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Magic Moments > 2014 > The 2014 Season Finale Episode 7030

Written by Margaret Wilson, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 05/12/14, Channel 5: 16/01/15

Mark wrecks Erin’s job prospects at The Waterhole by telling Sheila about her past... Paul tells Gary that he will get his money... Matt arrests Brad for the assault on Ezra Hanley, much to Paul’s concern... Imogen kisses Daniel, then confides in Paige... Amber gives her engagement ring back to Daniel, as she tells him she needs a break...

It’s Christmas Day and out on Ramsay Street, Karl catches up with Sonya, asking how her Christmas day is going. Sonya explains to Karl that Toadie has had to stay in Chile because he’s been unable to catch his flight home last night due to an inflammation of his old coccyx complaint. Karl invites her to have Christmas lunch with the Kennedys, Chris and Nate, as they’re having a barbecue by the lake, but Sonya tells him Mark is coming round to hers for dinner.

Paul then pulls up in the street, shouting ‘Ho ho ho! Merry mince pies, season greetings and all that sorta stuff’ to a bemused Karl and Sonya. Paul presents them both with Christmas cards with Lassiter’s vouchers in them and thanks them for their support during his tough times this year. He crosses the road to present Terese with a special additional Christmas bonus from him personally, for taking on his job when he was grieving over Kate’s death. Terese thanks him, telling him it couldn’t come at a better time due to their legal bills - and Brad possibly losing his job. Paul tells her to try not to think about all that today, and heads up to number 26.



Inside number 26, Sheila, Kyle, Georgia, Naomi and Gary are having a cosy family Christmas together, pulling crackers and telling bad jokes. Paul calls round to present Sheila with her bonus, but she notices Paul’s put a photo of himself in mayoral robes and Santa hat on her card! “Oh, you never miss an opportunity for self-promotion, do you?” Sheila says and thanks him by giving him a kiss on the cheek. Paul also congratulates Naomi on her success with the carol concert, though he does chastise her mildly for locking Sue Parker’s henchman in The Waterhole office! Sheila invites Paul to stay for lunch, but Paul tells Sheila he has things to attend to before he spends the rest of the day with Daniel. Gary looks nervous as Paul leaves.

Gary follows Paul out on to Ramsay Street and says “If you’re handing out presents, Santa, I think there’s a little something you still owe me”. Paul hands Gary an envelope full of cash and says “I am giving you this on the condition that you get out of town as soon as you can, OK?” Gary tells Paul to relax and explains that he’s going to have Christmas lunch with his family and then he is out of here, as he doesn’t want to get caught. As this exchange goes on, Sheila appears at the front door and looks suspicious. Gary counts the cash, as Paul assures him that all the money is there and Gary explains that it pays to double-check these things as he was the one who did the ‘dirty work’, he doesn’t want to get short-changed. Paul reminds Gary to make sure this incident doesn’t blow up in their faces - Gary agrees and Paul leaves. Sheila then comes down the steps to confront Gary about why Paul was giving him money. Gary claims it was just for some handyman work he did for Paul, and heads back inside, but Sheila looks worried.


At the Turner house, Matt is wearing a Santa hat, beard and fake belly, and is doing his best Father Christmas voice as he distributes presents. Amber says to Paige “I told you Christmas at our house was gonna be lame”. However, Paige disagrees and tells her that its ‘fun’. Paige is moved to receive a framed photo-montage of various Turner family members. Picking up the next present, Matt decides to leave that one 'til later – it turns out to be for Daniel. Lauren apologises, explaining that she thought he’d be here, but Amber tells her mum it's fine. Lauren suggests a break in present-opening, and they all go to call Lou in Cambodia. Lauren apologises again to Amber as she leaves the room.

At the Penthouse, Paul mentions to Daniel the arrangements for Christmas lunch, explaining that he has had some smoked trout flown in from Tasmania as an appetiser before Christmas dinner, but Daniel isn’t hungry. Daniel asks Paul what he thinks 'a break' means, referring to Amber wanting some time apart - Paul tells Daniel that it means to not be miserable on Christmas Day. However Daniel’s not in the mood, so Paul gives him a wise lecture about being positive and looking to the future. “Now I know how dumb that advice is,” Daniel says. Paul decides to book a pair of flights to Brisbane, so they can go and surprise Scott and Charlene. Daniel’s unenthusiastic, explaining that is what he was planning to do with Amber. However, Paul tempts him with the promise of first class seats, determined to cheer him up.


