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Magic Moments > 2015 > Aaron's Arrival: Part One Episode 7147

Written by Megan Herbert, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 16/06/15, Channel 5: 30/06/15

Mark trying to get Tyler to talk to him, although Tyler explaining they are not as close as they were... Sheila annoyed that Susan stole her idea for a charity bingo night... Lauren rejecting Robin's offer of dinner... Brad revealing that Matt ended up in Sharon's hotel room after he was tempted by her...

Lauren and Brad are sitting together in the Lassiter's Complex, Lauren shocked at what Brad has just told her. She asks Brad when it happened and he confirms that it was shortly after she found out Matt was accepting bribes from Dimato. Brad tries to justify Matt's confused state of mind and explains that he doesn't think Matt slept with Sharon as they were interrupted by Terese. Lauren is horrified to discover Terese knew and wonders what she interrupted. Brad says that he doesn't know the details, so Lauren gets out her phone to call Terese and find out for herself.


A little later, Terese is explaining to Lauren how she found Matt and Sharon in the hotel kissing. Lauren wonders if Terese confronted Matt and Sharon: Terese tells Lauren that she didn't know if she should get involved, but Lauren can't believe Terese wouldn't do so. Terese retorts that she did put a stop to it and pulled Matt out of Sharon's hotel room and Lauren apologises, explaining that it is a lot to process. Lauren wonders how Sharon reacted, but Terese is unable to answer, revealing that Sharon was in the bathroom whilst she was there. She adds that Matt swore nothing happened between himself and Sharon - Lauren points out it would have had Terese not shown up. Terese urges Lauren not to put herself through the pain and says that Matt loved Lauren. Lauren disagrees, highlighting the fact that Matt went to a hotel room with clear intentions and lied about many things. Terese tells Lauren she thought it best if the whole mess went with Matt when he died. Brad adds that he and Matt were fighting about the situation when he was hit by the car. Lauren is shocked and shouts that she wants to know what kind of person Matt actually was.

Sheila is in The Waterhole trying to organise the bingo night. Naomi stops Kyle to get him to help, but he declines as he is busy with work commitments. Sheila asks again for help, but Naomi is unable to help either. Sheila tells Kyle that he can go, stating that red hot bingo probably isn't for him. Kyle asks what Sheila means, but she keeps it to herself. just then, Lauren arrives asking Kyle for Sharon's number. Kyle wonders why and Lauren explains she intends to speak to Sharon. Sheila sighs and asks what Sharon has done this time.


Mark is sitting on the wall outside Number 24 talking to a senior officer. As Tyler arrives, Mark explains that the Dimato case is being shelved. Tyler and Mark walk towards the house as Tyler suggests Mark scared Dimato off. Mark replies that Dimato is still out free, and therefore operating, and says that he needs to do something to get him. He wonders if Tyler can give him a contact for 'Stubbsy'. Tyler asks why and Mark replies that he can get the cameras at the garage pointed towards Grease Monkeys. Tyler tries to put Mark off, but Mark is insistent and urges Tyler to make the call for him instead.

At Number 32, Tyler is filling Paige in on what Mark has requested that he do. Paige tells Tyler to tell Mark that he did speak to 'Stubbsy', but Tyler says it is not that simple because Mark wants the cameras turned around and he can't hide the fact that 'Stubbsy' doesn't actually exist. Paige tries to ignore Tyler as she doesn't want to be involved and wonders if Tyler should perhaps come clean. Tyler doesn't think that would help as he would be thrown in jail as well as Paige and the rest of the Dimato crew, in addition to Bailey being involved. Paige says she will have to tell Lauren about Bailey first: Tyler doesn't think that Paige will be able to break Lauren's heart. Tyler takes one of his painkillers; Paige tells Tyler she thought that he would have finished taking them by now.


Sitting at a table in the Lassiter's Complex, Terese tells Brad that they agreed not to say anything about Matt. Brad replies that Lauren was beating herself up about Robin and thought Matt was a saint: Terese coldly replies that that was the point. Brad retorts that the point was to stop Lauren feeling any worse than she already did after Matt died.

Mark lets himself into Number 32, having received no reply after ringing the doorbell, and startles Paige who is wrapped in a towel and just out of the shower. Paige asks Mark what he wants and Mark asks Paige if she has Stubbsy's number. Paige replies that she doesn't as she is only part-time and asks Mark what he wants Stubbsy for. Mark explains that he wants help in conducting some surveillance: Paige is not impressed and tells Mark that he is putting Tyler in an awkward position at work. Mark tells Paige that he knows she really cares about Tyler. Paige accepts that she does, as a friend, but adds that she also cares about Mark. Paige advises Mark to tread carefully.


Brad and Terese are walking along, Brad saying that what's done is done and that Lauren would have found out eventually, adding that it is not his fault that Robin came along and stirred everything up. Terese tells Brad that Robin and Lauren had a completely organic introduction and comments that it would be nice, just once, for Brad to protect or defend her instead of Lauren. Brad retorts that Terese is being completely unfair and she knows it, but Terese says that by telling Lauren about Matt he has completely broken her heart.

At Number 32, Lauren is confronting Sharon about what happened with Matt in the hotel room. Sharon admits that things were steamy, but that nothing happened besides kissing, adding that she wanted to tell Lauren last times she was in town. Lauren wonders what would have happened if Matt was still alive and whether Sharon would have continued to chase him. Sharon sparks Lauren's anger when she admits she had a connection with Matt and that he was lonely. Lauren shouts that Matt was a married man with a family and that, despite his problems, he was not lonely. Sharon explains that she is trying to make things right and would have done so without Terese's interference. Lauren points out that Terese was trying to protect her, as a friend, although Sharon replies that if Terese is a friend, Lauren needs to watch her enemies. Sharon goes on to say that she knows about Lauren and Brad and in addition explains that Terese bought her off to keep her mouth shut. Sharon says she knows what it is like to feel as though she is losing a man: and that is Terese all over.


