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Magic Moments > 2015 > Georgia's Return Episode 7200

Written by Sue Hore, Directed by Declan Eames, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 28/08/15, Channel 5: 11/09/15

When Aaron is attacked by a thug, a mysterious hero comes to his rescue... Aaron is shocked to learn that Nate was his secret saviour... Sonya advises Terese to attend AA meetings, but Amber sees her arrive then change her mind... Amber is furious when she learns that Josh is the real face behind her online friend ‘Phoebe’... Angie and Kyle are excited for Georgia’s homecoming... but a stranger named Greg beats her to it, telling Kyle that he and Georgia are in love...

On Ramsay Street, Kyle reacts with disbelief at Greg’s statement that he and Georgia are in love. Greg claims he thought Georgia had already told Kyle, but Kyle reveals Georgia is still in Birregurra with Rhonda. Greg attempts to leave, but Kyle stops him and says: “No, hang on. You can’t just rock up here, drop that on me and then walk away!” Greg tells Kyle that he needs to talk to his Georgia about this. Kyle angrily says to Greg: “And what’s she gonna tell me?! That she had a fling with you?!” Greg explains that it’s not like that, they shared a strong ‘bond’ and if she wasn’t married it probably would have developed into something else. Greg assures Kyle that they never let it get that far and all he’s come here to do is clear the air, Greg apologises and walks off, leaving Kyle worried.


Later inside number 26, Naomi and Sheila listen on tenterhooks, as an angry Kyle leaves a message on Georgia’s voicemail, telling her to call him back. Sheila tries to set Kyle’s mind at rest by telling him not to worry about Greg and adds that he sounds like a ‘crackpot’. But Kyle tells Sheila that Greg knew about Rhonda, and claims he met Georgia at the hospital – and that it sounded like they all flew home together. Naomi and Sheila think that Greg has probably got the wrong idea with Georgia, but Kyle is desperate to talk to his wife, to hear her side of the story. He adds that it’s been difficult to get hold of her lately, and he only knew she was coming home because Angie told him. Kyle then gets a text message from Georgia, saying she’ll drive over first thing in the morning to explain everything. Furious that she hasn’t called him, Kyle goes for a walk.

The following morning, Aaron and Josh are practicing their latest dance routine at the Willis house. Once they’re done, Josh tells Aaron about his relationship with Courtney, telling him they’re now ‘friends with benefits’. Josh then teases Aaron about being rescued by his ‘Nate in shining armour’. He asks if Aaron likes him, which Aaron point blankly denies and adds that he’s so moody and broody, and strange and doesn’t even have one single social media account. “You’re into him,” announces Josh matter-of-factly. Aaron says that, even if he was, all he’s gotten from him is static. Josh tells Aaron that he needs to work out how Nate operates. “And how do you propose I get to know a brick wall?” is Aaron’s reply. Josh encourages Aaron to spend more one-on-one time with Nate, so he can learn to read his signs more clearly.


In Harold’s Store, Amber has just been to an ultrasound appointment alone, and is now catching up with Imogen for a chat. Amber mentions that she saw Terese arrive for the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, but that she didn't go in. Imogen assumes that Terese must have gone to a later meeting, as she told the family she’d attended. Amber looks sceptical, and offers to cancel a photography job so they can chat about it further, but Imogen insists Terese has her drinking under control. Josh enters, and Amber makes a swift exit, without saying a word to him. Imogen criticizes Josh for not attending the ultrasound with Amber, but it’s clear from his reaction he was unaware of it.

At the Turner house, Amber is getting ready for her job when Josh arrives, demanding to know why she didn’t tell him about the ultrasound. Amber tells him he’ll be involved with all the big things in their baby’s life; that doesn’t mean he needs to be there for every little moment. Josh tells Amber that he knows she is keeping him at arm’s length because of his pretending to be ‘Phoebe’, and Amber doesn’t deny it. Josh asks her if she is going to keep punishing him for it. A furious Amber says, “I’m sorry, you don’t get to guilt-trip me about this. Apart from this baby, we are not tied to each other in any way. I don’t owe you any explanations as to how I spend my time. So if I want to go to an appointment on my own, I will go to an appointment on my own. I’ll walk you out.”


Kyle’s at home alone when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Georgia; she’s forgotten her keys. Kyle briefly asks after Rhonda and their flight. Georgia confirms her mum’s doing well. She then apologises about Greg, and Kyle wants to know why Greg was saying those things to him. Georgia tells Kyle that she had no idea that he was going to come to Erinsborough and apologises again; Kyle asks Georgia why he would rock up on a stranger’s doorstep and just say all that stuff. Georgia only manages to mutter a sorry to Kyle. Kyle tells Georgia not to apologise, just to tell him he’s got nothing to worry about. Georgia looks sheepish and advises Kyle that they should sit down.

