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Magic Moments > 2015 > Lucas and Vanessa's Return Episode 7073

Written by Elizabeth Packett, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 04/03/15, Channel 5: 18/03/15

Harold is struggling with missing Madge, and asks Toadie to change his will... Paul tries to convince Daniel to postpone his wedding to Amber... Mark apologises for treating Paige badly... Paige and Tyler kiss, but she runs off before they can take things further, saying she can’t do this...

We see an aerial view of Ramsay Street, and Susan’s voice is heard. "There’s no place in the world like Erinsborough…"

We are taken into the community centre and over to the photo exhibition, drifting over images of Ramsay Street residents past and present, as Susan’s voiceover continues: "The people, the families, the friendships, the memorable events that bind them together." Amongst the photos, we can see the likes of Annalise Hartman, Bouncer, Charlene Robinson, Daphne Clarke, Dorothy Burke, Helen Daniels, Joe Mangel, Kate Ramsay, Kerry Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Lucas Fitzgerald, Madge Bishop, Maria Ramsay, Max Ramsay, Mike Young, Nell Mangel, Serena Bishop, Shane Ramsay, Sophie Ramsay, Harold Bishop, Harry Ramsay, Henry Ramsay, Scott Robinson, Toadie Rebecchi, Valda Sheergold and many others.

We are then taken to Lassiter’s Park, where the final preparations are underway for the opening of the Erinsborough Festival.




"And what better way to celebrate the community than with the inaugural Erinsborough Festival? Oh, what a lovely introduction to the programme guide!" "Do you think Mayor Robinson may have written that?" wonders Harold. "Yeah, with a little help from Naomi," is Toadie's reply. On Ramsay Street, Susan, Toadie and Harold are talking about the festival, as Karl comes out to join them. Karl’s excited because the Erinsborough trivia quiz has gone up on the festival website, and he intends to win it, as the prize is a meat tray! Karl asks if Harold is going to join in. Harold tells Karl that his memory is not what it once was; Karl is relieved to hear that Harold isn’t entering, as he knows so much about local history. Karl asks "Anyone remember the name of Helen Daniels’ car service?" As the others head off, Harold looks nostalgically over at number 24.

A flashback shows Harold inside number 24, and Madge throwing a pair of socks in his tuba to shut him up!

Returning to the present, Harold smiles fondly. Lou then turns up, and he and Harold prepare to drive to the festival for the opening.

Inside number 24, Tyler wanders into the kitchen. Naomi is showing Mark the festival website and he asks how she came up with all the questions for the trivia quiz. Naomi tells Mark that it was 'extensive phone research' and comments that one woman, Nell Mangel, was especially helpful. Mark and Naomi kiss, just as Paige shows up at the doorstep to collect a jacket she left there last night. The whole situation is a little awkward, and after Paige has departed and Tyler has gone to his room, Naomi asks Mark if Paige and Tyler are ‘on together’. Mark tells her he has no idea, but on Naomi’s prompting, says that he’d be fine with it if they were. Mark tells Naomi that she should go as she is going to be late - she rushes off to do festival business, but Mark looks worried.


At The Waterhole, Daniel and Amber arrive to find Paul and Nick having lunch together. Daniel asks if Paul got their wedding invitation by email; he replies that he did, but doesn’t make any further remark as to whether he might accept it! Amber says out loud "Lucky we didn’t put a deadline on the RSVP!" Once Daniel and Amber have gone, Nick advises Paul that he won’t stop the wedding by being awkward - he needs to make Daniel and Amber think he’s on their side, and then they’ll be putty in his hands. Paul smiles deviously.

