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Magic Moments > 2015 > Ben's Return: Part One Episode 7174

Written by Sam Carroll, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 23/07/15, Channel 5: 06/08/15

Aaron is annoyed with Nate because he's been fired from the Waterhole - he says he'll go somewhere his talent is appreciated... Josh shows Aaron some dancing moves... Jimmy tells Kyle that he blackmailed Sheila... Amy tells Sheila that they didn't press Jimmy for details... Jimmy tells Paul that Sheila has the hots for him...

At the penthouse, Naomi comments to Paul that the lunch he put on went well. Sheila butts in and tells Naomi that she thinks the ‘ice is starting to thaw between her and Amy’. Naomi tells Paul that she needs to leave as she needs to go and see Terese, who has written her a reference for the council consultancy role. Paul tells Naomi to see Sheila out, but she tells him not to be ridiculous - as she proceeds to use cling film to cover some leftover food. Paul looks nervous as he remembers them being locked in the cool-room with the cling film keeping them warm, and her saying that “a new romance mends a broken heart”. He dashes out of the room.


Susan arrives home, having taken the afternoon off. She wishes Karl a happy birthday, and he enquires about the ‘interesting’ wrapped present Susan has left near the front door. She explains that it's for later, Susan asks Karl how he feels being ‘21!’ He wistfully wonders if he was ever 21. She laughs and tells Karl that she has a quiet celebration in mind. 'A nice dinner, a little bit of us time. I'll have you feeling 21 again!’ Karl, changing the subject, tells Susan that he saw Brad at the men's shed, and mentions he’s a bit troubled. Susan asks what the problem is and Karl tells her that Brad has developed "feelings". “For Lauren?” Susan asks. Karl admits to Susan that he can't say and that secrets are important in a marriage - but Susan insists that it's about Brad and Terese, not them. Susan says to Karl “I know from Terese that Lauren's an issue. I told her she was being paranoid, that she needed to have a bit of faith in Brad...” Karl is silent - Susan asks if Terese has something to worry about. Again Karl remains silent.

At the Lassiter's complex, Tyler asks his brothers and Nate to Karl's party, saying the more the merrier, in a low-key kind of way. However, Aaron declines the offer, as he has other plans. Tyler tries to get Aaron to cancel them but Aaron tells Tyler that he can’t and leaves.


Susan is shocked that Karl appears to condone Brad's behaviour. Karl explains that Brad's situation is complicated. “Married man, very straight forward,” Susan says to him. Karl reminds Susan that Brad has history with Lauren and they share a daughter. Susan points out that he and Izzy share a daughter too. Karl sternly tells Susan that the situation is not about them, but she angrily replies: “Yes, it is absolutely about us, what you said to Brad is the perfect way to let yourself off the hook for your action.” Karl tells Susan what she is saying is not fair, but she continues: “You of all people should know that once you've had a "moment" you've already crossed a line...” Karl tells Susan that he was not saying that, but their argument is interrupted when Tyler, Mark and Nate arrive with pizzas and beer. They notice that they've interrupted something, but Karl tries to cover.

At number 22, a shirtless Josh tries out his dance moves in front of a mirror. Naomi comes to pick up her reference, asking an embarrassed Josh what he's doing.


Sheila chases after Paul in the Lassiter's complex to ask him about replacing the bingo night with something else. Paul tells Sheila that he hasn't got time to discuss it, and advises that she asks Terese. However, Sheila won't take no for an answer, so he agrees to listen. Sheila says to Paul: “Now that we've resolved things, I knew that you'd have time for your very favourite bar manager”. Sheila hurries along to the Waterhole, whilst Paul looks worried.

Inside, Sheila has a few suggestions, like strip poker; Paul tells her to stop as he hasn’t got time to talk about it... but Sheila continues and starts getting excited over her ideas; pin the tail on the bachelor, a cowboy theme… Paul, who has had enough, stops her and says: “Sheila, there is nothing between us, and there is never likely to be. OK?” “Course not, but I don't know why you think that...” Just then Sheila realises and adds “Jimmy told you”. She leaves the bar, embarrassed.


A little bit later, Sheila comes back, Paul apologises and explains to Sheila that he shouldn’t have reacted like that. Sheila tells Paul that Sonya was the only one that was supposed to see those secrets. She explains to Paul that it was a fleeting thing - after the night in the cool room, she thought that if she'd been 10 years younger and things had been different, she might have pursued him. Sheila reminds Paul that it was a long time ago, but he and Naomi got together and they are good for each other, and all she wants is for Naomi to be happy. Paul agrees with Sheila and adds that they should keep this between themselves. Sheila agrees and Paul heads off.

Back at the Willis house, Josh explains to Naomi how he was hoping to make money from dancing. Naomi says to Josh, “I'm sorry, if you just performed what I saw for the ladies, you'd have to pay them!" Josh laughs and says to Naomi, “Awesome! So I'm some second rate Chippendale!” Naomi tells him that he has the body but he needs to know how to use it. She explains that he needs to loosen up from the hips - adding that she knows he's good with his hips. Josh laughs awkwardly then asks Naomi if she will be able to help him, and she agrees.


