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Lucy Robinson 1985-1992, 1993, 1995, 2005, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2020, 2021, 2022
Lived: 26 Ramsay Street
Born: 1973 (originally c. 1974/'75)
Parents: Jim and Anne Robinson
Children: Annie
Marital Status: David Kazalian (1993-1995; divorced), Mark Gottlieb (2020-)
Siblings: Paul, Julie, Scott, Glen and Jill
Family Tree: Robinson
Occupation: Newspaper Delivery Girl, Student, Model, Personal Assistant, Head of Lassiters Worldwide Development

The youngest child of Jim and Anne Robinson, Lucy Robinson was born in Erinsborough in 1973. Lucy never knew her mother as she had died from a blood clot shortly after giving birth to Lucy. Anne's mother Helen Daniels moved in with Jim and the family and raised Lucy. Lucy, therefore, always looked on Helen as a mother figure and it was always Helen she would turn to in times of trouble.

As a young girl, Lucy was quite mischievous, often getting into scrapes with her friend, Bradley Townsend, and her beloved pet terrier, Basil. When Basil went missing down a drain, Lucy followed him and fell down the drain, becoming trapped for days. She temporarily lost her sight as a result of the fall and even when it did come back, she pretended she was still blind in order to keep Ruth Wilson, a friend of her father's in Erinsborough. It was only when Lucy's older brother Scott realised she could see that she was forced to give up the charade.

When Jim started seeing Zoe Davis - a woman 20 years Jim's junior - Lucy and her eldest brother Paul took an instant dislike to her and were dead against the relationship. Lucy was constantly rude to Zoe and on one occasion, poured a jug of water all over Zoe in the middle of a family dinner. Lucy then began to pester Zoe by ringing her and making heavy breathing noises down the phone. Zoe was puzzled as to who it was and became so frightened that she got a whistle and blew down the phone the next time a call was made. Lucy was left with a burst eardrum and was forced to stop her hate campaign. She was nearly killed shortly after when she was stung by a bee on Ramsay Street and couldn't breathe but neighbour Clive Gibbons performed a life-saving tracheotomy on her on the Robinsons kitchen table, saving her life.

Heartbreak hit Lucy when her beloved Basil died when he got caught in a tide while they were at the beach. Scott's mate, Mike Young tried to save Basil but failed. A hurt and upset Lucy blamed Mike for Basil's death and he tried to make it up to her by buying her a new pup - a golden Labrador called Bouncer. At first, Lucy refused to accept the dog but when she got over the loss of Basil, welcomed Bouncer with open arms.

Lucy left Erinsborough for several months for a tour of Europe where she blossomed into a teenager. On her return to Ramsay Street, she was spoilt and arrogant. Returning from places like London and Paris to a suburb in Melbourne made Lucy unhappy and she became rude and insensitive to all her family. But when she was asked to be bridesmaid at Scott's wedding to Charlene Mitchell, Lucy soon settled back in to life in Erinsborough.

However, just as life was getting back to normal for Lucy, a number of incidents began to occur resulting in her acting strangely. She let go of Bouncer's leash while taking him for a walk, was dropped from the school netball team and began acting strangely at home, forgetting things and becoming clumsy. Things came to a head one evening when Charlene tried waking her from a nap and Lucy didn't respond. She was rushed to Erinsborough Hospital where it was discovered she had a brain tumour. It was operated on immediately and was successfully removed but the operation caused Lucy to have to have her hair shaved off. But it eventually grew back and Lucy realised how lucky she was to be alive.

The aftermath of the operation saw a dramatic change in Lucy's home life. In the months following her recovery, Jim married Dr. Beverly Marshall (who, unlike Zoe, was welcomed by Lucy) and with her came her nephew and niece Todd and Katie Landers. With the Robinson house full once again, Lucy decided she wanted to go to boarding school and after months of pleading with her father, she was allowed leave after winning a place at the prestigious Alumwood College.