At Harold’s Store, Sheila, Lou and Harold are discussing who should be the store's representative on stage at the festival. Sheila thinks Harold, though he asks why it has to be him, Sheila reminds Harold that his name’s on the door and he has the credibility. Lou says to Sheila, "Well then, maybe I’ll have it renamed Lou’s." "Well then, it’ll sound like a public toilet!" is Sheila's quick reply. Harold is too busy reminiscing to listen, though, recalling the squabbles that used to go on here. Harold suddenly asks Sheila if she’s wearing a particular French perfume; La Zero Heure. She says that she isn't, but Lou recognises the name, saying that Madge used to wear it, but he can’t smell anything himself. Sheila says "I don’t think I squirted anything on myself this morning, but I probably smell like the meat tray I just put together!" "Is that any different to your usual body odour?" is Lou's reply. Sheila chases Lou away, but Harold can still smell perfume in the air…


The festival is well underway at Lassister’s Park as Karl and Susan wander past the various stalls. Karl is still doing his trivia quiz, and asks Susan "When did The Waterhole change its name to Chez Chez? '95?” Susan tells Karl that it was 1994. Karl is not convinced but Susan remains confident that it was and reminds him that it was the year they arrived, adding that she remembers talking to Cheryl Stark about it. "And who coached the Dingoes into the new millennium?" Karl asks. Susan tells him to pay attention to this amazing festival. Karl spots Nate talking to some Dingoes team members, and demands to know what he’s doing. Nate admits he’s entering the quiz too, and a surprised Karl says "Come on, you only just got here. I’m Mr. Erinsborough!". Nate laughs and tells Karl to 'bring it, Mr. Erinsborough'.

Meanwhile, Naomi and Kyle are taking the wrapping off a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Paul in his mayoral robes. However, someone’s drawn a moustache and glasses on it, and Paul is not amused when he sees it. Kyle jokingly says to Paul "Movember finished months ago, mate!" Paul tells Naomi to sort it out, before anyone else sees it! Naomi has become pretty stressed, but Kyle tells her not to worry as bad things come in threes. Naomi asks Kyle how that is supposed to make her feel better. "One down, two to go!" Kyle says.


Chris is with Toadie, who is making a video of the festival for Sonya, Callum and Nell. He films Margie serving some customers on the joint Harold’s/Waterhole stall. They move on to a cupcake stall branded Paddy Cakes’– where they run into Vanessa and Lucas. Toadie asks them what they are doing here, and Vanessa explains that she heard there was a last-minute stall that had came available and they wanted to surprise people. Lucas and a heavily pregnant Vanessa have their daughter Sebastiana with them, and explain that Patrick is with Vanessa's mum. Lucas gives Sebastiana to Chris to hold, and Chris explains that he’s going to be a dad himself soon - Lucas and Vanessa look confused!

Nearby, Paige is telling Imogen how she kissed Tyler last night, and then freaked out. "Over Brennan?" Imogen asks. Paige explains that it’s getting really confusing when she doesn't call him Mark. Imogen tells Paige that she thought Paige was over Mark, and Paige says that she was, until she couldn’t stop thinking about him. Just then the Brennan brothers appear, both shirtless and carrying crates of beer for Naomi – and Paige and Imogen sneak off through the bushes. The Brennan brothers see the sisters, and noting the awkward look on Paige’s face, Mark asks Tyler what’s going on. Tyler admits that he and Paige have ‘fooled around a bit’. Mark tells Tyler that he and Paige dated for a while and he was the one that broke it off. Tyler tells Mark that that must be why she freaked out last night, she must still be hung up on him. “What?! No!" Mark says. "It’s the only explanation. But you’re with Naomi now, so it shouldn’t matter to you, right?" Tyler replies. Mark agrees, but doesn't look entirely convinced.



At Harold’s Store, Susan notices that there’s a ‘for sale’ notice on the board for Harold’s motor home, and asks Harold if that means he’s staying in Erinsborough. Harold rather coldly tells Susan she’ll be the first to know if he does, then wanders off, distracted. Naomi and Sheila enter; Naomi’s stressing about the two more bad things to come, as per Kyle’s prediction but Sheila reminds her to enjoy the moment, given how hard she’s worked for the festival. Sheila mentions all the late nights Naomi’s been doing, but Naomi reluctantly reveals that the reason she’s been out late is that she’s been seeing Mark. Sheila gets excited, but Naomi tells her she wants to keep it low-key, she doesn’t want to jinx anything as she’s ‘awful at relationships’. Sheila says to Naomi "Trust me, with you by his side, Constable Hottie will not look twice at anyone else!"

