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Magic Moments > 2014 > Lucy's Return Episode 6939

Written by Pete McTighe, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 31/07/14, Channel 5: 14/08/14

Bossy gets bitten by a snake, and Kyle calls Georgia stupid for letting it happen... Paul tells Karl he needs help... Naomi confesses that she kissed Toadie... Naomi sees Toadie and Sonya kissing...

Sonya and Toadie are coming out of the Waterhole and are discussing last night, Toadie comments that he wishes he got a selfie. However Sonya points out that it was a good thing, as he would have put it all over the internet. Naomi sees them kissing and looks sad - she proceeds to go into Harold’s.



In Harold's, Naomi orders a coffee and exchanges a few words with Chris. Chris admits he was thrown at her confession the other day, and reassures Naomi that they are still friends. Naomi proceeds to sit down and starts to tell Chris that she had real feelings for Toadie, and now it's awkward and embarrassing when she sees him. Chris tells her that she needs to move on and says “Meaningless fling?” Naomi enquires if that has ever actually worked for him in the past, and he admits that it hasn’t, but reminds Naomi that she lives with the hottest guy in Erinsborough so she could at least enjoy the view. Naomi nods in agreement. Lucy enters, sees Daniel and says “Surprise!”. Daniel and Lauren greet her. Lauren asks Lucy what she is doing here and Daniel hopes it wasn’t down to his last email about Paul. Lucy tells Daniel that she’s happy he filled her in on Paul, and she was overdue a visit anyway. Lucy sits down and she and Daniel start reminiscing, Daniel starts asking Lucy how things are in New York, Lucy evades the question and asks about Paul - Daniel explains that he's seeing Karl, and Lucy looks concerned.

At the Penthouse, Karl asks Paul about the last few days. Paul stays silent, so Karl tells him that it is strange for the both of them, but it will get easier. Paul comments that the medication isn't working, and Karl reassures Paul that it takes time. Paul says to Karl “Every day is the same. I mean, things don't get any brighter. It's like I am on the edge of something and the slightest thing will just send me over”. Karl reminds Paul he's already taking steps to pull himself back.


At the vet's surgery, Georgia walks in, sees Kyle and asks if there has been any news. Kyle tells Georgia, that the anti-venom has worked and Bossy is resting. Georgia hands him some food and asks if he got much sleep last night, Kyle shakes his head and Georgia tells him that she didn’t either. Georgia starts to bring up last night; Kyle comments that it was stressful but adds that things are ok now - he tells Georgia that he should check on Bossy. Kyle goes to the door, he turns around to Georgia and informs her that the vet bill is big and they will have to come up with a payment plan. Georgia looks upset.

At number 24, Mark comes into the lounge room and asks Naomi who used all the hot water - Naomi claims that it wasn't her. Mark heads towards the kitchen and is horrified to see a mouse. Naomi says to Mark “Oh yeah, Snoop”. “Snoop? That thing has a name?” is Mark’s stunned reply. Naomi tells Mark that Snoop Mouse has been around for ages and it’s no ‘biggie’, he’s harmless. Mark, bewildered with Naomi’s attitude towards the mouse, proceeds to tell her that he's vermin and he can't believe she invited him in. Naomi tells Mark that she didn’t invite him in and states that he is very good at cleaning up her biscuit crumbs. Mark’s horrified, and insists that they break out the cleaning products straight away.


Back in Harold's, Lucy tells Daniel that she is surprised that Paul hasn’t thrown himself into work. Daniel informs Lucy that he never leaves the couch - Lucy says that it's a good thing he’s in counselling. Daniel advises her not to mention it, as Paul doesn’t want anyone knowing, adding that Paul has a long way to go. Lucy tells Daniel that she wishes she'd come over for Kate’s funeral but she was caught up with stuff, but she's sure that Paul will get through this. She says to Daniel “Not even a rhino could knock him down”. Lucy moves the conversation on to Daniel and asks him how he likes Erinsborough - he says that it’s good and mentions to her that he’s met a girl. Lucy warns Daniel not to rush into anything; they pay for their coffees and leave to visit Paul.

In the backyard of number 26, Georgia is complaining to Sheila about Kyle calling her stupid. Sheila tells Georgia that he shouldn't have said that, and Georgia adds that Kyle doesn't seem to think there's a problem. Sheila advises Georgia that the best thing she can do is forgive him and move on, because that's what couples do. Georgia does not look convinced.


At the Penthouse, Lucy hugs Paul, and tells him it’s so good to see him. She offers to take him out to lunch, but Paul tells her that he's busy and walks into another room. Daniel informs Lucy that Paul barely leaves the apartment, and she says that he's like a different person, and asks if there's anything she can do. Karl tells Lucy that Paul is struggling to see the positives, but she needs to be supportive, encouraging and be patient with him. Karl tells Lucy that there is no instant fix and he can’t just ‘snap out of it’. Lucy thanks Karl for looking out for Paul, Karl tells her that Daniel's done a wonderful job taking care of him but he’s sure that he could do with some support. Daniel nods in agreement; Lucy takes Daniel’s hand and tells him that he’s not alone in this.