Aaron enters the Waterhole to see Nate, under the ploy of asking him to teach him his Batman-style self-defence moves, so that he can take care of himself next time he’s attacked! Nate says to Aaron, “The guy who spends 400 hours a week in the gym wants tips from me?” Aaron explains that he wants to learn technique, so Nate suggests that Sheila could teach him as she’s does self-defence classes. Sheila adds that she’s been doing it for ages and if anyone lays a hand on her, she ‘sings’ - S-I-N-G: solar plexus, instep, nose, groin! She proceeds to demonstrate her well-honed defence technique on Nate, much to his discomfort! But Aaron insists he needs Nate’s tutoring. Nate isn’t keen, admitting it’ll bring up memories for him that he’d rather forget.



Back at number 26, Georgia and Kyle are still talking. Georgia tells Kyle that nothing physical happened between her and Greg. Kyle asks Georgia if they did share some kind of moment where something could’ve happened but it didn’t, adding that it's not that bad, unless she wants to be with Greg instead of him. Georgia stays silent, to which Kyle feels hopeful and asks if they are good. However, Georgia states that it’s not that simple. Kyle, getting confused, reminds Georgia that she just told him that she didn’t want to be with Greg. Georgia says to Kyle, “I don’t. But then, watching my mum go through so much pain, and being overseas all on my own, and meeting Greg, I… It just stirred up all these questions I have about my life - mainly about being married.” Just then Kyle realises that it was Georgia who wrote the secret letter to Sonya, about regretting her marriage. Georgia asks Kyle how he knows about that. But Kyle tells Georgia that it doesn’t matter how he found out. Georgia apologises to Kyle and admits that she thought the doubts would go away, but then everything came up with her mum. Kyle asks what they are going to do and Georgia admits that she does not know.

At number 32, Paige is complaining to Imogen about Mark making her watch sci-fi films, but Imogen isn’t really listening – she’s too busy texting Daniel, who’s at work. Imogen says to Paige, “He’s sending me descriptions of his customers in haiku. ‘Man with a cow lick, disappointed there’s no eggs, buys latte instead’” Unimpressed, Paige snatches Imogen’s phone away from her, just as Amber comes in. She asks why Imogen told Josh about her ultrasound; Imogen admits she didn’t realise Amber didn’t want Josh to know. “Is this remaining catfishing anger?” Paige says to Amber and Amber confirms that it is. Imogen adds that Josh just wanted to support her and to be involved. Paige agrees with Imogen, but Amber asks the girls whose side they are on. Paige and Imogen argue that Josh behaved badly, but that he’s still the dad. Amber backs down a bit, and apologises for taking it out on them. Paige decides that the three of them need some time out. “How do you feel about camping?” she asks.


Aaron is still lingering around the Waterhole. He apologises to Nate for pushing him into defence-tutoring, explaining that he doesn’t know much about PTSD. Nate admits it freaked him out when it flared up the other night, having thought he was over it. Aaron suggests that he could help Nate with some tai chi sessions, which he claims are great for stress. Nate is sceptical. Aaron tells Nate that he won’t know until he tries, and Nate realises that Aaron isn't going to stop pestering him until he agrees.

Back at number 26, Kyle and Georgia continue to talk. Kyle begins, “So you still want to be with me, but you don’t want to be married. What does that even mean? What, we go and get a divorce, and then what – we’re boyfriend and girlfriend again?” Georgia tells Kyle that doesn’t make sense, so he asks her to tell him what she wants. Georgia admits that she doesn’t know and suggests that maybe she needs some time to be on her own. When Kyle enquires how long, Georgia again comments that she doesn’t know and suggests a year, she adds that she wants to travel and explore and try new things. “Like Greg...” Kyle says. Georgia replies, “He – he doesn’t even come into this, okay? This is more about spreading my wings. Doing all of the things that I wanted to do before I settle down and have kids. What about that emergency course that I used to go on about, or volunteering with Doctors Without Borders?” Kyle asks what he's supposed to do while Georgia is away, adding that he can’t just sit around and wait for her. Georgia agrees with Kyle and says if he happens to meet someone... Kyle cuts Georgia off and tells her that he doesn’t want anyone else. “Then, please. Just give me a year. And after that, we can see where we’re at. And maybe I will be ready to settle down. And maybe you will still be waiting for me.” “And if I’m not?” is Kyle’s reply. Georgia says that they will get a divorce. Kyle tells her that he doesn’t want a divorce and declares his love to Georgia. She says, “I love you too. But if I don’t listen to this little voice inside of me that’s telling me to go, then I know I’m gonna regret it. Please just give me a year. And if it’s meant to be then I will come back, and we will start all over again, without any doubts.” Kyle hugs Georgia, as they both cry.