At number 30, Mark takes a Christmassy photo of Sonya and Nell to send to Toadie in Chile. Sonya’s disappointed that Toadie can’t be here, as this would have been the first Christmas that Nell is old enough to understand what's going on, though she says that she’s glad that Mark is with them. Mark tells Sonya that his family and Christmas don’t really mix but mentions that he will call his brother later. Sonya starts to wonders how Erin is spending the festive season. Mark reminds Sonya it’s not her fault she disappeared, but Sonya’s just concerned she gets some decent food at a shelter today. Mark suddenly claims he has some things to sort out, explaining he’ll be back before lunch.

Susan, Karl, Chris and Nate are having a barbecue under the rotunda at Lassister’s lake. Chris and Nate are enjoying a tipple and ask where Karl and Susan drinks are - Karl tells them that he's on call at the hospital, and Susan’s got to drive up to Ballarat later to see Libby and Ben. Karl says to them all “Who needs turkey when you can have a barbecued snag?” - Susan jokingly comments that she married a cheapskate. Nate tells Karl and Susan that he wants to thank them for everything they’ve done for him since he arrived. They all raise a toast to Christmas.

At number 22, Paige has come over to join Brad, Terese, Imogen and Josh for Christmas lunch. Imogen’s not in a mood to celebrate given all that’s happened, but Terese gives the family a pep-talk, and raises a toast to the whole family – including absent Piper.


Back at number 26, Naomi, Gary, Sheila, Kyle and Georgia are stuffed after their own Christmas dinner, and no-one has room for pavlova. Georgia asks if anyone has any New Year’s resolutions – Naomi’s is to make heaps of money through Naomi Canning Enterprises, but Gary tells them that he doesn’t believe in resolutions. Naomi says to Gary “Oh, here, I’ll think of one for you. How about you try not to be so dodgy next year?” Sheila tells Naomi off, but Naomi comments that she was only joking – and takes offence at what she perceives as Sheila’s blanket refusal to hear a bad word said against Gary. Kyle and Georgia look miserable as Sheila and Naomi squabble, and decide to go for a walk – while Gary tries to defuse the situation with more cracker jokes!

Mark has come to an abandoned building to find Erin, and he sees that someone's been squatting inside. He looks at some photos he finds of her and her daughter, but Erin isn’t around, so he leaves.


Mark arrives back in time for lunch at number 30. He explains that he’s been to the local homeless shelter in a bid to find Erin, and now knows where she’s staying – a squat in Anson’s Corner. Sonya’s upset to think of Erin living like that, especially on Christmas Day, but she thanks Mark for finding her.

Imogen and Paige are clearing the table following their Christmas lunch - Imogen asks how Amber was this morning, and Paige says that she was quiet. Imogen’s worried about whether or not Daniel has told Amber about the kiss. Paige then reveals that Amber has told Daniel she wants time-out. Josh appears in the background, and overhears this second part of the conversation. Paige tells Imogen that she doesn’t know how permanent the break is, but claims it’s pretty easy to guess why it happened. Imogen looks worried.


Down at Lassiter’s Lake, Karl, Susan, Nate and Chris are finishing up their Christmas dinner; Karl has to rush off to work, and Susan has to get off to see Libby and Ben, leaving Chris and Nate alone. Chris reminds Nate that they will be celebrating Christmas again in two weeks with the Pappas family; “Christmas in January, spreads it right out,” Nate says. Chris gets a text from Lucy, wishing them a Merry Christmas. Chris tells Nate that Lucy will be in town soon and that he’s looking forward to Nate meeting her. Kyle and Georgia then turn up, explaining that they’ve escaped from home because Sheila and Naomi were fighting. Chris and Nate invite them to stay for beer and leftovers.

Imogen has come to see Daniel at the Penthouse. He's packing up for his trip to Brisbane with Paul, and Imogen says that she’s heard about his break with Amber, and apologises profusely, assuming it’s all her fault because of the kiss. However, Daniel reveals that he never told Amber about the kiss. Daniel explains to Imogen that they are on a break but don’t ask him to explain why because he doesn’t know where to start. Imogen encourages Daniel to talk to Amber and work things through – they love each other, so they can sort it out but Daniel’s in no mood to discuss it further. Imogen reminds him that he can call her if he needs to talk, then leaves.