Jim kept Lucy's room free for school holidays and her visits were always filled with drama. When she returned for the holidays one Christmas, Jim was shocked to receive a phone call from the headmaster informing him Lucy had cheated in a test, raising doubts over her future at Alumwood. But it turned out Lucy was covering for a friend who had copied from her. She went to visit her friend in the hope of convincing her to own up but was unsuccessful. It was only when Todd, after Lucy had confided in him, convinced the girl to do the right thing that Lucy was allowed to return to boarding school and resume her studies.

Lucy caused more problems for her father on another visit when she began a romance with Nick Page, a Year 12 student living at the Robinsons under the care of Helen. Jim disapproved of the romance because Nick was older than Lucy and felt things were getting too serious between the young couple. A deep rift developed between father and daughter and Lucy told Jim that from then on she would spend school holidays at her sister Julie's in the country rather than return home. Faced with the prospect of losing his daughter, Jim apologised for being so over-protective and admitted he found it difficult accepting that his baby daughter was growing up.

Although Lucy had made up with her father, she still decided to spend her next few holidays with Julie in the country. She eventually had enough of boarding school and began to misbehave in the hope of getting expelled. She got her wish eventually and returned to Erinsborough to face the wrath of an angry Jim and a very disappointed Helen. But her father and grandmother were comforted by Lucy's decision to sit Year 12 at Erinsborough High.

Things at the Robinson house had changed dramatically since Lucy had last been home. Jim and Beverly had divorced, although Todd had stayed on, and his best friend Josh Anderson was staying with the Robinsons too. But the biggest shock for Lucy came when she met her half-brother Glen Donnelly, the son Jim had unknowingly fathered during the Vietnam War and had only recently turned up in Erinsborough to get to know his family. Jim had put off telling Lucy worrying what her reaction might be but she surprisingly welcomed Glen into the family and they became very close. In time, Lucy and Glen realised they had strong feelings for eachother and although doing everything they could to resist, kissed. But when their feelings became known to the rest of the family, Lucy and Glen realised they had to stop what they were doing and behave like brother and sister. Although it proved difficult, they eventually managed to put their actions behind them and move on.

Lucy became the object of Josh's affections the minute he laid eyes on her but she didn't see him as anything other than a mate. A persistent Josh however began showering Lucy with expensive gifts and the final straw came for Lucy when he bought her a pair of diamond earrings. Lucy refused to accept them and forced Josh to return them but he took a job as a stripper to buy them back for her. Lucy took advantage of Josh's feelings for her when she persuaded him to hack into the school's computer in order to get a sneak preview of her report card. When Josh left the computer unattended, Lucy changed the bad remarks the principal, Dorothy Burke, had written about her to a glowing praise of her behaviour. But when Dorothy found out they had been changed, she threatened Lucy with expulsion. But Jim and Helen - who were both close friends of Dorothy's - managed to persuade her into giving Lucy a punishment instead of kicking her out of school. But in the long run it didn't matter as Lucy grew tired of Erinsborough High and left to pursue a career in advertising, alongside her best friend Emma Gordon. Unfortunately, Lucy never had the necessary qualities for advertising and was quite competitive with Emma when they each had to come up with an advertising campaign for a job interview. Emma's entry won but the names on each entry got mixed up, meaning Lucy was credited for her friend's work and was offered the job. Lucy's conscience finally got the better of her and she confided in Helen, who persuaded her to own up to Emma. Emma was shocked and hurt that her lifelong friend could do that to her and she never heard from Emma again, teaching Lucy a valuable lesson about the value of friendships. Having realised she could never make it in advertising, Lucy decided she wanted to become a model. But she discovered it was a rocky road to the glamorous world of modelling and in the meantime had to contend with being a secretary for her brother Paul at the Robinson Corporation.

