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Magic Moments > 2015 > Guy and Tom's Returns Episode 7083

Written by Sam Meikle, Directed by Scott Major, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 18/03/15, Channel 5: 01/04/15

Harold tells Madge that she’s his one true love... Amber finds a photo of Agnes Robinson and starts learning about her... While fixing the plumbing at Lassiter’s, Kyle uncovers an old well... Karl tries to score a role in the closing concert, but Paul is trying to secure Nina Tucker... Lou is thrilled when Nina returns to Erinsborough... When Amber asks Imogen if she’s in love with Daniel, she admits that she is...

At the penthouse, Daniel is eating breakfast and looking at an invitation on his laptop for his wedding to Amber, Paul enters and says that he could never eat before a wedding. “That’s ‘cause you were never marrying the right woman, Uncle P,” Daniel jokingly says to Paul. Paul reminds Daniel that he did apologise to him about not supporting them and the wedding. Daniel tells Paul that he doesn’t have time to be mad at him now, and asks Paul again if he supports the wedding. Paul confirms that he does, and Daniel, pleased with this, again states that he and Amber are in love and today is going to be ‘perfect’.


Over at the Turner house, Amber is telling Lauren and Paige about Imogen admitting that she was in love with Daniel, and she’s worrying about how she’ll get through the day. Lauren tells her to put it out of her mind. Paige asks Amber if Daniel knows - Amber confirms that he doesn’t. Amber then decides to call Daniel to tell him what’s happened.

Back at the penthouse, Daniel answers his phone. He tells Amber that he has heard about a storm in Brisbane, which has led to his mum, dad and Madison being delayed for the wedding. Amber already knows this, because Kathy and Mason have also been affected - she tells Daniel that Imogen won’t be at the wedding or the reception. When Daniel tries to find out why, Amber won’t explain, only saying that she loves him and she will be there. Daniel tells Amber he loves her too, and hangs up. He looks worried, and tells Paul, who pretends to be surprised.


Back at number 32, Amber asks Paige if she’ll stand in as her maid of honour. Paige agrees.

At the penthouse, Paul tells Daniel not to look at Imogen’s absence from the wedding as a bad omen! He insists everything will be fine and everything will work out.


At number 30, Harold is making two cups of tea, and talking to thin air: “Now before you yell at me, I will not leave the tea bag in for too long. Anyway if it’s too strong I’ll just put more water in.” Susan knocks at the door but Harold hasn’t heard her, so she wanders in and overhears him talking - she asks who the other cup’s for, and he quickly says that it’s a force of habit, he’s not used to living alone. Susan looks a little concerned, and she asks Harold if he’s changed his mind about going to the wedding. Harold tells Susan that it wasn’t his decision, Daniel has uninvited him. Susan insists that Daniel would be very happy to see him there and the church they've chosen is a tribute to him and Madge. Harold tells Susan he knows that. Susan leaves, but first tells Harold not to stay away, adding that she hopes to see him at the church.

In Lassiter’s, Nina is wearing her chamber-maid’s outfit, with her trolley in the lift, when Paul walks in, on his phone. “Oh, I don’t wanna hear about it, Naomi! The concert is today! No, no, I don’t care; just find me a Nina Tucker replacement, will you?” Nina keeps her head down and doesn’t say anything; Paul doesn’t notice her, but steals a biscuit from her trolley on the way out!


At Harold’s, Susan is telling Karl about how she caught Harold talking to himself. Karl tells her that everyone does it, but Susan points out that most people don’t make tea for someone who isn’t there! Nina then comes in, with Karl wondering if she might be interested in a collaboration with The Right Prescription, and Susan quickly shutting down the idea. Nina sits down to join them, and begins to tell them how she almost got caught by Paul. She admits that she’s enjoyed working at the hotel; she’s feels like a normal person for the first time in years. “It’s almost as if I’ve gone back in time. You know, the last time I was wearing this uniform, I was writing songs, and I was falling in love with Jack…” Karl and Susan glance at one another, and Nina notices, realising that Lou has told them that she and Jack have split up. Nina apologises for not telling them earlier, and reveals she’s been unable to write songs since the break-up. Nina tells them both that she still loves Jack, and accepts he still loves her, but suggests that maybe it’s not enough. She decides she’s not coming to the wedding, just in case she runs into Paul again. Karl and Susan leave to go get ready, and Nina looks sad; she grabs a pen, and starts writing on a napkin.