At The Waterhole, Mark enters and finds Paige sitting alone. Mark sits down and says to Paige "So, umm – you and Tyler". Paige point blank tells Mark that they are not seriously having this conversation. Mark warns Paige as ‘a friend’ that Tyler can be a bit of a handful. Paige says to Mark "Well, at least he’s not a liar, who said he can’t commit to a relationship and then dates the girl next door." Mark tries to explain about Naomi, but Paige tells him to leave her alone. Mark leaves just as Tyler enters, and Tyler asks Paige what they were talking about. Paige tells Tyler that it was nothing. Tyler declares to Paige, "Look, I like you. But I’m not about to play second fiddle to my big brother. So if you’ve got some mixed-up game planned, I’m out." Tyler leaves, and Paige looks worried.



Back at the festival, Susan is telling Karl about Harold selling his motor home, explaining that she can’t shake the feeling that there’s something not quite right with him. Nate jogs up with another trivia question and tells Susan that she should know this. "What years was Dorothy Burke principal?" Susan refuses to get involved in Karl and Nate’s competitiveness. She does, however, stop outside the psychic’s stall, to overhear Naomi angrily telling someone on the phone that she’ll never hire them again. Naomi hangs up and tells Susan that her psychic has just pulled out because she had a bad premonition! "Oh, what a charlatan!" Susan says. A panicky Naomi tells her that she needs a new mystic right now! Susan innocently comments that anybody could do it - Naomi eyes Susan and soon afterwards, Susan is dressed up in a fortune teller’s outfit, telling Lucas and Vanessa everything they need to know about their future – or more accurately, their present! – while Chris sits in on the act. Lucas and Vanessa ask about the gender of their unborn baby, so Susan looks into her crystal ball. Susan says to Vanessa "I see… that you won’t be disappointed!" Vanessa laughs and declares that she is the best fortune teller ever.

Chris, Lucas and Vanessa leave Susan to her next victim. Vanessa says that it’s fantastic to be back, and Chris agrees. Lucas suggests to Chris that they will have to organise some play-dates for their kids when Lucy’s baby is born. Chris explains Lucy will be bringing up the baby in New York, but that he and Nate will make plenty of visits. Lucas and Vanessa look awkward, so Chris asks them what’s wrong. Lucas says to Chris "Mate, once the little tucker comes along, you’re not gonna want to be on the other side of the world. In fact, you’re not gonna want to miss a minute of it. Honestly."


Back at Harold’s Store, Sheila is trying to woo Harold with her spiced apple chutney and wood-smoked brie but Lou, intervening, tells Harold he needs to go and fetch some chairs for the stall from the Community Centre. Harold goes off, and Sheila accuses Lou of always having to spoil things! But as Harold is about to leave the store, he hears what sounds like Madge’s voice calling him. He thinks it's Sheila, but she denies saying anything so Harold leaves, perplexed, commenting that he’ll be back soon.

Harold is down by Lassiters Lake, smiling fondly.

In another flashback, Harold and Madge are at the lake.

Harold: “I will reconsider my position, I can tell you”.
Madge: “Good. That’ll make it easy for you.”
Madge takes off her engagement ring. “You can take your ring, and go jump in the lake!” Madge flings it in the lake.
Harold: “Madge! No! You don’t understand…”
As Madge stomps off, Harold wades into the lake to retrieve the ring, dipping his head in to see if he can see it!

Back in the present, Harold looks sad and lonely.


In the Lassiter's complex, Karl is talking out loud to himself whilst doing the trivia quiz on his phone. "What destroyed Lassiter’s in 2004? It was a fire… A garment designed by Donna Freedman?" Nate creeps up on him and says "Shrugalero!" Karl congratulates Nate but asks if he is struggling with Question 14. "Who won the gardening competition in 1989?" Nate remains quiet; Karl says to Nate "You don’t know." Nate tells Karl that he does know and mentions that he knows that the prize was a gift voucher, a Zodiac Guide to Gardening, and a silver trowel! "Those were the bonus points…" Karl says. Nate laughs and says "Face it, I’m killing it! Just one question to go… Question 30 who won the 1987 Ramsay Street Olympics?" Paul approaches and tells them that the competition was declared void when Daniel’s mum Charlene dropped her baton. Having got the final answer, Karl and Nate submit their quiz entries, each confident they’ve won.