Lucy enjoyed a brief holiday romance with the mysterious David Brennan when she spent Christmas in Madge Bishop's holiday home in Surfer's Paradise with Josh and surfer Brad Willis, who had moved in next door to Lucy on Ramsay Street only months before. The mystery surrounding David and his sister, Beth, was revealed when David told Lucy that he and Beth were on the run after having enough of their mum's abusive boyfriend. Although Lucy and David agreed to end their romance when they went their separate ways, Lucy was a little saddened when she later heard from Beth - who had come to stay with the Robinsons in Erinsborough - that David was getting married to his old girlfriend. True love finally blossomed for Lucy when she started going out with Brad. Before the couple got together, Lucy had to fight for his affections with new best friend Beth. Beth eventually bowed out and Brad and Lucy began dating. But just as they began to plan their future together, Lucy was offered a top modelling contract for a year in Singapore. She accepted and vowed to stay faithful to Brad while she was away. Brad agreed and they bid a tearful farewell.

But while there, Lucy fell in love with her manager, David Kazalian, a man 20 years her senior. Lucy wrote to Brad, ending their relationship and she and David married a short time after Lucy's beloved dad, Jim, died of a heart attack. When Lucy returned to Erinsborough for Helen's surprise birthday party, the Robinsons were shocked by Lucy's news and even more shocked by her choice of husband. David was so brash and rude with the family that Paul even hired a private investigator to look into his past. The family's concerns appeared to be vindicated when the investigator discovered that two of David's former models had filed sexual harassment suits against him. When Helen and Julie's husband, Philip broke the news to Lucy, they were shocked that she was angry with them for delving into David's business. Lucy revealed that she knew all about the lawsuits and that there was no truth behind them. Disgusted with her family for doubting her choice of husband, Lucy prepared to leave and told Helen that if she had to chose between her family and David, she would chose David. But after Helen overheard David explaining to Lucy that her family were only concerned for her happiness, she apologised for doubting him and welcomed him to the family, before Lucy and David left for the new modelling season in Europe.

Things didn't turn out quite as well as Lucy would have liked in Europe, however. She left David after she found out he was sleeping with other models and without him as her manager, her career floundered. Lucy was so desperate for cash that she even posed nude for a centrefold in porn magazine Ambrosia. She decided to return to Australia but didn't immediately want to return to her family until she found her feet. She found a job go-go dancing at a nightclub near Erinsborough where Ramsay Street resident Mark Gottlieb found her. He tried to convince her to return to her family on Ramsay Street but Lucy refused to go back until she got back on her feet. It was only when Mark told her that her sister Julie had died a few months back, that Lucy went home.

Helen welcomed her precious granddaughter back with open arms and with the support of her family and Mark, Lucy tried to pick up the pieces of her life. But she had become a heavy drinker and a drug user during her time away and faced a long road of rehabilitation before she could live any kind of normal life again. Mark helped Lucy overcome her addictions and Lucy then found herself falling in love with him. But Mark had decided to become a priest and made it clear to Lucy that there was no future for them.

However, Mark began to find himself falling in love with Lucy too and one night, while they were alone celebrating Lucy's divorce, they slept together. But the following morning, Mark told Lucy there was no way he could have a relationship with her because of his commitment to the church. Devastated, Lucy accepted a job with her aunt Rosemary in New York in an attempt to distance herself from Mark. But before she left, Mark realised he loved her and promised her he would leave the church and follow her to New York. Filled with hope, Lucy left Ramsay Street behind once more to make a fresh start - with or without Mark.

It was ten years before Lucy found herself back in Erinsborough, and a lot had changed in her time away. Helen had died, and the family home had been sold six years before when Philip and Hannah moved to Darwin. However, when Annalise Hartman contacted Lucy and told her all about a special documentary she was working on about Ramsay Street and invited her – and a host of other former residents - to a screening of it at Lassiter's, Lucy was keen to return to her hometown. Aside from the documentary, there was also another important reason for her to return – Paul. Having returned to the area some months before to reclaim Lassiter's, Paul had been involved in some shady deals with corporate giant Affirmacon and after an altercation with some of the company’s heavies, fell off a cliff and ended up losing a leg. Lucy rushed to Paul's bedside as soon as she and Rosemary arrived back in town and was devastated to see her brother at such a low ebb. However, Lucy managed to get Paul to snap out of the resigned mood he had been in since the accident, and talked him out of his decision to sell Lassiters back to Rosemary and leave Erinsborough for good. And Lucy was instrumental in getting Paul to use his prosthetic leg and get on with life. She stayed a few extra days to help Paul settle back into Ramsay Street and his former home, No.22, before flying back to New York safe in the knowledge that her big brother had bounced back to his old self.

