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Magic Moments > 2013 > Kyle and Georgia's Engagement Party Episode 6780

Written by Stephen Vagg, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 22/11/13, Five: 20/12/13

Sheila decides Kyle and Georgia are having a surprise engagement party, whether they like it or not... Kate moves out of number 26 to the penthouse, having informed Chris that she’s in love with Kyle... Kate tells Gem she doesn’t like her, and that Georgia will soon see the person she really is... Gem tells Bailey that Kate’s trying to get her fired, and asks him to hack into her emails... Gem strikes gold, finding a draft email from Kate to Kyle which reveals there secret

In the spa, Kyle is treating Georgia to a breakfast of champagne, oysters and strawberries, and she tells him that she loves the Great Gatsby theme. Kyle informs Georgia that he wanted some alone time with her - and he's mildly put out that Georgia’s brought a wedding magazine into the hot tub with them. Kyle suggests that they think about something else for a change, such as where they’ll live after they’re married. Georgia’s been putting off that conversation after the controversy over number 24 with Gem, but now she decides she wants to get a place for just her and Kyle, figuring Gem still won’t want to live with them. Kyle is thrilled, and they agree to start house-hunting today. Georgia tells Kyle the sooner they start planning their lives together, the better.


At number 30, Gem is printing out Kate’s draft email to Kyle, but the printer has run out of paper. Gem is interrupted by Toadie and Sonya coming in with Nell. Sonya explains that she needs to check her blog, as her online friend 'Sleepless' was up all night with her baby, and she wants to help. Toadie asks Gem if she needs any help with the printer, but Gem turns him down. Georgia comes in, enthusing about what a perfect day it is and starts singing about how amazing Kyle is. Georgia and Gem were scheduled to go dress-shopping, but Georgia asks if they can take a rain-check, saying she has stuff to do with Kyle. The girls agree to meet for lunch instead. Georgia leaves telling Gem that she’s the best - Gem then slips the printed email into her handbag.

Seeing Gem alone in the classroom, Bailey goes in to ask her if she found anything in Kate’s emails. Gem tells him she did, but not to worry about it - her job is safe, as long as they’re smart and Bailey does what she says. Seeing Kate waiting outside the room, Gem tells Bailey to go back to class, and he leaves. Kate comes in, and tells Gem that Bailey’s parents are concerned about his crush on her. Gem tells Kate that she’s got it sorted - Kate isn’t convinced and suggests that it didn't look like it just now. Gem asks Kate if this is really any of her business, and Kate replies that she knows they’re not friends, but warns Gem as a colleague that teachers are always blamed in these scenarios - she’s seen it happen at this school. She suggests that Gem should have a third party present when talking to Bailey, as a precaution. Gem tells Kate that it’s not necessary and she’s not the one who has anything to hide. Gem tells Kate that she’s got work to do, and Kate stomps off with Gem giving her an evil look as she leaves.


On Ramsay Street, Sheila is organising the surprise engagement party with the help of Toadie and Chris. Shelia mentions that Chris is going to make sure Kyle doesn’t come home at lunch time; Kate is doing the congratulation emails and she tells Toadie that he's helping her with the food. Shelia then informs them of Kyle and Georgia’s decision to move in together. Toadie hopes that doesn't mean that Kyle is moving into number 30, but then Kyle and Georgia come across the road - Kyle has put his hands over Georgia’s eyes, and he takes her over to number 24. Kyle reveals he’s spoken to Ajay, and that he’s agreed to rent number 24 to them, starting straight away. Kyle mentions that Ajay was kind of desperate for a tenant as other people kept pulling out. Georgia’s over the moon and instantly agrees.

At Erinsborough High, Susan comes out of her office, looking a little out of sorts, when Gem turns up to see her. Gem asks Susan if she can have a word in her office about a student - Gem claims that Bailey has been asking her a lot of unnecessary questions about school work, and she's decided that Susan’s right about him having a crush on her. Gem says she doesn’t think she should be talking to Bailey without a third party present, and explains that she wanted to tell her in case people saw them talking and they got the wrong idea. Susan suggests they bring Matt and Lauren in for a counselling session, but Gem's against that idea as it would be very traumatic for Bailey. Susan asks if she can suggest another approach, and Gem says she can.