Inside the Waterhole, Nick watches from a distance as Paul enters, and approaches Daniel and Amber. Paul tells them he’s contributing some supplies towards their picnic baskets for their wedding, and insists there’s no catch. The pair are thrilled, and Daniel leaps up to give Paul a hug, while Nick smirks to himself at his table.



At Harold’s Store, Naomi enters and tells Susan and Toadie that the second of the three bad things that Kyle predicted has happened! "My statue just got gastro and I need to find a replacement." "How does a statue get gastro?" is Susan's reply. Naomi explains it’s not a real statue, but a street performer painted in gold, and Toadie looks concerned as she asks if they know anyone that can do that…

Outside the Community Centre, Toadie is soon clad in a hat, costume and gold spray-paint from head to toe! Naomi tells him how much she appreciates it, especially given their past but Toadie comments that it’s all water under the bridge. Karl is walking by when he sees Harold sitting in his motor home, looking like he’s in a trance. Karl asks if he’s okay and Harold explains that he’s just having a breather. Karl asks Harold about him selling his van, and Harold simply says that he’s ready for a change, and encourages him to go and enjoy the festival, insisting he’s fine.

Toadie tries to remain motionless in his new statue performer role, while Kyle does everything possible to make him move without touching him. Eventually Kyle provokes Toadie into moving, and he growls causing Kyle to leap backwards onto the grass in fear! Kyle walks away, humiliated, and Paul walks past, laughing at Toadie.


At the Community Centre, Harold is fetching the chairs for the stall, and stops to have a look at the photo exhibition. Amongst the Erinsborough residents we can see this time are Amber Turner, Billy Kennedy, Clive Gibbons, Debbie Martin, Donna Freedman, Dylan Timmins, Gail Robinson, Hannah Martin, Hilary Robinson, Imogen Willis, Julie Martin, Karl Kennedy, Naomi Canning, Paul Robinson, Peter Hannay, Philip Martin, Rosemary Daniels, Sarah Beaumont, Sheila Canning and Sky Mangel. Lou enters and tells Harold that he’s just seen Karl, who said he didn’t seem to be feeling too good. Getting irritated now, Harold tells Lou he’s fine, his only problem is people asking him if there's a problem! Lou says to Harold "Well perhaps you’d sooner live in a world where nobody cared about you!" "Well at least I’d get some peace and quiet!" is Harold's stern reply. Harold suddenly apologises for biting Lou’s head off and says that seeing everyone enjoying the festival has just made him a little sentimental. Lou informs Harold that’s half the point of it, and Harold replies that he knows that – so he asks Lou to tell everyone to stop fussing, including Sheila. Lou hurries Harold along with the chairs, but Harold is staring reflectively at a picture of him and Madge on his wedding day.



On Ramsay Street, Harold is in the motor home again, looking up at number 24.

In another flashback, Lou has set up a barbecue on Harold and Madge’s driveway to stake a territorial claim – and Harold is trying to scare him off by playing the tuba, while Madge accompanies him on the tambourine! A car flies past and a horn sounds.

Back in the present, Harold looks sad again, and starts up the motor home.

At Lassiter’s Park, the Salvation Army Band is playing on the stage while a big crowd including Amber, Daniel, Toadie, Vanessa, Kyle, Paul, Sheila, Lou, Mark, Tyler, Imogen, Lucas, Chris, Nate, Susan and Paige all watch. They all applaud when the band finishes, and Naomi comes onto the stage to introduce Mayor Robinson, which attracts notably less applause, especially from Karl, until Susan nudges him!