Eight years later, Lucy returned to Erinsborough again, having just been appointed the new Head of Development for the entire Lassiters global chain. Lucy was keen to sort out the Erinsborough branch first; still owned by Paul, it had been at the centre of quite a few problems, including an explosion which had killed two people, and had lost its five star rating. With Paul also facing criminal charges, after trying to bribe councillor Allan Hewitt - hoping to secure his vote on a project to turn part of the hotel into luxury apartments - Lucy was faced with the task of sorting out her brother's life both personally and professionally. Lucy also got the chance to meet her niece, Kate Ramsay for the first time. Kate had been living with her Uncle Paul for a few months, but their relationship had soured as she began a relationship with Erinsborough newcomer Mason Turner. Kate had decided to move into 26 Ramsay Street - the old Robinson family home - rather than into a new penthouse at Lassiters, as Paul had planned. Unable to patch up Paul and Kate's differences, Lucy turned her attentions back to Lassiters, and was shocked to realise that Paul had used $200,000 of the hotel's money to pay off Elaine Lawson, the mother of Rhys, one of the victims of the explosion some weeks earlier. Lucy then made the decision to sack hotel manager Tony Daley, who worked his way up over the years from bellboy. Realising that the business needed someone who couldn't be pushed around by Paul, she told him that she was going to select the new manager herself.

Having sorted out Paul's legal problems, and agreed council approval for the apartments, Lucy's choice of manager was Terese Willis, who'd been impressing her seniors with her work at Lassiters in Perth. Terese also happened to be married to Brad Willis, not only Lucy's old flame, but also the ex of Lauren, who'd lived on Ramsay Street years before and was now back with her family. After chatting to Lauren about old times, and satisfied that she'd moved on, Lucy told Paul to go ahead with the new recruit and said her goodbyes, flying off to sort out a new crisis at Lassiters in Singapore.

Later in the year, Terese, having finally had enough of Paul's mind games and dodgy business practices, called on Lucy to come and help. About to leave Singapore to return home to New York, Lucy was happy to take a detour to Erinsborough, where she was shocked to learn about the string of problems Paul had been causing, as well as his latest plan to give Terese a new job and contract, only to make it almost impossible for her to achieve the targets he'd set out. Lucy then made it clear to Paul that, if he didn't start making things easier for Terese, that she'd have no choice but to ask him to leave the Lassiter's company - Paul, however, wasn't about to give in, and warned that he was ready to remove his hotel from the chain anyway. As if that wasn't enough to deal with, Lucy also became embroiled in Lauren's personal life once again. After finally meeting Terese and getting the chance to catch up with Brad, Lucy was passing the Turner house when she was invited to a barbecue by Mason. Later that evening, whilst everyone else was outside, Lucy found a tearful Lauren in the house, holding a small bear which had falled from the Christmas tree. Unable to contain her secret any longer, Lauren admitted to Lucy that twenty years ago, when she'd first moved away from Ramsay Street, she'd been pregnant with Brad's child. Their conversation was soon interrupted by the family coming in, but the next day, Lauren shared with Lucy the truth about how she'd been pregnant with Brad's child when she left Erinsborough all those years ago, but her baby - a little girl - had died. With work once again calling her away, Lucy had to leave that day, but she promised Lauren that she'd stay in touch.