Brad is comforting Imogen at The Waterhole following her confession of love for Daniel. Imogen decides that she is going to go away camping, and Brad suggests Josh might want go with her, but Imogen tells her dad that she just wants to be alone. Brad leaves, telling Imogen that he loves her no matter what. Imogen sighs whilst looking at a framed photo of Agnes Robinson when a man wanders over. It’s Tom Ramsay. “Old Agnes, eh? Never looked so good.” He says to Imogen. Tom reveals to Imogen that he’s here for the wedding, and Imogen tells him the picture is a present from the groom to the bride. Tom starts to talk about Agnes and 'Freddie' to Imogen, he mentions that the family obsessed over their story and they ‘tore this place up, looking for that well...’ Imogen tells him that the whole story is pretty romantic, adding that just recently a well was found down by the lake. “Oh, you’re kidding. Is that where it is? When poor Freddie didn’t come back from the war, Agnes tossed the pearl ring down into its murky depths, never to be seen again,” a surprised Tom says to Imogen. Imogen asks Tom if the pearl ring is still down the well, and Tom tells Imogen that the story says it is. Since Imogen’s not going to the wedding, she asks Tom to pass the photo on to Daniel for her.


At the penthouse, Paul and Tom hug and seem very happy to see one another. Daniel thanks him for coming, but Tom’s noticed Daniel’s attire - he hasn’t had a chance to get changed yet. Tom says to Daniel, “Jeez, are you getting married, or walking the plank?” Tom passes Daniel the framed photo from Imogen, mentioning he saw Imogen in the pub. Daniel tells Tom that it would be the best wedding present ever if he could fix things between her and Amber, and rushes off to find Imogen. “Kids!” says Tom to Paul.

Imogen is walking past the hotel when Daniel spots her and rushes after her. As she climbs into her car, she tells him now this not the time, and he needs to go and get ready for the wedding. Daniel says to Imogen, “Amber is upset and she is your best friend. And you’re my friend, too.” Daniel climbs into the car, refusing to give up. Imogen tells Daniel to get out, but he stays, refusing to budge. Imogen threatens to drive off and then he'll be late for his wedding. Daniel says to Imogen “Well I’m not going anywhere. Talk.” Imogen remains silent and starts up the car, driving off with Daniel in the passenger seat. Paige, who is out jogging, sees them driving off together and looks worried.


Brad has arrived at the Turner house to talk to Lauren. He explains that Imogen has taken off for a couple of days, given the circumstances. Lauren asks if she’s okay, Brad tells Lauren she’s fine, but he seems more concerned that his and Lauren’s friendship is intact. She assures him that of course it is, commenting that it’s a terrible situation for everyone. Paige comes in from her jog, closely followed by Lou and a visitor, Guy Carpenter. Guy goes round hugging Lauren, Paige and Brad. Matt and Bailey come in and also greet Guy; Matt thanks him for travelling all the way from Broome.

Harold is standing in the church, smiling fondly as he has a flashback to his own wedding there to Madge.

Harold: “With this ring, I wed you. With my body, I worship you. With all that I am and all that I have, I honour you.” Harold kisses Madge...

The happy flashback moment is interrupted by Susan’s arrival. She's pleased to see him there. Harold tells her about his lovely memories of this church, recalling that his wedding to Madge was the happiest day of his life. Susan smiles and starts to say “Harold... when I saw you earlier, it looked as though you were talking to someone. But there wasn’t anybody there.” “Err… If I tell you something, will you promise not to think me stark, raving mad?” comes Harold’s reply. Susan agrees and Harold tells her that he was talking to Madge. Susan remains silent, Harold continues “I know what that sounds like, and I know that she really wasn’t there.” However, Susan grabs Harold’s arm and reassures him that she doesn’t think he’s mad, she actually thinks that it’s beautiful. Harold says to Susan, “The last few days, she hasn’t been... showing. I want her there, I ask for her there. But she just doesn’t come which is rather strange, because if she is a figment of my imagination, I should be able to see her whenever I want!” “I don’t know, Harold. Maybe it’s the universe sending you a message – that you can’t dwell in her memory. That you need to live in the here and now,” says Susan. Just then Lou turns up, interrupting them and says “Jelly Belly! Glad you could make it.” Harold says that it must look a bit cheeky, but Madge would never forgive him if he didn’t come, adding that Susan seemed to think it was alright. Lou agrees and tells Harold that he’s glad he’s here.




Lou’s voiceover continues, he’s asking if Susan had a chance to catch up with Nina, the scene moves to Nina singing a little, and trying to write a song in her hotel room. Lou and Susan each express their worry about Nina, as she plays notes on a piano app on her tablet. Susan reminds Lou that Nina’s strong and she’ll be OK.

Daniel is still in the car, pestering Imogen to come to the wedding, but still doesn’t know why she isn’t, other than that she and Amber have had a fight. Imogen, getting increasingly upset, stops the car and tells him to leave and get ready, or he’ll be late for the ceremony. However, Daniel wants to know what has happened between Amber and Imogen and comments that it can’t be that bad. Imogen decides to confess and shouts at him, “I’m in love with you, OK? That is why it’s too hard, and that is why it can’t be fixed, ever.” Daniel remains silent.


