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Magic Moments > 2015 > Madge's Return Episode 7074

Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 05/03/15, Channel 5: 19/03/15

Nick gives Georgia tickets to the ballet... A cardboard cut-out of Paul has had a moustache drawn on it... Karl is worried about Harold, but he says he's fine... Harold crashes his motorhome, knocking over the cardboard Paul, a fruit stall and a fire hydrant...

Lou and Karl go over to check up on Harold, who is looking around for Madge. Harold asks if they saw anyone get out of the motorhome and Karl tells Harold that he is the only one inside. Lou tells Karl to check his heart and head, but Harold insists that he's fine. Lou replies that Harold is clearly not fine as nearly took out half of Erinsborough. A bewildered Harold tries to get out of the motorhome but Karl him that he isn't going anywhere as an ambulance is on its way.


At Dimato's container yard, Joey accuses Matt of being a slacker as he prepares to leave. Matt answers a call as ‘Senior Constable Turner’, and tells the caller he will be there straight away. After Matt ends the call, Joey asks what's happened, and Matt tells him - Joey mockingly mentions he'll need to change back into his police uniform.

Matt heads to Lassiter's Park and begins cordoning off the area, then he bumps into Kyle. Kyle explains the situation, and Matt asks if he's taken care of the water situation. Kyle confirms he has, adding that he’s surprised the area wasn't closed to traffic. "Yeah, well, it was supposed to be," Matt says. They hear a rumbling, and they see that there's a pipe leaking into the lake.


At The Waterhole, Nick is examining Sheila, who seems quite taken with him. Georgia enters and goes to check on Sheila - Nick tells her that Sheila is ok but had some minor heart palpitations. Nick asks if she wants to sit with her, but Georgia has to get back out to the first aid tent - Nick then suggests that they work together in the bar. She agrees, leaving to organise it. Paul enters and is trying to contact Naomi, and Terese, following behind him, points out she's probably busy and asks if he needs anything. Paul says "What I need is my incompetent festival organiser... in a shallow grave." Paul rushes back out. Just then Terese gets a call from Kyle, who informs her that the water situation is very serious.

Kyle ends the call, as Josh comes up and offers to help. Meanwhile, Matt is asking Susan about Harold's driving. Susan explains that Harold has been a bit distracted and a bit out of sorts the last few days. Paul then storms over, ranting about lack of traffic barricades that were meant to be delivered earlier that day. Matt tries to placate him by saying there will be a full investigation, but that is not much consolation for Paul. He says to Matt "Save your breath. Just keep it for the lawyers." Paul heads off and Matt sighs.


At the hospital, Karl tells Lou and Toadie that they have ruled out a stroke and heart attack and they will do more tests. Toadie comments that he should have seen it coming as Harold had been acting strangely since he arrived. Toadie remembers Harold one evening sitting in the dark and asking him to amend his will. Lou pointedly says “He’s not ready to shuffle off, if that’s what you’re suggesting!” Toadie simply says that there have been signs that he should have paid more attention to. Karl suggests they go in to speak to Harold, to find out what is troubling him. In the treatment room, Madge appears, and holds Harold's hand. “Madge?!” a shocked Harold says. “How you feeling my love?” Madge gently asks. Harold looks at Madge with fondness and love.

Back at the Waterhole, Georgia and Nick have worked through all of the patients, so Georgia is about to leave to change for the ballet. Nick asks Georgia if she's excited and she tells him that she can’t wait, and thanks Nick again for the tickets. Nick asks how Kyle feels about her attending the ballet - Georgia explains that Kyle would rather watch footy with a beer in his hand but a culture injection will do him good. Georgia is just about to go but a few more patients enter, Nick insists Georgia leaves, and she goes over to see Kyle, who is talking to Terese. Georgia overhears Kyle telling Terese that there's a lot of work still to do with the burst water mains. Kyle then informs Georgia he can't go just yet. Georgia asks if there is anything she can do and Kyle asks if she can bring him a change of clothes. She agrees, and they both leave the Waterhole. Nick smirks as he watches them go.



Back at the hospital, Harold and Madge are talking. “But does that mean I’m...” Harold begins to ask Madge. “Dead? Hardly. Mind you, you gave it a red-hot go, driving into that stall the way you did” is Madge’s reply. “Well, if that's the case, either I'm crazy, or you're a ghost.” - Harold looks at Madge with fear. “I am here, because I thought you needed me,” Madge says affectionately. “I don’t care why, oh to just look at your beautiful face, hear your lovely voice, it’s been too long,” is Harold’s emotional reply. “I know my darling.” Madge strokes Harold’s face. Karl enters the room to do some tests and asks Harold how he is. Harold tells Karl that he is good. As Karl begins to do the tests, Harold looks over at Madge, and they begin to giggle, much to Karl's consternation. When Karl asks again if Harold is ok, Harold simply says that he’s ‘wonderful’.

Inside the Waterhole, Joey is sitting alone, when a couple at the next table leave their keys and phone behind. Sheila spots Joey going over to steal them, just as Matt happens to walk in, and Sheila tells him to arrest Joey. Matt is hesitant, but tells her that he'll deal with it, and the two men leave. Naomi, meanwhile, is handing out baskets of goodies, compliments of the Erinsborough Festival, trying to improve everyone's mood. Paul appears and pulls her to one side, blaming her for the disaster but Naomi tells Paul it was a freak accident, and people will understand. She tells him to focus on the good things, like Nina Tucker's performance at the closing ceremony. Paul tells Naomi that Nina said no. Naomi is horrified and tells him to find some good news - fast.