Lucy was back a few weeks later, after learning that Paul was planning to fly in some of the family for his 50th birthday, and that she hadn't been invited. She was immediately plunged into another drama, however, when she found the hotel in chaos, as Terese had resigned, closely followed by the head chef, and the rest of the staff were scrambling to arrange a charity function. Lucy enlisted Lauren's help with the catering, and also encouraged her to think about opening up to those close to her, regarding her secret baby. Lucy then focussed her efforts on getting through to Paul, who was still determined to take the hotel out of the Lassiter's group, and was adamant that he wouldn't re-employ Terese. Kate and Lucy were intrigued when Paul started talking about his plans to bring the family back together, but things quickly started going wrong, as none of his kids wanted to return home. Lucy learnt that Paul had asked Elle to manage his new hotel, with Andrew as the deputy manager, and he was devastated when they both turned him down. Lucy then took him back to Ramsay Street and they wandered through the old Robinson house, reminiscing about Helen and about growing up together. She then tried to tell him that she'd only ever taken the job as his superior because she wanted to reconnect with him, worried about his behaviour and the way he continued to push people away. As Lucy told Paul that he needed to try being nice and properly connecting with people, rather than using money and jobs to bribe them into spending time with him, Paul started to come to his senses. He offered Terese her old job back, and agreed to keep the hotel in the Lassiter's chain, and Lucy returned home to New York once more.

Back in New York, Lucy became involved in a relationship with a man named Rico, though they tried to keep it quiet as they were work colleagues. They quickly moved in together, but things soon started to deteriorate in the relationship, and when word came through that Kate had been murdered, Lucy couldn't bring herself to return to Australia for the funeral. Things with Rico only got worse and when Lucy told him that she thought she might be pregnant - having previously told him that she'd rather focus on work than family - he got cold feet. As Lucy prepared to return to Australia, where Paul was suffering from depression after learning that Kate's murderer had been trying to get revenge for the death of Gus Cleary, Rico told her that he was moving out. As she arrived back in Erinsborough, Lucy was delighted to catch up with Daniel, Scott and Charlene's son, who was now living with Paul. However, as she came face to face with Paul, things were frostier, as he didn't see any point in her visit, not wanting anyone else involved in his problems. When Daniel then took Paul out for lunch, and Paul realised that Lucy was there waiting, an argument broke out between the siblings, culminating in Lucy telling Paul to stop being so self-absorbed and snap out of it. Lucy felt terrible, and then confided in Lauren that she was worried that she might be pregnant and was still waiting to take the test, as she didn't want to be alone when she got the result. After learning that she wasn't pregnant, Lucy finally opened up to Paul about what she'd been going through and they, along with Daniel and Amber, went to Kate's grave, realising that they needed to be there for each other, rather than arguing, when times got tough. Paul then proved his loyalty to Lucy by arranging to have Rico relocated to a new job in Singapore, so that Lucy wouldn't have to worry about seeing him when she went home.

Whilst in town, Lucy immediately developed a close friendship with Chris Pappas, a gay mechanic who, like her, wasn't having much luck in love. As Lucy helped Chris to start planning Kyle and Georgia's wedding, she started to find out more about him, and talked turned to weddings and babies. Lucy then shocked Chris by asking if he'd like to father a child for her. As Chris thought about the offer, wondering if it might be the best chance he would ever have of being a dad, Lucy told a surprised Paul about her plan. Though he understood Lucy's overwhelming desire to be a parent, he wondered if Chris was the right person to ask, but after meeting with Chris and talking to him, Paul realised that he was a lot more mature than his age would suggest. As Paul gave the idea his blessing, Lucy made plans to return to New York and met with Chris, who admitted that although he wasn't ruling out the idea completely, he needed more time to think about it, and Lucy agreed, but said that she'd need an answer by the end of the year.

