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Magic Moments > 2015 > The 2015 Season Premiere Episode 7031

Written by Kate Bradley, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 05/01/15, Channel 5: 19/01/15

Mark on the hunt for Erin... Erin ordering Sonya to leave... Sheila witnessing Paul giving money to Gary... Gary coming clean to Sheila... Sheila clutching her arm and collapsing...

On Ramsay Street, Gary tries to make a quick getaway but his plan is foiled when he spots Naomi, walking towards the house - so he takes a detour through the garden instead. Naomi is reluctant to head indoors when she arrives at the house and her behaviour has drawn the attention of Karl. After explaining why she’s hanging around outside, he tries to reassure her that Sheila will be waiting to give her an apology. Naomi says to Karl “My mum, apologise?! You've met her right?!” Karl points out to Naomi that she can’t avoid her forever, before leaving to head to work and answer his phone which has started ringing.

Naomi enters the house and immediately spots her mum lying on the floor. When she fails to wake her up, she rushes back outside and shouts over at Karl. Karl enters the house and his initial diagnosis is that Sheila has had a heart attack. He hands Naomi his mobile so she can call an ambulance while he places Sheila into the recovery position.




Mark enters Harold’s, talking to Toadie on the phone, reassuring him that he’s got nothing to worry about after bringing him up to date with 'the Erin situation'. Sonya enters Harold’s and tells him that Erin isn't well and is fearful that she’ll relapse. Mark isn't happy that Sonya wants to go back and see her tomorrow, as Erin obviously doesn't want her help, but Sonya’s mind won't be changed.

Kyle and Georgia rush into the hospital and Naomi updates them about Sheila, adding that she can't get hold of Gary. Karl arrives and confirms that Sheila has had a severe heart attack and that they've put a stent in to improve blood flow to the heart, but they won’t know the extent of the damage until the blood work is back. Karl also asks who was last person to see her, Naomi informs Karl that it was Gary - Karl says that he needs to speak to him so he can discover how long she was on her own before Naomi discovered her. Naomi, clearly upset by the news, says that she must have been so scared, Karl tries to reassure the family that he will keep them updated.


Inside the squat, Erin is coughing heavily when Mark arrives. Erin makes it clear to him that she doesn't want Sonya’s help. “Good”, is Mark’s reply, and he tells her that it would be best for everyone if she leaves Erinsborough, especially since she doesn't seem to want any help. During their conversation, Erin has continued to cough and Mark asks her how long she’s been like that, Erin tells him that she’s had the cough for a couple of days. Mark tells her he wants her to come with him and get it looked at.

Back at the hospital, Naomi is feeling guilty at walking out on Sheila, given what happened, but Kyle tries to spin it that she actually saved her by finding her. Gary arrives and Naomi updates him on their mum's condition, and that Karl wants a word too. Naomi goes to look for Karl, Gary explains to Kyle where he was – he had to meet a bloke about a job. “On Christmas day?! You didn’t mention that earlier” is Kyle’s reply. Kyle also enquires about the big bag Gary is carrying, Gary tells Kyle that it was a last-minute thing, the job was out of town and involved an overnighter. When Kyle pushes for more details, Gary angrily tells Kyle that it doesn’t matter now; he proceeds to apologise to Kyle and claims that he is feeling stressed. Kyle reminds Gary that they all are, adding that he's glad that he is there.


Outside in the corridor, Mark is shocked to hear the news about Sheila, from Georgia, as he waits for Erin. Georgia tells Mark that she needs to go and give everyone their coffees. Mark tells Georgia to send him a text later to let him know how Sheila is getting on, Georgia agrees and heads off. Karl and Erin head out of his office, Karl has diagnosed a mild chest infection and Mark thanks him for seeing Erin. While Erin registers herself, Karl expresses his concern to Mark about her being malnourished and Mark confirms that she’s been sleeping rough. Karl explains that it has to stop or the chest infection could turn into pneumonia. Mark tells Karl that he will see what he can do.


At Harold's Store, Erin wants to know why Mark is suddenly helping her, especially since he previously wanted her out of town. Mark’s explanation is he's just doing what Sonya would have done, had Erin given her a chance, and wants to know how serious she is about turning her life around. “What's it to you?” Erin replies and Mark explains that he’s helping Sonya after she helped him through a bad patch. Erin then announces that she won't be returning to the squat, the Salvos have a place opening up in the city - she then leaves, turning down his offer of a lift but thanking him for buying her a sandwich.

Over at the hospital, Karl is asking Gary questions about Sheila before he left the house and it would appear that Naomi discovered her fairly quickly after that. Gary plays down how stressed his mum was, simply saying that she was tense when he left. Karl asks Gary why, with a concerned Kyle adding more pressure for Gary. Gary informs them that he can't remember - Karl is satisfied with the information he’s obtained and leaves them, as Naomi heads back into the room to sit with her mum. Kyle asks Gary what is going on and claims that he’s acting weird; Gary tells Kyle that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Kyle says to Gary “Were you going to leave town without telling me? And I find it hard to believe you can’t remember the last conversation you had with gran!” “Mate, my mum’s in hospital, cut me some slack,” is Gary’s sharp reply and Kyle immediately backs off and apologises. Gary declares that he needs to get some air and leaves.