In Harold's, Georgia and Kyle are making a list of furnishings for their new house when Gem comes in to meet Georgia for lunch. Gem says she wasn’t expecting Kyle to be joining them. Georgia, changing the subject, explains they’ve been house-hunting, and tells Gem they’ve decided to move into number 24, just the two of them. Georgia asks if Gem minds, but she insists not, she’s really happy for them. Georgia decides to shout her lunch, and goes to get some menus. Gem pulls the email printout from her bag, and then pushes it back in again.

In her office, Susan informs Bailey that he’s going to be moved to a different biology class. Bailey, clearly not happy with this move, tells Susan that someone other than Miss Reeves will be teaching him and he demands to know if someone’s said something, but Susan tells Bailey she thinks he’s been distracted in Miss Reeves' class, and needs a fresh start. Bailey's still not happy, but when Susan mentions the prospect of getting his parents involved, he grudgingly agrees. Once Bailey leaves, Susan wipes her brow, and looks as if she’s not herself.


In the corridor, Bailey catches up with Gem, and asks if she’s heard about him being moved. Gem tells Bailey that he should be in class, then says that she can't talk about this. Bailey enquires if Susan knows about the email and if she suspects. Gem informs Bailey that Susan knows nothing and they haven’t done anything wrong, Gem tells Bailey to calm down and everything will settle down. He then asks when they can see each other again, and she says that she isn't sure, as she's just had some bad news. Bailey tells Gem that if she needs someone to talk to, he’s a really good listener. Gem curtly says that she'll see him later and walks off, leaving Bailey looking sad.

Kate is writing an engagement card at the penthouse; however, she has only written Kyle's name on the card. Just then Kyle arrives in the lift, mentioning that Terese let him up. Kyle compliments Kate on her dress. Kate shrugs the compliment off; Kyle explains that he's come to tell her that he and Georgia are moving into number 24 tomorrow, but that he’s paying the rent at the share house until the end of the month so they have time to find someone else. Kate tells Kyle she’s not sure when she’ll be back in Ramsay Street, as she’s enjoyed living with Paul. Kyle tells her that he, Sheila and Chris have all missed having her around, and says that he knows things haven’t always been easy between them, but it’s been great sharing a house with her and he knows she’s one of Georgia’s best mates, but she’s one of his best mates too - he hopes it stays that way. Kate agrees with Kyle and, after he leaves, she looks sad and opens Kyle’s engagement card and adds Georgia’s name.


At number 30, Georgia is appalled when Gem flounces in, wearing a frilly bridesmaid's dress, which she bought after school without checking with Georgia. Georgia hasn’t bought her wedding dress yet and doesn’t know if Gem's dress will match, saying she should have asked her first. Gem angrily tells Georgia that her dress will go with anything and that it’s not all about her; Georgia reminds Gem that it’s her wedding and what she has just said is completely inappropriate. Georgia tells Gem to take it back. Gem stomps out, and Georgia shakes her head in disbelief.

Later, Georgia expresses her frustrations to Sonya, comparing Gem to Pippa Middleton in the bride-upstaging stakes! Sonya's attempts to defuse the situation don’t go down well with Georgia, but Sonya reminds her that Gem is sensitive about weddings, because of her fiancé leaving her. Georgia then feels guilty, figuring that she’s probably upset Gem by moving in with Kyle, as well as vetoing her dress. Sonya says that equally, Georgia shouldn’t have to tiptoe around Gem; this is her day, and she’s sure Gem will apologise. Georgia then takes a phone call from Kyle, who needs to see her right away.

Kyle carries Georgia over the threshold and into number 24, where he’s lovingly arranged some candles on the floor.


In the garden at number 26, preparations for the party are in full swing, with Brad, Kate, Sheila, Toadie and Sonya already in attendance. Sonya has brought a present for the bride-and-groom-to-be, a rewrapped ice-cream maker, that someone bought her and Toadie for their wedding! She can't remember who it was that gave it to them, but Sonya tells Toadie that they’ve never used it so they might as well pass it on!