As 2015 arrived, and Paul celebrated his 51st birthday, Lucy returned to Erinsborough. Although she was happy to see Paul again, her mind was on Chris and whether he'd made a decision about fathering her child. During Lucy's time away from Erinsborough, he'd given the matter a lot of thought, and had also been through a lot, having suffered a brain injury, started a new career at Lassiter's, and begun a new relationship with Nate Kinski. It was Nate who had left Chris doubting the idea of having a child, as Nate admitted that he could never see himself being a parent. Lucy was left very upset as Chris explained that he couldn't be the father of her baby, but told Chris that she understood his reasons and would probably do the same thing in his position. However, when Lucy then decided to go with an anonymous sperm donor from Denmark, Chris could hardly hide his disappointment, and as he got to know Lucy and realised how important it was to both her and Chris, he gave his blessing for it to go ahead. As Chris then informed his parents, who were surprisingly supportive, Lucy told him that she was about to enter ovulation and wanted to make a start straight away. Chris was a little taken aback, admitting to Nate that he thought that he might have a little more time to mentally prepare himself, but Lucy reminded them both that she wasn't getting any younger, and each opportunity they missed was another month lost. The baby plan suddenly came under threat, however, when Paul told Lucy that she needed to make a legal contract with Chris, and even when Lucy hated the idea, he went to Chris and told him to get in touch with Tim Collins. Though Chris was also reluctant, Nate pointed out that there were lots of things still to consider, and it might be sensible to get it all written down, and as Lucy and Chris talked about schools, religion and hobbies for their child, they began to realise that perhaps they did need to talk things through properly.

They were then hit by another problem when tests revealed that they were both carriers of the gene that causes spinal muscle atrophy, meaning that their baby would have a 25% chance of suffering from the condition. Though Lucy felt that the odds were in their favour and that she'd love the child regardless, Chris was less keen, remembering how much he'd struggled after his brain injury. Not wanting his child to go through anything like that, when it was still preventible, Chris told Lucy that he could no longer be the father of her child. Lucy then returned to her plan to use the donor from Denmark, but when she received word that his sample was no longer viable, she took it as a sign that she should give up and accept that she would never be a mother. Paul was upset to see his sister give up, and encouraged Chris to go and talk to her, feeling that she could use some friendly support. As Chris and Lucy chatted, he had realised how disappointed he was about no longer being a father, and decided that it was worth the risk and that he'd still like to go ahead with the plan. And so they went through the process of artificial insemination before Lucy returned home to New York, and Chris waited to find out whether he was going to be a father. A few weeks later, she called Chris with the news that she was pregnant.

Several weeks later, Lucy was back in Australia, wanting Chris to be alongside her as she went for her first scan. Almost as soon as she set foot back in town, there was drama when Matt Turner was hit by a car and killed. As he and Lucy helped out the Turners by running the store for the day, their chats about the baby, along with Matt's sudden demise, made Chris realise that he wanted to be a bigger part of his child's life, and he and Lucy started making plans so that he could split his time between living in Australia and New York. Nate, however, wasn't as happy with that idea, particularly as he felt that he wasn't being consulted. As Lucy and Chris spent more time together, trying to find a home for a stray Labrador - who the vet's records showed was a direct descendant from Bouncer, Lucy's childhood dog - Chris and Nate's relationship suffered further when Nate wasn't even invited to the baby scan, and they eventually came to the conclusion that they should split up, as they wanted different things for the future. Having arranged a work visa for Chris, Lucy suggested that he should get over his heartbreak by leaving with her and spending some time in New York. And so, after finding a home for Bouncer 2 at Paul's penthouse, Lucy and Chris left Erinsborough.

In November, Amber got in touch with Lucy and Chris by video call, after hearing that their baby had been born a few days earlier. As Amber's own baby had recently been born prematurely, and suffering from CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia), she struggled as Lucy spoke about the immediate bond she'd felt with her daughter, who had been named Anne, after Lucy's own mother. Nate was also sitting nearby listening in, and was happy to hear that Chris had adjusted so well to fatherhood, but the incident made him doubt his own new relationship with Aaron, who was frequently childlike and irresponsible, the opposite to Chris.

Trivia Notes
• Kylie Flinker played Lucy from 1985-1987, Sasha Close from 1987-1990 and Melissa Bell from 1991 onwards
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