Shortly afterwards, they’re still sitting in the car. Imogen says to Daniel “Please. Please, just forget all of this. All I want is for you and Amber to be happy. You two are destined to be together, and I’m destined to be like Agnes. Except I don’t have a ring to throw down a well, but I’m considering throwing myself down there right about now!” Daniel suddenly enquires about Agnes’ ring and Imogen tells Daniel that his Great Uncle Tom told her that Agnes threw her pearl ring down a well, after Frederick died in the war. Daniel says that Amber loves that ring and Imogen tells him that Tom will be able to tell him where it is located. However, Daniel has suddenly got an idea about how to fix the whole situation and for him to prove to Amber that fate is still on their side, he announces that he is going to find the ring. Imogen is shocked and tries to persuade Daniel not to go down the well. Daniel, however, leaps out of the car and tells Imogen that he still has an hour before the wedding. He runs off into the distance, Imogen screaming after him to come back! She tries to drive off, but Hermione won’t start – so she gets out of the car and runs after him.

Back at number 32, Guy and Lauren are catching up - she tells him how happy Amber is to have him here. They along with Matt, Bailey and Paige are all dressed up, and Amber enters in her wedding dress. Everyone tells her how beautiful she looks, and Paige hugs her.


Daniel is lifting the drain cover from the old well, when Imogen catches up with him, telling him he can’t go down there. But Daniel is convinced that finding the ring will prove to Amber that ‘the universe is on their side’. There’s a ladder leading down the well, so he promises to climb straight back up. Imogen tells Daniel that it is such a long-shot, and she tries to get him to let her go down instead as the rungs are old and she is lighter. Daniel disagrees but he does agree to call Amber before he goes down, just in case he’s late. She doesn’t answer and he leaves a voicemail. “Hi, babe, it’s me. I’m sorry about all this. I’m with Imogen now, and she told me about what happened last night...” While he’s talking, he realises that Imogen is climbing down the well. Daniel tells Imogen to wait but she’s already on the way down, so he follows her down the ladder with a light he borrowed from the car. They both descend into the darkness...

Outside the church, Lauren, Lou and Bailey have arrived. Lauren greets Toadie, as Amber pulls up in the wedding car with Matt and Paige. The hired car is a present from Scott and Charlene. Lauren says “I just wish they were here and not stuck up in Brissie with Mum and Mason!” Paul, Susan, Chris and Nate are also present. Toadie tells Amber she looks stunning, but admits that Daniel hasn’t arrived yet. Toadie says to Amber “Maybe he decided he wanted to walk to the church and commune with nature on the way!” Amber calls Paul over and asks when he last saw Daniel. Paul explains that the last time he saw Daniel was when he was chasing after Imogen, and Lauren says that she heard Imogen had gone camping. Paul informs Lauren that Daniel was pretty determined to catch Imogen before she left. Amber, now looking slightly concerned, says unconvincingly, “Well, it wouldn’t be Daniel if it wasn’t interesting! That’s why I’m marrying him, right?” Toadie suggests they drive the car around the side and he will come and fetch her once Daniel’s shown up. Lou goes off to try and track down Daniel on the phone, and everyone looks awkward.



Daniel and Imogen have reached the bottom of the well, and begin looking around for the ring, while back at the church, Paige admits to Amber that she saw Daniel getting in the car with Imogen earlier and they drove off together. Amber’s smile fades.

Having looked around with apparently no success, Daniel gives Imogen a leg-up back onto the ladder, but as she begins to climb, the bolts holding the ladder in place start to wobble in their holes. Suddenly it comes loose and topples backwards into the well, with Imogen landing on Daniel and hurting him in the process. Now trapped, they both yell out in panic for help, with no luck.



Still waiting in the wedding car outside the church, Amber looks worried.

Featured Regular Characters: Lou Carpenter, Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Amber Turner, Bailey Turner, Paige Smith, Brad Willis, Imogen Willis, Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson, Toadfish Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Nate Kinski, Chris Pappas

Guest Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Delta Goodrem as Nina Tucker, Andrew Williams as Guy Carpenter, Gary Files as Tom Ramsay, John Lidgerwood as Driver

Trivia Notes
• This episode was aired on 18th March 2015, Neighbours' 30th Anniversary in Australia
• Andrew Williams (Guy) and Gary Files (Tom) both return for a one-episode guest appearance, with both actors having last appeared in 1991
• This episode marks the only time that the characters of Lou, Lauren and Guy all appeared on screen together
• Past characters Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Jack Scully, Mason Turner and Kathy Carpenter are all mentioned
• The closing credits include the message 'Thank you to 30 years of Neighbours cast members'

Summary by Kyle