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Magic Moments > 2015 > Des's Return Episode 7082

Written by Paul Gartside, Directed by Scott Major, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 17/03/15, Channel 5: 31/03/15

Tyler telling Paige that a physical relationship is not going to happen... Imogen reassuring Amber that she will help plan the wedding whilst Amber is away... Paul calling in a favour (sending Amber away on a photography assignment knowing she won't be back in time for the wedding)... Matt catching Brad comforting Lauren over the troubles in their marriage... Sharon Canning arriving in Erinsborough and telling Matt her offer of a liaison is still open... A shocked Terese catching Matt and Sharon kissing outside a Lassiter's hotel room...

Terese walks away from the hotel in shock, barely hearing Lauren calling her from outside Harold's. Lauren rushes over, explaining that she has been trying to get in touch with Terese to see if she can store some wedding food at the hotel. Lauren adds that she has got a long to-do list, but seeing Terese is somewhat distracted, concludes that Brad must have told Terese about Lauren's earlier meltdown. Terese hurriedly confirms that Brad did mention it and Lauren says that she hopes Brad's support is not going to be a problem for Terese. Terese admits it won't be, as Lauren tells Terese she wants to fix things with Matt, even though it will be a slow process. Lauren heads off, thanking Terese and saying she will leave her to it.


Matt is sitting on the bed, looking worried, in Sharon's hotel room. There is a loud knock on the hotel room door: he eventually gets up, calling through to Sharon in the bathroom and asking if she ordered room service. Sharon shouts that she did, but Matt is hesitant to answer the door, as the knocks become louder and more insistent. He answers the door to find Terese, who shouts at him that they are leaving - now.

Naomi sits down alongside Imogen in Harold's, greeting the "busy bridesmaid" and wondering when Amber is due back. Imogen replies that Amber's flight leaves in an hour as Naomi points out it is a little odd how someone with Amber's non-existent credentials got picked to undertake such a photography assignment. Imogen replies that she hadn't thought about it, but Naomi is suspicious and reveals how not only did Paul plan her trip, he also arranged for Amber's flight to be cancelled. Imogen realises that Amber won't be back for the wedding and asks why Naomi didn't stop Paul. Naomi insists she kept quiet for the greater good, suggesting that Imogen might therefore still have a chance with Daniel. Imogen is not sure whether to be horrified or grateful as Naomi rushes off, urging Imogen to make of the plan what she will.


Paul is in the lift at Lassiter's as Imogen pushes open the door, demanding Amber's return. she threatens to tell Daniel of Paul's plan unless Amber comes back. Paul realises Naomi revealed the plan and insists that Amber and Daniel are not right for each other, even though Imogen points out that knowledge of the plan would destroy Daniel. Imogen goes on to explain that Daniel's happiness means more to her than anything: Paul is suspicious, but Imogen says that if Paul doesn't realise how lucky he is to have Daniel in his life then he is an idiot. The lift door opens revealing Daniel sat on the balcony of the penthouse apartment playing his guitar. Imogen tells Paul quietly that she is serious: if Paul doesn't bring Amber back, she will reveal the plan. she adds that she is going to call Amber in ten minutes to check.

Outside The Waterhole, Matt sits down uncomfortably with Terese and asks what she is going to tell Lauren. Terese isn't sure what she could say and wonders how far things went between Matt and Sharon. Matt replies that things didn't go far, and asks Terese how she knew. Terese explains that she saw Matt and Sharon going into her room earlier. Terese doesn't know who Sharon is, and Matt reveals that Sharon is Kyle's mother, much to Terese's surprise. Matt denies that anything happened although Terese points out that they were all over each other and wonders how he could possibly have betrayed Lauren like he did. Matt replies that Lauren betrayed him with Brad, but Terese thinks this situation is much worse and tells Matt to pull himself together so that he can go and fight for his marriage.


At Number 22, Imogen is sadly trying on her bridesmaid's dress and looking at herself in the mirror when there is a knock on the front door. Answering it, Naomi follows Imogen in, wondering what the situation is regarding the wedding. Imogen confirms that she has just called Amber, who is now on her way back to Erinsborough. Naomi is relieved that they can both rest easy, and says that Imogen looks lovely. Imogen admits that she thought about not telling Amber: Naomi believes that was ok, but Imogen replies that it was not because she is supposed to be Amber's friend and therefore she is a bad person. Imogen goes on to say that she doesn't know how she is going to be able to watch Daniel at the altar: Naomi tells Imogen she will be fine as she is strong. They are interrupted by Josh coming down the stairs and Naomi leaves, Josh asking Imogen how she is feeling. Imogen returns the question and the two of them hug.