Outside the squat, Mark isn't too surprised to see Erin, wanting to know why she lied about where she was going. “To get you off my case about leaving Erinsborough”, is Erin’s reply and she confirms to him that there is nowhere else for her to go as the shelters are all full now, and she’s got nobody to turn to exxept for Sonya. Mark immediately says that Sonya is off limits to her. After thinking about it, he goes back to her and tells her that there is one other option.

Outside number 24, Sonya spots Erin and Mark and goes over, asking what is going on. Mark explains that Erin is going to be staying in his spare room for a while. Sonya is happy but shocked to hear this and asks Mark about the unexpected turnaround. Mark explains to Sonya why he’s done what he’s done, and Sonya admits to him that she is mightily relieved. Sonya follows Erin inside number 24.


Mark shows Erin her new home and her first request is to have a shower. While she heads off to the bathroom, Mark confirms to Sonya that he’s fine with his decision although admits that he doesn't expect to trust Erin immediately - and he proceeds to put his wallet back in his pocket. Sonya is amazed when Mark fills in more of the details; that he took her to see Karl and that for her recovery she needs to eat properly. Sonya thinks that staying in Ramsay Street is going to be the turning point for her, but Mark warns that it’s only a temporary measure and tells Sonya that Erin will need to find somewhere else in a few days. Sonya agrees with Mark and tells him that’s more than fair, mentioning that she will be around everyday. Sonya thanks Mark again and they hug, although Mark looks as though he is already having second thoughts.

Back at the hospital, Kyle panics when he sees Gary and Naomi sitting out in the corridor, when he returns after a food run, but Gary explains that they've been kicked out to let the doctors do more tests. Gary is about to tell them something but Naomi thinks it’s to say that it was her fault Sheila is in hospital. Kyle says to Naomi “Come on, Gran would have had a fight with one of her garden gnomes if she could! This isn't down to the one argument you had today”. Naomi reminds them that she caused her dad’s heart attack and now she’s done it with her mum, and she asks Gary and Kyle what kind of person that makes her. Gary interjects to say it wasn't her fault, it’s his, explaining that his mum was upset because of something he did. Naomi wonders what he did and Gary admits that before lunch, Paul Robinson came around to pay him the money he was owed for scaring Ezra Hanley and Sheila saw Paul give him the money. “You did that?!” is Kyle’s shocked reply. Gary confirms that Sheila confronted him about it and that she wanted him to confess but he couldn’t. “That’s why you were leaving town,” Kyle quickly says. Gary explains that Sheila probably had the attack right after he left. “So if anyone's to blame it’s me” Gary says. Kyle is irate at Brad being implicated and the consequences of that, and with Gary doing a runner. “It’s what I was told to do”, pleads Gary. Naomi tells her brother that he just doesn't learn and wants him for the first time in his life to own up and take responsibility. Kyle is confused with what Naomi is saying, so she decides it’s time to fill Kyle in on the truth about his dad and explains that Gary was the getaway driver for the McKenzie brothers' robbery in Frankston and did a runner after the brothers were caught. Naomi declares “He abandoned his entire family to protect himself and now he’s doing it again”. Naomi has had enough and walks away and Kyle asks his dad if what she said was true - Gary’s silence says it all.


"I'm not proud of what I did", Gary tells Kyle and he tries to explain that life hasn't dealt him the best hand. Gary adds that he regrets leaving because he missed out on time with his son. Kyle says to Gary “If you regret it, why are you making the same mistakes? And why would you get involved with someone like Paul Robinson?” Gary explains that he was trying to help him get his business up and running again. Kyle is quick to say that doesn't make things right, which Gary agrees with, but claims that his intentions were good! Kyle tells Gary that he can’t listen to this, he proceeds to ask Gary if he knows how awesome it’s been having him around. “Yeah mate, it’s been great” Gary says as he starts to tear up. Kyle replies “So you were just going to disappear without saying goodbye, was that going to be it, was I going to get one phone call, was I going to see you again?” Gary admits that he hadn’t thought that far ahead. Kyle says “I knew this was too good to be true. I wanted you to come back for so many years, now you're here I just want you to go”. Gary tries to explain to Kyle by saying “Look son I'm a screw-up, no doubt about it but I hope you know I love you. Always have”. Gary then picks up his bag and walks away. Kyle then gets his phone out of his pocket and calls the police to tell them that he’s got information on the assault on Ezra Hanley.

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Sonya Rebecchi, Mark Brennan, Georgia Brooks, Sheila Canning, Naomi Canning, Kyle Canning

Guest Cast: Adrienne Pickering as Erin Rogers, Damien Richardson as Gary Canning

Trivia Notes
• In Australia, this was the first episode to feature the 2015 Opening Titles - Version One, the accompanying new version of the theme tune and the new logo

Summary by Kyle