Over at number 32, Paige and Imogen are packing for their camping trip. Imogen wants to call in to Off Air to see Daniel before they leave, much to Paige’s exasperation. She suggests that Imogen should just text him a haiku. Imogen continues to moan to Paige that the overnight camping trip will be the longest she's been apart from Daniel since they got together. Paige wisely tells her that these intense feelings ‘come with the territory’ of new relationships, and adds that it’s good to have some time apart. Paige says to Imogen, “Daniel’s gonna miss you; and then when you get back, he won’t be able to take his hands off you!” Amber enters, and agrees to come camping with them on the condition that there is no boy-talk. Imogen apologises and agrees to Amber’s request, as Amber comments that listening to Imogen and Paige talking about her ex-fiancé is really not relaxing or de-stressing on any level. Imogen and Paige agree to Amber’s deal and Imogen says to the girls, “Yeah boyfriend talk - it’s officially banned. Daniel who?”

At Lassiter’s Park, Aaron stands in front of Nate, teaching him the art of tai chi. While they wave their arms around, Nate rather clumsily mimicking Aaron’s actions, Aaron asks Nate a few questions about joining the army, and coping with stress. He tells him that tai chi will ‘create harmony, cultivate your chi, your inner energy.’ Nate insists that his ‘chi’ is fine, but Aaron says to Nate “I’d say that it teaches you to learn to love the enemy inside you. So you can stop being at war with yourself...” Nate isn’t digging the tai chi, Aaron then decides to speed it up a bit, and ‘add a bit of a punch to it’. Aaron says to Nate “If you want, we can even start to improvise a little.” To underline his point, Aaron kicks his leg backwards – and straight into Nate’s groin! Aaron looks guilty as Nate rolls around on the floor in agony…


At Harold’s Store, Aaron complains to Josh, who is finding the whole story incredibly amusing, that he’s ‘ruined everything’ with Nate. Aaron adds that the worst bit was that Nate was just about to start opening up 'like a little lotus flower.' “And then you kicked him in the petals!” Josh sarcastically says to Aaron. Aaron doesn’t find Josh funny. Josh, moving the matter on, asks if Aaron found out if Nate was into him or not. Aaron explains that he didn’t but he did figure out that he might be the ‘tiniest’ bit into him. Josh confirms that he knew that already, but Aaron comments that he’s ruined any chance he might have had. Josh points out that Nate can’t possibly hate Aaron as much as Amber hates him. Aaron insists she’ll get over it, but Josh isn’t convinced. Aaron thinks Josh should take a break, to get away from Amber for a while. Josh realises that he knows the perfect place to go...

Back at number 26, Georgia has gone, and Kyle is convinced it’s over for good. Sheila comforts Kyle and tells him that there’s a chance she’ll change her mind, but Kyle doesn’t look convinced. Sheila goes into the kitchen and speaks in hushed whispers to Naomi, expressing shock that Georgia could do this to Kyle. Naomi comments that Georgia obviously wanted more from life. Sheila says to Naomi: “Well I think she’s a fool. He doesn’t deserve this.”


Amber stares peacefully at the lake, before rejoining Paige and Imogen over by their tent. Amber enthuses at how beautiful the place is, and Imogen admits that she was here a few weeks ago, unwilling to mention that it was with Daniel because of the no-boy-talk rule. Paige says to the girls, “Okay, enacting boyfriend-and-ex-boyfriend-free zone in three, two, one…” Josh suddenly shows up. Josh and Amber simultaneously say, “What are you doing here?!” Josh tells the girls he’s camping. Imogen asks where his tent is and Josh explains that Courtney is bringing it. Amber looks annoyed.

Featured Regular Characters: Georgia Brooks, Kyle Canning, Sheila Canning, Naomi Canning, Imogen Willis, Joshua Willis, Paige Smith, Amber Turner, Nate Kinski

Guest Cast: Matt Wilson as Aaron Brennan, Ryan Faucett as Greg Keys

Trivia Notes
• Saskia Hampele makes a brief reappearance as Georgia, in scenes filmed before her departure earlier in the year, in order to tie up the character's story with Kyle. Although she hasn't been seen in over three months, Saskia is still credited as Georgia in the show's opening, and so isn't credited as part of the guest cast for this episode
• Past character Bailey Turner is mentioned

Summary by Kyle

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