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Magic Moments > 2014 > Rebecca's Return: Part Two Episode 6829

Written by Stephen Vagg, Directed by Fiona Banks, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 27/02/14, Channel 5: 13/03/14

Josh complains because Amber is too busy to see him... Josh hurts himself and Kirk offers him something stronger than over-the-counter "lollies"... Terese feels guilty for accusing Mason... Rebecca arrives with the Twin Cities project... Paul wants to get back together with Rebecca...

At the penthouse, Rebecca tells Paul that their marriage is over for good, but he replies that he hasn’t got over her and they have both done things they regret - but they can get past all that. Rebecca informs Paul that he is delusional. Paul starts to explain how he knew she was back in Australia, then starts asking about Declan and India. Rebecca, in disbelief about what Paul has just said, reminds him that he threatened her family so that she stayed with him. Paul tells Rebecca that he doesn’t want to dwell on the past; he wants a future with her and confesses that the biggest mistake he made was ruining things between them. Paul declares that he will do anything it takes to get her back and he loves her and always will. Rebecca walks out telling Paul that their meeting is over. Paul looks disappointed.


At number 28, over a glass of wine, Susan suggests to Rebecca that maybe Paul is still in love with her. Rebecca is dubious; she tells Susan it's such an insanely convoluted way to go about it. Susan points out that he couldn't just send flowers and a card, he wanted to get in a room with her, so he use deception and strategy. Rebecca tells Susan that however awkward it will be, she's going to finish her job, then leave town and never see Paul again.

At the gym, Brad tells Josh that after he's had afternoon tea with Terese and Imogen, he has to return for another session. Brad mentions to Josh that he’s really proud of the way he’s stuck at his recovery. Brad heads outside and Josh picks up the business card from Kirk and throws it in the bin.


Terese is in Charlie’s, working on the laptop, as Mason enters and brings her some data projections. Terese tells Mason he can leave early, but he says that she's got to stop giving him special treatment and pitiful looks. Terese informs Mason that she feels terrible about the way they treated him, but Mason tells her it's fine, and goes back to work.

In the Lassiter's complex, Imogen has bought some cream for Josh's shoulder. He thanks her but says it's no use. Amber jogs up, very excited and tells them both that they won’t believe what happened to her today, Imogen asks if she got retweeted by One Direction. Amber tells Imogen that’s not it - though that would be awesome. Amber explains that she's the new part owner of Hermione. Josh points out that neither of them can drive, and the car probably won't last until Amber gets her licence. Amber asks Josh why he can’t just be happy for her, she wasn’t expecting him to say wow or awesome, but a polite smile and no criticism would have done. Josh sarcastically says to Amber “Sorry. I forgot everything was about you”. Amber heads off, not happy with Josh’s attitude, and Imogen can't quite believe her brother's behaviour.


Paul and Terese walk into Lassiter's reception, with Paul criticising a document that Terese has put together. Mason is at reception and Paul comments on how well Terese is treating him. Mason says that his name has been cleared, but he wishes Terese didn't act so guilty all the time. Mason tells Paul that he wants everything to go back to the way it was before the accident. Paul informs Mason that when a relationship is fractured, it can take a bit of time to repair - but there is always hope. Mason asks him what he suggests, and Paul informs Mason that in his experience a little distance always helps. Mason then asks Paul if he'd check if the job in Darwin is still available, and Paul promises to look into it.

Back at the Penthouse, Paul is surprised to see Rebecca enter and, wanting to continue with the project, Rebecca tells him that a job's a job. She insists that there should be no personal talk. Paul agrees, and then gives her an access card so she doesn't have to be buzzed up. They get to work, and Rebecca thinks the suggested cities are not suitable. Paul disagrees and says “And what about the Eastside Dingoes football and sporting club, eh? Come on, that's got to be every bit as good as Manchester United, surely?” They both laugh, and Paul smirks as Rebecca looks at her folder and his more realistic options for the Twin Cities project.