Daniel asks Paul if they are expecting company, since the apartment has been supplied with a trolley of drinks. Paul replies that they are, as he has a very special friend in town. just then, the lift doors slide open to reveal his guest: it is Des Clarke! Des rushes out and excitedly embraces Paul, the two overjoyed by the reunion. Des follows Paul in and comments that Paul has made it when he sees the apartment. Paul introduces Des to Daniel, commenting that Daniel is the son of Scott and Charlene and Daniel replies that he remembers Scott and Charlene mentioning Des. Des thinks Daniel resembles both Scott and Charlene and Paul explains that Des is in town for a conference and that he asked Des to come and check out the festival. Des agrees, reluctantly, as Paul goes on to say that thirty years ago to the day, Des was in Daniel's shoes, about to get married. Des admits he was, as Paul urges Des to sit down with Daniel and tell him all about it, adding that it is quite a story.



A little later, Des is filling Daniel in with details of his failed marriage to Lorraine Kingham, as Paul adds in extra details from the time. They discuss the buck's party and Paul comments how rowdy it was, explaining that Max Ramsay shut it down. Daniel wonders if the rowdy buck's party led to a quiet wedding. Des replies that he and Lorraine were kidding themselves because he loved her, but deep down they both knew they didn't belong together. Des accepts that their families also didn't approve of the Union either, and Daniel looks thoughtful as Paul replies that both Des and Lorraine were young and blinded by the thrill of being in love. Des thinks he should have seen it coming. Paul explains that on the morning of the wedding, Lorraine and her parents turned up and broke off the wedding. Daniel comments how awful it must have been, but Des doesn't think it was really, and Paul adds that Lorraine did Des a favour, as he met Daphne at the buck's party, who later became his wife, to whom he was married for three years. Paul informs Daniel that Lorraine was just not the right person for Des and explains that sometimes people don't know when they're on the wrong path, even though it is obvious to others. Daniel gets up, telling Paul that it was a nice try, and walks off, informing Paul that after tomorrow he will realise how much Amber means to him. Before he goes, he shakes Des' hands, saying how nice it was to meet him. After Daniel has gone, Des tells Paul that Daniel seems genuinely in love with Amber. Paul retorts Daniel is in denial: the same as Des was with Lorraine.



Matt returns home and Lauren walks up to him, saying that she owes him an apology. Matt replies that she doesn't, but Lauren is adamant, explaining that she shouldn't have shut Matt down. She gets close to Matt and realises that he has been drinking. She asks Matt if he is planning to continue to do so, angrily pointing out that Bailey is in a fragile state, Amber is about to get married and their marriage is hanging by a thread. Lauren warns Matt to pull himself together and start acting like a husband and a father as that is what all the Turner family needs. Lauren storms off furiously.

In Paul's penthouse, Des goes to get in the lift, telling Paul he will be back for a proper catch up after he has been to the exhibition. As the door slides open, Naomi steps out and follows Paul into the apartment. Paul confronts Naomi over revealing his plan to Imogen. Naomi explains that she didn't realise Imogen would act on the information, but Paul incredulously highlights the fact that Imogen is Amber's best friend. Seeing Naomi's expression, Paul wonders if it was ever in doubt that Imogen would act to get Amber back and Naomi replies that it wasn't, hurrying off to sort out the closing concert.


At Harold's, Amber is welcomed back by Paige, Imogen and Tyler. Amber explains how tense the situation is at Number 32 and says that she dropped her bags home and got out as quickly as she could. Amber is impressed by all of the origami that has been made for the wedding and gives Paige and Imogen a small gift for all of their help and support. Amber admits she didn't know she wanted a sister until Paige turned up, although Paige kindly jokes that even after she did turn up, Amber didn't want her. Amber smiles and confirms she was an idiot and admits she now can't imagine her life without Paige. Paige and Amber hug: Imogen tells Amber she doesn't need to say anything to her because she doesn't like compliments. Amber replies that it is too bad, because she wants to say that Imogen is like a sister to her, she loves her and would trust her with her life. Imogen replies that she loves Amber too and they all embrace as part of the sisterhood. Just then, Daniel arrives and walks over to Amber, kissing and hugging her. Amber notices something is the matter with Daniel and asks what is wrong. Daniel explains that Paul has been lying: he doesn't want them to get married after all.