Paul starts his welcome speech: "Well, welcome everybody to the inaugural Erinsborough Festival. Two whole weeks of cultural events celebrating this special community that I am so very, very proud to be a part of." While Paul’s talking, we see Naomi and Mark being all kissy and coupley, Paige looking suitably upset, and Tyler winking at Imogen, who can’t help but smile. Karl and Nate then goad each other as Paul prepares to announce the winner of the trivia quiz! Paul says to the audience, "Now, the first entrant to submit all correct answers was… Reg Watson!" Karl and Nate both say "Who?!" but Susan softens the blow for Karl by telling him that he'll always be Mr Erinsborough to her. Paul calls out for Reg again but the mysterious winner is nowhere to be seen, so Paul promises to track him down later! Meanwhile, Karl tells Susan about Harold selling his van because he wanted a change; Karl reassures Susan that they shouldn't read too much into it, insisting that Harold will be fine.

Meanwhile, Harold drives his motor home past the garage, looking increasingly agitated.

Back at Lassiter’s Park, Paul continues his speech, welcoming the festival’s corporate sponsors onto the stage.

Harold continues to drive the motor home past the history wall – Madge’s voice going round and round in his head. "Harold! … Harold! … Harold! … Harold! … Yes, the silly old fool, after all these years!" As the motor home approaches the festival, Harold slams on the brakes to avoid crashing into some stalls, and swerves towards the stage, just as the sponsors are coming up to take their places. People are seen diving out of the path of the motor home, as it smashes down the cardboard cut-out of Paul and continues on its merry way! More festival-goers dive out of the way, as Harold’s van ploughs straight into a fruit and vegetable stall! Everybody gasps, as water from a ruptured pipeline sprays into the air. Sheila starts having palpitations, and Lou, Paul and others look worried.

His van now stopped, Harold is unconscious, appearing to have hit his head on the steering wheel. He gradually wakes up, to hear a familiar voice. "Oh, Harold!" It’s Madge, appearing to be very much alive, sitting in the passenger seat! She shakes her head at him wearily. "What have you done?!" Harold stares at Madge, totally gobsmacked!

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Lou Carpenter, Sheila Canning, Naomi Canning, Kyle Canning, Mark Brennan, Chris Pappas, Nate Kinski, Paige Smith, Imogen Willis, Daniel Robinson, Toadfish Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Scott Major as Lucas Fitzgerald, Alin Sumarwata as Vanessa Villante, Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Anne Charleston as Madge Bishop, Damien Fotiou as Nick Petrides, Travis Burns as Tyler Brennan, Izabella Anderson as Sebastiana, Davin Taylor as Harold Driving Double, Stunt VIP's: Sarah Howett, Bryce Hardy, Graham Jahne, Jacqueline Geelen, Rick Tonna, Harley Durst

Trivia Notes
• This episode aired in the UK on 18th March, Neighbours' 30th anniversary
• The closing credits include the message 'Thank you to 30 years of Neighbours cast members'
• Scott Major (Lucas Fitzgerald) and Alin Sumarwata (Vanessa Villante) return for a one-episode guest appearance
• Vanessa is pregnant with her third child
• Baby Sebastiana is played by Izabella Anderson, the younger sister of Scarlett Anderson (Nell Rebecchi)
• Anne Charleston (Madge Bishop) makes a brief return in the final scene, 14 years after last appearing in the role
• Past characters mentioned by name include: Cheryl Stark, Nell Mangel, Donna Brown, Callum Rebecchi, Lucy Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Helen Daniels
In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg is played over the final scene
• The winner of the trivia quiz is given as Reg Watson (the creator of Neighbours)
• Questions in the Erinsborough Trivia Quiz include: The name of Helen Daniel’s car service? (Answer: Home James); Who coached the Dingoes into the new millennium? (Answer: It was Pat Miller in 2000-2001, when Paul McClain was on the under-19s team); What years was Dorothy Burke principal of Erinsborough High? (Answer: 1990-1993); Who won the gardening competition in 1989? (Answer: Joe Mangel)

What a fantastic episode, just perfect. The build up to Madge's reappearance was TV gold. It had everything - the laughs, the drama, and the right amount of nostalgia. Lots of great moments and yes, I loved that Reg Watson was the winner. I loved the trivia quiz running through it too - great way of putting the memories back in. This is Neighbours for me...

Summary by Kyle