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Magic Moments > 2015 > Ben's Return: Part Two Episode 7175

Written by Sandy Webster, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 24/07/15, Channel 5: 07/08/15

Daniel and Imogen kiss... Paul tells Daniel that he and Imogen deserve to find out whether there’s something between them... Daniel assures Imogen she’s not a rebound, but she wants to pretend the kiss never happened... Naomi catches Josh trying out his exotic dance moves in the mirror, and helps him develop his act... Josh performs his new routine for Aaron, and they decide to form their own troupe – The Heat... Karl and Susan are surprised when their grandson Ben turns up on the doorstep...

Ben is talking to Karl and Susan. Karl asks if Libby knows where he is, Ben admits that his mum probably thinks he's still at the school library doing his English assignment. Susan asks him what’s happened, and he replies: “Nothing. I missed it here. In fact, I was hoping I could stay for a bit...” Susan and Karl are both shocked by Ben’s request, Karl reminds him that he couldn’t wait to get away last time, as Erinsborough held too many reminders of his dad. Ben reassures Karl that things are different now, and he can handle it. Ben also tells them that his mum is going on a work trip to China in a few weeks and that he doesn’t want to go, so he suggests re-enrolling at Erinsborough High. Susan tells Ben that she will have to discuss it with his mum, and suggests he gets settled, explaining that he’ll be sleeping in the study for the time being. Karl takes Ben through and Susan looks on, concerned.



At the Men's Shed, Josh and Aaron are watching Tyler and Nate playing table-tennis. Apparently keen to get rid of Tyler and Nate, Josh suggests they go and buy Susan some flowers to make up for crashing Karl’s party - but Nate thinks that Susan and Karl probably want the house to themselves. When Josh persists, Aaron twigs that he’s embarrassed about the dancing, and doesn’t want the other boys to find out. After Nate and Tyler take Josh’s advice and leave, Josh admits to Aaron he panicked and isn't ready for public performances. “What, being out and proud as a performer?” Aaron says to Josh. Josh tells Aaron that before today he’d never put the words ‘male’, ‘exotic’ and ‘dancer’ in the same sentence, all he wants is to be OK with it all. Aaron tells Josh that he either commits to dancing, or he stops wasting both their times.

Back at number 28, Susan finishes her phone call with Libby and tells Karl that Libby has confirmed she’s going to China, but didn’t want to tell anyone until it was official. While she wasn’t happy that Ben took off without telling her, she’s said its OK for him to stay with Karl and Susan. Susan says to Ben, “She was surprised, though, that you wanted to stay here”. “Oh, well, like I said – things are different now” is Ben’s reply. Susan comments to Ben that his mum mentioned that he broke up with his girlfriend Emma. Ben quickly dismisses this, telling Susan that his decision to come back to Erinsborough had nothing to do with that. At that moment Tyler and Nate enter, having bought Susan flowers as Josh suggested, and apologise for crashing Karl’s birthday. Ben says to Karl “Totally forgot. Happy birthday, Granddad!” Susan introduces Nate and Tyler to Ben, and thanks them for the flowers. Tyler volunteers Nate to clean the bathroom, before proclaiming he has to rush off to do ‘stuff’ at the garage. Karl mentions to Ben that it’s the same garage his dad worked at, and Tyler invites Ben to come and check it out. Susan’s keen for Ben to stay so they can chat about what’s going on with him, but Ben tells her he’d rather go with Tyler. Susan reluctantly allows Ben to go. Once they’ve gone, and Nate has disappeared to clean the bathroom, Susan and Karl discuss Ben - Susan comments that Ben wasn’t too keen to talk to them. Karl agrees but reminds Susan that maybe they’ve forgotten just how hard teenage break-ups can be.


Daniel is playing his ukulele at the penthouse when Naomi comes to talk to him. She says that she’s glad he moved back in, and that Paul is, too. Daniel sadly keeps playing. Naomi asks what's wrong - Daniel tells her that his whole life has been turned upside down, and he’s trying to figure out what it all means. Daniel then tells her that he kissed Imogen. Naomi is giddy with excitement. Daniel relates to her Paul’s advice – to just stop worrying about 'The One' and see what happens with Imogen. Naomi asks Daniel how it went, and he explains that he tried talking to her but she just ‘shut him down’, adding that Imogen probably thinks he’s on the rebound. “Either way, she’s not interested in me like that,” Daniel says to Naomi. Naomi disagrees and tells Daniel that she is ‘confused’ and ‘crazy’, but Daniel simply says that all Imogen wants is to be friends, and he needs to respect that. Daniel makes Naomi promise not to say anything. She agrees, but isn’t remotely convincing!

