and family. However, Bailey is determined that it will be fine, he will be with Rani and Ajay will be around to keep an eye on them. Bailey asks them both if he’s allowed to apply. Lauren agrees to look at the paperwork, and they will take it from there. This pleases Bailey and he rushes off to work on his pitch. Matt wonders if this is a good idea - Lauren says that they need to let him try and her take on it is there is a long way to go and it might not happen. She then concludes that she needs to go and talk to Terese to find a happy medium about the Josh/Amber ban although she admits that it could either make things better or a hell of a lot worse.


At number 22, Lauren begins by saying it wasn't their intention to undermine Terese, which Terese is happy to hear, and she assumes that it wasn't Terese's intention to undermine them either. Terese doesn't like that bit so much and instead comments that they've both got different styles of parenting and is a firm believer in sticking by the decisions once made. Lauren then stares directly at Brad, trying to telepathically get him to disagree with his wife but after a painful few seconds, he stuns her by saying he supports his wife. It’s stalemate between both sets of parents - Terese tells Lauren that she’s sorry but the ban is to stay. Lauren tells Terese and Brad that there must be a better way to handle all of this. Terese again stresses to Lauren that the ban has to stay. Josh then arrives back from the tutoring session with an announcement about his life - he’s quitting school. Brad and Terese are stunned.

Featured Regular Characters: Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Amber Turner, Bailey Turner, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Joshua Willis, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy, Paul Robinson

Guest Cast: Coco Cherian as Rani Kapoor

Trivia Notes
• Although she made a very brief appearance at the end of the previous episode, this is Rani's first full episode since her return
• Despite still being in the opening titles, Rani is credited as a guest character for this episode
• Past characters Robbo Slade, Ajay Kapoor and Priya Kapoor are mentioned

Summary by Kyle