Back at number 28, the boys including Karl start playing a ball game. Susan is still seething with anger and isn't impressed as she watches Karl enjoy himself.

Back at number 22, Josh is dancing and Naomi cheers him on and says, “So good, see all you needed to do is bring your sexy into it!” Josh thanks Naomi for her help, and she sarcastically comments that he really needed it and didn’t understand why he didn’t call her sooner, adding jokingly that she’s turned him into the next Patrick Swayze. Josh laughs and tells Naomi that he hopes Aaron will give him another chance and kindly asks if she can keep the dancing a secret until Aaron gives him an answer. Naomi confirms that her lips are sealed. They both chuckle.


Over at number 28, the boys are still playing, Karl has gone to speak to Susan, he suggests that he could ask the boys to leave. She tells him to carry on playing as he's clearly enjoying himself. Karl points out that she isn’t, but Susan reminds him that it’s not her birthday. Nate calls Karl over - he throws a ball, and when he celebrates scoring, he kicks over his present. There is a sound of breaking glass. Karl quickly apologies to Susan, she tells Karl it's fine, but leaves looking upset and hurt. Karl opens the present, which is a signed Daddy Cool record. Karl tells the boys that its one of their favourite bands, he adds that he used to sing Come Back Again to Susan when they first started going out with each other. Tyler tells Karl cheerfully that he'll be sleeping on the couch tonight.

Down at the Waterhole, Paul asks Naomi how the application is going - she says that it's good and Terese has gave her a glowing reference. Paul thinks the job is in the bag. Sheila offers them more coffee and politely asks Paul if he'd like some cake. He replies just as politely. Naomi asks them what's wrong as they aren't sniping at each other. So Paul decides to stop being friendly and comments to Sheila that her coffee was like dishwater and she tells him to go to Harold's. Sheila winks at Paul, and Naomi is happy, if slightly confused, to see normality restored!


At the men's shed, Josh has arranged to meet Aaron, and he gives a demo of his new moves. Aaron tells Josh that some of the moves were a bit “flashdance” and "girly", but he's impressed by Josh's commitment. Aaron says that Josh's moves have improved by about 1000%, but “it wouldn't be hard, considering where you started...” Josh asks Aaron if he is in and Aaron confirms he is but he’s got some work to do, Aaron tells Josh that he needs some moves, some clothes - and they need a name. They brainstorm and come up with ‘The Heat’.

In Harold's, Karl appears with a white flag. He apologises for letting things get out of control, and for what he said about the situation with Brad. Susan apologises for taking it personally. Karl assures her that he didn't tell Brad to consider infidelity, insisting that he has learnt a few things over the years. “Such as?” Susan says. Karl replies, “Such as, you’re the only woman for me and always will be." Susan adds “Maybe we should stay out of other people's marriage crises. It just seems to bring out bad memories.” They both agree, Susan asks if the boys are still partying and Karl informs her that he sent them off and adds in an old man voice that he’s "getting too old to party with those lads now and would rather have a cup of coffee with his wife!" Susan laughs and wishes ‘grandad’ a happy birthday.


Back at the men's shed, Aaron and Josh are practising when Nate, Mark and Tyler arrive with warm beer and cold pizzas. Josh quickly stops practising and tells them that he and Aaron were just hanging out, much to Aaron’s annoyance. Aaron asks if Karl is coming to the shed - Tyler explains that he isn’t and admits that they might have misinterpreted what Susan meant by "low-key".

Back at the Waterhole, Paul leaves and Sheila comments that Naomi is glowing and she's found the perfect match - and, for once, he's not married. Naomi tells Sheila that it's been a long time. Then she asks her mother about dating. Sheila tells Naomi that she was happy with her father and anyone else would be a disappointment. “Besides, the last thing I need is an albatross of a man hanging around my neck,” Sheila says to Naomi and adds that she’s happy, but her smile fades after Naomi has gone.



At number 28, Karl is sweeping up the glass. He tells Susan the record is the perfect gift. She says that she'd forgotten how full on it was having two boys under the same roof; Karl agrees that they're a handful. Susan says to Karl “Were Mal and Billy like that? Maybe I'm just too old for all this testosterone!” “You and me both,” Karl replies. Karl tells Susan that Tyler will probably move out soon with his ‘stinky’ shoes, and Nate's not that bad when he is on his own. Susan then offers him his "other present..." However, they are stopped when there's a knock at the door. They are both very surprised to find Ben standing on the doorstep...

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Sheila Canning, Naomi Canning, Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan, Nate Kinski, Joshua Willis

Guest Cast: Felix Mallard as Ben Kirk, Matt Wilson as Aaron Brennan

Trivia Notes
• Felix Mallard reprises the role of Ben Kirk, having last played the character in June 2014, but doesn't have any lines in this episode
• Past characters Izzy Hoyland, Mal Kennedy and Billy Kennedy are mentioned
• Though his age isn't mentioned, this episode marks Karl's 60th birthday - it's exactly eleven years since his birthday in episode 4530, when he lamented to Izzy that he would be fifty the following year

Summary by Kyle

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