Inside number 24, Mark is busy scrubbing the floor, while Naomi is not so busy flicking a duster here and there. Mark informs Naomi that if she sees the mouse to tell him. Naomi comments that the mouse’s name is Snoop and asks Mark what he is going to do with him when they catch him. Mark tells Naomi just to tell him if she sees the mouse, Mark then tells her to go and change so she can help properly. Naomi says to Mark “I didn't realise it was casual Thursday. I didn't get the memo”. Mark comments that he doesn't want to get bleach on his good clothes. Naomi suggests he could lose the singlet… and the trackies. However, Mark doesn't pick up on her none-too-subtle flirting, and tells Naomi to get a move on, before returning to cleaning the floor.


At number 26, Kyle brings Bossy in and Chris and Sheila are pleased to see her. Chris asks how Bossy is and Kyle comments that she’s a bit woozy but she will be alright. Georgia looks sulky - Kyle puts his arm around her and she strops off into the kitchen.

Back at number 24, Naomi announces she's all done with her share of the cleaning. Naomi comments that after all that hard work, she wants to lie down. Mark suggests it may be the chemicals, he comments that he loves the smell, but sometimes they're overpowering. Naomi says to Mark “Well, something's overpowering, but it's not the chemicals”. Naomi then suggests cleaning out the bedrooms, starting with hers. He agrees, and then Naomi starts undoing her top. Mark, finally realising what Naomi is after, comments that he's flattered, but they’re just housemates. Naomi tells Mark that she wasn’t suggesting something serious. However, Mark again tells Naomi that he's not interested. Naomi, taken aback, gets her bag and leaves.


By Lassiter's Lake, Naomi is sitting on a bench among the trees, crying. Toadie sees her and goes to see what's wrong. Naomi tells Toadie that him being here is just making it worse. Naomi then announces that she's embarrassed and proceeds to say to Toadie “I just threw myself at a guy who has no feelings for me either. How original is that?” Toadie asks Naomi what's wrong with being single, and she tells him to go, as she's not going to drown herself in the lake. Toadie comments that it would be quite hard, as it's not that deep. Naomi does not respond; Toadie takes the hint and leaves her to it, but tells her he’s sorry about how things have turned out.

At number 26, Kyle notices that Georgia is quiet and tells her everything is fine now. Georgia tells Kyle it isn't, because he called her stupid. Kyle comments that he was stressed, angry and tells her not to take it to heart as he didn’t mean it, he proceeds to apologise to Georgia but she doesn't accept. Kyle tells Georgia that he was worried about Bossy. “And that makes it OK for you to lash out at me and five minutes later act like nothing's wrong?” is Georgia’s reply. Kyle tells Georgia that she should know when he doesn't mean something; Georgia retorts that he should know when he's gone too far. Georgia goes off home in a sulk, telling Kyle that he doesn’t get it.


Inside number 24, Mark sees the mouse and does a flying leap and catches it, just as Naomi arrives home and sees him on the floor. Mark declares that he's caught the mouse; Naomi tells him not to hurt him, but Mark claims that he’s the one who’s hurt, claiming he thinks that he broke a rib. Naomi says to Mark “Well, as long as Snoop's all right”. Mark allows Naomi to say her goodbyes to Snoop and takes him out into the garden. Naomi then apologises for what happened earlier. Mark tells Naomi that it's fine and asks if it was a rebound thing. Naomi says to Mark “Is it possible for you to rebound with someone you were never with?”. Mark shakes his head, Naomi proceeds to tell Mark that it’s all in the past now and she will get over Toadie.

At Harold's, Kyle is talking over the Georgia situation with Sonya. Sonya comments that he's been able to express his thoughts and frustration, and although he didn't mean to hurt Georgia, her feelings aren't invalid. Kyle asks Sonya how he can fix it. Meanwhile, Lauren is chatting to Lucy, who makes it clear that she doesn't want to talk about New York. Lucy claims it's the jet-leg making her snappy. Lauren hands Lucy her drink, Lucy goes to leave and drops her bag - a pregnancy test falls out, though she quickly manages to hide it.


Kyle heads over to number 30 and apologises to Georgia for hurting her. He promises to listen when she needs to be heard, like she does for him. Georgia promises Kyle she will talk about things when she's on the verge of tears, rather than expecting him to notice. Kyle comments that he’s pleased she’s said that because he’s not the smartest. They kiss. Bossy whines - she's in the Boss-mobile, a basket on wheels, which means that they can take her for walks.


Lucy is sitting inside the Waterhole, as Paul and Daniel enter. Paul is not keen on the idea of eating out, but Daniel insists, and tells him it was Lucy's idea. Paul comments that Lucy never visits without an agenda and the two of them start to argue. The argument starts to become rather heated and Daniel tries to calm the situation but is unable to - Paul tells Lucy that she should do him a favour and fly back to New York. Lucy retaliates by telling Paul that he should do everyone a favour and snap the hell out of it! Paul looks shocked at what Lucy has just said.

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson, Karl Kennedy, Sheila Canning, Naomi Canning, Kyle Canning, Chris Pappas, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks, Lauren Turner, Mark Brennan

Guest Cast: Melissa Bell as Lucy Robinson, Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi

Trivia Notes
• Melissa Bell returns for another guest stint as Lucy Robinson
• It is mentioned that Lucy hasn't seen Daniel in a number of years - the last time they saw each other, Daniel was halfway through high school

Summary by Kyle