At number 32, Bailey and Lauren are making dinner. Mason arrives home, and gets a text from Paul, saying that the Darwin job is still available, and he admits that he's thinking of taking it. Lauren is upset, accusing him of running away and asks him if this has anything to do with the Willises, whilst Bailey asks if it's Rhiannon's idea. Mason tells them both that this is his idea, and he's unhappy at their lack of support.

In Harold's, Bailey is talking to Amber about Mason's plans to move to Darwin. He tells her that it's completely ridiculous and starts talking about how Darwin is filled with crocodiles, monsoons, and an oversupply of World War Two tourist attractions. Amber jokingly tells Bailey that he needs to stop watching those travel documentaries, andy he admits he'll miss Mason. Amber tells her little brother that they should be supportive, particularly since Lauren won't be happy.


Brad and Josh are out jogging, when Josh gets a text from Amber, but Brad tells him to leave it. Josh is in pain but tries to pass it off as a stitch.

At number 32, Lauren is talking to Matt about Mason. Lauren tells Matt that they have got to get Mason to see he’s making a huge mistake by moving up to Darwin. However, Matt disagrees and Lauren is taken aback. Matt informs Lauren that it could be good for Mason to be responsible for himself. Lauren asks Matt if he wants Mason to go - he replies that he doesn't, but says that maybe it's Mason's time.


At Charlie's, Rebecca is just telling Susan that Paul is following the ground rules and he may behave himself, when the man himself enters and saunters over to them. Paul asks if he can join them for dinner. Apparently, it's fate, because he was going to ask Susan for her opinion on the twin cities. Rebecca looks distinctly uncomfortable.

Several glasses of wine later and they're all chatting away happily. Rebecca mentions to Paul and Susan about India and how she’s quite a handful, she’s got attitude and smart comments... Paul goes off for another bottle. Susan mentions that it's been ages since she’s been around Paul when he's in full-on charm mode, and she comments that it's disturbingly attractive. Rebecca agrees and tells Susan that he can certainly turn it on. Susan asks Rebecca if she came back for closure with Paul. Rebecca denies this, saying she moved on a long time ago. Susan points out she's still single, but Rebecca says there have been other men - it's not worked out with any of them, but that's nothing to do with Paul.


Lauren is sorting out the washing in the kitchen, and she holds one of Mason's jumpers up close, and sighs.

Brad, Terese and Imogen are having dinner in the garden when Lauren appears, wanting to see Terese. Lauren asks Terese to stop Mason from leaving. Terese says it's the first she's heard of it, but Mason can't change his contract without her permission. Relieved, Lauren says that Terese can put a stop to all of this. Terese then asks if Mason wants to go, and Lauren says she can't understand how he can just decide to leave his family. Terese says that if Mason has been offered a transfer and he wants to take it, then she probably can't talk him out of it.


Back at number 32, Lauren is looking at some photos of Mason, when he comes in. They chat about a football match he played in when Lauren stood up for him, and nearly got banned from attending other matches. Mason tells Lauren that she’s always been there for him, fighting for him, whether it be schoolteachers, neighbours, cops, ex-girlfriends, or even his dad. Mason concludes that if he stayed here, then things would just keep being that way. A tearful Lauren suggests he could have more freedom, move out, get another job, but he doesn't have to move across the country. Mason says he's accepted the offer and he's leaving tomorrow.

At Harold’s, Josh and Amber are having food. Josh asks Amber about her driving lessons, and she says she's going to have as many as possible. Josh then announces that he's tired and leaves. Amber is not happy.


In the changing rooms at the gym, Josh retrieves Kirk's card from the bin. Josh calls him, and asks if he's still got "that stuff".

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy, Terese Willis, Brad Willis, Imogen Willis, Joshua Willis, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Mason Turner, Amber Turner, Bailey Turner

Guest Cast: Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier

Trivia Notes
• Past characters Gaby Willis, Rhiannon Bates, Declan Napier and India Napier are mentioned

Summary by Kyle