Back at number 24, Kyle presents Georgia with a present in the form of an antique teapot, which belonged to his great gran. He says he knows they don't have a lot of money, but that he’ll always provide for them and as long as they’ve got each other, they’ve got everything. For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish from this day forward, till death do us part. Georgia kisses Kyle and tells him that she loves her husband-to-be. Kyle tells Georgia that he loves his wife-to-be. They start to get intimate.


In the garden at number 26, Kate gives Toadie the folder with the congratulation emails from friends and relatives who couldn’t make the party. Gem's ears prick up; Sheila prepares to call the happy couple to get them to come over. However, Kyle and Georgia are enjoying the privacy and the intimacy of being in their own home, when Chris and Sheila ring them simultaneously. Sheila tells Kyle that Bossy’s kennel is on fire and that he needs to come home right away!

Minutes later, Georgia and Kyle rush into the back yard, to find Bossy’s kennel is not on fire and to be greeted with a shout of 'surprise' from all the Ramsay Street residents. Everyone starts hugging, and Georgia apologises to Gem for their falling-out earlier. Gem admits she was out of line, she wasn’t thinking and she hates fighting, Georgia tells Gem that she should have been more thoughtful, with what she’s been through. Gem disagrees with Georgia and tells her that she’s lovely and wonderful, and people should treat her better. They hug. Meanwhile, Chris notices that Kate is looking glum, and goes over to talk to her. She says she’ll be fine, but is looking sadly at Kyle and Georgia embracing. While everyone else is otherwise engaged, Gem creeps over to the table where Toadie's folder of emails is, and slips the printout of Kate’s draft email to Kyle into the pile.


Later in the evening, everyone gathers in the house for present-giving. Georgia and Kyle open their ice-cream maker from Sonya and Toadie, but Sheila spots it and reveals that she was the one who gave it to Sonya and Toadie for their wedding. Sonya pretends that they use theirs so much, they bought a duplicate for Kyle and Georgia, but Sheila obviously doesn’t believe her. Toadie decides it’s time for speeches, and Kyle tells all the guests how much it means to them to have all their friends here to celebrate their engagement. Despite some heckling from some of Kyle’s mates from Frankston, Kyle concludes his speech by telling Georgia how much he loves her. Its then Georgia’s turn to speak, and she tells everyone how much she loves living in Erinsborough, calling Kate the best friend she could ever want, and Kyle her soulmate. Gem watches coldly. Georgia tells everyone that Ramsay Street is the most brilliant street in the world, and she never wants to leave. Ever!.



Toadie passes them the emails from those who couldn’t make the party. The first is from Honga - Kyle reads this, followed by Georgia reading an email from Toadie's mum, Angie. A surprised Georgia then tells everyone that the next one is from Kate Ramsay. Kate looks confused. Georgia starts to read the letter out:

“Dear Kyle, You must know what this email's about. You are not here, so I can't talk to you, but we have to forget that that night between us ever happened...”

Everyone starts laughing, thinking it’s a joke, except Kate, who looks gradually more horrified. Georgia continues to read the letter:

“It was a mistake. We shouldn’t have done it, and we both know that. I never wanted to hurt Georgia, and I know you don't either, that’s why we have to keep it to ourselves. No-one needs to know.”

Georgia is now looking pretty horrified too, along with Kyle and everyone else.

Featured Regular Characters: Brad Willis, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning, Kate Ramsay, Chris Pappas, Susan Kennedy, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadfish Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks, Bailey Turner

Guest Cast: Kathryn Beck as Gemma Reeves, Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi

Trivia Notes
• Past characters Ajay Kapoor and Angie Rebecchi are mentioned
• This episode served as an end-of-year cliffhanger for the UK viewers, airing on 20th December 2013, before the show took a two-week Christmas break from UK screens
• Honga's message reads: "Geez mate, how did a bloke with a face like yours score such a babe?"
• Angie's message reads: "Dear Georgia and Kyle, I always knew you guys would be perfect together, all my love, Angie."

Summary by Kyle

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