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Magic Moments > 2015 > Aaron's Arrival: Part Two Episode 7148

Written by Kate Bradley, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 17/06/15, Channel 5: 01/07/15

Amy tells Paul never to contact her again... Paul blasts Naomi for her backfired attempt to bring Amy back into his life... Josh begins a new job with Forrest, selling supplements... Amber tells Josh to think about why he’s doing the job... Mark promises to butt out of Tyler’s work business... Tyler and Mark are shocked when their brother Aaron shows up as an exotic dancer at The Waterhole's bingo night...

At The Waterhole, Tyler seems amused that Aaron is up on stage doing a striptease, as Sheila continues to egg him on. Mark looks fairly horrified, though. Tyler says “What’s he even doing here? I thought he was meant to be down the mines?” Mark admits to Tyler that he knew Aaron was coming to town, as he asked him to come and visit to cheer him up - but he had no idea he was dancing for a living. At this point Aaron throws off his shirt, and a delighted Naomi catches it! Sheila leads the applause for Aaron, and announces that he’ll do his routine each time someone calls ‘bingo’! “Bingo!” Naomi says, rather too quickly. “Err, you have to play the game first!” Sheila replies. Naomi explains that she is celebrating his ‘natural born talent’, as Mark looks on, embarrassed. The music resumes and Aaron continues to perform! He heads into the crowd to give Naomi his miner’s hat, while nearby Mark still looks unimpressed. Eventually he tells Tyler he can’t watch this, and he heads to the bar.


Dinner preparations are well underway at number 32 - Josh, Imogen, Amber and Daniel are sharing cooking duties. Amber quietly thanks Imogen for getting Josh to come over; she’s hoping the dinner will ease the tension between the two boys. Imogen can't believe they haven't gotten over their 'caveman routine'. Daniel asks after Imogen’s self-defence classes with Forrest; she says that she’s really enjoying it. Conversation moves on to the baby; Josh wants to know when they can find out the sex, and Amber tells him they have to wait till the 20-week scan in two months' time, though Daniel thinks they should wait until the birth to learn the gender. Josh thinks that it’s better to know beforehand, Daniel asks why and Josh says, “well for one, we can decide on a name”. “You want to name the baby before it’s born?!” is Daniel’s stunned reply. Amber interrupts and tells them that they can always have two sets of names picked out. Daniel’s argument is that they won’t know the right name until they’ve met the child. “So you want to leave everything 'til the last minute is what you’re saying?” Josh replies, the tension building. Again, Daniel tells Josh that over-planning takes the magic out of the experience. Amber interrupts the heated discussion, telling them dinner is served, and they all take their seats.

Tyler and Mark go backstage to catch up with Aaron at the Waterhole. A shirtless Aaron manages a sweaty hug with Tyler, but Mark declines and says, “So – the Kid from Kalgoorlie, hey?” Aaron tells his brother that he had a career change. Mark asks Aaron why he didn’t let him know, and Aaron admits that he didn’t realise that it was his local and tells Mark that he was going to give him a call after the gig. Aaron explains his agent booked him the gig when he said he was coming to town. Sheila comes in and seems pleased to learn that Aaron is a Brennan brother! She just about avoids drooling, and tells Aaron that he’s needed back onstage, so the family reunion will have to wait. Aaron says to Mark, “Maybe you should stay and watch - might learn a thing or two.” Tyler eagerly returns to the crowd, and Mark follows, shaking his head.



At the penthouse, Karl is testing out his cocktail-making skills on Paul, to help him improve his customer service at Off Air - Paul isn’t impressed with the glass-to-gin ratio. Karl tells Paul that he possesses the most important barman skill. When Paul enquires what that is, Karl explains that it’s his ability to lend a friendly ear to those who need it. Karl then asks Paul if he’s had a rough day. Paul tells Karl that life is pretty good at the moment - Karl then enquires about Amy and Paul explains that it’s all still ‘a little formal’ but he’s looking forward to getting to know her. Karl points out that Paul should be grateful to Naomi for bringing Amy and Jimmy into his life, but Paul’s still mad that she went behind his back to do it – he insists that Naomi crossed the line. Karl says to Paul, “Don’t you think that line was a little bit blurred when the two of you discovered you had romantic feelings for each other anyway? Look, I know you like to hold a grudge – but maybe on this occasion you should let it go.” At this point, Paul gets a call and says into the phone: “What time do you call this, then? Ah, Sue Parker! To what do I owe this pleasure?... What?!”

