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Magic Moments > 2014 > Kathy's Confession: Part Two Episode 6837

Written by Pete McTighe, Directed by Scott Major, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 11/03/14, Channel 5: 25/03/14

Lauren’s mum Kathy makes a surprise trip to Erinsborough... Georgia and Kyle hold a memorial service... Georgia announces to Kyle that he needs to get on with his life... Amber tells Brad about Josh taking painkillers... Lauren is stunned at Kathy’s shocked news that her baby was not stillborn - she is in fact alive...

Lauren, devastated and traumatise with the news she has just received, asks her mum “How can she still be alive, it was you who told me she had died”. Kathy moves from where she is sitting to be closer to Lauren. Lauren continues “This doesn’t make any sense, my baby was stillborn, you looked me in the eye and you told me she’d gone”. Kathy explains “No, its not what I said, you thought she had gone, I didn’t correct you, you were lying in that bed after that horrible labour, you were drifting in and out of consciousness. When you woke up and you didn’t hear her crying because they had taken her away because she wasn’t breathing, and you looked up at me and you assumed she was stillborn”. Lauren struggling with Kathy’s confession says “You didn’t correct me? That was the worst moment of my life, the WORST and you lied to me, how could you do that?”. Kathy tells Lauren that she was so young, she had her whole life ahead of her, Kathy reminds Lauren that they talked about adoption. Lauren abruptly reminds her mum that she couldn’t go through with the adoption, then gets up from her chair, struggling to come to terms with the situation. Kathy says to Lauren “I know that and you were struggling with the idea but I thought you would be grateful”. Lauren angrily says to Kathy “GRATEFUL, it was MY CHOICE to make mum, not yours”. Kathy tells Lauren that if she had left the hospital there and then her future would have been decided for her, she would have been a single mother with a small child tied to her. Kathy continues “Brad had moved on, he’d married Beth and you were too young to take that responsibility”. “Oh who are you to decide that for me” Lauren sharply says to her mum. Kathy tells Lauren that she is her mother and she was trying to protect her and she wanted better for her and her baby!

At this moment Lauren has an epiphany and says to Kathy “Oh god, so you planned the whole thing?” Kathy informs Lauren that she lined up an opportunity and was planning to tell her after the baby was born but she kept making the assumption that she was stillborn. Lauren asks her mum to stop saying that as if it makes everything ok. Kathy tells Lauren that she is trying to explain what happened - Lauren asks where her daughter is and what happened to her. Kathy starts to explain “the doctor was a friend of a friend and I said that we wanted the child adopted quietly, and he said that he knew of a couple that were desperate to have a child”. Lauren, in-between gasping for air over this painful revelation, says to Kathy “The town that you took me to, that’s the reason you wanted me to give birth in the doctor's private surgery, not in the hospital. So I was lying there crying my... my eyes out, my little girl was alive and you KNEW IT!” Kathy tells Lauren that it was a mistake and she’s lived with it everyday of her life. Lauren can’t look at Kathy and turns, and sobs; Kathy tries to comfort Lauren by saying sorry, however a distraught Lauren pushes her away and tells her not to touch her. Lauren runs out into the garden in tears, Kathy looks on, upset.



Outside, Lauren is still in shock, as Kathy joins her. Lauren tells Kathy that she doesn’t want to talk to her. Kathy pleads with Lauren to let her explain, however Lauren can’t understand how she can justify what she did. Kathy tells Lauren that she tried to put it right, she went back to get the baby when she realised how much she was hurting, she couldn’t live with the guilt. But when she got there the doctor had died 2 months earlier and she never even knew the couple, because it was so unofficial, so she had no way of finding the little girl. Lauren asks Kathy if she kept trying and Kathy tells Lauren that she did, but she could have been anywhere, Kathy mentions that she hated herself for what she did but she knew that the baby was being loved by good people; she knew she was being cared for. Lauren says to Kathy “Do you think so? How did you know?” Kathy proceeds to put her hands on to Lauren’s face and says to her “I know she’s had a wonderful...” Lauren pushes her mum away again. Kathy says to Lauren “Lauren, Lauren you have to listen to me”. Lauren starts to clench her fists and says to Kathy “No, no it should have been me mum, don’t you get it?” Kathy apologies to Lauren, grabs her hand and explains that she wanted to tell her this for many years but she never had the courage. Lauren then enquires “If I wasn’t going to tell Matt, you still would have came down here and told me?” Kathy replies “Yes, Yes”. Kathy grabs Lauren's face again, “You deserve to know the truth, you do”. Lauren angrily says to Kathy “This is 20 years too late, mum", Lauren moves Kathy’s hands from her face, “it's 20 years too late for me”. Lauren sobs and gasps, she pushes her mum and runs off, leaving Kathy very upset.