Matt and Lauren are at home, still in an uncomfortable silence. Matt asks Lauren if she remembers their first date. Eventually, Lauren admits she doesn't believe to the present day Matt agreed to go for a three hour trail ride. Matt explains he would have done anything she asked so that he could see her again because he felt lucky to be part of her life, as he still does, and Lauren replies she feels lucky to call Matt her husband. Matt begs for a chance to make up for what he has done and Lauren replies that they will be ok. They hold onto each other, Lauren once again saying that they will be ok.


On the balcony of the penthouse apartment, Des is commenting to Paul how nice it was to see so many familiar faces in the photos at the exhibition. Imogen lets herself into the apartment and tells Paul that Amber lent her the swipe card to gain access and asks where Daniel is. Paul replies that Daniel won't be long and Des goes to find the bathroom. Once Des has gone, Imogen hands over Daniel's vows which Amber had asked Imogen to drop over to the apartment. Paul takes them and asks Imogen what she thought of the vows. Imogen explains that she didn't read the vows but can imagine what they would be like. Paul asks Imogen how she could imagine them and when Imogen explains how perfect they would be, Paul confronts Imogen, believing that is assumption that the bridesmaid having fallen for the groom is accurate. Imogen tells Paul he is out of his mind and hurriedly heads off, Paul happy at discovering Imogen's secret. With Imogen having left, Des returns from the bathroom and asks Paul what his grin is for. Paul gleefully replies that he has found his trump card.

At Number 32, Bailey is polishing his shoes and wondering why they have to be so shiny. Amber sarcastically retorts that it is to take the attention away from his face. There is a knock on the door and Bailey goes to answer it. He returns with Paul, who explains he would like a word with Amber. Bailey leaves and Paul hands Amber a blue garter from Charlene. Amber thanks Paul as Paul comments how quiet the house is, adding that he thought Amber would be celebrating with Imogen. Amber replies that Imogen has some things to do and Paul slyly says how nice it is for Imogen to have gone to so much trouble for her, particularly with her feeling the way she does. Amber wonders what Paul means. Paul explains how brave it is to allow Imogen to be so involved with Daniel since Imogen is madly in love with him. Amber wonders what Paul is talking about and Paul points out that Amber must have noticed how Imogen talks about Daniel. He says that he thought Amber knew: Amber retorts that there is no way that Imogen is in love with Daniel. Paul suggests that he is probably wrong, and walks off, urging Amber to forget what he said. A worried Amber is left alone to think about what Paul told her.


A little later, Imogen lets Amber into Number 22 apologising for getting held up with other things. Amber replies that it is ok and admits she has just spoken to Paul. Imogen feigns ignorance as Amber says that Paul has just told her something strange. She goes on to say that Paul thinks Imogen is in love with Daniel. Imogen retorts that Paul is clearly grasping at straws but Amber points out she can see Imogen's face in the mirror. Imogen replies that she is just confused at why Paul would say such a thing but Amber demands that Imogen tell her the truth. Imogen has no choice but to accept that she is in love with Daniel. A horrified Amber tries to let the news sink in as she asks how long Imogen has been in love with him. Imogen admits it has been a really long time but confirms that Daniel is unaware of her feelings. Imogen believes that it doesn't matter anyway, as Daniel doesn't know, but Amber shouts back that of course it matters because Imogen is her best friend and is supposed to be her maid of honour. Imogen replies that she will resign, because she just wants Amber and Daniel to be happy...

Featured Regular Characters: Terese Willis, Josh Willis, Imogen Willis, Paige Smith, Lauren Turner, Amber Turner, Matt Turner, Bailey Turner, Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson, Naomi Canning, Tyler Brennan

Guest Cast: Paul Keane as Des Clarke

Trivia Notes
Paul Keane reprises the role of Des Clarke for one episode, having last appeared in 1990
Several flashbacks to episode one are shown
The closing credits include a message saying 'Thank you to 30 years of Neighbours cast members'
Past characters Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Max Ramsay, Julie Martin, Daphne Clarke and Lorraine Kingham are mentioned

Summary by Alex