Aaron continues to excite the punters, and Sheila, at the Waterhole with his exotic dancing. Paul storms in, and furiously beckons Sheila over. “An exotic dancer at The Waterhole? Have you lost your mind?!” Paul says. “Correction! He’s not an exotic dancer, he’s an excellent entertainer. And he’s a Brennan!” is Sheila’s quick reply, and she adds that the event is raising money for bowel cancer, and that she hoped Paul would be sympathetic. But he simply marches over to Mark and Tyler and says to them both “So, Mr Universe is related to you, is he?” Mark tells Paul that he is their brother. Paul laughs and comments that he’s not surprised, adding that it’s in the worst possible taste. Naomi chips in, telling Paul to have a sense of humour. However, he reminds them that he owns this establishment and declares that ‘this meat market stops right now!’ Sheila tries to tell him what a money-spinner it is, but Paul reminds her The Waterhole is not a nightclub – and tells Naomi that he’ll ask her opinion if he wants it. “Now wrap this up. And while you’re at it, wrap him up as well,” Paul says and storms off, while Tyler looks very amused by the whole thing.


Back at the dinner party, Josh is still whining on about having to know the baby’s gender, so they can buy the right coloured clothes. Daniel declares that this is what he hates about knowing the sex of the child. Imogen tries changing the subject by asking Daniel to pass her the cheese, but he continues with his opinion and comments that they shouldn’t ‘pigeonhole’ the baby, and predetermine what clothes and toys they should buy. Amber says to the boys: “Okay – I’m gonna go to the bathroom. When I get back, I really hope this conversation’s over...” Once she’s gone, Imogen intervenes and says to them both “You both suck! Can’t you see that you two fighting is causing Amber stress? The whole reason that Amber organised this dinner is that so you two would get along. And I know that this is a really weird situation, but you need to get over yourselves. Stop competing, stop arguing, and just pull together so you can get Amber through this.”

Back at The Waterhole, Sheila is telling Mark about how Aaron was highly recommended to her. Mark explains that Aaron used to work down the mines and before that, was a mechanic. Sheila announces that she’s raised $500 for bowel cancer, and the three Brennan brothers leave for home. Sheila comments to Naomi that she didn’t like the way ‘Moneybags’ spoke to her tonight. Naomi tells her mum not to start, but Sheila tells Naomi that she didn’t like the way she allowed him to speak to her like that. Sheila adds that it’s is a very bad day when a Canning woman compromises her spirit. Sheila insists that Naomi stands up for herself and adds that she deserves better.


The Brennan brothers enter number 24 and proceed to crack open some beers. Mark is playing dad, telling Aaron to stop fiddling with his phone so they can catch up properly. Aaron brags that his profile now has 5,000 followers, but Mark still seems uncomfortable about his new job as a dancer, telling him there’s no real future in it. Aaron explains that he doesn’t care - at the moment he’s happy. Tyler asks Mark why he can't see the funny side, but Mark just tells Tyler to get his feet off the table! Mark asks Aaron why he didn’t tell them about this before now. Aaron says that he didn’t want to deal with his opinion about his life. Mark reminds Aaron that they're brothers and they are meant to know everything about each other. Aaron says to Mark “And now you do. Why are you giving me such a hard time about this?”

The following day on Ramsay Street, Sheila and Imogen are gossiping about the new Brennan brother, when Mark, Tyler and Aaron return from a run, all topless, and proceed to gratuitously frolic on the street together. “Woah,” Imogen says. “Close your mouth, love, it’s rude,” says Sheila. Imogen goes over and welcomes Aaron to the neighbourhood, before leaving - Aaron picks up that Imogen referred to Mark as 'Brennan' and asks why everyone calls him that. Tyler comments that he’s never figured it out either. “I thought we were meant to know everything about each other,” jokes Aaron. Mark goes inside to get a shower, while Aaron tries to work out what’s been getting Tyler down. Tyler claims he’s all good, but Aaron presses him further and Tyler admits that he’s kind of stuffed up, he explains that he’s over his head with a few people and he can’t tell him any more than that. Aaron offers his support to Tyler if he needs anything, but Tyler tells Aaron that he will be able to sort it out himself.



At the penthouse, Naomi’s trying to organise a meeting for Paul for the following day, but Paul tells her that it’ll have to be in the afternoon as he intends to have lunch with Amy and Jimmy. He’s abrupt with her when she tries to involve herself, and even more so when she attempts to defend Sheila’s bingo event. But Naomi finally snaps and says to Paul, “You’re still furious with me for sending that letter, but you wouldn’t be going for lunch with the daughter you haven’t seen in 20 years if I didn’t. Not to mention the fact that things were actually looking up between us before she arrived. But you know what – if you can’t see that, if you just want to keep on punishing me, I don’t think I can take it. In fact I won’t – I won’t. This is over.” “Hang on, what are you talking about? What’s over?” Paul replies, but Naomi’s already in the lift.

Amber is lying on the hospital bed waiting for the latest scan, while Daniel and Josh compete in fussing over her with water, cardigans and pillows. Amber jokes that a French manicure would be great, or serenading her with the new Ed Sheeran song. Karl turns up to perform the ultrasound, and quickly locates the baby and the heartbeat - everyone is delighted. But he notices an irregularity in the heartbeat and looks worried. Amber says to Karl, “You’re not gonna tell me there’s twins in there, are you?” “No, no, no. You don’t have to worry about twins...” is Karl’s worried reply.