At Fitzgerald Motors, Ben is sitting on an oil drum, watching Tyler working on a motorbike. Tyler asks about Ben’s dad, and quickly realises he’s hit a sore point. Ben tells Tyler that he died. Tyler apologies and Ben quickly asks about Tyler’s family. Tyler tells Ben that his mum has got her own life and lives with his sister in Adelaide. Tyler adds that he and his brothers are together for the first time in years and he doesn’t talk to his dad much. Tyler sends Ben to fetch some spark plugs, and looks sad.


Naomi enters the Waterhole and finds Imogen, before wasting no time in asking her about her kiss with Daniel! Naomi reminds Imogen that she has loved this guy forever and now he likes her back, or at least he thinks he likes her. However, Naomi is adamant that he does, and adds that he is currently at the penthouse, playing sad songs on the ukulele. Imogen tells Noami that Daniel’s amazing, but is just trying to make himself feel better after splitting up with Amber. Naomi reassures her that his feelings towards her are real, but Imogen is convinced that deep down he sees her as a friend. She adds that she’s moving on herself, having met somebody last night. His name’s Caspar, and he joins them, having been at the bar. Imogen tells Naomi that they met at the French film festival. Naomi and Casper pass pleasantries but she seems unimpressed by him, especially when he comments that he asked the barman to grind fresh beans for Imogen’s espresso! Caspar goes back to the bar. Naomi says to Imogen: “So you two are…” “On a date, like I said, I’m moving on,” is Imogen’s reply.

At the Lassiter’s Complex, Josh and Aaron are walking along with shopping bags, having been to buy costumes for their dance troupe. Aaron reminds Josh that he can still change his mind. Josh jokingly says “I’m just not sold on the tassels, that’s all”. Josh admits it’ll take him a while to get comfortable dancing in front of a crowd, but tells Aaron about Amber possibly having to go to the US for prenatal surgery – so he’s 100% on-board. Aaron assures him he’s gonna love it. They agree to meet up later. Nate comes out of The Waterhole and sees them talking, then raises an eyebrow as Aaron watches Josh walking away. Nate begins to talk to Aaron; things are still edgy between them to begin with. Aaron brings up the Waterhole terminating his contract prematurely and proposes that he won’t sue providing that Nate does something for him…


Back at number 28, Karl and Susan are talking about Ben. Susan tells Karl that Libby knew he was upset about splitting from his girlfriend Emma, but was wondering if there’s more to it. Karl says, “Broken heart at that age can feel like the end of the world. I get the feeling Ben just wants a break from Ballarat. He knows we’re here if he wants to talk...” Susan is not convinced, she has a feeling there’s more to it. Karl suggests Ben might open up to Tyler; but Susan’s not sure that Tyler’s the best influence, since he’s quite impulsive and Ben is pretty vulnerable. Susan suggests they go for a walk...

Imogen and Caspar continue their date at the Waterhole, and are discussing urban design and Caspar’s future travel plans. Naomi watches them from another table, sipping ominously on a drink. Caspar gets talking about his own drink: “I personally would have served this in an apothecary jar. I’m all for repurposing a classic design”. Casper moves the conversation on and tells her his mate’s band are launching their EP on the weekend and suggests they go. Imogen seems interested and enquires what they are called and would she have heard of them? “LOL.” Casper says. “As in ‘laugh out loud’?” is Imogen’s reply. “No, as in League of Libertarians. Their message is pretty political,” he explains. “Oh. What’s their single? Dole Queue Blues?” Imogen laughs at her own joke but Caspar does not seem amused, and Naomi puts her head in her hands.


Naomi rushes back to the penthouse to tell Daniel that Imogen is out on a date right now. Daniel hopes it works out for her, Naomi declares her date is a hipster! Daniel asks if she’s happy and Naomi points out that nobody is happy about any of this. Daniel points out that his and Imogen's feelings don’t mean they are destined to be together, but Naomi tells him that they’re perfect for each other and that she’s seen their spark. Daniel agrees, and admits he’s not thrilled to hear she’s on a date, so Naomi tells him to go and fight for her.

Josh and Aaron are sitting by the pool in the back garden of number 24. Aaron has lined up a gig for them, but Josh is nervous, and asks Aaron what his first gig was like. Aaron tells Josh that it wasn’t polished, but the audience loved it – and since then he hasn’t let fear get in the way. Aaron then reveals the gig is this afternoon at The Waterhole! Josh is terrified that his family or friends will see him there, but Aaron reassures him that it’s a friendly audience, which is why he booked them for it. Aaron says to Josh, “It’s your first time, Joshua. Be proud!”


