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Magic Moments > 2014 > Nate's Arrival Episode 6951

Written by Fiona Bozic, Directed by Declan Eames, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 18/08/14, Five: 01/09/14

Kathy deciding not to open a store in Erinsborough... Karl mentioning that Alex Kinski’s nephew is arriving soon... Paige getting Brad to admit that his heart isn't in teaching... Josh telling his parents that he’s got a job - his dad’s old job, when Brad thought he’d been offered the job too...

Brad is keeping himself busy by cleaning the barbecue, after the news that the job offer wasn’t for him, but puts on a happy face when Josh and Terese enter to talk to him about it. Brad tells Josh that he is happy for him, however Terese suggests they should sit down and discuss it; Brad disagrees and sums it up by telling Terese that the manager wanted Josh to take charge of the gym, it’s a great opportunity and at the end of the day they've now both got jobs. Brad leaves to go out into the garden. Terese tries to encourage Josh that they are thrilled for him, but Josh isn't convinced. Terese insists that his dad is just being sensitive at the moment as Josh has been offered the job that he got fired from. Terese tells Josh that he should be proud that the gym approached him; Josh agrees that he is proud and taking the job would be awesome but he is having doubts about accepting it.


At number 30, Toadie asks Georgia about her test results; she tells him that she's due to get them later today. Sonya enters looking smart and talking to Josie on the phone. Sonya announces that she is heading to the office with Toadie and has arranged for the nursery to be covered by Josie so she can be Toadie’s PA for the day, even though she’s never been a PA before. Toadie and Sonya say their goodbyes to Georgia and Nell and leave. Georgia says to Nell “Hey Nell, can you say 'disaster waiting to happen'?!” and Nell laughs back at her!

At number 28, Susan is busy hoovering and making sure the house is tidy for their guest. Karl stops Susan, asking about Nate’s connection to Alex. Susan explains to Karl that Nate is the son of Alex’s brother’s Leo, adding that Leo worked on the oil rigs and she never got a chance to meet him or his family. Karl comments that it’s a shame she didn’t know more about him, Susan agrees and mentions that he had been to London recently to visit Zeke. Karl confesses that he’s been Facebooking Zeke for info on his cousin and reports that Zeke’s only met him a couple of times. Susan says to Karl “Nate’s family, Karl, well he’s my extended family. It will be great to have him stay”. “Hang on?! Stay?! I thought he was staying in the area and he was popping in for coffee” is Karl’s reply. Susan confesses that she contacted Nate and suggested to him that he stay to save money on hotel bills - Karl accuses her of being a soft touch.



At the Lassiter's Complex, Naomi is moaning to Chris about having to borrow money from Sheila to buy a coffee, after Kathy decided not to open the store. Chris decides to let Bossy out of her mobile basket, so she can build up her fitness. Bossy immediately runs away but someone stops her from getting too far - Chris and Naomi thank him, once the guy is out of ear shot, Naomi tells Chris that she was picking up the looks the stranger was giving him and suggests that he’s Chris’s type - she thinks that he should go after the guy to get his phone number! Chris refuses to do that but is sweet talked into buying Naomi a coffee instead.

Inside Rebecchi Law, Sonya enters Toadie’s office with his coffee, and hands him some paper work. Toadie asks Sonya about her new glasses, and she explains that she bought them from the chemist - he tells her that she looks like a librarian. Toadie asks Sonya if she can bring him the original document for a case he’s been working on, but Sonya cannot find it, she asks Toadie if it’s really important and Toadie tells that it is - on a scale of one to ten, this problem is an eleven.


Josh and Imogen are discussing the gym manager's job at Harold’s, and the effect it’s having on the family. Josh tells Imogen that the boss, Ricky is going to put him through a management course and he thinks his old swimming profile will bring people in. Imogen declares that their dad will be crushed, pointing out to Josh that their family is a disaster area at the moment. Josh agrees that their family is a train wreck but he thinks him doing something constructive will benefit everyone. Imogen responds by saying “Not if it’s making dad feel terrible about himself,” Imogen gets Josh to imagine how breakfasts are going to be in future with Brad heading off to do that job he hates and Josh heading off to the job that Brad wants. Imogen tells Josh that she’s not telling him what to do, however Josh declares that he wishes someone would because right now he hasn’t got any idea.

Back at Rebecchi Law, Toadie is turning the office upside down looking for the document while Sonya wrongly uses her initiative to call the client to ask if the document is really needed! Toadie is aghast, especially since he knows the likely consequences – the law firm will be open to being sued! Toadie says to Sonya “Honey, I love you but you just made us look completely incompetent”. Sonya apologises and tells Toadie that he can blame his clueless new assistant. Toadie apologises and admits to Sonya that he should be more careful. Sonya volunteers to go home and see if the missing document is there, to delay Toadie calling the client to let him know the bad news.


Brad enters Harold’s Store and, after spotting his son getting a drink from the fridge, he tries to sneak out of the store without Josh noticing he was there. Josh, however, catches him and calls him on trying to do a runner and Brad confirms that he’s spoken to Ricky and the email was meant to have been for Josh. Josh tells his dad that he’s having doubts about taking the job and he doesn’t want things to get weird between them. Brad takes it badly because he thinks Josh is feeling sorry for him. Brad says to Josh “The best man got the job, just take it!” before heading out of Harold’s.