Paul enters The Waterhole to talk to Naomi. He asks if she was talking about their working relationship or their ‘friendship’ when she said it was over. Naomi tells Paul that it is going to be both, if he keeps biting her head off. Paul apologises, and admits he’s been taking his stresses surrounding Amy out on Naomi. Paul believes that Naomi should be able to understand where he is coming from, but she disagrees and claims she can’t, she understands that she went behind his back and ignored his specific requests, but as soon as Amy agreed to stay, he should have seen that what she did was for his own good. Naomi admits that she cares about him and she doesn’t understand what he is so determined to keep seeing her as the bad guy. Paul admits he doesn’t know, but suggests he thought there had to be something about her that wasn’t perfect. Naomi tells Paul not to sweet talk her. Paul tells Naomi that she is smart, caring, assertive, a total match to him, and he encourages Naomi, commenting that they are on the brink of something really exciting and asks her to give it a chance.

Back at the hospital, Karl continues to fob off the prospective parents with assurances that everything’s probably fine, despite the fact that he took ages doing the scan. Karl tells Amber, Josh and Daniel that he’s going to ask a neonatal doctor to look at the images he’s recorded – 'for ‘purely precautionary reasons'. He leaves the room, and everyone looks worried.


Naomi enters the penthouse, and Paul asks if she has an answer for him. She says that it would be a shame to end things between them, but admits aspects of his behaviour have really hurt her. She tells Paul they need a ‘creative solution’ and suggests they do what they do best - negotiate. Paul doesn’t quite understand what Naomi is getting at, so she explains that if they are going to move forward with this venture, she has terms. Number one: she expects to be wooed. Paul begins by offering her chocolates and flowers every third Saturday of the month, Naomi declines this offer and tells Paul they both know that he can do better than that and reminds him that it wasn’t that long ago he was instructing another man on how to get her back. Paul enquires about term two - Naomi tells him that during business hours, she expects him to be professional and that he has no more mood swings. Paul tells Naomi that he doesn’t know whether he can promise that request, but she suggests that he at least develops some self-awareness, she shouldn’t have to chuck a tantrum for him to realise he’s being a jerk! Naomi declares to Paul that she is a catch – and deserves better. Paul agrees, but he insists on a third term. Paul tells Naomi to no longer interfere in his family affairs. Naomi agrees to this term but on the proviso that if she was to make a suggestion about the said family affair, he take that suggestion more seriously. Paul tells Naomi that they might have a deal and suggests getting Tim Collins to draw up a contract. However, Naomi suggests they shake on it. Paul goes to kiss her, asking if the contract is effective immediately. But she pulls away, saying that she has errands to attend to and adds that she’ll see him later. Paul smiles.

Sheila serves Mark a drink at The Waterhole, and asks him how long Aaron will be in town, as she’s thinking of making the ‘red hot bingo’ a regular event, despite what Paul said. Mark doesn’t know how long he’s staying and declares to Sheila, “In fact, I don’t know who my brothers are anymore. I mean, Aaron was meant to be the sensible one. Now look at him.” Sheila sarcastically comments that she couldn’t stop looking! She then apologies and asks Mark to carry on. Mark continues: “Tyler was just this kid who used to look up to us. And now he’s all grown up and got his own life. He won’t let me in.” Sheila offers him advice, not to try and recreate things as they were back at home, but to start afresh and get to know his brothers as they are now.


In the back garden of number 24, by the pool, Aaron is lathering up with sun lotion, but Tyler’s keen to get back to the garage. Aaron tells him not to stress – he’ll help him out with the workload there, but not right now. Aaron gets a text, mentioning to Tyler that it’s his ex sending him the ‘hundredth text for today’. Tyler tells Aaron to spill, but Aaron says that he doesn’t feel like ruining his good mood. Mark turns up, and suggests they all go somewhere, after their swim, for a proper catch-up. Tyler explains that they have to go to the garage, so Aaron suggests that Mark joins them for a game of water polo. Tyler agrees and says, “Yeah, the youngsters against the, err, geriatrics!” “This geriatric will kick your butt, I’ll have you know,” is Mark’s reply. While Tyler’s out of earshot, Aaron asks Mark what’s up with their younger brother. Mark doesn’t know, but mentions having him here has really cheered him up. Mark also apologises for being so moody since he arrived, he was just surprised by the dancing but he insists that he’s not disappointed. Aaron pushes him in the pool, fully clothed, and they all laugh.


Amber, Josh and Daniel await news from Karl as he talks to his neonatal colleague. Josh and Daniel try to reassure a worried Amber that there’s probably nothing wrong, but Karl then comes over and asks them to step into his office. Amber asks Karl if they can just talk out here, but he states that a bit of privacy would be better; they all follow Karl with worried faces.

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson, Amber Turner, Josh Willis, Imogen Willis, Sheila Canning, Naomi Canning, Tyler Brennan, Mark Brennan

Guest Cast: Matt Wilson as Aaron Brennan

Trivia Notes
• Aaron delivers his first line in this episode: "Hey, how are ya, mate? Tough work wrangling that crowd."

Summary by Kyle