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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6838

Written by Pete McTighe, Directed by Scott Major, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 12/03/14, Five: 26/03/14

Georgia rejecting Kate's offer to socialise later in the day
Rebecca pointing out that Brennan still loves Kate; Meanwhile, Brennan moves away from Danni's kiss
Lauren telling Kathy that thinking she had lost her daughter was the worst moment of her life
Lauren revealing to Brad that, when she left Ramsay Street, she was pregnant with his child

No 22: Lauren asks Brad, who is sitting in stunned silence, what is going through his head but he admits that he doesn't know what to say. Brad wonders why Lauren didn't say anything, even if she thought the baby had died: Lauren replies she didn't want Brad to be hurt. She admits that the baby has been on her mind every day since she has been on the Ramsay Street and reveals that she has no idea where their daughter could be. Brad asks Lauren how Kathy could have kept this a secret and Lauren replies that Kathy said she had her reasons. Just then, Terese returns home causing Lauren to leave immediately. Sitting down, Terese asks Brad if everything is alright.

No 32: Matt asks Lauren how Brad was and Lauren explains that he was shocked and confused by the news. She admits that she doesn't know how she feels herself, but thanks Matt for being understanding. Matt wonders whether to break the news to the rest of the family tomorrow but Lauren explains she may need more time. Matt hugs her, telling her they will get through this.

No 30: Georgia opens the front door to find Kate standing there with a bunch of flowers. She invites Kate in as she goes to get a vase and Kate explains that she has been worried about Georgia. Georgia tells her that she doesn't need to worry but suggests she sees if Kyle is alright as she has heard Kyle hasn't been back to work. Kate is surprised at this and Georgia looks worried, assuming that Kate would have seen Kyle. Kate reiterates that she and Kyle were only meant to be friends and that she meant what she told Georgia: Kyle is still in love with Georgia. Georgia thanks Kate for dropping in and Kate heads off.

Harold's Store: Paul runs into Rebecca, who is busy reading a menu. Rebecca asks Paul if he is stalking her, although he only admits to it being a 'coincidence'. Paul asks Rebecca why she is settling for a sandwich from Harold's when she can use Lassiter's restaurant as much as she likes. Paul attempts to take Rebecca back to Lassiter's with him, although she refuses, heading to the counter to order her food. She turns and gives Paul back his apartment key card, but he tells her to admit that she isn't really in Erinsborough just to sort out Kate's love life. Rebecca wonders why Paul finds it so difficult to understand, but Paul replies that they have a connection. Rebecca urges Paul to just use his ammunition against her: that she was the one who pushed him from the hotel's mezzanine. Paul retorts that he just wants a second chance.

No 22: Terese is drinking a glass of wine, ignoring Brad, who is asking her how long she is going to give him the silent treatment. Terese asks how Brad didn't know that Lauren was pregnant when she left Ramsay Street. Brad explains that Lauren didn't say anything and that he didn't cheat on Beth as they hadn't got back together until afterwards. Terese angrily asks why Lauren hasn't said anything for the whole time they have been living together on the street and wonders where the daughter is now. Brad replies that Lauren doesn't know where she is, but Terese asks how they know that Lauren isn't lying. Refuting this, Brad suggests telling Josh and Imogen the news, but Terese tells him not to as Josh is only just keeping things together as it is. Terese gets up and tells Brad she needs to talk to Lauren; Brad tries to stop her, pointing out that she is angry and will make things worse, but Terese angrily turns on him, wondering how the situation could get any worse.

No 32: Marching into the kitchen, Terese, followed by Brad, furiously asks Lauren if the whole thing is a joke. Lauren urges Matt to close the door and Brad tries to calm Terese down. Lauren tells Terese she is as shocked as everyone, but Terese angrily yells that Lauren at least knew there was a pregnancy in the first place. Terese shouts that she can't believe that Lauren didn't know the baby was alive, Matt tells her to thank Kathy for that bombshell. Lauren tells Terese that it all happened before Terese met Brad, but Terese snaps back that Brad is her husband and wonders how Lauren would feel if it were Matt in the same position. Lauren admits she would find it difficult. Terese can't believe that it would just be 'difficult' and rounds on Matt asking how he can be so calm about this. Matt replies that nothing will be achieved by yelling at each other. Terese adds that they will not be telling the children: Matt argues that they will be angry if the adults are keeping secrets, but Terese sarcastically retorts that Lauren has been doing so for twenty years and that a few more days won't matter. She adds that this will be non-negotiable and that it is the least Lauren owes them. Terese asks Lauren what she is going to do now, pointing out Lauren doesn't know where it is or what its name is. Lauren snaps back that 'it' is a 'she' and tells Terese she is struggling as much as her. Terese storms off, angry and upset leaving Brad to apologise after her.

No 22:Terese storms in, followed by Brad, who tells her being angry at Lauren won't help. Terese says that she is angry at the whole situation, admitting she can't make sense of the situation. Terese explains she is ok with Beth's child because she knew about them, but the fact there are now three mothers entangled in Brad's life makes her wonder if there are any more children out there that she should know about. brad explains that there are not; Terese says she understands that Lauren isn't responsible for what Kathy did, but points out that what Brad did was deceitful too. Brad heads off to take a shower and go to bed: Terese tells him she wants to sleep by herself and Brad heads off to set himself up on the couch. After he has gone, Terese heads over to the portrait on the wall. Looking sadly at it, she throws it to the floor, and walks over it, smashing the glass in the process.