Sonya turns up with some Christmas leftovers at the squat, looking for Erin. She appears to be out, so Sonya leaves the food – but then Erin shows up. She thanks Sonya but tells her she’s already had a meal at the shelter. Sonya reminisces about their past, when Callum and Cat were little kids, and tells Erin she was worried when she took off without saying anything. Erin says to Sonya “I don’t need to tell you what I’m doing. I don’t even want you here. The only reason that you’re doing it is just to make you feel really good about everything that you’ve got, and everything that I’ve lost”. Erin starts coughing badly, and Sonya offers her some water but Erin repeatedly tells her to get out, amidst a coughing fit. Sonya reluctantly leaves.

At number 26, Naomi has gone for a walk, and Gary is talking to Sheila. Sheila demands to know what business he’s been doing with Paul, as she is not buying his story about handyman jobs given the wad of cash she saw Paul give him earlier. Sheila says to Gary “I know Paul Robinson. And if he wanted you to hammer a nail into a wall, he wouldn’t be paying you that sort of money”. Gary explains to Sheila that it’s the type of work he couldn’t ask anyone else to do for him. Sheila asks him to ‘go on’ and Gary comes clean with Sheila and tells her that Paul hired him to give a guy a fright. “Ezra Hanley? You’re the one who roughed him up?” Sheila says, alarmed. Gary nods in agreement and tells Sheila that he did it for the money as he was trying to help Kyle get some new tools. Sheila says to Gary “And I’m sure he will be so proud of you when he finds out the truth”. Sheila orders Gary to go straight to the police and confess, because Brad has been charged with the crime he committed. However, Gary doesn’t look keen on that idea.


Josh comes round to number 32 to see Amber, admitting he’s heard about her break with Daniel. He says that he's sorry, but Amber tells Josh not to apologise, she is the one that stomped all over Daniel’s heart, just likes she did with his. Josh tells Amber that there is a pattern developing, of people not realising how amazing she is until they’ve lost her – or at least, that was Josh’s problem. Josh tells Amber to not beat herself up for giving him the flick, he gave her no choice. Amber thanks Josh for trying to make her feel better. Josh comments that he is telling the truth because he doesn’t want her to be so hard on herself. “And because I still love you. Always have, always will,” Josh suddenly declares. A shocked Amber does not say anything and Josh decides this is his cue to leave. He wishes Amber a Merry Christmas before heading off.


Back at number 26, Gary has packed his bags and intends to leave, explaining to Sheila that he made a deal with Paul to leave town after he was paid. Sheila says to Gary “So you’re just going to run out on the family again? Take off?” Gary tells Sheila he doesn’t have a choice. Sheila asks Gary what should she say to Kyle and Gary tells her to say he’s sorry. Sheila, getting upset, declares to Gary that if he walks out of the door, she swears, she will call the police. But Gary tells his mum he has got to go and tells her that he loves her. Sheila begs Gary not to go, but he rushes out, despite Sheila’s obvious distress. In tears, she picks up the phone and starts to call the police, but she suddenly gasps for breath, clutches her chest and collapses onto the floor, unconscious.

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Nate Kinski, Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson, Sonya Rebecchi, Mark Brennan, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Joshua Willis, Imogen Willis, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Amber Turner, Paige Smith, Chris Pappas, Georgia Brooks, Sheila Canning, Naomi Canning, Kyle Canning

Guest Cast: Scarlett Anderson as Nell Rebecchi, Adrienne Pickering as Erin Rogers, Damien Richardson as Gary Canning

Trivia Notes
• All regular cast members, with the exception of Tom Oliver (Lou Carpenter - who is in Cambodia) Calen MacKenzie (Bailey Turner) and Ryan Moloney (Toadie Rebecchi - who is in Chile) appear in this episode
• Past characters Libby Kennedy, Ben Kirk, Kate Ramsay, Lucy Robinson, Scott Robinson and Charlene Robinson are mentioned. Unseen character Piper Willis is also mentioned again

Summary by Kyle

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