Back at Fitzgerald Motors, Tyler is telling Ben about the dirt bike he’s doing up, and mentions that his dad used to be a mechanic too. Ben asks Tyler if his dad is proud of him. Tyler comments that he’s never really heard him say it. He then asks if Ben wants to help out with the bike, but Ben explains he was only a baby when his dad died, so never learned anything from him. Tyler offers to show him the basics, and Ben agrees. Susan and Karl drop by to check on Ben, but he seems keen for them to leave him to it – so they agree to see him later at home. As they leave, Susan admits she’s worried about Ben as he’s such a sensitive kid, but Karl reassures her he’ll be okay.

Caspar and Imogen are still on their date, when Daniel enters the Waterhole. Imogen’s face drops when she sees him, and Naomi, who is conspicuously on standby, silently encourages Daniel to go over and talk to her. But at that moment, loud country music comes on and Aaron emerges. He’s largely bare-chested and dressed in faux cow-skin and a cowboy hat, ready to begin his performance! Imogen seems thrilled, and Daniel, Naomi and Nate are also watching with amusement. Imogen says to Casper, “Aaron’s my neighbour. He’s a dancer!” “What, like, contemporary, or…?” is Casper’s reply. “Erm, kind of. Not really!” Imogen says. Aaron begins by telling the audience that they are about to give them the ride of their lives! Josh comes out nervously, in a similar costume, and stands next to Aaron. “We are… The Heat!” Aaron announces. Imogen is delirious with amusement at seeing Josh performing, and glances over at an equally amused Daniel, as everyone claps the dancers on and wolf-whistles. Imogen says to Casper, “I cannot believe this!” “I can’t either. Sexism as entertainment – who does that?” is Casper’s reply. Imogen says to Casper, “That’s my brother! And what he’s doing isn’t sexist, it’s really hilarious!” Caspar looks unamused, so Imogen goes to talk to Daniel instead.


Tyler is road-testing the motorbike, and offers to show Ben some basics of how to ride it. Ben’s worried that Karl and Susan could find out, but Tyler reassures Ben that they’ll be wearing helmets, so nothing bad will happen. Ben leaps on the back of the bike with Tyler.

Josh enters number 22 to find Imogen on top teasing form. Josh points out to Imogen that her ‘friend’ didn’t look too impressed with the dancing. Imogen tells Josh that her friend's name is Caspar. “Cool name. For a ghost. Or a pony,” is Josh’s reply. Imogen tells Josh that they had a great first date, and that Caspar wants to go out again. Josh asks if this means she’s over Daniel, and she confirms that it does. Imogen admits that she’s been through so much torment with Daniel and there is no way she is going to put myself out there, when there’s every chance that she could be a rebound, so they are better off as friends.


After their ride, Ben thanks Tyler for taking his mind off his break-up with Emma. Tyler asks if Ben wants to talk about it, but Ben remains silent. Tyler tells him that it’s cool, however Ben decides to open up and explains to Tyler that he sent Emma some naked selfies and she posted them all online, that’s when he figured out he’d been dumped and everyone at his school saw them. Tyler reassures Ben that people forget about that sort of stuff. Ben disagrees and tells Tyler that he feels such an idiot. Tyler tells him he doesn’t have to go home for a while and hopefully it will have died down by the time he does. Ben says to Tyler, “This is my home now. Right here in Erinsborough. I can’t go back.”


Outside The Waterhole, Aaron thanks Nate for letting him and Josh perform. Nate admits they put on a great show. Nate says to Aaron, “For a minute there, I thought you and Josh might be getting together. How ridiculous is that?” “Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t!” Aaron replies and gives Nate an amused look, and gets up to leave. Meanwhile, Naomi asks Daniel if he got a chance to talk to Imogen before she left with Caspar. Daniel says to Naomi, “Imogen and I just had a moment. We were both cheering on Josh, and I looked over at her, and our eyes met. And I remembered what you said – we get each other and we don’t even have to try...” Naomi asks him if he is going to go for it. Daniel announces: “I have had so many chances with her, and I have blown every single one. If I could go back I would, but I can’t – so I’m going forward. I’m gonna fight for Imogen, and I’m gonna do whatever it takes!” Daniel and Naomi clink their glasses.

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Daniel Robinson, Naomi Canning, Tyler Brennan, Nate Kinski, Joshua Willis, Imogen Willis

Guest Cast: Felix Mallard as Ben Kirk, Matt Wilson as Aaron Brennan, Barton Welch as Caspar Smythe

Trivia Notes
• Past characters Alex Kinski and Libby Kennedy are mentioned. Drew Kirk is also referenced, though not by name

Summary by Kyle