Sheila can't believe what she is hearing about Matt as Sharon is filling her, Naomi and Kyle in at The Waterhole, commenting Matt was trapped in a rotten, lonely marriage. Kyle says he thought Matt and Lauren were solid but Sharon explains that Kyle is a newlywed and hasn't experienced marriage once the sparkle has worn off. Sheila tells Sharon it is no reason for someone to swoop in like a vulture and take what is not hers although Sharon explains Matt didn't put up much of a fight. Sheila points out that men are as weak as water, much to Kyle's annoyance, who says that not all men are the same. Naomi agrees with Sharon, and accidentally insults Sharon by saying that if Matt had been in a happy marriage, he wouldn't have looked twice at her. Sheila thinks cheating is cheating, but Naomi disagrees and points out that it is human and therefore forgivable. Sheila thinks Naomi and Sharon are tarred with the same brush, although Sharon is not happy to be labelled in the same group as 'home wrecker' Naomi leaving Naomi to reply it's the last time she will stick up for Sharon. The group descends into an argument, Kyle looking worn out by the situation.

In Harold's, Lauren is asking Paige not to say anything to the rest of the family as she thinks it will be too much. Paige comments that Sharon is a good judge of character has she is certainly accurate as far as Terese is concerned and highlights the real reason that Terese kept Robin on: to keep Lauren and Brad separate.


A short while later, Lauren and Terese are walking through the complex, Lauren telling Terese that it seemed like a lot of trouble Terese went through to keep her from the truth. Terese replies that she was trying to protect Lauren, but Lauren is incredulous that it took an all expenses cruise to do so. Terese is surprised that Lauren knows and admits that she might also have been trying to set Lauren up with Robin subconsciously. As they sit on a bench, Lauren asks why and Terese says that she wanted to protect her marriage. Lauren replies that Terese's marriage is not at risk from her. Terese asks Lauren if she realises that the way she feels about Sharon and Matt is the way she herself has felt about Lauren and Brad, ever since Matt asked Brad to look after Lauren. Lauren replies that Matt was dying and would have said what he did to anybody but Terese points out that he said it to Brad. Terese admits she doesn't feel as though she can do anything right and doesn't know how to be. Lauren confirms she doesn't know how to be either, and the two of them sit sadly on the bench in silence.

As Tyler returns home, Mark tells him he knows why he doesn't want him to contact Stubbsy, as he knows Tyler thinks he is treading on his toes. Tyler confirms that is the case and thanks Mark for backing off. Mark apologises for asking Tyler for a favour after their argument anyway and says he will stay out of Tyler's work business. Mark goes on to say that it is good to have Tyler around: good enough to buy him a beer if he doesn't push his luck.


At The Waterhole, Naomi asks Sharon if she is sticking around following her bombshell to watch the suffering. Sharon wonders what would annoy Naomi the most and opts for that course of action. Sheila urges Sharon to stick around for the bingo, being the draw card for all the unhappily married men. Kyle tells the women to give it a rest as none of them a perfect, although they continue to argue, this time about Gary. Eventually, they all apologise and a truce is called. Sheila is still on a hunt for volunteers, and forces Naomi to help, again telling her how great red hot bingo is going to be. In Harold's, Lauren is wondering whether she has brought everything upon herself, turning to Brad and pushing Matt away when he was trying to sort things out. Brad replies that Lauren needed a friend and someone to talk to. Lauren confirms that she did but can now see how Terese reacted the way she did. Lauren adds that she also understands why Terese wanted to keep things about Matt from her, as it doesn't paint him in a very good light. Lauren wonders if there is more that she doesn't know about Matt and urges Brad to not make the same mistakes as Terese really needs his attention. Brad replies that he knows, but Lauren says that she means it: Terese loves him so much and is terrified of losing him. She tells Brad to go and be with Terese.


Sharon leaves before the bingo begins as Paige arrives, bringing pencils, Sheila telling Paige that she has a secret weapon at the bingo. Tyler walks over to Paige and thanks her for having his back the way she has done. He kisses Paige on the cheek and says that Mark is an idiot for letting her go. Paige heads off for her shift and Sheila asks if Mark and Tyler are sticking around for a while as she wants lots of female punters and some eye candy would be very helpful.



Back at home, Lauren is looking at the portrait of Matt. Meanwhile, Brad is spending some time with Terese, telling her it is good everything is out in the open as they don't need to hold onto any more secrets Terese replies that she doesn't want to be the one to stop Brad being Lauren's friend because she needs him and Brad made a promise to Matt. Brad reminds Terese he made a promise to her too, at their wedding, and reminds her of his vows. Brad tells Terese he loves her and Terese thanks him for saying what he just has.


The bingo night is well underway, Sheila calling the numbers. She tells the assembled customers that when bingo is called, she has a very special surprise for them. Mark calls bingo on the next number and Sheila introduces her special surprise: a stripper. As he begins his routine, both Mark and Tyler are surprised to realise they know him: it is their brother, Aaron.

Featured Regular Characters: Terese Willis, Brad Willis, Lauren Turner, Paige Smith, Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning, Naomi Canning, Tyler Brennan, Mark Brennan

Guest Cast: Matt Wilson as Aaron Brennan, Natasha Herbert as Sharon Canning

Trivia Notes
First appearance of Matt Wilson as Aaron Brennan, though the character only appears in the final scene and has no lines in this episode
Past character Matt Turner and Bailey Turner are mentioned

Summary by Alex

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