Back at the hospital, Lou, Susan and Toadie are visiting Harold. They talk briefly and he insists he's fine. Susan tells him that Vanessa and Lucas are sorry they missed him but they had to get back to Daylesford as Sebastiana was getting grumpy. Susan again asks Harold how he is feeling as he hasn’t been himself lately, but Harold simply tells Susan he’s fine, and he watches as Madge leaves the room. Harold then tells them to leave because he's tired.

Kyle enters the Waterhole and goes over to Georgia, telling her that he doesn't think he's going to be able to make it to the ballet. He suggests that she goes with someone else, but Georgia is unsure - Kyle tells her he'll try and get finished as soon as he can but, if he can’t make it, he promises to buy tickets for another show. Georgia tells Kyle she'll give Nick his tickets back and gets her phone out of her bag.


Paul is talking to the press outside the hotel and tells them that he expects to have the festival back up and running as soon as possible. Paul spots Nick and proceeds to introduce him to the journalist, adding that there will be an important announcement soon. Nick then gets a call from Georgia, who explains that Kyle is unable to go to the ballet tonight and offers to give the tickets back to him. Nick offers to go with her as his conference call has been pushed back a week. Georgia checks with Kyle, who tells her to go, so Georgia agrees and Nick tells her to meet him at the hospital - he'll call a limo to pick them up. Paul says to Nick, "Call a limo! Very smooth”. Nick tells Paul he calls it ‘capitalising on an opportunity’. Paul reminds Nick that he stands no chance with Georgia as she and Kyle are solid as a rock. “My motto in life: never say never,” is Nick’s slimy reply. Paul laughs as Nick leaves.

Back at The Waterhole, Kyle tells a disappointed Georgia to have a good time.


At the container yard, Matt warns Joey against attempting to break the law. Joey mockingly says to Matt “What? What you gonna do? Dob me in?” Matt reminds silence. Joey continues “Didn't think so. You're one of us now, mate. Catch ya.” Matt looks worried as Joey leaves.

At the hospital, Nick is in a tuxedo, and Georgia is embarrassed as she feels underdressed for an opening night. She says that she hasn't got anything much to change into, so Nick promises to take care of it and proceeds to get his mobile out and make a call.


Back at Harold's, Sheila asks Matt if he needs a statement about Joey, but Matt tells Sheila that he confessed to everything and it's being dealt with. He walks off before she can say any more. Naomi enters and tells Sheila that she's dealing with disaster-ville. Sheila disagrees, saying that the festival is on its way to becoming legendary. Naomi is upset, because she still hasn't got a Bake-off judge or an act for the closing ceremony. She begins to get emotional and Sheila gives her a reassuring hug.

Back at the hospital, Madge reappears and asks Harold why he is getting so upset. “Oh Madge, my love, I thought you had left me,” Harold says. Madge tells him that she didn’t want to distract him while his friends were here. Madge comments on Lou’s appearance and how he's aged - Harold asks her to promise that she won’t leave him again. Madge holds Harold’s hand and reassures him that she is not going anywhere, but she also tells him to stop looking at her when there are people in the room, as they'll think he's lost his marbles. Harold promises to be more careful, Madge then asks for gossip about Lou - telling him not to leave out the juicy bits.


By the nurse’s station, Georgia finds two formal dresses with a note saying ‘Try these on for size, Cinderella’.

She tries one on, and Nick is impressed when he sees her. Georgia jokes that she hopes not to turn into a pumpkin at midnight. Just then Kyle arrives - dressed smart casual - and tells Georgia she looks like a ‘movie star’. Kyle asks Georgia where the dress came from and she explains that Nick organised it for her. Georgia is pleased that Kyle has been able to make it - he says that he finished the work early, but tells Nick and Georgia that they should go. She is reluctant, but then tells him to watch some footy and they'll go to another show some time. Kyle agrees, and Nick tells Georgia they better get going as they don’t want to be late.


In his hospital room, Madge is lying on the bed next to Harold and he is filling her in on their old friends. “Toadfish Rebecchi, a lawyer?! Seems impossible to believe”, Madge exclaims! Madge then asks about Scott and Charlene, Harold tells Madge that Scott is deputy editor and Charlene is running a garage. Harold mentions to Madge that Daniel is in town and is getting married to Lou's granddaughter, Amber. Madge bluntly asks if Amber is pregnant and wonders why they would want to tie themselves down at a young age, Harold tells Madge she isn’t and explains that they are in love. Harold tells her that Amber seems to be a very nice girl, Madge tells him she wants to meet her, as she can't depend on Harold to ask the tough questions. Harold laughs and says “We've just had our first tiff in fourteen years.” "Ah, just like old times!” is Madge’s reply. Harold and Madge lovingly get closer to each other.

Featured Regular Characters: Lou Carpenter, Paul Robinson, Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Sheila Canning, Naomi Canning, Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks, Matt Turner, Toadfish Rebecchi, Terese Willis, Joshua Willis

Guest Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Anne Charleston as Madge Bishop, Damien Fotiou as Nick Petrides, Steven Sammut as Joey Dimato,

Trivia Notes
• Past characters Charlene Robinson, Scott Robinson, Nina Tucker, Lucas Fitzgerald and Vanessa Villante are mentioned
• Travis Burns (Tyler Brennan) is credited but does not appear

Summary by Kyle