In the Lassiter's Complex, Naomi has spotted the guy from earlier and tries to engage him in conversation with Chris before conveniently leaving them to it! Chris begins by apologising about his friend and after chatting about Bossy, Chris invites the guy to meet up for a drink or a meal with him after being encouraged by Naomi, who is ‘hiding’. The guy turns the invitation down, citing that he’s just passing through before walking away. Naomi does her good deed for the day by returning a document to Brad that he dropped. Naomi almost puts her foot in it before quickly backtracking about how boring she found the health and human development subject at school. Before Brad has a chance to speak, Naomi tells him she has to run and she heads off.



At number 28, Susan and Karl’s guest arrives and it is the guy that Chris and Naomi met in the Lassister’s complex. Susan introduces Karl to Nate, who thanks them for putting him up and, after a bit of stifled conversation, Susan suggests that once Karl has shown him to his room, they could go out for lunch. Nate agrees and thanks Susan, and Karl proceeds to show Nate to his room, although Nate refuses to allow Karl to take his backpack for him.

Inside number 30, Sonya has roped Georgia into helping find the missing document and eventually Sonya finds it… complete with a few “amendments” on the back aka scribbles courtesy of Nell!


At Harold's Store, Karl and Susan have taken Nate out for lunch and the conversation isn't exactly flowing. Susan brings up Zeke and comments how lovely Zeke’s wife is. Nate nods in agreement but doesn’t give much away. Karl brings up other conversation starters and again Nate answers with very few words. Susan suggests they should get the bill, just then Margie lets something fall to the ground and while Karl and Susan get a scare, Nate suddenly jumps up out of the seat and then can't but rush to pay the bill when it arrives at their table. Nate thanks them sincerely for lunch, commenting that it’s the nicest he’s had in a long time. Karl says to Susan “Is he serious?” “Sadly, I think so” is Susan’s reply. They both look puzzled.

As they are having coffee at The Waterhole, Terese asks Imogen if she’s being unfair with what she is doing to Paige. Imogen replies that she gets why her mum is wary and that she’s got a responsibility to Lassiter's over what happened at Harold’s. Terese asks how Imogen feels about Paige and she confirms that she too is wary after Paige hid her true identity for so long, but she is mostly trying not to think about it. Imogen also adds that her attitude towards her is not the best as Brad would want her to make an effort to know her sister. Imogen sighs and asks Terese what they should do. Terese tells Imogen that it keeps coming back to the same point, if Paige wants trust, she has to earn it and Terese adds that she’s a long way off that. Imogen tells her mum that they’ll get through it and Terese agrees. Nate enters the bar and engages Chris in conversation after spotting him having a mid-afternoon snack in the bar. He explains that he’s now available for ‘their thing’ since he’s going to be in the area for longer than planned. Chris is up for it and Nate hands over his phone number before they introduce themselves properly to each other.


At number 22, Brad is marking essays and admits to Terese, when she brings him a cuppa, that he lost it with Josh, Terese comments that it’s unlike him and Brad agrees, he suggests that his pride got hurt. Terese tells Brad not to give himself a hard time, at that moment Josh makes his way downstairs and is told to take a seat. Terese makes herself scarce and Brad begins by apologising to his son and admits that everything is out of kilter; he’s in a rut at work and dealing with a new family member. Brad comments that he thought something good was happening when he got offered his old job back before realising he hadn’t and thus took it out on him. Josh hopes that things turn around for his dad too and the pair share a hug as Brad boosts his son’s confidence by telling him that he’ll be the best manager the gym has ever had. “Apart from you, obviously!” Josh adds.

Over at Rebecchi Law, Toadie is reassuring the client that everything is in order just as Sonya comes in with the missing document complete with Nell’s drawing on the back! Sonya tells Toadie that this can’t go on, and Toadie jokes that they really need to get Nell some art lessons. However, Sonya bluntly tells him that he needs real help and not her pretending to be a super PA! Toadie concedes that but hasn’t the time to train someone - she says that they need to find another solution as she has her own business to run.


In Harold's Store, Naomi runs into Sonya at the counter and although they are polite to each other there is still an atmosphere between them. Naomi can't exit the store quickly enough after buying her shopping however just as she is about to exit, Sonya calls her back. Sonya says to Naomi “Look, I know this is going to sound like the craziest idea but would you consider coming back to work with Jarrod?” Naomi is speechless.

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Joshua Willis, Imogen Willis, Chris Pappas, Naomi Canning, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Georgia Brooks

Guest Cast: Meyne Wyatt as Nate Kinski, Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi

Trivia Notes
• First appearance of Meyne Wyatt as new regular character Nate Kinski
• Nate's first words are "Ah, you'd better keep an eye on her, then."
• Past characters Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski and Alex Kinski are mentioned
• This is the first episode to feature 2014 Opening Titles - Version Three
• First mention of Alex Kinski's brother (and Nate's father) Leo, who, Susan explains, worked on the oil rigs, which is why she never got the chance to meet him
• Nate and his family come from Karratha, Western Australia

Summary by Kyle

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