Lauren makes her way to the driveway and stares over at the Willis house. She paces around sobbing, unable to accept the life-changing news she has just received.


At Erinsborough Hospital, Brad is waiting for Josh, who has gone for an MRI scan. Georgia spots him and sits down - she comments that it’s been crazy busy today and enquires how Josh is doing. Brad explains that he’s not doing great but he’s trying to get on with it. Georgia agrees; Brad, realising what she's also been through, apologises to her and comments that he can’t imagine what it is like to lose a child. Just then, a young woman and child come to reception wanting assistance. Georgia goes over to them and asks what’s wrong. The lady - Billie - explains that her baby has a really bad rash all over his tummy and she doesn’t know what to do. Karl enters and tells Georgia that he can handle this; however Georgia insists that she can handle this and reminds Karl that there is a patient waiting for him. Georgia tells the worried mum she will be through in a moment. Karl, concerned about Georgia again, tells her that she doesn’t have to do this. Georgia tells Karl that she is fine, she can do this and she is going to be seeing babies all the time, she then grabs some papers and goes.

Bailey is filling Callum in on why gramps and grandma don’t get on, however Bailey comments that he is pleased things are relatively peaceful again at home. Conversation moves on to the two Josies, and whether he and Callum will be able to sort out their recent fight. Callum explains to Bailey that they're not fighting, but they are not happy with them, and wonders what they can do to put it right. However, despite their best efforts, they can’t think of anything.


Kathy is sitting at the breakfast table, lost in thought. The front door bangs and Kathy gets a shock. Matt enters and welcomes Kathy, he comments that Lauren had told him she had paid them a surprise visit. Kathy gives Matt a forced smile. He says that he heard about the presents she got for the kids, and asks if Lauren is here, as she told him she would be home. Kathy tells Matt that she went for a walk. Matt, sensing things are a bit strange, asks Kathy if she is ok, to which Kathy replies with a simple “I’m fine, thanks”. Just then Lauren enters and Matt asks what’s happened and enquires if she and her mum have had a ‘blue or something’. Lauren looks over at her mum and sighs; Lauren tells Matt they need to go outside, because she needs to talk to him.

Outside, though we don't hear what she's saying, we see Lauren telling Matt the whole emotional story. At moments Lauren is upset having to relive the situation; however Matt continues to show signs of empathy.


Lauren asks Matt to say something, and he asks who the father is. Lauren tells him that it's Brad, and Matt clenches his teeth in frustration. Lauren asks Matt to not hate her. Matt, now standing looking out to the garden, says to Lauren “I guess this would explain a hell of a lot”. Matt sits back down with his wife and says “Maybe... maybe you haven’t been having feelings for Brad. Maybe this whole time this is what it’s been about” Lauren just nods. Matt continues “Well I guess that’s something, I feel a bit of an idiot now, going off the handle all these times. Your dreams, your sketch, I wish you could have explained it to me, I could have been there, I could have supported you”. Lauren sighs and tells Matt that it’s all so painful, she just wanted to forget, the longer she left it the easier it got, now she doesn’t know whether to scream, shout or cry. She doesn’t know how to feel, she just feels numb, her whole world has turned upside-down and everything has changed. Matt tells Lauren that he’s still here. Lauren smiles and tells Matt that she loves him and kisses him. Lou then suddenly joins them, and jokingly says “Oh gee, get a room”. Lou starts to empty the bag of food he has bought and suggests they have a barbecue tonight. Matt stops Lou, Lou looks at Lauren and can gather what he is about to be told is something serious.

Inside the house, Lou shouts at Kathy “How could you... it’s all starting to make sense now, yeah, all these presents you're throwing at the kids. It’s not for their benefit; it’s to make you feel better”. Kathy tells Lou that she loves those kids. Lou comments that nothing she can say or do can excuse what she's done. Kathy informs Lou that he wasn’t there, he didn’t see what Lauren went through giving birth, she was scared and upset. Lou quite forceful says to Kathy “Of course, I didn’t because I didn’t even know she was pregnant! You told me she had glandular fever! Why didn’t you tell me Kath, I could have helped”. Again Kathy comments that Lou wasn’t there. Lou says to Kathy “I wasn’t on the damn moon either, this was our first grandchild! No, you kept me out of the loop because you know I would have put a stop to your little plan. If I had been in your position I would have told you, I couldn’t... I couldn’t keep something like this from you Kathy”. Kathy tells Lou to do the math and points out that Lauren was pregnant before she left Ramsay Street - she didn’t want him to know.