No 22: The next morning, Imogen wakes up Brad, asking him why he is sleeping on the couch. Brad replies that he fell asleep watching the TV, although Imogen points out that he never does that. She asks what happened to the smashed portrait as she found it on the floor; just then, Terese walks past saying the wind use have caught it. Imogen asks what the fighting is about, as she notices the tension between Brad and Terese. They don't say anything, so Imogen tells them to sort their stuff out as she heads off to get some milk, as Terese has noticed they are out whilst she is making the tea. Once Imogen has left, Brad tells Terese they will have to tell the children, but Terese snaps back that she is not ready. He asks Terese how she slept, and Terese indicates that she didn't, before leaving the house to grab a coffee at work.

No 32: Kathy is making Lauren coffee in the kitchen and explains that, with everyone gone, she would like a talk. Lauren tells Kathy to stop the 'supportive mother' act as it is too late for that. Kathy apologises and Lauren replies that if she were really sorry she would have tried to get the baby back. Kathy replies that, by then, Lauren was pregnant with Mason and Lauren asks Kathy why she thinks she had another baby so soon. She admits it was to fill the emptiness left by losing her first baby. Lauren goes on to explain she tried to picture her the previous night but couldn't, because she never got to see her, and points out all the occasions she has missed in her daughter's life. Kathy explains she wishes she could make it up to Lauren and Lauren replies that she can start by getting out of Number 32. She adds that she will never forgive Kathy for what she has done and says that she is going for a walk: when she returns, Kathy needs to be gone. Lauren heads off, leaving Kathy sat alone at the table.

Fitzgerald Motors: Brennan is fixing a car when Danni wanders over, asking if he is avoiding her as she hasn't seen much of him. Brennan explains that he isn't, but that the garage is busy, and reassures Danni that her attempt to kiss him did not mess things up between them. Just then, Rebecca pulls up in the car with Kate in the passenger seat. Brennan asks what the problem is and Rebecca explains that the car she is renting is making a horrible screeching noise. Brennan asks if the noise is actually Kate's singing. Rebecca smiles to Kate as Brennan goes to take a look.

Dingoes Den Gym: Lauren tells Brad she didn't know where else to go and that she couldn't bear to be around Kathy. She asks how Terese is: Brad admits Terese is taking the news badly. Lauren apologises and asks Brad what they do now - should they leave or try to find their daughter. Brad explains his family has to come first: Josh has had his world ripped apart by the accident and Terese is currently struggling. Brad points out their daughter might not even know she is adopted and without records, they may never be able to find her. Lauren replies that she hopes Kathy was right and that she is safe and well somewhere.

Fitzgerald Motors: Kate arrives and is about to get Brennan's attention when Danni heads over to him with a present. Brennan explains that it is not his birthday: Danni replies that it is an 'I kissed you and don't want it to be awkward' present, which Kate hears. Brennan thanks Danni and says that it is a sweet gesture. Brennan spots Kate, who explains she is there to pick up Rebecca's car. Before Brennan goes to get the keys, he invites Kate to a barbecue at Kyle's later on, as a welcome to Brennan and Danni who have just moved in. Brennan asks if Kate has seen Kyle. when she admits that she hasn't, Brennan sympathises with Kyle, wondering how awful it must be to have a dream of children snatched away from you. Brennan admits he doesn't know if he could handle that. Kate explains she can't come to the barbecue, as she has agreed to meet Rebecca for lunch, and gets in the car to leave.

Charlie's: Paul heads over to where Rebecca is sitting, and she asks him to take a seat with her. Rebecca explains that Kate has told her about her fertility issues and suggests that Paul should get counselling and advice for Kate. Paul replies that Kate has had counselling and thought she was doing ok, but when Rebecca explains that Kate is just bottling it up, Paul suggests they all sit down to dinner later. Rebecca tells him to book something and that she will be there. as he heads off, he bumps into Kate, telling her not to make any plans for later. As Paul leaves, Kate heads over to Rebecca, who immediately asks if Kate talked to Brennan. Kate wonders why Brennan would settle for her when she can't give him what he wants: Rebecca replies that it would be because Brennan loves her. Kate tells Rebecca she has made up her mind: she is not telling Brennan as she doesn't want to force him to make a choice.

No 26: Brennan thanks Sheila and Kyle for the barbecue. Sheila tells him it is her pleasure and Brennan explains that Kate can't make it, sympathising with Kyle over his loss. Kyle explains he is getting there and that Sheila has really helped. Brennan says that he and Kate used to talk about having kids, leaving Chris, Sheila and Kyle looking a little shocked, and says that if they get their act together it might still happen in the future. Brennan sees Kyle's expression and apologises for being insensitive, but Kyle explains that the miscarriage isn't the reason he looked upset. Brennan wonders what is going on and why Chris, Sheila and Kyle are being so secretive. Kyle is forced to admit that he knows why Kate is avoiding Brennan: because Kate is unable to have any children of her own.

Featured Regular Characters: Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Imogen Willis, Georgia Brooks, Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning, Chris Pappas

Guest Cast: Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan, Tina Bursill as Kathy Carpenter, Laura McIntosh as Danni Ferguson

Trivia Notes
Past character Beth Brennan is mentioned

Summary by Alex