Shocked by Kathy’s revelation, Lou is sitting outside, when Bailey enters. Bailey asks where everyone is, but Lou is in a daze and doesn’t notice Bailey is there trying to talk to him. Lou then apologies and explains that he has been a bit pre-occupied. Bailey starts to explain to Lou that he had the strangest phone call with his nana. Lou asks what she said, Bailey tells Lou that she said that loved him, but he got the impression that she wanted him to stay away. Bailey asks Lou if they've been fighting again. Lou confirms they have but mentions it will be fine and not to worry. Callum enters and Lou leaves. Callum shows Bailey Josie’s Facebook profile and mentions that Bailey’s Josie has befriend Callum’s Josie and they are watching a movie together. Bailey realises that they didn’t even invite them over, even though they knew they were both free today. Callum tells Bailey that they don’t need girls to have a good time, they have Dragon Prophecies. Bailey agrees, but clearly isn't convinced.

At number 30, Callum is playing Dragon Prophecies, whilst Bailey looks on, disinterested. Callum asks if Bailey wants to have a turn, which Bailey declines. Bailey asks Callum if he would rather be hanging out with the Josies - Callum’s answer is a no. Just then both their phones beep and it’s a text message from the Josies asking if they want to hang out. Callum comments that they don’t need girls to have fun and it’s a bit late now. All of a sudden they both rush out.


At the hospital, Susan is waiting as Georgia enters and tells her that Karl is just finishing with a patient. Susan informs Georgia that she wasn’t expecting to see her back at work so soon and asks how she's feeling. Georgia explains that she's keeping busy and she is up and down. Georgia mentions to Susan that she treated a baby today for a minor allergy, and Susan, looking concerned, tells Georgia that it must have been a bit confronting and she doesn’t have to push herself, it’s important to take time to get over her loss. Georgia agrees with this, and conversation moves on to Kyle. Georgia mentions to Susan she hasn’t seen him since the ceremony, though the last time she saw him she mentioned that it wasn’t good for him shutting himself in the house. Susan suggests that Kyle may need to talk to someone, mentioning that Georgia might be that person. However, Georgia sternly tells Susan that she’s got a lot going on and can’t give him anymore than she already has - Georgia then stomps off.

In Harold’s, Lou hands Sheila her drink but Sheila declares it is not the one she ordered. They start to bicker and Lou calls her a ‘sticky beak’. Sheila tells Lou to forget the drink and walks out. As Sheila is leaving Brad enters and Sheila passes comment that if he’s looking for service with a smile, then Lou ain’t it. Brad asks Lou if he is having a rough day, but Lou fails to answer. Brad proceeds to ask if Lauren is working, again Lou does not answer. Brad notices Harold’s is empty, and again asks Lou is he's ok. Lou answers this time, only to tell Brad that he’s busy. Brad looks concerned.


At number 32, Matt comments to Lauren that her doctor must have known that Mason wasn’t her first child. Lauren confirms this but tells Matt that she asked the doctor not to say anything. Matt tells Lauren that it all makes sense to him now, how she was worried in case something went wrong with Mason's birth. Lauren informs Matt that she kept thinking she may lose another baby and that's why she was so protective over Mason. Matt and Lauren reflect, he wonders what they should do. Lauren sighs; Matt points out that they will have to tell the kids. Lauren sits up and says to Matt “I’d like to tell Brad first, he should know before anyone else”. Matt agrees and tells Lauren the sooner the better. Lauren decides to go and do it now, turning down Matt's offer to come with her, declaring that this is something that she needs to do on her own.



At number 32, Brad invites Lauren in and asks if she is ok, as she sounded tense on the phone. She asks if anyone is home. Brad asks what's wrong, and Lauren again asks if anyone is home. Brad looking concerned says to Lauren, “Ok, you’re really starting to worry me now, has something happened?” Lauren sits down and starts to tell Brad the story - “All those years ago when I left Ramsay Street and went to mum's...” Brad nods. “I was pregnant, I had a baby... a little girl... our little girl... you’re the father”. Brad looks stunned.

Featured Regular Characters: Lou Carpenter, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Bailey Turner, Brad Willis, Callum Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks, Sheila Canning, Susan Kennedy

Guest Cast: Tina Bursill as Kathy Carpenter, Tamzen Hayes as Billie Tyler, Otis Roberts as Baby Alex Tyler

Trivia Notes
• Past characters Beth Brennan and Mason Turner are mentioned

This was a very powerful, strong episode with so many revelations; the first five minutes was intense and gripping viewing. I personally think there were too many revelations in one go. They could easily have had almost a two-hander with Brad and Lauren alone, or the whole episode could have centred on Lauren, Kathy, Matt and Lou as a four-hander. However, the acting from Tina Bursill and Kate Kendall was just brilliant.

Summary by Kyle